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Ah, more privacy, they left that Cone of Shame off today,- and yes, the door is closed!

February 3rd 2011 7:35 am
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Yes! The boys got theirs!
This morning, Mommy and Daddy were in the room with me. The boys came in. I was eating on the floor and then I meowed up at Daddy. Daddy very gently lifted me up onto the bed and as he was doing so, that sneaky, slick looking orange brother who I actually thought was ok began to stalk me! He was going to try to get at me when I jumped onto the bed or as Daddy was lifting me.
Hahaha! But he didn't pay any attention to Mommy, who had come up behind him and gave him a Smack! Right on his bottom. She said "Ruffy!!!" In the growly cat voice.
He retreated into the living room, and the rude Grey cat sauntered carefully after him, in stalking mode. The Grey cat then cornered Ruffy by the litter box in the living room. Mommy went out and made the Growly noise and squirted the grey cat 3 times with the water sprayer. Then she picked him up and put him on the cat tree where he climbed to the top. The sad orange bully went over and looked pathetic and I watched him jump up onto the chair. Well, now he knows how it feels!
Mommy left my cone off today! I heard her and Daddy talking, and Mommy commented I have been a good girl, leaving my ouchie with is really just a tiny couple scabs alone, and my ear too. She said I look depressed in it, and what did Daddy think?
Daddy said to leave it off! Yay!!!!
So I'm laying here under my little warm blankie on the bed. Mommy fed me here...Daddy put my food on the floor earlier and closed the door and I was able to use the box in peace in here with Mommy when she was sleeping. But Mommy always has the window open with the screen and it's too cold for me! I meowed til she got up and closed it, and then put my blanket over me to keep warm. I love laying here beside Mommy. Sometimes when they don't go to work Mommy and Daddy come back and lay here with me and pet me and rub my chin. Sometimes the rude boys come in and lay on the bed, too, but not lately, and thats fine with me.
Mommy closed the door when she left today, too. She told Daddy that til she knows I'm 'ok' and 'completely healed' she didn't want me to feel stressed or harassed. When the people are home, it's different.
So I'm enjoying my solitude. The radiator is hissing and I'm warm. Mommy came in with that thing she calls a Camera and took some pictures of me coneless. She'll probably put them up here so my friends can see me. I think some look silly, Mommy and Daddy somtimes treat me like I'm a small doll, rather than a dignified Elderwise feline. But really, we have to excuse humans, sigh.
My dears! I must thank you all for your gifts and friendship and support. Yesterday was a tough one at first, but I am doing so much someone said...consider my convelasance to be 'spa time' and yes, my dears, it is! Mommy will brush me and do my nails tonight! She has said the 'bath' word, but cannot til I am 'all better'. She does not wish to stress me either!
I want to thank you for helping Mommy. I believe (sotto voice here with a tiny whisper) she might be having some 'hormonal' ups and downs. She has read some of your stories...especially those who have crossed to the Bridge...and it has made her cry. I think she fears me crossing. I have tried to reassure Mommy my resting is a healthy thing, me recovering from surgery. But sigh, Mommy is so human and a worrier. (warned you about that, too!) I have told Mommy I don't plan on crossing any bridges yet, unless she and Daddy plan on us having a holiday in South Carolina together, or even in that cabin the now rude Ruffy told me of. But no, life is for living. I live, I breathe, I go on.
I have imparted to Mommy with a hearty purr that cats do not fear 'death' as humans do. It does not make me worry, it does not bring the panic it seems to with Mommy sometimes, the sense she could 'lose' me. Daddy is philosophical, he knew when he picked me up, and looked into my topaz eyes that I was Elderwise, and my time on this plane could perhaps not be as long as others. But none of us know how long we will dwell here. We, the Elderwise, we bound between the worlds as we do between rooms, frisking with unseen friends who have come to visit from across the Bridge. My heart hurts for Mommy sometimes. Her own Mommy went to the Human Bridge two years ago, and it was hard for her. But Mommy is Special....she is sensitive, she fights like we do, when bad brothers bother us or bad pills are tried to be put into us, or we have to protect our friends with claws and teeth. Mommy saw me in my cage and knew in her heart she would not leave me there. She didn't care about the size of space she lived in, or how the boys would react. She perhaps worried about the little grey and white slightly poufy tailed cat on the pillow in the living room, but she swept me up and told the rescue lady she wanted me, and that was that. She did not care about anything else. Mommy is a Rescuer, a healer. Mommy personfies Bast more than any other human I have known, really. She does not fear anyone human..but she fears the unknown because she does not know what we, the Elderwise, and perhaps really all cats, even kittens know. Have you ever seen kittens do the Spider dance, where they pouf up their fur, it stands on end, tail straight up? They stare straight ahead, they sidle a bit on tip toe as though they had small springs in their paws, first one way then the other, and then dash off madly? They 'see'. Yes, Mommy, yes all my friends, we can do this...we 'see' as humans don't. We weave and wander between the unseen veil, with head rubs and mad dashes as we greet or are statled by others, feline and other. We are of this world, and not. But in the end, my friends, we choose this place, this time here, because of love, and because we are wise. And the feline Elders, we have more wisdom than most, would you not agree, those who are Elder here? But the one thing we are sure of, is how those Humans who are the Unfurred providers of our Tribe feel about us-and how they will fight so hard for us, no matter what.
I would not pit Mommy agains the Reaper cat, would you? She would be at the Reaper cat with the Spray bottle, yes she would. He better not venture here-yet.
Mommy is the 'feeler' Daddy is the 'thinker'. I don't mean she's foolish or stupid...she is just emotional, and feels, sometimes I think too much. And so I look silly and stick my head out and make a loud MEOW and look odd, so she laughs. I do tihs, because none of us are ever really far from that Kitten we are. Not even if we are Elder.
Ah, well, I might well be re writing Old Possums Book of Practical Cats! I am sorry for those of you who would be at your play, or snoozing, I imagine I've put some of you into a good catnap, and if so, all the better. But I wanted to say to all of you that I cherish you. My Angels, my friends. I know as I sink into sleep, with a purr that when I wake later a good meal will be laid before me, attention will be showered on me, I will have a manicure and a brushing. I am thankful for you my feline friends, and their Mommies and Daddies for being the wonderous beings you are, to shine so that even those over Rainbow Bridge see your goodness like a large beacon over the world. You, my Human friends, are truly 'Cat People.'


