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Musings from the Granny kit-tahj!

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Another kitty who had a positive biopsy-kit-tahs, can we- send out some love-and I hiss at Daddy!

April 1st 2011 5:36 pm
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Hello Kit-tah friends and fans alike,
I would like to let you know that I read the post by her mom this morning, and saw much the same reaction my mommy had. The questioning what to do, the worry.

I have let her know that I thrive, and of course, I do. I feel very well.

But it is scary for our people, isn't it, and it worries them!

Would any of you who have been so kind, would you go and reassure her and her mom?

As for me, Chemo has not been too bothersome. I figure that more attention from more people is never a bad thing when they are adoring you.

And I have my Whiskers, thank you very much.

Last night, that Daddy of mine...he was teasing me. He kept tickling my back paws. He kept at it and I would pull away. He did this several times.

Than I had it. I mean, is the man dense?

I turned and lightning fast struck out at him with a SMACKY PAW!!!!!


I probably wasn't as good as Sweets...but it's hard to copy the original Smacky Tomato, and she is such a legend.

And Daddy was not upset. He laughed. The thinks I'm cute when I get mad. To quote him....'I like it when she crinkles her nose up and get fiesty like Granny Clampett.'

I'll get him for that. Yes I will. Wait til you sleep again Daddy. I'll walk across that Smirky face, just wait and see.

Purrs to you all, my friends,
Natalie the Natcat


Uh oh-if you throw up they take away the food or just give- you baby food...and I'm not a baby.

March 30th 2011 5:43 pm
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Mommy came in this afternoon and saw I had thrown up on my scratching post. Mommy got worried. She had given me some hoity toity Newmans Own (not Newman the cat) food this morning and she worried that could have done it. Or that daddy gave me something wrong for my stomach. Or that this morning she gave me the Enisyl-F Lysine treats instead of my regular little treats. (they were good, too!).
So tonight, for my second supper....I GOT BABY FOOD. Now some cats like it, like Bella. I don't. It's funny, the RB will knock you down for it. He's been known to leap up to conters to lap baby food from the jar. But what can you expect from him? Humph.
I am laying in my little bed, purring like mad. It's warm here, and getting cold outside. And I'm cozy.
I heard mommy say to Daddy 'thats it for tonight for her'.

Did I mention mommy worries way too much when she needs to just relax?

Somedays, well, sometimes I just eat too much, like many cats.
Oh, how dreadful. Please pardon my manners.

Blessings to all you kit-tahs out there.


Channel your Inner Kitten

March 29th 2011 4:58 pm
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Oh how I love my laser toy!
I think that it must be something about going after something that moves and dissapears. It's odd, the others don't much care for it, but I love it. Oh, except for the Dustmop. She does like it a great deal.

So my kit-tah friends out many of you challenge your inner kitten? For we, the Elder-wise, are forever playful, even it's its just to loll about when we sleep. We accomplish the impossible, because no one told us that it couldn't be done. And if they did, we would not listen.
Today, I slept alot, it's true. But I also played with my laser with Mommy!
I would love to fly like Roo, maybe he could take me flying sometime! But I can leap to the top of the bed, and leap down again! And my friend, Sweets, who has 3 legs is still running around and playing too!
I bet they play all the time at Rainbow Bridge and dance and sing and carry on.
So tonight, I challenge will you channel your Inner Kitten? Will you perhaps make your person, tired and weary from a long day, smile or laugh?
Share with me these stories!

Magick becomes you, Kit-tahs. Magick is you...

Natalie the Natcat


Shelley Sue needs a new home!

March 28th 2011 5:29 pm
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Dear Kit-tahs and persons,

Mommy has been crying for an hour.
Daddy told her the story about the man who jumped into the water when he saw the baby float by. He grabbed the baby, and 2 more floated by, he grabbed them, and well, he went under and they all went with him.

I am living in one room. The other 4 cats live in the other. I am not up for their company since 'the fight'.

But we are really concerned about Shelly Sue. Ruffy has asthma, and Daddy has COPD and mommy has Asthma as well. We know how difficult it can be. We also know with air purifiers it can be very controlled.

Shelly Sue needs a home. We are hoping, I am hoping, that perhaps someone here will forward her profile who will look at her and fall in love immediately.

