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Musings from the Granny kit-tahj!

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I retun to write tummy is healing, and I am in- seclusion.

March 15th 2011 5:59 pm
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Hello Kit-tahs!
Did you miss Moi? I missed all of you! And I come back to write 2 days before St. Paddys day, so hopefully, with my lovely charms from Simba's mom, luck will be mine and I will not turn FIV+.
Now I had been saying for months the RB was a bad egg. He is, and no one can convince me otherwise. He attacked me. In fact, Bella, that little grey and white cat leapt upon me and fought me. But ah, you see, I could have taken her if it was not for the RB.
I have a bite from him, several in fact that are healing nicely. The cad bit me where my ouchie was healing, too. But then, I got him back.
Daddy came home from the hospital for humans the same time I did. He had lots of tests done, whatever that is, but he is home and mommy told him 'take it easy'.
Things are at sixe's and sevens here. The others...well, think about it, really...they are all 'acting out'. Mommy and Daddy may have to find another home for the Dustmop because Big Vet told them that the RB has 'Displaced Aggression.' He surely does, and it was displaced onto me. He has never liked me much. He probably laid on my bed when I was gone and loved it. But alas, he is outside and I am in here, stretched out on my pillow. But Big Vet feels it started with Moi, but it was the Dustmop that pushed him over the edge.
But Mommy looks sad. She doesn't like any of this. She believes it was her fault there was a cat fight. I can't make her understand I am a redcat and Elderwise, and my job is to put unruly annoying youngsters in their place! So I got a bite! So what? I gave as good as I got!
But it distresses me that Mommy is sad. Tonight the RB scratched her again, and this bothers her because the RB was always 'her friend'. I could have told her not to trust him. Btu she says she has never had him do any of this before.
I do not feel ill. I'm so glad to be home. I walked across daddy's head t his morning, and stepped on his nose. I laid down and purred loudly for Mommy.
My chemo has been postponed til next week. I'm 'healing'.
Thank you everyone for your kind purrs and prayers. Thank you especially all who sent me such kindness. I am still concerned about my Daddy, but he looks much better, and like me, he has a follow up with his doctors next week. I wonder if they had him in a cage as they did me?
It is good to be home,
Natalie the Natcat TinyFace TinyPaws


Off to the vets for bloodwork

March 8th 2011 3:40 am
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This morning, just as I was finishing my breakfast, I was scooped up, put into the bathroom to use the box, and then when I was finished, Mommy picked me up and pushed me into my carrier.


So I am going to the vet to get 'bloodwork' done.

What one must endure.

Daddy will pick me up when he's done at work.

I don't want to stay here all day, but I know Mommy and Daddy have to work-sigh-and they simply won't have me chauffered back home-so I must have bloodwork and then wait for Daddy to return.

Well, nothing for it but to settle down and wait.

What a way to spend Mardi Gras. Still, at least I'll have plenty to eat.



Mommy and Daddy visit a 'Cat House' (er, the kind with cats- for adoption in it!)

March 6th 2011 2:38 pm
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Well, Kit-tahs,

