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Musings from the Granny kit-tahj!

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Kidney functions need help.....Natalie may need to be- hospitalized.

December 26th 2012 7:59 pm
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Dear all,
Daddy got the call that my kidneys' are the trouble. I have low kidney function and the nice vet who examined me says she recommends 48 yours on an IV.
IV? Who is he?
Well, anyway, he apparently is waiting for me.
Mommy wants to know if it will help me...but her vet tech friend has said it will.
Daddy is worried, and so is mommy.
I am not eating as much as I have in the past, and this is worrying them.
They will know more tomorrow, they got the message from the vet, but they were gone when the pawrents called back.

I hope I don't have to go anywhere, I don't care a fig about IV-whoever he is.

Natalie the Natcat

But could you spare me some purrs? My pawerents are worried.


Why are you sticking needles in my back, Daddy? oh, hey,- that isn't too bad.

December 26th 2012 9:29 am
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Kit-tahs, getting to be Elderwise is not for the faint-hearted.
I had to go to the vet. I have lost weight. I am no longer 'fat' and Mommy and Daddy are worried.
You can't please these people.
So now, they took more blood. The nice Doctor Kramer rolled me onto my back and prodded my belly.
I yowled when she rubbed my kidney's.
She took urine and blood.
The tests should be in today.

I now am getting 100 ml a day of subq fluids. I am right up there in good company with other elders getting fluid therapy. It does make me feel better.

My appitite is off. I am eating, but have become fussier about it. Mommy wants to find out about B12 shots for me and if the appitite stimulant Bella used would work for me.

Would all you wonderful furs keep me in your purrs?

My pawrents are worried and doting on me as they should be.



Purrs needed-vet visit tomorrow

December 22nd 2012 3:51 pm
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Hello, Kit-tahs,
I am not amused.
I am, in short, in need of something to help me 'go'. Mommy and Daddy made me drink something awful, it was yucky.
Tomorrow I have a visit to the vet. I'm 'stuck' in a place I should not be. However, life was not so bad today that I could not have some chicken. I do love chicken!
Mommy is concerned, I have lost some weight, and she isn't sure why. So I am being carted unceremoniously tomorrow to see the vet.

I've been trying to tell Daddy I haven't been well, tapping him and smacking him, but he doesn't seem to understand.

I guess he figured the vet will know.

Purrs, please, my friends?
Natalie the Natcat


Adopt a Senior Cat-and be Thankful!

November 16th 2012 7:51 am
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Hello Kit-tahs!
And hello the House to their folks!

Have you all missed me?
I am enjoying my new digs. I am also loving my heated bed, a gift from our friends, the Cajuns-er, Kaisan Kats and Zack, their dog that came last year for me. Sometimes CK steals it, but I always protest and get it back.

So my furs, I want to address with you the issue of Thanks giving. This is what I am thankful for:

That I am in a home.

Two years earlier this was not the case. No one will ever know my story, but I was found some time before that, wandering the streets of Queens, a cold, small and elderwise cat. I had not been spayed, and obviously not cared for well. Mommy to this day believes I belonged to an elderly person who simply didn't have the funds or energy to care for me. I had build up in my ears that was so severe that it had turned to a resin like substances and when the vet pulled it out, fell onto the metal table with a 'clink'.

When I was adopted, shortly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had chemo and I am thankful to say that so far, I am well and fiesty.

Now we are living in a more roomy apartment. I walk around and do funny things that make Mommy laugh. I have climbed the cat tree. I have found a hidy spot where I can hiss and smack at the others. I walk like a hybrid cat/raccoon, somtething the vet I saw felt was due to possible old injury or arthritis. I am otherwise well, and my old, fiesty and talking, demanding self.

Now, one might wonder if my unique story would deter pawrents from adopting an Elderwise cat. I say 'nay', or rather 'naaah!!!' as only a Wallaby Cat can. I tell them this: you will never have the wonder, the comfort and feeling of 'yes, I did a good thing' any other way. For we, the Elderwise, are Elders of the Tribe of the Small Tigers, cats who have come in from the cold, some of us wating with hopeful eyes on then next person to pass by our cage...some in foster homes...some heartbeats away from a cold table where we could end our days, some on the streets..

and do we love our new families with the vigor a kitten would, or a youngster? Well, I say this to you, absolutly, and then some. For we know gratitude as we sit in our carrier in a new home, gentle hands reaching to let us sniff, to pet us, scrtich us under a chin, and finally, to say 'yes, welcome home'.

