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Stressed here, and Mommy keeps away the dustmop monster

February 16th 2011 3:56 am
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Dear all,
Forgive me for not posting sooner-Mommy has not been able to devote time to my writings as she should. Our handsome orange male cat, Ruffy, is in the hospital! I saw Mommy take out the scary carrier yesterday and was worried, but it was the big carrier for Ruffy. She scooped him up without much protest from him and put him in it. And then she took him out.
Mommy and Daddy told us that he would hopefully be back today.

Ruffy had two bad teeth-the last of his teeth, Kit-tahs. Big vet explained to Mommy and Daddy that this is not unusual with some FIV+ cats. While he is there they will also check out his elbow, which is paining him, and check for asthma. They must also do something else, because he's backed up with constipation.

My appointment is next Tuesday.

I am afraid of the Dustmop, which has the tendancies of a Tasmanian Devil. It yells, it hides under the bed and ambushes hasn't done it to the RB yet. It would rue the day it did, I think, because the RB is a vicious cur. He ambushed me when I was using the box yesterday, and Daddy had to come in and put a stop to it. Daddy and Mommy have been carrying me to the litter box when the Dustmop is out, and Mommy sleeps with me very close and Daddy, too. I still feel nervous. Mommy says we are all at odds because of the different energy. She said it's always the way of it when someone new comes in, but doesn't remember it being so crazy like this before. No one was ever afraid to use the box before.

Mommy and Daddy had talked abuot perhaps if things haven't settled by next week, letting the rescue know the Dustmop is up for adopation, because Mommy and Daddy don't want to make our quality of life here bad.

I just don't like the Dustmop. It wants to take over our world. It hides under the bed and waits.

I hope, dear Kit-tahs, that things will improve soon. Back to my beauty sleep now that Mommy is here to watch...

Natalie the Natcat


Pardon me a moment while I hiss and growl at a dustmop

February 12th 2011 5:51 pm
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There is someone new smells like a cat. It looks like something you would mop the floor with, but it has large golden eyes.
I have spent the last few days being dramatic. I have gotten into my bed and turned by back to Mommy and Daddy. I have hissed at the Dustmop. I have growled at it. It has looked at me and I have hissed as I make my way to the box. It's cage is right near the box. I don't like that. The cage is covered there by a towel.
It was bad enough when it was caged, but now Mommy has left the cage door open and the dustmop has spent most of the time under the dresser. Once in awhile it will peep out.
Mommy has been trying to pay me more attention, me and the cat out front called Bella. I know that Mommy worries about Bella. I used to get jealous when Mommy would say 'She's my heart', but no, not any more. I have a generous heart. And I know the Bella cat went through alot with Mommy.
But I will not give in to the Dustmop.
It's a small animal, like me. Mommy handles it gently, and speaks softly to it. It almost touched my heart when I noticed it's all fur, and not much flesh. I could tell her, if I were speaking to her, that if nothing else, you're going to get plenty to eat here. Take a look at all of us. Notice the meals come 4 times a day. No, you will be ok.
Someone has notched it's ear. I hate that. If they do it to a cat who lives outdoors, it's one thing. But this little thing...Mommy said she believes she belonged to somoene. Mommy is not so sure she did not become lost. Mommy is not sure that this little creature is not some purebred cat that she doesn't know the breed of.
Mommy of course, thinks we all have purebreds in our past. Mommy keeps telling daddy she thinks I'm Abbi-something. I just think this...I am a cat who has made it to be Elderwise. I don't care about much else.
I hissed at the RB. He charged the little dustmop. It wasn't nice of him. He's a brat, a scoundrel. But of course we knew that.
I apoligise to all of you for not writing sooner. They have cut off Mommy's access to Catster at her place of Employment. They need a good sound talking to, and I informed Mommy I intend to do soon as I finish being mad at her and Daddy over the Dustmop.
Mommy will probably be providing some future pictures of her....but Mommy has been tired lately, and I don't know why. I guess its all 5 of us. Oh, and 6 counting the Ghost Kitty, Dusty. But no one told her to take in the Dustmop, did they?