Trying times

February 2nd 2011 7:22 am
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Last night, that brother I thought was so nice did a bad, bad thing.
As I warned him with a low growl to leave me alone, and I went to jump up on the bed, he attacked me.
Fur flew. I don't know if it was mine or his.
Mommy got the mean snarl voice on and said 'Ruffy'. She does not yell. She growls low like we do. She 'talks cat' the best of most humans I have seen. She even moves catlike.
Daddy said 'RUFFY" more loud, like a human.
Ruffy ran out from under the bed where he was into the front room and Daddy went after him and scolded him soundly. He was really stern and told Ruffy tht was a bad thing to do.
I guess we might surmise that Ruffy is feeling better. And his urine test came back fine-only his breathing is an issue.
But now they have both gone at me. I have a boo boo ouchie healing. I have to have the cone of shame for another few days, though Mommy and Daddy have been taking it off more and more when they are here. I get it put back on when they are not here, or when they see me going under my leg to 'look' at it too much.
Mommy was upset this morning because I meowed to her to tell her I wanted her to stay with me and take the cone of shame off. She put me on the floor and watched me. I wandered around a bit and then got back on the bed. She was like a hawk, watching, so I knew it was safe.

I'm no the bed now, and Mommy, when she left, closed the door so I am here alone, the others are on the other side of the door.

I know Mommy is worried, and I am a bit nervous to go and use my box when I know they are waiting for me to get down...

But today, it's safe. They can't get in here, and I'm by myself.

Mommy also put on the worried face last night. She does worry a lot, remember I told you. She heard me make a coughing sound. Daddy heard it too. So there is talk of bringing this up to the vet when I have to go back, Mommy is scared 'it' is doing something. I know what she means, and I told her with my little pink nose that I'm ok-all cats have 'days' and I guess I've just had a couple of them. But Mommy is worried because she doesn't want me stressed, and does not know how to make things better.

Ah, my cat friends out there! Sweets, my Smacky Paw friend! I wish I had your courage and your heart...would you lend me some? And plese ask Mommy not to cry and worry so. This is still, despite it's trials...alot better than a cage or the streets.

I just need to get this cone of shame off for good!


A tribute to me from my Mommy, written for a Rescue's blog.

February 1st 2011 5:58 pm
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Goodnight Little Ms. Tinypaws

Story submitted by Debbie Knowles.

When you ask for a favor granted by the Powers that be, remember, you will always be called upon to fulfill that favor granted.

Halloween, last year, except for the fun of Bobbi’s Halloween Party, was a pretty dark time. My ‘heart’, Bella, the cat who was my friend, my companion, and the feline soul mate who’d been through so much, was ill.

Bella had a complicated dentistry, one that took a toll on her small body. We were afraid we’d lose her.

That Sunday evening I stood before my little ‘altar’ with many small carved felines upon it. “Please, please, please don’t let anything happen to my Bella.” I prayed. “I can’t part with her yet. She deserves so much more in happiness, she has been through so much.” I meditated and told ‘Her’ that if she helped my Bella, we would somehow help another cat.

When Bella woke the next day, she got her fluids, and she seemed better. When we returned to the vet, she told us that Bella was doing much better! She gave us instructions to follow up with fluids for the week, and ‘as needed’. We had an ultra sound done that came back much better than we thought it would - we had been worried about Bella’s kidneys, but one kidney was fine, and the other had some slight damage. It was something we could treat.

Bella’s appetite picked up and she seemed to get somewhat better.

I was so grateful. I am still grateful. And we waited for fate to show us the way to fulfilling our vow.

