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Musings from the Granny kit-tahj!

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Sometimes life hurts so much....Big Harry, I will miss you- forever.

June 29th 2012 4:54 pm
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Dear Harry,
If a cat could cry I would. I just got the news awhile ago. Mommy heard me say 'MAH' and turned from the computer and scooped me up. She was shaking and it took me awhile to really understand.

I am sitting here now, and thinking about it...and thinking how unfair it is. I never got to say 'Goodbye'. I never got to trade more comments on pesky little brothers. I never got to tell you, perhaps what you mean to me.
I was too busy with this dangerous tail.

But I want to share this with you, my Harry. Yes, I will call you My Harry, and I don't think Poppy will mind. You see, you and I, we are twins, Harry, my Kangaroo, my sleepy eyed mellow fellow who had a dry sense of humor and the most tolerant sense of self I have ever known. I didn't like sharing, Harry, but I would share with you, anytime. And you shared with me. I will never forget that you and your wonderful family sent me the most wonderful heated bed. Do you know I was sleeping in it the other night when the cold air was on?

Every day, no matter how busy Mommy was, she would say to me when I went at my tail 'Natalie, stop that, Do you think Big Harry would like you doing that?" And I would feel, well, how would she know? But I knew that under your warm aura, I would try to be calm, and absorb your mellowness, even though I have to live with these other tribulations of cats.

Looking at you made mommy relax. She would say to me sometimes "Look, Natalie, look at this picture of Big Harry! Look at the wonderful hat that he's wearing! That Poppy is so talented! Isn't he cute?"

But you weren't were wonderous. You made mommy smile just by looking at your picture. She would tell me she hoped she could meet u someday. You want to hear a secret, Harry??? She would have rather met you than Jackson Galaxy!

My mommy and Daddy think you're Mommy and Daddy are special. Mommy said that she knows why you choose your mom, and we do choose our people...just listen to Ruffy on that. But yes, I know you chose them, and I know, as I open my eye, I will tonight reach out with my deepest purrs to you...and when you aren't bust sparkling comfort to your pawrents that you will, perhaps, find time to lope back across the bridge, and sit here with me a bit...not Ruffy....but me.

There is a chasm the size of the Grand Canyon in my Soul. It's missing you, my Kangaroo friend. It's missing the other half of the Mau that I am, and I am more than you know wishing so that I could leap across the bridge and let you return to your people. Not because I don't love my pawrents, but because, you, my friend, are the most special cat I know.

I'm opening my eyes wide, and gazing up at the moon, and breathing out with a purr to you....Harry.....???? Are you out there???? Make yourself known to me, lope back over here, let me wake up and find out this is all a bad dream, the kind that wakes me at 3 am....

Let me touch noses to yours once more, purr softly....and say 'I love you, my Brother from Another Mother. I love you. And I always will.'

And as I sit here, and the haze of a hot day is lost in the hum of the air cool, I half close my eyes, stretch out a paw to you......

Power of the Paw, Big Harry. Power of the Paw.


It is 'See you Later, my Kangaroo ManCat Brother. Till we meet again.

Love my Soul friend,
Your Wallaby Twin,
Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby Legs


Uh oh-I'm in trouble I think.

June 13th 2012 8:03 am
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Yesterday I was after my tail. I caught it, and stared at it growling and hissing. I had been crying a solid hour, daddy had been petting me, trying to soothe me...but it was very early, just 4am. He gave me food, I ate but then continued to cry and started the growling and hissing and swating at my tail. Mommy sat up and I went in her spot and curled up, but then I got upset again and hissed and growled and caught my tail. Mommy went to take me away from it...and...I'm so embarassed...I went after her.
I didn't hurt her. Mommy has great reflexes, but I know I made her sad. She is worried about me.
She started on Sunday to put rescue remedy on my neck. She also started with the feliway spray and sprayed it all over the room yesterday and last night and left the fan on.
Last night I slept through, woke at 4, ate, and then went back to lay down. Mommy was cautious with me, and petted my head. Last night she played with me for awhile til I laid down and put my head down on my paws.

I have a feeling there is a vet visit being made for me soon...but Bella has to go first with Ruffy.

I love Mommy and Daddy.

I'm definately Daddy's girl...when Mommy gets up I curl up next to Daddy, and sleep with my paws on him.