Mommy and Daddy left this afternoon to visit a small cat house, which a local Queens NY rescue has and were the kitties are up for adoption and seeking special homes. We-Smokie and I and the others are going to allow some of the cats to be listed with us as family and up for adoption so this way they have more of a chance of geting seen. Mommy said they are part of our extended family!
Kit-tahs, I am blessed. Yes, I am having chemo therapy and having to see the V-E-T! But I have a home. These kitties, they have a home of sorts, but like all rescues, they don't have much. Mommy says that if anyone lives in the Queens NY area and wants to help out some kit-tahs truly in need, they should p-mail her and she will put them in touch with them! These kit-tahs come in all shades of the rainbow, and some are very friendly to humans and some not so much. Some have health issues, some do not. But all are in need of the things we kit-tahs perhaps take for granted, a bed of their own, toys, and donations of food and litter.
Mommy met some great potential brothers and sisters for us. But she will not bring them home. We are at capacity, and at this point, unable to oblige. But I know that Daddy and Mommy would like to help these very needy kit-tahs.
I am sitting here, having my evening meal Everyone else has eaten. Even the 'BUB' as Daddy calls her. She is still the dustmop to me. She sits by mommy's feet. She has been fed, and all our boxes scooped. We are warm, we have humans to help us and serve us.
Many kit-tahs aren't so lucky. The BUB was lucky to wind up here....FIV+ cats do not have an easy time of it.
I ask all of you in our 'local' area who can help somehow, to please reach out to our Mommy. This rescue is struggling and Mommy and Daddy feel that people who love cats and live close would help if they knew of this...but it's not a very well known place.
So kit-tahs, as we purr tonight, as we lay down on our warm beds and by our humans, lets send warm purrs to those kit-tahs out there who need it...the older kit-tahs like me, (there was one there mommy said who's person had died, and she lives there this kitty, because she is Feluk Positive but healthy) Mommy said all this kitty wanted was to be in her lap and be petted and loved. She was 10 years old, and sitting alone on a chair. The volunteers love this little elderwise cat, but this is still not a home, but a warm place to lay her head and be in from the cold.
Mommy said she will light a candle tonight with Daddy to send energy their way. Mommy and Daddy did bring them some things they needed. I know they love all felinekind, and do their best. Yet they are only 2 people. But if we each pass on the magick of all we are, and all, even if we are far away, of what we can do, then we make life better for all of us, don't we?
For didn't a wise human man once say 'be the change you want to see in the world?'

Grateful tonight for my Mommy and Daddy...and the good friends I have.

Love always,
Natalie the Natcat


Daddy, I didn't mean to get you-but when you grab someone in- the dark, what do you expect?

March 5th 2011 2:10 pm
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Daddy had gotten up in the night. I eased over into the warmth of where he had been, I love to feel warm.
He came back to bed, and I had sprawled a bit into his space so there was no room for him.
He woke me and all I smelled was THE DUSTMOP!!!
I bit down hard with my little sharp, sharp teeth!
Daddy said OUCH! He looked at Mommy who put on the light and said "SHE BIT ME!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, SHE BIT ME!!!!"
I was a little nervous, but Mommy simply petted me, told Daddy to go wash out the ouchie, and put some peroxide on it, and then told him he had to be careful about coming up on me unawares. I had already hit her with the Smacky Paw when I was channeling Sweets, and packed a wallop. She reminded Daddy that with a new cat smell around, I was more nervous.
And of course, Daddy forgave me. He petted me tonight and called me 'Tooth'.
Well, I was nervous, and I did not know it was him!
I do feel badly though. Daddy said talking about biting the hand that feeds you.
But it was not deliberate at all, and I hope he does forgive me. After all, he is alot of the reason I'm home with he and Mommy now.


Mom is home today! Yay

March 4th 2011 3:45 am
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Well, she is not feeling well. But she has remembered her duties to us. She fed us our second breakfast (daddy does the first one) and then came in and pulled the blanket over my little head. You see, mommy likes to get in 'some good fresh air'. Mommy is crazy. It is cold to me, as I am Elderwise. That good fresh air needs to be a alot warmer for me, so I'm under my little plaid blanket, and I'm eating. The RB has come up n the bed beside me and is watching me. It makes me nervous. The little dustmop just went to try to chase him, but the RB doesn't chase easily. He just looks at her askance.
The Orange Ruffy, he is nervous around her, and he doesn't like her one bit. Mommy is wisihing he would put his paw down and not let her get away with it. I certainly don't. However, I don't like coming into this room when she is under the bed, but I have just about had enough with that! When she went to chase me yesterday I laid down on my little mat and claimed it, and hissed and growled at her with my ears way back. She got the picture!
However, Ruffy is still not at his best, and Mommy said she doesn't like seeing him seem so dad. I think later she will carry him in here to sit and watch the birds. She put some seed on the windowsill in the front room because Smokie likes to watch the birds, and sometimes Ruffy, too.
Me, I just am enjoying breakfst in bed and having mommy here.
The sun is coming out here, and I like that...but sure wish mommy would close the window....thank goodness for warm blankets!