Grumbling and off for a nap....
Natalie the Natcat


Spa day for the Natcat

February 9th 2011 10:25 am
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Dear Kit-tahs,

My mother was lovely yesterday to me! She came in with a warm moist little cloth that smelled good and washed me with it! She gave me a great massage with it, rubbing it all over my coat. Mommy took a picture and is going to try to post it...she must because her camera disk is full and she has to delete things.

Afterward, she brushed me very well, and it felt so wonderful. Daddy laughs because I pull the brush to me and rub my mouth against it. Bella does this too. She was also brushed-I could smell her on the brush. Bella has long fur, and mommy brushes her daily. She brushed the boys, too, but is always careful of Smokie....he gets over stimilated sometimes and doesn't always enjoy being brushed...he would rather be petted.

Afterward, I was fed, and mommy said I looked so happy...and I was. I felt so, well, pretty!

I want to thank all of you for your concern. Mommy and Daddy have to make an appointment for me yet with the specialist. Daddy had to go to his other job this afternoon, but bought our car,who's name is Snowball to the car vet because she was making noise after being on the NY roads with all the new potholes from the weather. Well, turns out Daddy has to rent a car because Snowball will be at the car vet two days because she has loose things and a broke emergency brake. Daddy and Mommy were like 'as soon as we can we're outta here-back South!'
Mommy says she is tired of the bad weather...however, I am warm and dry and happy.
This has put off the 'new kid on the block' coming til tomorrow, I believe. She will probably be out in the other room...they must put her in a cage. My dears. I do feel sorry-I have been in a cage, and it is unpleasant. But Mommy and Daddy feel it's for the best. There is no seperate room to put her in, and she wants the boys to get used to her and none of us to scare her too much.
Well, she's a semi long Bella. She is FIV+, like the Mauraders. But I will bear it, the having another feline here. After all, I once wandered the streets, and understand too well.

Ah, enjoying the lovely warmth of this comfortable bed, and enjoying feeling like an attractive, well groomed girl again.

Natalie the Natcat


Hello Kit-tahs for Tuesday

February 8th 2011 11:16 am
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I hope everyone is staying safe, and warm and happy and dry inside.
Last night we went to the vet. Mommy and Daddy waited outside when I got checked out. While mommy and daddy waited, Rachel went out-who is my favorite tech because she does not fear my tiny paws...and she told my Mommy and Daddy that I looked great and she was so happy to see me! She came out too to say thank you because Mommy had baked browines for them.Ruffy had bene sitting in front of the stove when she did this...he always thinks it's chicken...but it was for the vet.
So Mommy and Daddy were told I have healed nicely. No more cone!!!!!
They gave mommy and daddy a big envelope for the referral. They are not far away, closeby where Mommy and Daddy live.
Mommy says she is nervous.
I said I am ok so long as I get my meals.
Yesterday I made Mommy laugh. I woke up from my nap and I was very hungry. I went in to the living room/kitchen area and MEOWED!!!! MOMMY!!!! I AM HUNGRY!!!! WHEN ARE WE GETTING SOMETHING HERE!!!? The RB looked at me down his nose as though I was demented. The Ruffy cat looked at me alarmed, but hopeful. Anything that brings an extra plate of food, my dears, is to him just fine. So Mommy fed us again and I ate and I was very happy.
I then went and laid on my little mat!
Ah, no cone! I am so happy! I am resting on the bed here, and Daddy will be home in a bit. I am putting up with the RB and the Orange cat. They have been behaving lately...and I think they have ulterior motives.
So to all, have a wonderful and relaxing day...the sun is actually out and shining in the window....ahhhhh...

Natalie the Natcat


Back from vet....

February 7th 2011 4:50 pm
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As per them I have healed well. Mommy and Daddy given a referral to NYCVS to make an appointment for me and a copy of my records. So that is next, I guess.

I am feeling tired and waiting for dinner.

Natalie the Natcat


Mommy put the collar on again this evening...

February 7th 2011 1:54 pm
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She is annoyed and I am laying here feeling sorry for myself. I am on my new little baby blanket. Mommy saw me looking at my ouchie...ok, I was grooming it, and irritated where the stitches are. Mommy came over twice and said no. But I can't hear her. What did she expect?
And then she put this nasty thing back on my head.
No fair, Mommy! It's mean.
I am sitting here looking miserable. I hope she will take it off.