But this monringI waited til Momma put the rescue remedy on my neck, then laid down and put my paws on her hands for a little, to let her know I do love her, I just can't help the tail monster.

I don't want my momma to be worried like this.


Is it an orange snake? I'm waking my parents up at 3 am to- warn them!

May 28th 2012 12:50 pm
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Today daddy work up when he said that I was 'behaving crazy' again. I don't know what daddy is talking about-it's a dangerous time, with that long orange snake whipping around.

I am worried that it might get me, mommy and daddy. I wake up, growl and swat at it. It moves very fast, and I can see it out of the corner of my eye, and when I try to get it that is when it retreats!

Mommy and Daddy are worried. They have told me it's my own tail, and to leave it be.

They are getting worried. Mommy is going to get rescue remedy and start me on it. She meant to do it today but they had to put the air conditioners in and she got distracted.

Mommy is concerned, and daddy, too. They are worried I might have that rare thing where cats attack their own tails.

They are going to make an appointment for me at the vet, but mommy is worried they may want to do expensive work ups...I just had my senior panel done. Mommy is also wondering if it could somehow be my thyroid, as I wake up at 3 am and am very agitated, and I get hungry alot, though I'm certainly not skinny. I talk and am saying mah mah mah alot more...and will stare my parewnts down til they feed me.

But that orange thing....hiss!!!!!! How could they think it's a part of me when clearly it's been put there to trouble me?

Has anyone any suggestions?

Nothing has changed in my eating or drinking, or litterbox habits.


I'm worrying Mom...but what is that thing, anyway?

May 22nd 2012 7:12 am
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Ok Kit-tahs,
There is this thing. I don't know what it is, or where it's come from. But it's annoying me.
It moves around all the time...well, not all the time. But it seems to know what I'm thinking and feeling....and sometimes I can see bothers me.
It's not that little black and white mean clown cat.
It's orange and white....and it looks familar....but strange.
It's long. It's always in back of me.
And I hiss and growl and warn it...but it's still there.

Whats a cat to do?

Anyone have any ideas? Do you have something sneaking up on you, too?


This may seem funny, but it's worrying me. For the past two weeks Natalie has been waking us up with a shrieking challenge, hisses and growls. We thought it might be a ghost kitty.

Well, apparently its not. Last night when I was reading with the lights on and her beside me, she suddently hissed, growled and went to her tail.

Her tail wasn't hurt, but she kept watching it like she didn't know whaat it was!

It scared me!

I immediately distracted her, I have her some food, and then we played for awhile with her string on a stick. She played well and seemed very normal.

She is eating well, drinking, peeing and pooping right on schedule. She does seem needly lately, but my husbands hours have changed and that may have thrown her off.

The plan is I'm going to get some rescue remedy, a new scratching pad and a few new toys. I'm also going to start working with her on a harness too...I'm just trying to think of what to do.

Does anyone have any ideas what this is about? It came out of the blue! She doesn't seem to be in pain or ill at all! Her check up said her cholestrol was a little high so she no longer gets dry food, but she was othrewise doing well!

Puzzled and stressed,


Power of the Paw Candle for Blizzard

May 17th 2012 7:50 am
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Light A Candle for Blizzard

Please, kit-tahs, the Catfather needs all of us right now....


Do your Humans have a song for you?

May 10th 2012 9:42 am
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Hello Kit-tahs.
My parents are silly creatures, as humans often are.
Daddy just started a new job. It is at a Kosher steakhouse.
He has not yet bought home any steak.
Well, now he gets home quite late. Last night they did something called a 'soft opening'.
So mommy was asleep when Daddy came in at quarter to one in the morning. But I woke up and promptly greeted daddy.
And then Mommy woke up and since I was seeking a bit of a snack, Daddy got me something to eat and Mommy said to Daddy
"Lets sing the Natalie the Natcat Song!'

And Daddy looked at her with tired eyes that were like 'are you crazy? It's quarter to one in the morning."

But Momm sang:

Natalie the Natcat
You're a little Brat Cat
Natalie the Natcat
We love you!

Natalie the Natcat,
The vet says
You got Fat
Natalie the Natcat,
Is this true?

You are just
Our little Star
And we love you
Just the way you are

Natalie the Natcat
You're a little brat cat
Natalie the Natcat
We love You
Natalie the Natcat
We hope a fat rat
Won't come along
And try to eat you!

You our badda boom badda bing
And to us you're everything!