One day, close to Thanksgiving, we went over to Bobbi’s at Atlas. I can never remember clearly why - I think we had delivered some cookies or cake or something my husband, the Chef, had made. As we were there, his eyes took him to a very small dark orange cat in a bottom cage. She was all huddled over on herself and staring at the floor of the cage, oblivious to the happy playing kittens in the cage beside her. We asked and all that was known was that she was an ‘Owner Surrender’. He had opened the cage and the little cat rubbed up against him immediately, and when he called me over, she was in his lap.

She was tiny, the smallest adult cat I’d seen in awhile. And her age was listed as ‘about 10. She looked older.

We hadn’t planned on another cat. Our two room pre war walk up (think Jackie Gleason and the Honeymooners) was a combination of living room/kitchen and a separate bedroom. We shared this space with Bella, Orange Ruffy (some of you might remember him as ‘Milo’), and SmokieBoo, who had been rescued the day we moved from my mom’s house on 110th Street in Richmond Hill.

But when the cage door was closed, the little cat curled up into herself, huddled down, and stared at the floor again.

I have seen that stare, and it wasn’t good. This was depression. This little cat had belongs to someone who loved her. I wondered who it was, maybe someone who had gone into a nursing home or died? Maybe someone who had lost their home? Or had someone betrayed this gentle trust? My husband, who I am blessed with, had tears in his eyes. I was about to cry too, but the decision was made. We wanted Natalie.

We filled out the application, and were told we would have to speak with Bobbi, as our boycats were both FIV+. I knew it would not be a problem, as I very much doubted they would get close to this little cat, who I was told wasn’t great with other cats. But one of the volunteers pointed out she was not reacting to the cats on either side of her. I knew why - she didn’t care anymore. She had been abandoned. The volunteers at Bobbi’s - caring people who petted her and stroked her, and spent time with her had saved her life. But she was not home, she was waiting for a home that she might not know if she stayed here, because she was an older cat.

I had worked in the adoptions center of the Humane Society of NY for 10 years. I knew older cats were most often passed up for kittens, or even younger cats. This little orange cat had a slimmer chance than most. It was a Miracle she was here. She would have been euthanized at ACAC probably the same day because of her age. As it was, she needed a home, and soon. My husband told the Adoptions staff we wanted Natalie. We felt so bad when we walked out, but my husband went to her cage and petted her again. “I love you and you’re coming home with us. We will be back as soon as we can.”

When we spoke with Bobbi that night, I told her that I was very worried about Natalie. Bobbi was a little worried about the ‘boys’ - our Ruffy and Smokie were FIV+, and she had a whole house with FIV+ cats for adoption. But I told her I was worried about Natalie. I explained that the ‘boys’ were not likely to bother Natalie. They did not bother Bella, and I could not bear for this cat with the tiny paws to remain caged any longer. While our home was far from perfect, we loved cats. Bobbi, after checking with a volunteer who had been debating taking Natalie home as well, called us back. Natalie could go home with us!

The day she came home was one of the busiest days my husband had with our small dessert business. He had 12 orders to do, and so Natalie came home to me, Bella, and the ‘boys’. When she was out of the carrier, and in our bedroom, she explored the length of the room, sniffing. She then looked up at me, with large eyes, and meowed loudly, leapt up onto the bed, and fell into a deep sleep.

The next day, we opened the door between the rooms and the boys, who had been very curious about what had gone into it in the carrier, carefully slunk in, sniffing around. For whatever reason, they did not think to jump on the bed, where Natalie lay.

It was not til later that Natalie came out, sniffing and curious. When she saw Ruffy sitting on the carpet, she hissed and growled loudly. She had the loudest meow I have ever heard, and growls like she is twice her size. Ruffy turned and ran over to his cat tree, and disappeared into a paper bag there for safety. (He loves paper bags).

Natalie sniffed around the room. Smokieboo watched her curiously. He seemed unmoved by her hissing and growling. He watched her carefully, but with more curiosity than fear or apprehension. Later that evening, despite her growling and hissing, he jumped up on the bed and lay beside me. (I am his person, and woe to the cat that thinks that anything will keep him from me.) I thanked goodness that Bella appeared to have missed the Natcat.

The next day the two met. Bella didn’t hiss, though I expected her too. She didn’t seem happy, but she certainly didn’t seem overly hostile. Since Natalie’s been here, Bella has given her the ‘Smacky paw’ a couple times, but Natalie growls, hisses, and retreats-slightly. She then sits on the small rug outside the bathroom, and stretches her claws on it.

A couple of days after we got Natalie home, we noticed a small red patch on her ear. We took her to our vet, and she confirmed it - Natalie had ringworm. We were given medication, and we started her on it immediately. To our wonder, and giving thanks to Higher Powers, not one of us or the cats got it. Fortunately, when we were at the vets, she made note of the small bump on Nat’s underside. She told us that she felt a lump on her mammary area should warrant being taken off and biopsied. However, Natalie had a slight cold and had been throwing up. We treated this, and again not one of the other cats got anything.

