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Musings from the Granny kit-tahj!

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Hello all...lets remind Humans it's ADOPT A CAT MONTH

June 8th 2011 11:49 am
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My Dear Friends,
My pawrents and the other Kew Cats send out this message to all who would contemplate bringing a cat into their home...June is cat adoption month.
I was adopted, and they are so lucky to have me.
I want everyone to know I'm doing well, resting now on my blanket, napping in the heat of the afternoon that isn't too hot as mommy is home and has the air on.
Please forgive me not posting...mommy has been sixes and sevens but is getting her breath and is typing now as I dictate.

Dear all who have too recently 'lost' a cat.

Please open your heart to another. We cats, well, especially we Elderwise, thrive in a home. Many of us in shelters or those of us eeking it out on the streets...we need homes, and so very much so. I know how lucky I am every time a food dish is placed before me, or when mommy plays with me. Or when Daddy cuddles me.

I reach out a paw, and ask you 'have you hugged your cat today?'
And remind're in my heart, always,

Natalie the Natcat


Purrs for our pal, Xena, Queen T's little sister. Hang in- there Kit-tah!

June 7th 2011 12:40 pm
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What a week!
With all this going on I may have to leave the comfort of my bed I allow my parwrents to sleep on with me and hide under it!

We just heard this news. We haven't been on much this week, because Mommy and Daddy have had some chaos...mommy's step dad is critical in the hospital. My darling dad goes back for a Pet scan on June 24th and may have to have chemo.

Mommy and Daddy have been trying to catch up with Cat House stuff, and so haven't been able to dictate for me, and my Kit-tahs, you know it's hard for me to do this myself!

That said, I wanted to post on this.

This seems to be quite a time most of us are having.
It's making even our human companions cat a tonic. Well, we're cats, and we are tonics for them!

Xena, We are sending you power of the paw. Please know you aren't alone. I gave mommy a little nip today and a swish of my tail to remind her who's boss.

You remind that vet! And let your mom k now that you're a resilliant and darling, such a wonderous kitty! I think your name should be Xena, the Wonder Kitty!!!!

No surgery keeps us down. Nope! I'm proof positive of that! I am the energizer kitty, waking daddy and mommy up at 4:30am because I want to eat!

You are felinekind, and you, too, have this abililty.

Know I'm purring up a storm for you here...and with a little stretch, my paw reaches out across the distance...and touches you in blessing.

with much love,
Natalie the Natcat


Sorry for the delay....update on me and on Daddy

May 21st 2011 12:56 pm
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Thank you all!
And please, another round of purrs for my daddy. He has his next biopsy on his elbow this coming Friday.

The biopsy on his hip-it went well. The whole tumor was small, and taken out at the time of the biopsy, as well as the tissue around it, which was clear. The tumor itself was stage 2 sarcoma. It was small, kittahs, and thank goodness, as it was small, they feel it is all gone-and daddy may not need chemo or radiation.

Please purr up a storm for him on Friday, which is the one on the elbow!

As for me, I am doing well. I have to have a 'follow up' x ray and exam, but I am doing remarkably! I have filled out and am enjoying sleeping on the bed, playing with my toys and if I could wish for more it would be that I could have the run of the whole apartment, but mommy and daddy say that I am the 'Tiny Natalie Terror' and growl and become vicious whenever I see the other that I have the bedroom to myself. But I bask in the sun in the morning and snooze in the afternoon.

Mommy apologizes for being a poor secretary...she's been so taken up with worry about my daddy, and of course, she goes to work daily as does daddy to pay for our cat food and litter.

I have missed you all, and want you to know that I think of you all a great deal! Mommy will be posting some pictures soon...

Back to napping for now...

Natalie the Natcat


A sleepy rainy day-my day after last (hopefully) chemo- treatment.