As I look at Shelly Sue, I see me. I was not lucky enough to be in a home at that point-I was lucky to be off the streets. I'll never tell about my past, but I know that my present is good. I was a cat with more problems than a shelter could deal with. I will always be thankful for my parents, my mommy and daddy, and my wonderful kind friends here on Catster. So tonight, I reach out to all of you with a small orange paw and tell you that we are all FelineWise under the color of our coats.

Shelley Sue needs a new home, and it's with all the purrs in my little body that I stretch out with everything Cat in me to send her and her mommy energy for this to happen...miracles do happen Shelley Sue. One happened to me.

With all of our love here,
Natalie the Nat Cat

I know how it hurts Shellys Mom to put her up for adoption.


Good morning world and I am feeling well and sending out- purrs to those who have been so kind!

March 26th 2011 6:20 am
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This morning I arose, ate breakfast, had some fun with my laser toy! Last night's check up at the vet stated I have healed very well and am doing fine! The vet said my coat looks great and my ouchie is gone.
I am bored in this room, but I know it's for my own good. Mommy and daddy saw fur tufts when they came home with me...the RB and Princess had a fight. But both seem ok. The RB will probably be the next 'serious' vet check up. The Dustmop was playing and frisking and seemed not phased at all.

I am sending out purrs to alll that need it-becaues everyone has been so kind to me. My chemo therapy appointment this past week went well, and I wasn't even ill after it (so far, knock wood). I have been playing and meowing and eating alot! Just now I'm curling up in my little bed as the steam hisses through the pipes and mommy prepares t go to accpuncture.

I want to send our special purrs to the lovely Elderwise kitty who just had an amputation. Please know that we here and purring up a storm for you....and please know, Apollo, that we send out many purrs and lots of love from this little Queens apartment...because the world of Cat is boundless, as is our regenerative powers.

I remain Natalie the Natcat,
love and whisker brushes to all!


Home again, home again! My second chemo treatment went ok!- I'm home and playing with my laser toy!

March 22nd 2011 5:41 pm
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Daddy is actually trying to send mommy more video of me playing. I had some supper and just now am feeling well. I just was racing around on the bed playing. Daddy likes to watch me play but I can't catch that thing at all!

I don't think many cats were in here today...though i smelled the Dustmop earlier.

I am not even tired really right now.

The little orange cat was at the vet with me today, too, for his treatment.

I am so happy to be home and looking forward to my second supper!

Oh yum!

All of you, please, it is so very kind to send me well wishes and presents. I am touched and honored by your kindness. I would give you each a gentle love bite if I could.

Natalie the Natcat


Upset tummy

March 21st 2011 3:55 am
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Well, so much for feeling well. I am keeping watch on the door to the bedroom. I don't like having it closed, but mom says the RB is out there.
I threw up twice yesterday late afternoon and evening and then again this morning. Mommy wouldn't let me have my supper at 10, and then this morning just gave me chicken baby food. My chemo is tomorrow, so we have to check with the vet and see if I need a check up first.
Mommy has to go back to work today, so I am going to relax and be in here on my own. I can hear my brothers crying out in the other room, and it makes me want to get out and see whats going on. I know my mom saw a big bug thing with many legs run across the back of a chair and she is afraid of those things. She was annoyed those brothers of mine didn't got get it, but then they aren't me. I would have got it.
Today I just have gotten baby food for breakfast.
I want chicken, but I don't think it will be forthcoming.
I have had a delicate stomach in the past-I can't seem to digest classic chicken Fancy Fest, and I do better with Turkey flavors, but Mommy is just giving me baby food. I'm not a baby.

What we must endure!

Back to looking sulky and cranky for not getting my way.


The first day of Spring and feeling so well!

March 20th 2011 5:56 am
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Ah, hello Kit-tahs!

Happy first day of Spring! I am feeling so well, very playful, and fiesty! I hissed at the door at all the other cats, and I keep meowing to daddy and mommy to play with me and pay attention to me!
I know it's annoying them as they try to pick out health insurance for the RB! Anything to take them away from him and put the attention on me!
Mommy said to Daddy she would like to 'harness train' me. What, am I going to race now? Daddy looked at her as though she was insane. Mommy then suggested a kitty stroller so we could all take the air. Daddy looked at her as though she were quite mad.
Now, what I would like is for the rest of them to leave, so I may have the rest of the space without them.
Daddy has stated this will not happen.