In early January all of Natalie’s issues that prevented the surgery were resolved. Doctor Paoloni told us she didn’t think the surgery would be a ‘big deal.’ We were worried, as Natalie was no spring chicken. But Dr. P pointed out she was an otherwise healthy cat - her blood work had come back fine. She felt not to do the surgery was more dangerous, as this lump could grow worse.

The day that Natalie was due to have the surgery, I went to work and waited for the vet to call, or my husband to hear from the vet. Finally, he called me 30 minutes before I was to leave. “The growth was very large. Natalie had to have a double mastectomy.” The growth had spread all the way down her chest. They had spent a lot of time taking it out. They had also removed polyps form Natalie’s ears. We had known Natalie was deaf-she meowed loudly because she could not hear herself. We hoped that the deep cleaning of her ears and the removal of the polyps will perhaps restore even a little hearing to her.

Dr. P and the nurses told us that Natalie had come through the surgery great. They wanted to keep her overnight, but we were allowed to visit.

When we went in, Natalie was in a carrier with a towel around her. She gave me the ’silent meow’. I kissed her tiny head and cried over her. My husband told her goodnight, kissed her paw, and then we left. I hated walking out of there.

Tonight as I write this, Natalie is stretched out on our bed. Smokieboo came in and lay on the other side of the bed for a bit, then went back into the kitchen. The cats have just had their supper, and Natalie has had her pain medication. But today, 2 days after her surgery, she looks sore, but her surgery site looks much better, and her appetite is improving. The vet’s office has called daily to check on her progress. She gets an antibiotic a day, and pain med’s every 12 hours. She is sleeping on the blanket that I have that is the softest.

The biopsy results will be back in 2 or 3 weeks.

My husband comes in and kisses my forehead, then leans down and kisses Natalie. She squeaks at him, and then puts out her head to be rubbed. She reaches out with a tiny paw, and puts it over his hand. She knows, no matter what, she is loved.

Natalie has made friends in her sojourn. She belongs to She has her own blog. And she has friends. She is one of the ‘Elderwise’ - those cats who have wisdom in years that stretch before them and beyond them, a cat who has experience, strength, wisdom. She has come through much, our Natalie. But she has persevered.

And we are fortunate to be able to call her our friend, and be entrusted with the wonder of caring for her, and getting to listen to her ‘rrrrtpt?’ as we lean over to kiss her forehead, rub her ear, and whisper ‘Goodnight Little Ms. Tinypaws’ as she settles in beside me, her purr is the only sound in the darkness.


The stitches and staples are out-the Cone of Shame Remains!

February 1st 2011 7:16 am
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Dearest Felines, and of course, their Humans or other Admirers,