Pretty soon she'll be getting ready to cart me off to the vet. I never get a break.


I've been creative...the Noms Cat Dance....Will everyone- join me on the kitchen floor?

February 7th 2011 5:52 am
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(with apologies to Lady GaGa)

Lady NaNa and the Catster Kitties

Na Na Na Na Na,
Na Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na Na
Whats up with breakfast?

I want your Noms,
I want your Turkey
I want everything, so long as it's free!
I want your Noms,
Noms Noms Noms Noms Noms!

I want your Chicken
Ruffy can't wait,
I want some Fish now,
Dear Roo will have steak
I want your Noms
Noms Noms Noms Noms Noms

You know that I'm hungry,
You know that I'm waiting
You know I'm bad, Mommy bad, bad bad

I want your Noms and I want it all now
You and me, we're doing a cat dance

I want your nomsand we're beyond meow
We're all doing the Noms cat dance
Ah, ah...doing the Noms cat dance
Ah...ah...doing the Noms cat dance...

Hazel Lucy, Sweets, Boxie Brown
They are the 'In' Cats, they're painting the town
They want your Noms, Noms Noms Noms Noms Noms
Give them lobster, trout on that plate,
Come on we're hungry, why must we wait,
We want your Noms, Noms Noms Noms Noms Noms

Ah-ah...doing the Noms Cat Dance,
Ah-ah...doing' the Noms Cat Dance!

Na Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na Na

Watch that Noms Cat Dance!


With humble gratitude.....

February 6th 2011 7:21 am
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Alas, I am moved...I don't know what to say! And I meow humbly to you, though I would not do so to my brothers....
I am on the Front Page for Diary mommy is honored. My daddy....the betrayer....does not yet know. He left early to organize the food he is preparing for some human thing called a Superbowl party at a 'bar' where he is doing the 'food'. The food for them. I'm sure it will be good...but we won't get any!
However, Mommy is in our good graces. She has made chicken.

Mommy is worried. I didn't eat much yet today, just some chicken, and some chicken for breakfast. I just get tired of the canned stuff.
Mommy is considering trying me on something else...but we must be careful. My stomach is delicate you know.

But this is just a short little note to all who have been so kitty angels...both above, and who dwell with me on this plane...but we're not on a plane like in the air...well, they may be, though I rather think that they aren't, and enjoy whatever they wish.

But I want to thank you all for your kindess. Mommy and Daddy are honored, too!

All you kitties today...enjoy, and make sure that your Humans give you a Super-Bowl filled with good things to eat and drink! Maybe mommy will let me have some milk!

I am so honored...

Do you suppose Roo will notice? Perhaps not...perhaps Tilly is enough, purring for him as she does...sigh.

Ah, well, one will not be 'catty' at my age. (A totally misunderstood human word!) And I too, purr for Roo, and for any other lovely kit-tah out there right now with the big D. Let us make sure everyone has enough insulin to keep them healthy! What can we do about that, Catster folks? Can we write or help somehow...willing to put my paws behind it...

and Ive rambled on so...

off to see if Mommy will be forthcoming with a treat!

Head rubs to all the great and wonderful Angels here and in the Summerland-Rainbow Bridge...purrs....

Natalie the Natcat


Ah, Thank Goodness it's Friday Kit-tahs and What's cookin'- Daddy?