Another nap awaits if the RB would stop staring at me.

Natalie the Natcat


Grrrrrr....she may not be going anywhere

February 28th 2011 4:16 pm
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Lets face it Kit-tahs.
For those of us that have male persons in our lives...
We know we can't always fool them the way we do mommies.
Daddies KNOW.
Today....Daddy came home and did not see me on my bed.
Daddy's eyebrows rose. He was sweating. You see, if something happened to me, he would be in deep with Mommy. And besides, he loves me and worries about me.
He needn't have, but did catch me unawares. I was dozing atop the new double wide scratching post Mommy had bought for the Dustmop.
Daddy called mommy all excited.
'She was on the scratching post. She had used the box in the bathroom. She had wandered into the living room and growled at the Dustmop who ran past her like lightening!' That 'She' was meant as Moi.
Well, I am not always feeling poorly. Today, I am feeling slightly better. I came out this evening and played a bit before going back to nap on my bed.
Yes, and I meowed pitiflly at Mommy to pick me up and put me back on the bed....because the DUSTMOP IS HIDING DOWN THERE AND MIGHT GET ME!!!!
And she did.
But....grrrr...I heard Mommy and Daddy say that the Dustmop and I might be 'working it out'. We all might be 'working it out'.
She wants the Dustmop checked for a 'chip'. She has this nagging feeling the Dustmop was someones beloved cat.
Well, the sooner the better, becuase maybe they would take her back!!!!!
But sigh, what one must endure.

But I could have told Mommy...eventually we Elderwise must tell those youngsters to Show Some Respect!!!!!

heh heh heh.....

I had some loose stool this morning....mommy is going to make somethng called 'rice' later to mix in my food. However, I have not been throwing up and do feel a bit better.

I love all of you....and hope everyone is well...Hazel Lucy, are you going to put out your own brand of baby food? I may need it again.

love to all and many fine happy purrs..
Natalie the Natcat on a mild day.


Worry wort mom

February 27th 2011 11:56 am
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Hello Kit-tahs.
Those lovely humans who were so fortunate to take me home are driving me crazy.
I was told by the nice vet at my chemo session I might not feel so well with my stomach. I am dealing with it. It's frustrating, sort of like being seasick without the sea.
It started friday night, as if on schedule. I ate my meal. 20 minutes later it was back up. I didn't feel particularly bad. I just was hungry and started to go back to it. I mean, it was from my stomach, right?
Daddy said 'no Natalie!' and he cleaned it up.
I was hungry and Daddy would not give me more!!!! It seems the paper with the instructions said withhold food and even water for a few hours! Well, they did not wait that long. Mommy went out and got me some chicken baby food. Now, I am not a baby anything. But I ate it, grudgingly. I don't care for it. Perhaps I need the Hazel Lucy brand, but Mommy could not find it.
Anyway, yesterday, Daddy tried me on some Fancy feast again. It came right back up. Sadly, mommy and daddy were not in the room at the time, and mommy, coming to cuddle with me, laid right down on top of it and jumped up with a 'Honey!!!! She threw up!!!
Then, Mommy and daddy got out the icky, nasty medicine the nice vet had given them for me if I was sick to my stomach. They gave me some. ICKY BAD PHOOEY YUCKY EWWWWWW!!!!!

I drooled, I stared at them pathetically. I drooled some more.
Mommy offered me some baby food. I didn't want it. That stuff left a bad taste in my mouth. Mommy and Daddy had to go out so they left me the baby food and when they came back it was gone.
Last night, same thing. More babyfood.
But then, thank goodness, this morning, REAL Chicken and then a bit of my food-fancy feast turkey. Mommy has been watching me for 2 hours and so far nothing has happened except me sleeping and the RB coming in to lay close by.
My dears, I never thought it would happen, but the RB proved a gentleman on Friday night. The wicked, wicked Dustmop attacked me!
I was sitting on my little corner of the hall and it came running at me and went at me! I screamed for all I was worth and Daddy came running and lifted me up and put me on the bed!!!!
But guess who else came in? Those noble brothers of mine! The RB even went under the bed where the Dustmop was!!! He does not fear her!!! He is so brave!
Now he lays close by me. He probably just is hoping that mommy will feed me, and he'll know and then she will have to feed him. But somehow, I feel safer. He doesn't mind me growling. He ignores it.
Perhaps, just perhaps, he is not so bad after all.