Natalie the Natcat
You're out little bratcat
Natalie the Natcat
We love you
Natalie the Natcat,
The vet says you got fat
Natalie the Natcat
Is that true?

So Mommy sings this to me, and sometimes daddy does too...they change the lyrics around as they remember them and pet me alot.

I like the petting.
There are advantages of being deaf.

Daddy says I have selective deafness.

Does anyone here have their own song their parents sing for them?


Hello Kit-tahs-Rainy NY days on the bed and thinking of all- you

May 9th 2012 9:09 am
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Hello all,
I am quite well. I havne't tried to lose any waight. If the Vet thinks I'm Fat, then thats on her. I am sleek, and attractive and well proportioned. I am, and enjoy being, Natalie the Natcat.

Things are pleasant here. I'm enjoying the smell of the rain as I curl up here on the bed. I've knocked mommy's pillow over and am laying on it. Mom and Dad make sure CK the Menace is in the front room when they leave for work, so I have a peaceful afternoon.

I am of course enjoying the joys of Cat. I wake Daddy at 3 or 4 when I'm hungry. Mommy seems not to hear me. I want to be fed...I need my early morning meal.

I eat and enjoy my food, use the box appropriately, and like to scuttle around and play. I have very good reflexes, and bite at toys.

Ruffy came in here and it smells funny...daddy thinks he might have peed inappropriately because that is his MO.

There is an empty cat trap in the corner. Mommy and Daddy have been working to trap and get the outdoor cats who eat outside fixed. If Ruffy smelled another boy cat on that trap, he might have 'marked' because Ruffy doesn't like to smell cats he doesn't know.

So they are on a hunt to find out if he peed in here. Meanwhile, I am letting them know that it's their own fault for letting that big orange lug in here.

Respect the Natcat. Respect the Natcat's room.

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely Spring,

Natalie the Natcat
Tiny Face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby legs.


Thank you for remembering my Birthday!

May 6th 2012 7:29 am
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Actually, it is a 'birthday' we celebrate as mine! We picked it because Mommy wanted me to have a 'special' day...and it is a special day for me!

Thankyou all for your kindness, and for thinking of me.

My day is so far going well, with the exception of that little clown kitten annoying me. He is just getting too big for himself.

It's a lovely hazy lazy Sunday here. A great day for a nap! Who's going to join me?

love to you all,
Natalie the Natcat


Dreamgirl number 30! Is that like Channel number 5?

May 3rd 2012 7:20 am
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Well, hello, Kit-tahs!

Thank you, my adoring public for naming me a Dreamgirl! I have to say that Pete and Alfie and the 'Committee' have a thing for lovely girl cats! I think it must be so hard for them to choose, don't you? I mean, what a trial it must be, looking at pictures of pretty girl cats going 'mmmmmm, this one is a pretty little tuxie....or....this little creamsicle kitty is sweet....or....rainbow bridge must be made of candyfloss, because there are so many sweet little angel girls....'

Right Pete?

Well, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it. And I imangine their moms, who have to do the typing are going 'come on guys...stop moooning and lets get on with it, shall we?"

Ah, well,

Thank you from the bottom of my Elderwise heart. I am beside myself with feeling this honor.

Things have been well forme. I am playful and sleepy during the cloudy rainy weather. I'm trying to keep my mom stress free as she deals with her masters program and working full time and trying to decide about signing the lease for the apartment we live in for 2 more years. The original plan had been to move, of course, but Mommy has another year of school. She was talking with Aunt Jenny-Ingens mom last night and telling her how everything is so fast and she doesnt' have time to breathe and Mom doesnt' like that the rent has gone up $75.00 a month, but trying to find a decent place to live may be difficult...that is less money than what Mom and Dad pay now....1085 a month. We have heard that it's alot everywhere else...but 'New York'prices are very high. Mom isn't happy about it....but getting a place for less would mean having to look elsewhere...and with 6 of felines, that might not be easy.

And Mom has 3 final papers due, and then she gets a few days off and then into 'Summer session' and then into 'fall' in Late August.

Mom is stressed, that is for sure.

But ah, human stuff. For me, the post stressful thing is getting the humans to get up and let me have my bed back. They refuse to sleep at the foot of the bed, but instead, insist on squishing me between them, or I must retreat to the foot of the bed and try to rest....with their stinky feet a bit away from my little face.


Uncouth creatures.