February 4th 2011 11:42 am
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Ah, Kit-tahs!
I am feeling happy and warm today. And Daddy is excited!
And Ruffy is very excited. I have been watching him from here. Daddy came home early and is taking good smelling food things out of bags, and Ruffy is doing 'shiver tail', where he opens his eyes very wide, and hunches his back, standing on his tiptoes and making these little 'mewps' as though he were a tiny kitten. Sometimes he even says 'now!' but Daddy is telling him he already ate.
Daddy has chicken and Ruffy carries on so when any sort of food is involved, but especially chicken. Now the RB has started, too. He's learned from the best, I suppose, though he's not as fawning as Ruffy, well, he couldn't be. I have even seen Ruffy sit upo on his hind legs like a dog. Mommy swears when he does that he has some Scottish Fold in his background. I think he's just had alot of hungry cats.
Daddy is a chef, and he's doing an 'event' for 'Superbowl Sunday and a 'pre Superbowl' event. Ruffy gets excited when he hears this. He thinks it means he, the Orange menace, is going to get a 'Super bowl' filled with food. He's going to be dissapointed, I think.
I don't understand it, some of the odd things humans do, these strange things they put on the screen in the living room, where big humans rush at other big humans over a funny shaped ball. My kit-tah friends, they don't even bat at it, or fall on their backs and kick it with their feet. They just all fall in a large, heavy heap. If Ruffy were to fall upon me that way, I would be squished flat.
But if Daddy is cooking for some event here, and some of the food is Chicken, expect Ruffy to not move from his place til he gets something, even if Daddy winds up stepping on Ruffy's tail. That has happened. It still does not deter him.
I have not yet ventured into the living room, to stare either of them down, yet. I was ok til they started the stalking thing. Mommy had closed the door when she left between the rooms, but Daddy has it open now, and I am listening to Ruffy's pleas for some chicken. Goodness already. It does not smell like does smell good, but I know Daddy will bring me a treat is this is sometihng to be had. I can lay here, like the Elderwise kitty I am, and be fed on my comfortable expanse.
Daddy comes in and pets my little head. I am glad he's home, and Ruffy and Smokie follow him to make sure I didn't get something when they did not.
Now I'm alone in here again, and the good smells are coming from the kitchen.
Ah, well, I have been brushed, my coat is sleek, my nails trimmed. No cone of shame. I find a patch of sun and is good.

Puuuuurrrrr Kit-tahs. And happy, happy Friday, whatever that is.


Ah, more privacy, they left that Cone of Shame off today,- and yes, the door is closed!