And yes, we play...we frisk. We chase mousies and cat dancers up cat trees or we sit with patient, rumbling purrs beside you, or snuggle with you under covers in chill weather, dozing with graceful abandon with our head on your knee.

Do not fear, dear purrson, that we are nearer to the Bridge, for life is never measured, for us, or for you in the breaths we take as in the moments that take our breath away...and in such moments, the quiet afternoon nap with you, snuggling as you read, ah, what bliss is this, then? For such moments are boundless, endless. And still many of us channel the ethernal kitten, while at the same time turning to glare at that young impudent kit that dares to tease 'Show some respect youngster!'.

And as you reach your hand out to pet, to wonder, to press the keys on a computer or smaller device and glance at an older animal that needs a new not hesitate. For life, my dear purrson, is a gift we so many ways. And with that gift, a gift is given in return, as you save the life of one animal on the other side of the cage, the screen, the other side of the street-and in the process, perhaps, save a piece of your own wonder as from behind a cloud comes the most brilliant and warm sun, yet bright in the midst of winter, to warm and nourish your soul-which whispers softly, with rumbling purr...welcome home.

Natalie the Natcat,
Tiny Face, Tiny Paws,
Wallaby Legs
Big Harry's Twin forever.


What? What is this place? This is all so new and- interesting!

October 2nd 2012 8:24 pm
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We are moved.
Yours truly is enjoying it. Well, it's strange, but I can now walk the length of my palace hall and command those unseemly furs away from me.

The RB....well, the RB appears to have learned civility. Appears being the key word.

Daddy is 'off work' which means he is mine to command! heheheh!!!!

I do still attack my tail and growl at it upon occasion. Daddy says to mommy 'FHS? She's just plumb crazy. Thats what it is. Plumb crazy!'

I have missed you all. As soon as mommy can, she'll spend more time here. She's been being harassed at work, and has been constantly exhausted. I know she misses Bella. I do my best to comfort her and make my small self as adorable as possible.

I enjoyed the cat tree yesterday....I was on the first tier...but still....

I've taken over.

Natalie the Natcat
Tiny Face, Tiny Paws
Wallaby Legs
Big Harry's twin forever.


things aren't going so well with the behaviorist stuff!- hehehe!!!

September 27th 2012 6:25 am
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It's lovely to have your pawrents wrapped around your little paw.
This morning I was doing the most wonderful thing...I was poking daddy in the mouth with my little paw. Then, just when he went back to sleep...I leaned in very close and said
Daddy was startled, and sat up and said 'Natalie!...are you hungry?"
he went and got me...and that other cat in My Room something to eat.
I ate. he went back to sleep (oh, I am being fed on the bed...the floor was too cold on my little paws) and I poked him again.
I've been cute and cantankerous. I've been made much it should be.
I would suppose I'm a Cat Behvorist's nemisis!


purring and enjoying the attention...

But we've moving? What is that about? Daddy....why am I going in my carrier? Where is my bed going?
Where are we going?

uh oh,
Natalie the Natcat.


That'll Show 'Em!

September 20th 2012 4:06 am
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Do the Pawrents think they are getting off easy?
No! Take away my pillow? Put a Foster in here?
Think I should feel sorry for you because Bella went to the Bridge?

Sorry, that does not cut the catnip in my book.

Never, ever get mad.
Get even.

I was crying this morning. I was cold in here. Mommy had not yet plugged in my little bed. She has now.

You see, she heard me making a funny noise on the floor...

and she looked, and I was standing with my tail quivering....tiny little shakes...


Mommy got up and said to Daddy....

'LOOK! Look at Natalie!!!'

And then she went over and said 'No! No Natalie!!! That is not nice!!! That is not Ladylike!!! Only not neutered boy cats do that!!!"

Well guess what? I just did.

Mommy picked me up, put me back on My Bed.

She gave me a little spank. I hissed at her and she said 'No Natalie!!!;

Daddy said Dryly....'I guess the feliway thing isn't working too well."

the little Foster is no where in sight. But I smell her.


How irritating!

Sleeping in my little heated bed now.

Natalie the Natcat


Behaviorist? Kiss My orange Tail!

September 18th 2012 1:48 pm
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Mommy was given the name of a cat behaviorist who works with cats who have 'issues'. Now she told the lady about me, and sent her a small video of me growling at my tail.

The lady did tell her that I did have the symptoms of FHS, and that she thought I should be treated by a vet w ho was familar with this...which is not so easy to do, but she suggested 2 vets in NY.

She did say this, however:

1) She feels mommy and daddy 'spoil' me. I have become the Princess, and being allowed to sleep between them, on a pillow, has given me a Supiority Complex. I have, in fact, become a feline Napoleon.