And there has been talk between Mommy and Daddy. They are going to 'start the process' to find a home for the Dustmop. They are worried about me being 'hurt' in 'my condition'. You see, neither of my brothers has been this aggressive with me, and lately they have been almost kind.

I do not despise the Dustmop. It simply wants to be the Only Cat. I can understand that. But it will not happen here-I could have told her that. But she is a lovely cat, and I believe, like me, she will find the right home for her. Meanwhile, she is safe and loved and taken great care of here. Mommy wouldn't even spank her, nor would Daddy. They just made sure I was ok, and later put down some food for all of us.

And now, back to napping....the best thing for me right now!

love to you all and many thanks to my good, good friends,
Natalie the Natcat


Meeting my On-cologist Dr. Josh Lachowicz at NYC Vet- Specialists, and my first chemo treatment

February 22nd 2011 4:35 pm
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Well my lovely and lively Kit-tahs....
Just when one is resting, comfortably and warmly.. in covers, as the heat has not been put on in the bedroom..though it blasts in the living room....well, Mommy and Daddy arrived here early. They got out the carrier and Daddy opened it and put me in. Not without some protest on my part. I had been sleeping soundly and woke to see the Dustmop on the bed!!!! I had been sleeping just a little ways from it!
It jumped down and dissapeared to the hole under the bed where it lays in wait for Ruffy, or whoever else with 4 paws would brave it.
In the meantime I was scooped up and shoved a bit rudely into the carrier. And then we were off.
When Daddy found parking Mommy carried me into yet another vets office. And straight to an exam room.
I was taken out by a nice nurse-girl who had a tatoo of little cat prints on her wrist. She petted me and told me how lovely I am. I liked her and mommy took out my towel and let me lay on it.
After a little bit anotehr vet came in-a man. He was young, I heard mommy say 'wow, you look so young'. and he was so nice. He told me what a lovely cat I was, and he petted me very gently.
When he examined me he was very kind and didn't hurt me or poke me. He made me feel ok with him-I wasn't at all afraid.
And then he spoke about the chemo stuff I am to have. 4 treatments, 3 weeks apart. After that-well, we 'see'.
He said that I have things on my side....from what he could read of my lab report, I don't have the worst thing I could prognosis is guarded, but good. He said he did not detect any swollen lymph nodes. He could not tell Mommy or Daddy if I would get another lump. I do not have one now. He wants to do more blood work. I will have to have another x ray in probably 2 months.
Then he explained the chemo treatments. I was a little nervous, because I saw mommy look nervous but Dr. Josh explained that today would just be a shot, and the side effects if they happen would show on a weekend and I might feel a little more lethargic and maybe sick to my tummy, or not want to eat. He gave mommy some medicine to take away in case of that.
Daddy asked 'when can you do the first treatment?" Dr. Josh said 'the sooner, the better.' And Daddy said 'what about now?" and Dr. Josh said 'I can do that. Leave her with me for an hour and go get some coffee...then we'll be ready for you to pick her up.
The nurse was really sweet...when Mommy and Daddy came back she told them how good I was...she was really kind and I was so tired and loving being away from the dustmop with the kind Dr. Josh petting me and telline me how pretty I was that I fell asleep!
So it was all over very quick.
I do not feel ill now. I do worry about mommy, because she looks worried. I was hungry when I got home, and had some dry food, then waited with my brothers for my canned food. I ate my 3/4 of a can of FF. Mommy then opened me another can and I have it here with me on the bed in case I get hungry again. Ruffy looks happy...he got chicken and I think the boys are happy...because if I eat, in general, everyone does. Mommy and Daddys don't give to one unless you give to the others....even the Dustmop.