May 4th 2011 7:11 am
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Hello Kit-tahs,

I am laying all cozied up in the big bed I allow my parwrents to sleep in at night and warm my small orange body.
Today I am snuggled in, I am nibbling my food.
My treatment yesterday went well. My doctor says I'm doing fabulously! He told Daddy I come back in a month for a recheck and chest x ray.
I did move when they were putting in the medicine and I have a bruise on my leg. I was also not as compliant as before. Doc thinks thats because I'm getting stronger and more fiesty with time. Daddy told the tech that now I will not allow the boys in 'my room' and she laughed and said 'A typical red-head'. I thrive, my darhlings. I prosper.
I am not a typical anything.
I am snuggled up here, and very annoyed because the RB was here in this room when I was gone-I sniffed everywhere and he had been in my box, on my scratching post, on my blankie!!!! That....that...RB!
I don't know why Mommy let him in. Sigh. It's hard getting good help.
I'm going to rest today-it is raining outside. Mommy has one small window open in here and I wish she would have closed it. She is under the impression that I need air. There is air on the planet, and I would have been happier to be warmer. But she did leave the big plush blanket on the bed for me to snuggle under.
Last night I snuggled for a long while between mommy and daddy, and I turned my motor on full speed. Which is good because I was nice and warm and being doted on as it should be.
At least I'm running properly. Daddy had to reschedule an appointment for the Cat House cats becuase our car, Snowball was not running properly and must go to the car vet today.
Even the car gets stuff done.
Well, Kit-tahs, I am going to take my morning beauty rest! I want to thank all of you who are being so kind....Tink, Queen T, Roo, Sweets, Adorable Ingen, Tigger, Angel Alex and Lacey and Finn, Big Harry who is such a lovely gent, our kind Cat friend who shines as an angel Boxie Brown, Moe, Angel Marrakesh and baby sis Samsara, The Tropical Trouttown tabbies, Simba and the Cornwall Crew, our New Orleans friends,and well, every single one of you who have sent us such good wishes and purrs for myself and my daddy. Daddy's biopsy is Friday-keep those purrs coming! :)
I wanted to take the time to thank all those Pet Pawrents who have been through so much these past few months...purrs to all of you, from this small and yes, 'Spirited' Elderwise kity. We love you all so very much


Hello Kit-tahs...what a week!

April 25th 2011 10:10 am
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Dear Kit-tah ones,
I am so sorry for the delay in writing. So much has been going on here.
My daddy is having a biopsy May 7th. Please send him lots of love, prayers and healing energy. The good news is that if it is 'that thing'-well, a bone marrow biopsy has been done and it has not gone into the bone. On May 7th, they will do a biopsy. It is an 'outpatient' thing, and Daddy will come home afterward.
Daddy has some pain in his hip, his knee and his elbow. It was at first thought it was arthritis, but tumors have been found in these places.
He is calm and collected as ever. Of course, mommy is scared, but she's getting better. Mommy and I had a long talk. 'Look at me? What do you see? A small Orange Abbysinian mix? No, Mommy!!!! I am a NAT CAT! I am a Guide, and I am proof positive that love and good care overcome all!'

So, the woman has calmed down, which is only what one must do if one wants one's typist to get down to work.

I am well, myself. Enjoying the warmer weather and having this room to myself! I have been so enjoying frisking and playing, and have my own little toys. Just now I'm contemplating a sleep in my little bed. The window is open-screened of course!

My sister Bella saw the vet this past week-her own vet, mind you! Dr. P said to watch Bella to my pawrents. Well, they do this all the time, anyway. Mommy, well somewhat obsessively. She is told that Bella may have a hyperthroid, and since Bella has thrown up twice today, she may have her little long haired self carted back over there to have her 't4' level checked.

Ah, well.

Mommy and Daddy have been spending time trying to get that Cat House in order. I humored Mommy and told her I might consider posting a picture of the cats and the place up if you'd want to look at that as opposed to my lovely self.

Well, time for my beauty sleep!

kiss kiss to all,

Natalie the NatCat Tiny Face Tiny Paws.


I'm not the sort of cat to be pushed around in a 'carriage'.

April 18th 2011 6:28 pm
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Ah Kit-tahs,
Is the Catfather about?

This evening, daddy told mommy that he had, along with the rescue's director, registered them for a 'walk' (well, really a run, but you can walk in it) for April 30th. Mommy looked at him and said 'and how am I supposed to do that with my heel spur?' And daddly looked sad and said it was already done. He said 'well, you know what? We'll borrow 'Lisas' (our neighbor) pet carriage and take Natalie!
And I heard that...and I went 'what? Pur me in a carriage and take me out of my nice cozy room and expose me to the OUTSIDE WORLD? doesn't sound so bad, really.
But then, I started to think about it. And there might be Goggies there. Goggies lived at the Rescue. They are loud creatures. They bark. They whine. They even drool.
Yes, occasionally I drool too. But what does one expect frm a cat undergoing chemo?
Well, I am wondering if I will go. I have mixed feelings about it, but they-the humans seem to be reconsidering it. Because mommy doesn't want me to get upset, and she thinks it's going to be a LONG DAY. She is giving daddy the kind of look I give Ruffy when he wanders into my space. Mommy has a heel spur. I don't know what that is, exactly except she limps around in the morning for awhile.
I do not deny that a nice sunny day outside in a padded coach with much comforts would not be a bad thing, perhaps! But the carriage might smell of other cats. And what if I should have to use the facilities? That would not be pleasant.
I think I'd prefer to just loll about and meow at them in protest when they come home. Walk or no walk, I expect my dinner on time.