Yesterday was a trial.
First, the good part of Yesterday-Having been a Diary pick of the day! Ah, how it moves me that you all so think of me, and send me present and encouragement to cheer me! And my small heart, well, I am moved, feline friends-and others. Because I never knew other cats cared so much, or their people.
You see, no one who saw me at the rescue looked twice at me. They were attracted to the romping youth in the cage beside me, or the fair White Angora above.
Mommy and Daddy saw me though, and Mommy and Daddy told me that I was going home with them. Daddy held me and cried. He could not believe 'someone like me' would be in a cage in a rescue at my age. Mommy was sad, and told Daddy I was one of the lucky ones, because in some places I would have not been there-I would have been 'euthanized'. I know what that means. (shudder). But I am not. I am here, laying upon a soft bed. My trial, besides itchy ears and sore little ouchies were the staples came out of, is the RB beside me. But I won't let that distract me.
Yesterday, was lovely, and I was sleeping, dreaming of Pulitzer Prizes....I am sure I spelled that wrong, and Mommys editing lately has been poor...but I was dreaming of press conferences and pawprints...and then, suddenly, Daddy was there.
Now, Daddy should have known better than to startle me out of a pleasant slumber and there was that thing...that carrier.
I knew what that meant! I am no fool! Daddy then picked me up and began to try to put me into THAT THING!
I did not want to go-and I resisted. Mine is not the way of Peaceful Resistance! I guess I made a lot of noise. I don't hear most things, so I can only imagine it was, but I did my best. But my upsetment did not move him. He was bigger, but I can be stubborn. After he insisted, and I found myself losing the fight, I let go with one of the only weapons left. I released the contents of my bladder on him. Nothing like some warm cat pee to deter someone. But, sigh, it did not. Daddy is a very determined fellow. Still, I can't fault him. He was doing what was in 'my best interest!'
And so, unhappily and mewing for Mommy, I was in this small dark place.
And the brother of mine that is handsome, hee walked right into his carrier.
He has no fear of carriers. He has told me that Mommy and Daddy have traveled in the car with him, and that they went to a cabin in the woods one time with a lovely screened porch and a fireplace and logs he could scratch on. He said there was a warm bed and he got to ride in the carrier and then they would stop and have SNACKS! And he would be allowed out of the carrier to eat with them! Well, as he imparted this to me, I calmed. Perhaps snacks would be forthcoming. He let me know by meow and his easy relaxed nature that he did not fear whatever was to happen. I tried to look to him for example. After all, he had been with them a couple years, and knew the ropes.
So then we all picked up Mommy from her work. Mommy leaned back and rubbed my little head and I was cheered somewhat. She spoke softly to me to comfort me, I could see her lips move.
And then, we were at the Vet.
They took out the staples, and yes, it hurt a bit. They took out the stitches and Big vet and my friend the technician Rachel, who I always regret being grumpy with because she calls me 'beautiful' and 'fighter girl' in an admiring way, well, she exudes kindess. As do the vets. Big Vet, she is very gentle with her little fingers. She cleaned my earts and put some medicine in them. And then she told Mommy and Daddy that I would need to come back next week for another follow up! Does this never end!!!! Ruffy, well, he was the solidier. They took him away to another room, and then bought him out front. Then, Mommy and Daddy picked up our carriers and we left.
It is always a little scary, going from the warm rooms to the cold outside, even in our carriers, which have towels that are big and fluffy in them to keep us warm. But then we were in the nice warm car...
And I forgot to say this....The Cone of Shame remains! Another 3-5 days! I do not want it on, but the Big Vet said that I need a little more healing and so it's still on! But, I could not focus on that. Ruffy told me Daddy had said 'Wendys' and that meant a Treat!
And so Mommy and Daddy did not go home right away. They went through something called a 'Drive Through'. Then Daddy pulled the car over, got out, and took off the cone of shame and gave me a little dish with cut up hamburer in it! Ruffy was devouring his, he had told me this, and I ate some of it...but I really just wanted to get home and get back on the bed. I ate some and then settled back into my carrier.
And then, we went home and Daddy opened the carrier door, and I was on the bed. Ah!
I am resting today, and Mommy noticed I am a little quiet and a little sore. Last night, I must say I shocked myself. Daddy went to play with me and put his face too close to where they had taken out the stitches and before I knew it I had hit him with my Smacky Paw! Sweets! Am I channeling you!!!! I felt sorry, really, because I had smacked Daddy in the face, and Mommy has to trim my nails, they have grown in so fast. So I think I hurt Daddys feelings, but this morning, he fed me, took the cone off, and sat and petted me when I ate. I think he understands. I didn't mean to hurt him, I was just for a moment panicked. Too many people doing too many scary things last night.
So today I rest. The RB is on the bed beside me. I heard Mommy say to Daddy they need to get him some new toys-the RB is BORED! Mommy has also said that he is 'next' as he is grooming too much and his skin appears itchy. We are now on 'grain free' food except for a little science diet dry. There is a bit of that around, but the rest is getting 'better'. Mommy is hoping that will help, and now wants to find out how to put us all on good suppliments or vitamins to boost our immune systems.

So another day is here. It's cloudy and warm and I'm resting. I don't know what will happen at the appointment next week, but it's a week away. For now, I will lay on the soft bed, rest, drowse, and do what cats do best....BE.

I thank you all, most humbly, for being my friends.

Natalie the Natcat


Groovin...on a Sunday afternoon...or rather evening! And- good evening to you, Feline Friends!