I want to thank Queen T. for watching over me, along with Alex. I know Mommy picked up on when the doctor said '2 years survival' but I rubbed my nose on Mommy and reminded her Dr. Josh also said some kitties never have a reoccurance. And just now, I'm warm and fed and going to watch some episode of 'The Tudors' with mommy and snuggle and be warm. Tonight I'll sleep between Mommy and Daddy and purr to make her feel better.

As for me, just now, I'm grateful to all my friends!

Oh, when we were there, there was a little orange boy cat named 'Gato' roaming around. He and I looked similar...except he was young and active and thin. He has intestinal lymphoma and his is only 3 years old. I was not mean to him, and mommy and daddy spoke with his parents and petted him a bit. She said they were very nice. They have lots of cat friends for him.

Well, back to napping, and waiting for Mommy to come and get in the bed with me so we can snuggle.

Natalie the Natcat


More snow, a new bed, a new blanket and that dustmop jumped- up on the bed!!!

February 21st 2011 3:40 am
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My dear Kit-tahs!
I woke from a nap yesterday, a lovely nap...and there it was. It was laying down on the bed, in MY OTHER BED!!!!
I stared at it and growled loudly. It did not move. It just lay there.
I really don't like having it in here. It is scary. It's not its size, it is that it runs around and one never knows where it will appear next!
Mommy and daddy know I am anxious, but Mommy and Daddy leave it here. I watch for it, becuase it hides under the bed alot when Mommy and Daddy are here.
It apparently doesn't fear me. It should. Be afraid Dustmop. Be very afraid.
And then, there it is. I chased it off the bed yesterday twice with bloodcurdling yells. It worried Mommy, but I was fine.
I have to protect Mommy. I'm laying here by her now on the white comforter. Yes, I have to look out for Mommy. She doesn't know what that Dustmop is capable of.
Daddy picked me up this morning and put me in the bathroom with my box and closed to door. It was funny, it reminds me of when the humans go in, shutting the door. Maybe it's so the Dustmop won't get them in the box, either. Or the RB. But they seem fond of the RB. There is no accounting for taste. I used the box in peace and privacy, then they put me out in the living room. They want me to walk around a bit more...but it's cold this morning and I am a little stiff.
Mommy is complaining because it's snowing out. But it's warmer inside here, though not as warm as it should be...I hope they put more heat here....
Mommy is petting me, and bought me a little new bed to put on the big bed, it's round and has high sides and is warm. And she put her sweater in there for me. It's for me so I don't get cold when she is not here.
I know she loves me alot.
It's early yet, so I will retire for a beatuy nap soon.

Thnking of everyone here.
Natalie the Natcat


I want to thank everyone for my COTD day yesterday! I so- enjoyed it!

February 18th 2011 4:11 am
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Mommy has yet to post my thank I have said, it's hard getting good help!
I have had my breakfast and I'm about to take my nap! The birds are singing outside and Mommy lifted me up earlier when Daddy was here and I came out into the living room, stretched and clawed the carpet (which only I am allowed to do with impunity!) had some lovely dry food, and then used the box in peace. I even played with the little toy mommy made move for me on the floor!
Now I am resting. The window furthest from me is open-I am on a soft comforter on the bed, because mommy makes sure I'm always comfortable.
Yes, being Elderwise is a good thing!
The Dustmop...its under the bed. Mommy pets it when she comes home, but it's skittish when you aren't on the floor petting it. Mommy and Daddy think it had a hard time in the house with the other lady and the dog. I have heard that some cats enjoy living with dogs!Do not put that thought in my pawrents heads! That could be next! Ah, but they can't have dogs here! That is well, as there is just space enough for me, my friends!
Ruffy comes home later, I believe. Mommy and Daddy will go and pick him up. I am glad I wasn't at the Vet, but I guess he was pretty ill. Now me, well, I'm just pretty, always. But I do feel badly for him. No cat should be sick. And now he hasn't any teeth. Mommy said he will still be able to eat, though.
Well, I must toodle-I'm going to lounge here and look as though I need more petting! I will write more later-I thank you all again, and send warm purrs to everyone, especially those who have been so kind to me!


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