February 3rd 2011 7:35 am
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Yes! The boys got theirs!
This morning, Mommy and Daddy were in the room with me. The boys came in. I was eating on the floor and then I meowed up at Daddy. Daddy very gently lifted me up onto the bed and as he was doing so, that sneaky, slick looking orange brother who I actually thought was ok began to stalk me! He was going to try to get at me when I jumped onto the bed or as Daddy was lifting me.
Hahaha! But he didn't pay any attention to Mommy, who had come up behind him and gave him a Smack! Right on his bottom. She said "Ruffy!!!" In the growly cat voice.
He retreated into the living room, and the rude Grey cat sauntered carefully after him, in stalking mode. The Grey cat then cornered Ruffy by the litter box in the living room. Mommy went out and made the Growly noise and squirted the grey cat 3 times with the water sprayer. Then she picked him up and put him on the cat tree where he climbed to the top. The sad orange bully went over and looked pathetic and I watched him jump up onto the chair. Well, now he knows how it feels!
Mommy left my cone off today! I heard her and Daddy talking, and Mommy commented I have been a good girl, leaving my ouchie with is really just a tiny couple scabs alone, and my ear too. She said I look depressed in it, and what did Daddy think?
Daddy said to leave it off! Yay!!!!
So I'm laying here under my little warm blankie on the bed. Mommy fed me here...Daddy put my food on the floor earlier and closed the door and I was able to use the box in peace in here with Mommy when she was sleeping. But Mommy always has the window open with the screen and it's too cold for me! I meowed til she got up and closed it, and then put my blanket over me to keep warm. I love laying here beside Mommy. Sometimes when they don't go to work Mommy and Daddy come back and lay here with me and pet me and rub my chin. Sometimes the rude boys come in and lay on the bed, too, but not lately, and thats fine with me.
Mommy closed the door when she left today, too. She told Daddy that til she knows I'm 'ok' and 'completely healed' she didn't want me to feel stressed or harassed. When the people are home, it's different.
So I'm enjoying my solitude. The radiator is hissing and I'm warm. Mommy came in with that thing she calls a Camera and took some pictures of me coneless. She'll probably put them up here so my friends can see me. I think some look silly, Mommy and Daddy somtimes treat me like I'm a small doll, rather than a dignified Elderwise feline. But really, we have to excuse humans, sigh.
My dears! I must thank you all for your gifts and friendship and support. Yesterday was a tough one at first, but I am doing so much someone said...consider my convelasance to be 'spa time' and yes, my dears, it is! Mommy will brush me and do my nails tonight! She has said the 'bath' word, but cannot til I am 'all better'. She does not wish to stress me either!
I want to thank you for helping Mommy. I believe (sotto voice here with a tiny whisper) she might be having some 'hormonal' ups and downs. She has read some of your stories...especially those who have crossed to the Bridge...and it has made her cry. I think she fears me crossing. I have tried to reassure Mommy my resting is a healthy thing, me recovering from surgery. But sigh, Mommy is so human and a worrier. (warned you about that, too!) I have told Mommy I don't plan on crossing any bridges yet, unless she and Daddy plan on us having a holiday in South Carolina together, or even in that cabin the now rude Ruffy told me of. But no, life is for living. I live, I breathe, I go on.
I have imparted to Mommy with a hearty purr that cats do not fear 'death' as humans do. It does not make me worry, it does not bring the panic it seems to with Mommy sometimes, the sense she could 'lose' me. Daddy is philosophical, he knew when he picked me up, and looked into my topaz eyes that I was Elderwise, and my time on this plane could perhaps not be as long as others. But none of us know how long we will dwell here. We, the Elderwise, we bound between the worlds as we do between rooms, frisking with unseen friends who have come to visit from across the Bridge. My heart hurts for Mommy sometimes. Her own Mommy went to the Human Bridge two years ago, and it was hard for her. But Mommy is Special....she is sensitive, she fights like we do, when bad brothers bother us or bad pills are tried to be put into us, or we have to protect our friends with claws and teeth. Mommy saw me in my cage and knew in her heart she would not leave me there. She didn't care about the size of space she lived in, or how the boys would react. She perhaps worried about the little grey and white slightly poufy tailed cat on the pillow in the living room, but she swept me up and told the rescue lady she wanted me, and that was that. She did not care about anything else. Mommy is a Rescuer, a healer. Mommy personfies Bast more than any other human I have known, really. She does not fear anyone human..but she fears the unknown because she does not know what we, the Elderwise, and perhaps really all cats, even kittens know. Have you ever seen kittens do the Spider dance, where they pouf up their fur, it stands on end, tail straight up? They stare straight ahead, they sidle a bit on tip toe as though they had small springs in their paws, first one way then the other, and then dash off madly? They 'see'. Yes, Mommy, yes all my friends, we can do this...we 'see' as humans don't. We weave and wander between the unseen veil, with head rubs and mad dashes as we greet or are statled by others, feline and other. We are of this world, and not. But in the end, my friends, we choose this place, this time here, because of love, and because we are wise. And the feline Elders, we have more wisdom than most, would you not agree, those who are Elder here? But the one thing we are sure of, is how those Humans who are the Unfurred providers of our Tribe feel about us-and how they will fight so hard for us, no matter what.
I would not pit Mommy agains the Reaper cat, would you? She would be at the Reaper cat with the Spray bottle, yes she would. He better not venture here-yet.
Mommy is the 'feeler' Daddy is the 'thinker'. I don't mean she's foolish or stupid...she is just emotional, and feels, sometimes I think too much. And so I look silly and stick my head out and make a loud MEOW and look odd, so she laughs. I do tihs, because none of us are ever really far from that Kitten we are. Not even if we are Elder.
Ah, well, I might well be re writing Old Possums Book of Practical Cats! I am sorry for those of you who would be at your play, or snoozing, I imagine I've put some of you into a good catnap, and if so, all the better. But I wanted to say to all of you that I cherish you. My Angels, my friends. I know as I sink into sleep, with a purr that when I wake later a good meal will be laid before me, attention will be showered on me, I will have a manicure and a brushing. I am thankful for you my feline friends, and their Mommies and Daddies for being the wonderous beings you are, to shine so that even those over Rainbow Bridge see your goodness like a large beacon over the world. You, my Human friends, are truly 'Cat People.'

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