Ah, a lovely warm blanket awaits.
Nighty night Kit-tahs.
Natalie the Natcat


TCIF Thank Catness it's Friday-ah, to be me!

April 15th 2011 11:02 am
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Hello Kit-tahs!

Firstly, little tiny kittynips to Alex's person, Lisa. Lisa, darling, we hope you are doing well. We think having Finny and Lacey to keep you on your toes and amused must cheer you, darlhing. You just get yourself a little cup of tea, and remember, the Universe is evolving as it should. We don't want you sad...we do understand....sigh...because Louie's jump to lightspeed was just to sudden for mommy and daddy....but, will all be just fine.

Now, I will relay someting that will make you laugh.
This morning mommy was deep asleep, curled up on her side, and daddy was taking his time getting up. He kept looking at the clock and mumbling something. Well, I read his lips. And he was saying how he might be late for work....and then he would lapse back into sleep.

Well, my stomach does not know 'late' and I was hungry. I climbed a large hill, and then I sat up on his shoulder and I looked into his face but his eyes were closed and I said "WROROOOOWWWWWWW!!!!" As in, hurry up and get me my food!!! There is something wrong here that my breakfast isn't sitting in front of me!!! You're late!!!! You're late!!!! What if you forget to feed me!!!! I'm going to faint from hunger!!!!"

Well, I guess sometimes I do meow you may know...I am a little hard of hearing.

Well, Daddy sat straight up and I was still on his shoulder and my little clawsies hung on and he went "OOWOOWWWWW!"

But, he got up, kit-tahs. He got up and went away.
So when he was going to get my breakfast, and I could hear the boys out there tripping him up and meowing for their food...I decided to go and use my litter box. I leapt down and to the box. But then when I came out the floor was VERY COLD! I ran across the room and leapt up onto the bed...right onto mommy's stomach and at the same time I said "ROOOOORWWWWW!!!!' as in: 'The floor is freeszing! Do you want my little pawss to turn to icicles? Why do you persist in having that window open? Don't you know that when it drops below 65 my ears begin to get cold? Do you want me to report you to the ASPCA for cruelty? I'm going to....' and I stopped, because daddy had come in with breakfast. And I stared up at him and protested when he put the food down because my paws and ears were cold so he had to wrap my little blanket around me when I ate. Mommy said 'thanks, Natalie.' And I said 'prrrrt!' which meant Thank you! Thank you so very much!

So all of you...have a wonderful Friday afternoon.

With a satisfied cat smile....

Natalie the Natcat


The day after chemo, cloudy and damp here, but the heat is- on and I am blissful-and an update on Bella

April 13th 2011 7:50 am
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Greetings, my adorable friends? Have you remembered to cheek rub your humans today?
Well, I am relaxing today, enjoying my leisure. I need it becuase yesterday was chemo. I am feeling fine. It was, as I said, 'the shot' which's side effects are feeling sick to the stomach and vomiting. But that probably will happen over the weekend if it happens. Today, otherwise, I have had my breakfast and I feel ok. It got cold and windy here last night and so the heat came on early this morning. Last night daddy heated up my heating pad in the microwave and I laid down on it, because it was chily. is supposed to be spring! Bring back the sun, I say!
When I got home, I checked out my room. The RB had been in my little bed. I hissed to let Daddy know this would not be tolerated in the future.
Before my pawrents came for me, they had to bring Bella to the vet. Bella was seen by a new doctor with the practice. She appears to be quite nice and gentle. She gave Bella a thorough exam, and then said that she was wondering if Bella might perhaps have a bladder infection. Mommy and she spoke about Bellas symptoms, since apparently Bella was hissing and growling and being very cranky, something she is not usually at all, and Bella had been this way at home, too a great deal last week. The vet explained that with CRF, the urine is often more dilute, and doesn't produce the enzymes needed to kill bad bacteria and that sometimes cats with bladder infections carried on in a similar fashion. Mommy said this made sense, as Bella was either in and out of the box more frequently, and she had known another cat with similar symptoms with a bladder infection. Blood and urine was taken. Bella was sent home with clavimox which she gets twice a day and pain medicine, which she gets every 6 hours or so as needed-but it will have to wait til mommy or daddy gets home from work. Mommy didn't give it last night because Bella seemed very animated but did give it this morning with the antibiotics.
Bella is on alot of medicine now. That stuff plus the cosaquin plus the azodlyl. I'm glad I don't have to take anything.
Mommy said that last night Bella was so humgry she ate her full can of pro plan and wanted more, but daddy said 'no, not too much or she'll be sick.' she was also begging for some corned beef, but daddy said no, because he thought it was too spicy. Grumph. I didn't get any corned beef either, thought I think the RB did. He is a sneaky beast who gets everything!
Well, kit-tahs, I'm for another nap in the warm...who wants to join me on mommys special comforter she put out for me to nap on?
Ah, life is good.