January 30th 2011 3:35 pm
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I apologise for being remiss and not blogging sooner. You see, there has been 'excitement' around these parts.
Do not trouble yourselves, truly. It was not related to 'Moi'. No indeed. It was my handsome brofur, Ruffy.
Ruffy, on Friday night got scooped up and put in a carrier, and taken off the the Vet. You see, he was very listless, except when Chicken was put on a plate before him. That was his only change to a cat that appeared happy.
He has not been 'himself'. I don't know who he was, but he was doing the best imitation I've seen lately of Camille. He lay there, coughing once in awhile, listless. Yes, he was miserable.
So mommy and daddy carted him off, in the big carrier, to the place that I have been to, too many times.
Afterward, Mommy and Daddy talked about it, so I know what happened. Apparently Big Vet X rayed Ruffy, took some of his blood, they did some tests. Ruffy's x rays were compared to x rays from last year of his chest and his lungs were 40 per cent worse. So he was given shot of antibiotics, and Big Vet is awaiting tests back. He also has to go back tomorrow, because they want to get urine from him. Some level of something was a little high.
Mommy and Daddy spent yesterday afternoon looking for a good air purifier. They did not find the one they needed. Today they bought one home, it is hooked up,and they believe it is making it better for all of us. But I was just looking off the bed at him sitting in the living room, and yes, he looks a little better.
He is watching Daddy by the oven, but he need not bother. Daddy is not making him Chicken. Daddy is making a 'cheesecake'. Daddy is doing this for the Vets. We have already had our supper, and a great one it was. Mommy said she has us on 'better food' but it tastes good, and I don't mind it.
Well, they have been letting me eat with the cone of shame off. Except yesterday Mommy thought that she saw me 'at' my ouchie. I was, er, well, looking at it. But that woman! Can you believe that she scooped me up, put that thing around my neck, and told me that I had to have it on again because she was worried I would be at my 'stitches and staples.' So I have been stapled together like a memo. And tomorrow Big Vet or Little Vet takes them out.
Ah, what we must endure!
And yesterday, Mommy got so mad at the RB!!! And he deserved it, yes he did! He 'went' at me. I had just had my cone put back on, and I was going to jump back on the bed, and he came and me and ambushed me, and went to scratch at my undersid where the ouchie was! I screamed at him, and Mommy came between us and said "SMOKIE BOO!!!!!" Her voice was low and sounded like a big growl. He slunk under the bed, and Mommy lifted me onto the bed, comforting me. And then, can you imagine!!! She said I had to FORGIVE the RB!!! She said that he had a 'hard' life! Well, what did I have before I was rescued? But Mommy loves the Brute. I don't know why. She said that he has had a very hard time, and sometimes he 'acts out'. Well, wait til I get my Cone off. He'll be sorry. I may be small, and have tiny paws, but I lived outside too for awhile.
Mommy said that the lady who worked and did adoptions at the Rescue I lived in sent her a little 'history' on me. She said that I was not an owner turn in, that I was found by a lady roaming the streets, and I was so friendly and went up to her that she thought I belonged to someone. She looked for my owner, but no one ever answered her flyers. She then held me in her basement til the rescue could take me. I had to be in the basement because she had two dogs that don't like cats. And then, well, it's history. I was taken to a vet by her and was tested for things and spayed. But Mommy said she thought the vet was not good, because of the condition of my ears. But I licked mommys nose and told her it's all behind me now.
And my dears, I have a very handsome cat I have seen on this site that I find so handsome and charming! I am wondering if he could ever find me as wonderous as I find him! He has overcome so much, and I look in his eyes and I see....well, a very old soul with a very young heart. He has character, and is so handsome and charming....

Ah, but that is but something to enjoy and feel the happy purrs rise in my, my dears, is for living, no matter where you are. Enjoy the good food, the warm bed, the good book...I have found that the large tomes make the warmest nap places when your Person is attempting to enjoy them and Ignoring You.

Today I feel well, and am napping....dreaming of the most handsome cat I have ever seen.

'To sleep...perchance to dream....'

Thank you all for your most wonderful attention, purrs, and friendships. I will see what transpires tomorrow at the vet. They may be too busy taking care of the Orange Ruffy to pay much attention to me, becuase there has been talk of me seeing a 'Specialist'.

I send Purrs to all of you...and am so glad to have come here and gotten to know you all!

Stretched out here on the bed....
Natalie the Natcat


Mommy stayed home today! Of Chicken and warm beds...

January 27th 2011 2:22 pm
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Greetings Kit-tahs!
Are any of you staring out at the snow, warm in your beds, and enjoying being loved?
I am. I want to thank all of you for being so kind.
I have to much to do to worry about that what the vets called cancer was taken out. I trust Big Vet and Little Vet. An explanation about why I call them that. Dr.M (little vet) was a tech, and started very young. A few years ago she went to vet school, graduated and then returned to be a vet. She is so young. But not perhaps as young as one would think. She is also about to, and it looks like it could be any day now, have a human kitten. Well, I presume it will be a human kitten. For all I know, she believes in interspecies relations. However, perhaps not. She has a dog, I believe, as well as a cat. She is very sweet, and young, and she talks very very fast. It's hard to read her lips.
Dr. P is 'Big Vet'. She's not big at all. Shes medium sized for a human female. We like her because she's very much for treating us as she treats her animals, and understands how scary it can be to be at the vets office. They are both gentle.
But Mommy was home today! It was wonderful, because we had lunch. When mommy is here we get lunch. Mommy even took out some chicken and cooked it for us. Yummmm!
Mommy moved a little slower though, I had to hurry her up with a meow now and then. Mommy fell and did what she told daddy was a 'snow angel' yesterday because of the snow. She is sore, and moves like I did after the surgery. I still got her to cook the chicken for me, though! I went in my box and scratched and scratched and guess what? When I scratched my ear this time, I worked off the cone of shame! Yes I did! And I manged to have it off for a few moments before Mommy came in and saw me. And I complained alot when she took a hold of me. I even growled. But Mommy does not fear me. She laughs. She thinks this is funny, does she? Well, we'll see about that.
After she again wedged that dreaded thing over my head and tied it around my neck, I stared at her with slitted eyes and growled a little more. I went to my little mat in front of the bathroom, and exercised my claws. She still did not look frightened. I went over and hissed up at the RB on the top of the scratching post.
"Natalie the Natcat Tinyface Tiny Paws!" I read her lips as she said. "He hasn't done anything to you!"
No, no, not yet. But when those aliens come and suck you up into their ship you'll remember how I tried to protect you then.
Mommy was pleased this morning though. She was happy when the other Orange Cat...the Handsome brother I havw, came in and laid down very gingerly by me. He moved close, but he was careful, and respectful. I was mellow, and figured, oh well.
I allowed him by me this time. For one, I was sleeping, it was warm, I could not see him well, and he needed company. I watched Mommy rub his head, his ears. He has to see the Vet tomorrow, he appears to have a hurt paw and has been wheezing and squinting and backing up for no reason, and he hasn't been as active as he can be in the mornings. Mommy is worried and so is Daddy. Daddy believes that Ruffy is his 'Familar'. He is the one who, when Ruffy has to take medicine, gives it to him.
But I did allow him on the bed, and Mommy was happy.
Mommy has finished the Chicken and Daddy has just come home. I'm going to go and see if he will give me some. There are 3 pieces, and 4 of us. Wonder how they'll work that. Well, I will make sure I get my Chicken!
I want to again thank you all for your kindess! I am beside myself...well, no, that is Ruffy sitting there...but really, I am moved by your kindess, your purs, and your extreme thoughtfulness in including me in your circle of Felines.