Especially for Dreamgirl number 30.

We are wishing everyone a very happy and well fed and playful Spring.

Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby legs


$300.82 cents later and 'She's just gained weight-you know,- she's FAT!' as per Big Vet

April 18th 2012 12:27 pm
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The indignity of it all.
An Elderwise cat like me can't even get her beauty rest!
Daddy comes puffing in, grabs me and despite my saying 'waaaaahhhhh...ooooooooo!' scoops me up and deposits me, like a sack of potatoes (more on sacks of potatoes later) into a carrier. It's not even my carrier-it smells like another cat. I'm loaded into it, and jog jog jog down the street-outside. I can see outside, and then Daddy is talking to me and I'm talking back. He takes me on a thing called a Bus. It smells of lots of humans. Humans smell bad when they are not yours.
Then, finally, we get to outside and then onto another bus. Then more riding with more stinky humans.
Then we're off again. And I can see Daddy's lips moving and he's talking to me and he's telling me stuff and then...wait! We're at the VETS! (as Sweets would say, the Tortuary).
So I'm sitting there, with Daddy, and finally they call us into the back. Rachel, the nice girl who took care of us last year comes back and looks at me and picks me up. I go 'wwwwwhhhhoooooaaaah!'. Rachel laughs because she thinks I 'talk funny'. She is not afraid of me and never has been. When I had my surgery she told Mommy I would do fine because I was trying to bite every human around me...well, you would to if they were prodding and poking and sticking needles into you! She is laughing with Daddy and she goes to weigh me and I weigh 10 and 3/4 pounds. She goes 'wow, she looks like a little honeyball." She then proceeds to do something unmentionable to the back part of me that shall henceforth not be mentioned. I try to swat her. She moves quicker than I do. I tell her what I think of someone who would do this to a helpless, elderwise Eldercat. I tell her she should stick that thing in her are kits present....ear. Rachel is giddy with laughing. Obviously too much exposure to the gas they use to sedate, one guesses. 'Doesn't she look cute?"
I look like a Nat Cat. But it's useless, humans don't understand our speak, mostly.
Then Big Vet comes in. She pokes, she prods, she asks questions. Daddy says 'We're worried about our Natcat because she seems bloated and is yowling alot at night and early morning and we're afraid she could be uncomfortable.'
Big Vet pokes and prods some more. She tells Daddy that I might be a little constipated, it is not unusual with older cats. Suggests a bigger water bowl. Suggests a bit of sweet potato in my food, or even a bit of fish oil. Then when daddy asks about my bloating Big Vet just smiles her big wide smile and says 'Oh, I don't feel anything. She's just gained weight-you know-she's FAT!"
Can you believe she said this to Me? Me?
Hiss! Pah! How dare she?
Listen, Big Vet. You might want to jump on that silly little scale yourself!
She suggested to Daddy that he and Mommy cut back on my food portions. She said that I'm probably 'overfed'. I tell her that I'm not overfed, I'm served as all Royal Cats...and all Cats are Royal...are meant to be. But she tells Daddy that since I'm FAT I might be bored.

She did take bloods. The vampires. They enjoy it I know. So I have a little shaved patch on my leg. I mangaed to bite someone-one, Natalie, 0 humans. They stuck me with two shots. Ugh. And then Big Vet suggested a chest x ray later in the month just as a follow up to my chemo from last year. (he only...only had $300.00 bucks on him so couldn't afford it this visit). Big Vet said they would see if the bloods showed anything, but that, if anything, I look 'quite well.'

Mommy was reassured. Daddy called her and told her. He was carrying me along in my little carrier back on the stinky bus.

Now...about those potatoes....

Some time ago Mommy was talking to Daddy's grown up daughter's mom-daddy's ex wife from a long time ago about how daddy's grown up daugther was having trouble with her finacee. She told Mommy 'I told her to just talk to him and get some counseling in church...and pray together. And if that doesn't work, I told her to get her a sack of 'taters'.
Mommy was puzzled. She didn't know what was meant by that. She said 'Potatoes? Why?"
And Daddy's 'ex' said 'Well, they don't show any marks if you got to teach them fellas a lesson, and you can have dinner with 'em afterward..." Then, as an afterthought said brightly 'And oh yeah, oranges work real well too and then you can make juice."

Sigh. Humans.

What a day-time for a rest...or perhaps I should dust off the eliptical machine....or not.

Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby legs

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