Third Chemo tomorrow, and alot of ruckus here this weekend

April 11th 2011 7:03 pm
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Hello, Kit-tahs!
I kiss kiss you all on each lovely cat whiskered cheek-except for Onyx, who is simply divine without....and we send lots of purrs that way, too.
Well,it's been a lovely warm day. Mommy left her dresser drawer open, and I got into it and napped and then jumped to the windowsill from there! How wonderful!
Don't you wish you could get in someone's drawers? (sly cat grin here).
Such a ruckus here the past few days.
My elder sister Bella has been unwell.
A delicate soul, sure she seems that way. But I've seen that delicate soul leap down onto the floor and threaten to beat the Dustmop into Dust....till Daddy yelled.
Daddy, I could even hear it as Daddy said in a booming voice, beating his chest like some Atticus Finch Tarzan 'I'm the Big Kitty here! This will stop!' This, after the RB slunk toward the frail little grey and white kitty who then got back up in her 'spot'.
The only one besides myself not involved in this display was Ruffy, who sat there, from what I heard, looking bemused. If it hasn't to do with chicken, it hasn't to do with him.
Bella, yes, she has been not well-and though I don't much like cat compitition, I do feel for her. We Elderwise, as we get up there in years...well, we don't lack for fiesty displays, but Bella's legs sometimes have seen better days...or so I was told right up til the time she threw herself at me that day like some deranged Angora Ninja and knocked me flat.
Sure she's delicate. Sure.
But I was worried. I know Apollos passing effected her somehow. Perhaps it was because she saw in Apollo something wonderful, strong and special. For my part, and perhaps I'm just a catty old tabby, I don't think he really returned those feelings. I mean, he is the Sun god, am I correct.
But I am being catty now-and perhaps it's just that I am contemplating chemo tomorrow. All those wonderful male cats beside me, in their flimsy carriers...some even younger than I! Tomorrow-it's the 'shot'. And it leaves alot of time to find my way to those lucious boycats.
After all, just because there is snow on the roof, doesn't mean there isn't fire in the furnace.
And fondest sweet dreams for now. But to let you know I'm not such an old tabby with Bella-she is feeling a bit better this evening. And she is getting hauled to the vet tomorrow evening. And I will see she has one of my little toys to take with her...the valarian root one, thats calming, but that humans think stinks.
Til tomorrow, youngsters,
Natalie the Natcat


Yes, yes, well I meow loudly, so what?

April 6th 2011 5:31 pm
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I meow loudly. I don't like it when the floor is cold on my paws. So what?
Yesterday I ate too fast, and I threw up. So mommy comes in and sighs. And then she tells daddy 'well, can you help me, because we have to change the bedding, Natalie threw you think she's ok?
And Daddy comes in and goes 'honey, she is fine, she just ate too fast."
So mommy lifts me in my little bed and puts me on the wood floor.
Then she and daddy set abuot making the bed. But I want to help, so I start scurrying around. And it's then that I start MEOWING!!!!! BECAUSE THE FLOOR IS COLD ON MY PAWS!!!
And daddy starts laughing becuase he says I'm like the lady that comes into a movie theatre on a hot day and starts complaining about how cold it is and makes them turn down the air because she's cold! He said I was so funny standing there, staring up at him, yelling!!!
After the bed was made, mommy lifted me in my little bed onto the big bed. And then she bought me something else to eat.
I love my mommy and daddy.
But I need a rug down for my paws.

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