With gratitude,
Natalie the Natcat


The biopsy results are back...

January 26th 2011 12:39 pm
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My ears are ok. The polyps were nasty-but negative.

My mammary biopsy came back positive for cancer.

My vet says she believes she 'got it all'. As she and the little vet were working on me, I am going to do my best to think positive and believe her.

Mommy is worried. But nothing new there. She lives in a state of worry. It's a Virgo thing.

My Daddy is hopeful. He's always hopeful. He us upbeat mostly. Though sad today. The cousin I did not ever get to meet, Blackie, passed on today. Blackie owned my mom's sister. He had a growth in his mouth, was supposed to have surgery but a cat scan first. When they did the scan, they found the cancer had spread to his jaw. His mommy felt it would be better to 'let him go' because she did not want him to suffer.

Mommy and Daddy were told by the Big Vet that she would discuss more when I went to have the stitches removed. She stated i would have to have a 'wellness' check up more often than other kitties, blood drawn,stuff like that, and a lung X ray every six months.

I'm thinking positive, hopeful thoughts. I have made it this far, Kit-tahs. In the words of John Paul Jones (whoever he is)
"I have not yet begun to fight!"

But for now, I'd rather nap. Maybe I can convince Mommy or Daddy to take off the Cone of Shame when I eat tonight.

love and purrs to you all!

Natalie the NatCat


Daily Diary Pick of the Day! Horray! And Humble thanks !

January 26th 2011 7:07 am
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Mommy just turned on the computer and saw it, too, I imagine! I am honored! She called Daddy before she left for work, so now, it is Known. Mommy told Daddy 'What about Leno? Do you think they would want her?"
Daddy said that it was something to consider. Perhaps it would lead to a contract with William Morris. Or maybe he meant just Morris.
I don't know, Kit-tahs-I am so honored my Diary was choosen as one of the Diary Picks of the Day! Goodness! But I won't let it go to my head. And as for Leno, way past my bedtime. I require my beauty sleep at 10pm. (you know where your cat is. Asleep, under the covers.)
I would much rather stay here with all of you. I would like to thank you for all your kind support. The Cone of Shame isn't as annoying today.
And ah hah! Last night Bella was taken out to the vet, and this morning, they put a hose in her and filled her with water! And then Daddy gave her medicine and Mommy did too, later! So I only take one syringe of stuff by mouth, Bella takes more, and they pur water in her, too! Mommy told the boys to be nice to her. She need not have bothered. They leave her alone. Bella may be small and furry, but she has her bed up high on the love seat in the living room, like she is a Queen or something. This morning I went in, looked at her there, and almost felt sorry for her. Then, I remembered the Smacky Paw....somehow she is channeling Sweets-and that is a worry. But after that, no, I did not feel sorry for her at all, then. She smacked my Cone.
The 'boys' are up on the cat treet, at the top. The RB is on the topmost platform, still waiting for his Close Encounter. Ruffy is just below him-his handsome orange coat is redeeming, and if he remains asleep I could almost like him.
But ah, I go back after my drink of water, back to my cozy cocoon, to rest. And dream of how honored and cared about I am from all my new friends!
Thank you, my friends....

Natalie the Natcat


Tuesday afternoon excitement.

January 25th 2011 12:45 pm
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Hello Kit-tahs!
I want to greet you all and let you know I feel better, though Mommy is worried because she hasn't seen me pee or poop. She's worried. Daddy said that I held my poop for 3 days last time,and I am probably peeing when they aren't home, because I'm eating fine. I am hoping they don't get that carrier down for me ahead of time.
I know they are taking Bella to the Vet this afternoon. Mommy was on the phone about it earler. Bella has been 'throwing up'. I do this sometimes too. I have a sensitive stomach. But Bella has some 'issues' and I know Mommy is worried. I meowed very loudldy at Mommy this morning and I always speak to her with a 'rrrrpt?' when she sits beside me.
With the Cone of Shame on, it makes things a little harder so see around it, is all.
But this morning,she actually played with me for a little with Mr. String! I really like playing with that!
I finished up my pain meds. I don't really feel I need them. Of course, I'm still, and sore. But if I could only groom! I would probably feel lots better.
I feel bad for Mommy when she is sad. I put my tiny paw on her hand. She always kisses me on my tiny nose, or the top of my head. I love Mommy and Daddy.
I'm sort of sleepy today, it must the be nice radiator heat.
The RB has come in, and is making those odd noises that revibrate through me as he gazes out the window, and looks around. I dont' know what he see's, but I suspect any day now the 'ET calling home' will work and something will come and scoop him up and he'll fly off in a silver colored spaceship, the same color as his fur.
Well, I will bid everyone happy naptime for now.

love and Purrs,
Natalie the Natcat

I can hardly wait to get these stitches out. I miss having fur on my belly.