I am very happy this morning and so well. I keep meowing and I can jump up on the bed by myself and get down by myself and onto the clothes chest and I have done everything except sit by the window.

Yesterday I rested and was 'spa'ed' getting a warm compress on my stomach. Today I feel wonderful.

I was grieving yesterday for all so many making the journey to the Bridge. I listened to Ruffy go about meowing about his 'lovely little Hazel Lucy' That would be enough to drive any cat to bury her head in the soft, comfortable covers and nap. Ah but it was a wonderful day to nap, wasn't it Kit-tahs?
But Ruffy has found Hazel Lucy to be the perfect girlcat, the girlcat of every guy cats dreams. Sigh.


And she's at the Bridge. Talk about complimated, but then, we cats can manage anything.

But happy Spring, all! Happy Spring to you youngsters out there, enjoying your first Spring! How exciting!

Happy Spring to all of us Elderwise enjoying warm sun, breezes and lots of good smells from outside!

Happy Spring to all my new found friends, and my Guardian Angels, Queen T, Alex, Taffy, and Hazel Lucy. I want to wish your parents a happy Spring too and encourage them to reach out with love to your Spirits, and accept the Guindance you offer.

I want to tell you that I love and appreciate all I have met.

I blow kisses to all of you, and hope that you have a wonderful, sunny, and very happy day.

With love and fun as I play with Daddy and the laser toy!


A few days before Spring...

March 18th 2011 5:56 am
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Ah Kit-tahs,

There is a world out there that just bespeaks it. I have had breakfast, and I rest here, curled up on the bed. My brothers are outside. I heard from Bella that Ruffy was in his element last night at Finnies party.

I, well, I open my eyes and gaze into the distance. I smell the good spring smells. I enjoy the warmth of the covers and the food I have had. My box was cleaned, soon mommy will do the warm compress on my stomach and scoop my box.

Life is good.

Mommy is off today. She took a couple days off, and I so like that. I know that she is thoughtful today, and that she worries about me. She's a worrier. And when kitties pass to the Bridge, it brings it home to Mommy just now temporal things are here.

I know it has been a challenging week, Mommy, but I am here and just lolling in the comfort of what we cats so love.

I want to touch my paw to those who have had loss. We, as cats, don't mean to make you sad. We're happy creatures, and we live in the moment, for what else is there?

We send comfort to you who have seen those you love across the Rainbow. But there is a Rainbow after rain. And today, my good friends, the sun shines.

And the flowers are coming up, I can smell them. I can sense the air changing, and wonder if the sun will shine in from my window today.

I purr and 'rrrt?' and turn on my back.

And the world is good. Yes, yes it is.

Enjoy your journey's Kit-tahs, enjoy your play and naps. And love your people.

Natalie the Natcat


With humble thanks for wisdom, love and light shared

March 17th 2011 5:20 am
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Greetings, Kit-tahs.
I refuse to be sad. I am, deep in my heart, but today, the sun shines, the birds are singing. I am warm in my little bed. I am loved, and I am cherished.
I wanted to say, briefly, that I thank those who have gone before me, crossing the divide between this material place, this life, and the next. I am glad I am here with my people, even, yes, with the RB in the next room. Because I am content.

I thank those who have shed their material this world self. I know Mommy's eyes have leaked, and I purr to her. Yes, it's hard for those of you, not Elderwise, to see the continuity of it all. But we do. Yes we do.

For Marrakesh, who we barely knew, but who's graceful form inspired gasps of admiration for her beauty and grace, for Herme, who was the embodiment of contentment. And for Hazel Lucy...

And for those who have crossed before, and who come to share even now...Queen T, Ava C, and of course Alex! For them, and all, I purr thanks.

We are Guides guided by the wisdom of Feline, and as one who is Elderwise, I reach out my paw and salute you...and purr with comfort to your people. For humans are still learning what we cats know in our Selves, in our Souls.

I thank you for all the kindness, all the comfort. And on this day of rebirth of green, as I smell all the good smells on the air, and snuggle warmly in the yet morning chill....I share with all my friends this....there is no darkness, simply an absence of light...which returns, and has done so...always...along with those with love and miss and hold dear.

I thank all my Rainbow Bridge friends, and all my Earthly guides and dearest friends for being such a joy, so much fun, and bringing so much enlightenment.

And now...we look forward to Finney's...

Long life to you, my dearest friends and companions.

Natalie the Natcat

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