2) I have decided the Bed is Mine, and I can sleep on it wherever I want and if I want them to move-I will do anything to get them to do this-just as I would another cat. I have become Tyrant of the Bed.

3) I am 'scolded' and then they feel sorry for me, and go back to petting my little head, holding me, kissing me. Which is as it s hould be.

Behaviorist told Mommy this:

1 No more me sleeping on pillow between them. No more pillow on the bed at all. I can have a little blankie, but I can't sleep 'elevated' because it gives me a feeling of being 'top cat'. (their point is what, exactly?)

2. Behaviorist told Mommy and Daddy that they felt excessively sorry for be because of my fighting the Big C, but that I was now past that, and I had to be treated as a member of the Clowder, and not allowed to believe I could do whatever I wanted to and fussed over if I looked sad and made little squeaky meows if Daddy said 'Natalie!!!!!' in an angry way after I tapped him with my little paw so that Mommy would say 'Don't talk like that to her!!!' and snatch me up and pet my little head and rub my chin.
No....if I behave badly and claw at Daddy or Mommy I am to be put to the foot of the bed, and if I persist, I am to be put off the bed altogether!!!! (THE NERVE!!!!)

3) She told Mommy and Daddy that I should be fed on the floor, not the bed. She said that the bed has become too much my territory and I was defending it from all commers. She told Mommy that despite my small size, I was a fearsome little creature.

Now, aside from this, she did tell Mommy that I walk funny, and she believes I might possibly have had an old injury at some time....but thats just a guess, and that some stuff for arthritis would not be a bad thing.

I would like to meet this behavorist to show them, yes, this is what a 'NatCat' is.

Natalie the Natcat
Mad Tail Pyrate


I'm here.......fiesty, Elderwise, and would like to be a- does one join?

September 17th 2012 7:27 pm
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A NatCat Pirate? Wouldn't Big Harry be Proud?

I'm doing alright Kit-tahs. That is to say, I'm eating, drinking, my bodily functions are normal.

What is not pleasant is the Intruder in My Room.

There is a F cat in here. A FOSTER.

It's Grey. And White.

This said feline has a sad story. She was abandoned at the vet mom uses...or did.

The vet asked her staff...they all have multi cat households...if anyone wanted the cat.

Then when they couldn't she bought the cat to a high kill shelter.

But remember Ruffy saying 'Trust that Miracles Occur?"

Well, Moms friend who works for a small rescue has a future daughter in law who works at this clinic. She called her future mother in law sobbing.
Future mother in law has 20 cats in need of homes..her own and those awaiting homes...she called Mommy but by then said cat was taken to the shelter where the lifespan for an adult cat is less than a week most of time. Mommy got the call, called daddy...they told rescue lady 'PULL HER!'

It took a week.

But she came. She is here. Daddy went and got her.

They said she's 2-Mommy thinks she more like 4-6. She is declawed. She is a talky little big cat. She has the 'shelter sniffles' but seems a bit better today.

She is loose in here. Mom hates that she had to cage her for a few days.

I'm not happy...I've been at my tail but am not on that medicine. Mommy and Daddy are dealing with it til they find another vet.


Her name is Smokie Blue.

They are working to find her a good home....

I will tell the tale this week of mommy consulting a 'behaviorist' about me.

Behaviorist you say?

My thoughts exactly!

Thinking of all of you with many happy and wonderous purrs...

Natalie the Natcat
Tiny Face, Tiny Paws
Wallaby Legs


Off the loony toony stuff, constipated tonight..but Mommy is- going to find another vet.

September 6th 2012 10:18 pm
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Hi Kit-tahs,
I'm in a bad mood tonight because I am constipated. Mommy just gave me something in my food, but I have been feeling a bit bound up. Sigh.

Mommy took me off the crazy medicine. I attacked Daddys face a few nights ago, and I was angry and upset and it just was THE END for mommy.

Mommy is very upset with Big Vet, and there is a good good chance we'll be changing vets. And that is fine by me.

Mom is very angry.

You see, Big Vet had a cat abandoned at her office.
She took it the the high kill shelter.

For mom-that was the worst thing that could have happened.

And now Mom says we will be searching for a vet who see's cats as more than a business.

and I'm all for that.

Purrs for this kitty. Mom's rescue is putting a 'pull' on him but there is so much red tape and moms so afraid he'll get sick before he comes here.

I will share my room. I feel it's the right thing to do, you know.

So glad to be off the looney medince...

Purring for that kitty...whos Smokie.

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