Aliens amoungst us

January 24th 2011 1:45 pm
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Good afternoon Kit-tahs. The NatCat is beginning to feel better.
I spent most of yesterday relaxing, and reclining on the bed. However, I have learned something.
My ear is very itchy. It's been at me a great deal. And this Cone of Shame is almost beyond endurance.
Well, I try to scratch my neck, but of course I can't. The Cone is there, getting in the way. However, it's maddening. So this morning I kept at the scratching, and I began to notice something...the cone, the dreaded thing, was getting more and more loose! My mom, the only one home, had not noticed! And with one last scratch, I pulled the horrid thing off!
Ah, satisfaction! The first thing I did was wash! I wet my little paw and washed my face! Oh how good it felt!!!
Unfortunately, Mommy had not yet left for work. Mommy must had known somehow-and she came in! Mommy looked alarmed, and I looked up at her with sad wide eyes. But Mommy was not moved. She took the cone of shame and put it back around my neck. I stared at the bed, and did my best to look totally sad.
Well, mommy called Daddy. She told him. She told him that she wants to see if the Vet can see me earlier than next week, because she thinks I'm healing well, and she wants to see if maybe they can 'take the stitches and stuff out early.' I was both happn and apprehensive, but to get this thing off early! Ah! That would be good. But Daddy called back a bit later and said that I had to keep this thing on til next Tuesday! Ah, how shall I bear it? Perhaps I'll be able to loosen it again, and do it this time when my humans aren't home!
Something funny happend this morning. I was sleeping when all of a sudden at 3am my mom leapt up in bed and threw on the light. I saw her look of panic, but I was still sleepy. I looked at Mommy curiuosly, and she was looking around with worry. I read her lips. "NATALIE???!!! NATALIE???"
Daddy rolled over. "She's here, honey! Right here!"
"Where is Ruffy? Is he ok?" She had gotten up and walking around looking frantic. It was then I saw a grey streak race out of the room. It was, of course, the RB.
Now, I cannot hear him, but I have FELT the vibrations from his cry when I'm sitting nearby on the floor. He does not meow, fellow felines. Rather, he makes a sound that feels as though someone is drawing their nails across a chalkboard, or as if some frozen branch was rubbing against a frozen window. But it was not a frozen branch. It was the RB, making that weird, high pitched vocal sound that was very loud, apparently, as Mommy sat straight up as though pulled by strings and flung herself from the bed as if possessed by some other force. The RB likes to vocalize about 3 am. He has taken to racing around if he can't get attention, sometimes landing on Daddy's legs, or reaching up to grab Mommys foot. Sometimes he sits in the windowsill, evne if it's closed, looking out and making that weird 'eeewaaaheeeee' sound that revibrates across the floor if you're sitting there.
I'm not sure, at this point if the RB is really an RB at all. I have my doubts about him being feline-at least from this planet. I begin to accept that the RB is calling the MotherShip, and waiting for their return so they can make us all do his bidding, or, joy of joys, climb aboard his starship and head for the sky, and whatever universe dropped him here in the first place.
The RB was racing back and forth, bouncing off the wall of the small living room. The other male, Orange Ruffy, was jogging behind him, but not too close. The Orange Marmalade cat appears to be having an issue with his front paw. I read mommy's lips and they said 'Ruffy and Vet' in the same sentence. How glad I am that the carrier will be taken out for someone else beside's me.
But now he cantered behind the Grey Demon cat and then stood aside as the RB bounded off the wall, braced by back legs like a swimmer in that human spectacle they call the olympics.
Mommy looked relieved. Then annoyed. She has a hard time going back to sleep and Daddy got up to scoop boxes and feed everyone. Mommy graciously held my plate for me when Daddy bought it.
The RB and the Orange Marmalade went to supervise Daddy, and I cuddled with Mommy after I ate. I feel badly for her. It was so cold, and she had to get up in a couple hours and get ready to leave for that place she calls 'work'. It's already dark when she comes home, and I did my best to make her feel better.
The Mothership did not come back for the RB today. But perhaps it will tonight and we will get to watch it.

Thank you eveyrone for all your wonderful purrs and prayers. I believe they are working. I took a page from a fellow felines book and gave the smacky paw to Ruffy, but he dodged me.

There is always tomorrow.

Love and Purrs,
Natalie the Natcat

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