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Musings from the Granny kit-tahj!

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sigh......what is Catster doing?

November 6th 2011 8:31 am
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Where are my diaries?
I can't see them! Can anyone else?
How do they expect an Elderwise kitty to pontificate if she can't post to her public?



Afternoon naps in pools of sunlight and cold ears

November 3rd 2011 7:42 am
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Hello Kit-tahs,

I love my sunshine. I have a little bit of it that comes to me in the morning, that I warm myself and lay in. The thing in the corner hisses heat but yesterday it was not on. I enjoyed my sunshine patch and then had to move to the snuggly spot by the covers...and then to my little bed.

Sometimes my ears get cold if I don't lay on them properly. We all learn, don't we, how to lay on our heads so our ears are warm? Well, I don't do it the yoga way, I put my paws up over my ears. Mommy said it looks as though I'm saying 'woe is me! woe is me!' in my sleep.

Silly Mommy.

I get her up at 5:30am. Daddy's up at 4, but I don't like his spot. I like him....and don't like it when he goes out in the front room...unless it's to bring me something to eat. Then instead of staying he goes out front again to those other....Cats. Yes, them. Including the RB.

So then, I must get Mommy out of what is properly MY SPOT. I have to yowl close to her to let her know that she needs to move. She should know by now. Sigh.

Humans are hard to train.


For Queen T and her mom...

October 24th 2011 2:08 pm
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When the caterpiller goes into the cocoon, it doesn't know it will become a butterfly...or does it?

Stormy, winter edge of Spring
Death and loss in darkness
Do we ever learn to sing
Or ever again know Promise?
But in that shadow before dawn
That can seem unending
There is a miracle of light
Nature isn't pretending

And the butterfly emerges from a small cocoon
Wings wet and still folded
What really can we say to that
In a miracle beholded
Transformation lost to us
But part of life and living
For we're not so different from her flight
As we practise peace and giving

Butterfly shakes out her wings
And tests them before first flight
And the sun begins to paint the sky
With roses, pinks and light
I open my eyes to a rainbow
Caught in a drop of rain
That Butterfly is drinking from
On my windowpane

And my Tiger marked Swallowtail
She catches a breeze and dances air
In a new and fragrant dawn
Sun rising without a care
And does she know or remember
That dark cocoon below
Or simply as she's flown away
Allowed herself to flow

And my little Swallowtail weaves a dance of joy
In a newborn Summer morn
She makes the world her toy
Finding her first blooming rose
She lands with graceful ease
And I lean out and watch her
Weave around bumblebees

So maybe thats the message
Caught in yellow wings
That dissapear in warm sunlight
And the wonder Summer brings
Because transformation just happens
It's a part of who we are
And faith is what we're made of
Since we wished upon our first star

Written some time ago by my mom, we know Queen T and her mom love butterflies, which to us, are the living symbol of all that life is...for it never ends....just transforms.

Thinking of all who have leapt back over the Rainbown, and all those butterflies who fly back to whisper 'I love you' to their loved ones on silvery wings.


Of bedrooms and little brothers

October 13th 2011 7:34 am
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Hello Kit-tahs,
I've missed you all, so so much. That said, I've been having a rather ok time of it with Daddy home. I managed to walk across his face at least once a morning to remind him that I AM THE MOST IMPORTANT CAT HERE!
I am also the only cat with my own room, and I have been serioiusly condiering redecorating. I mean, why the pawrents haven't figured out that this is my bed, and I need more room in it, I don't know.
Yes, Tabby's of Trouttown, you may feature me in one of your films. I deserve a starring role, and yet, I have yet to achieve star status by having a bed to my own. The pawerents do think they can squeeze me into a spot between them, and then they complain when I plant my little back legs agaisnt their backs and PUSH THEM OFF!!!!
Mommy ignores me. It's only when I walk across Daddy's head that anything happens. He grumps and then, finally will get up and feed me, which is usually why I'm forced to extreme measures-I don't understand why my breakfast isn't there waiting for me when I wake!
Lately an Impudent little creature has been poking it's paw under the door. I smack! smack! Smack! Smack! But it keeps coming. The rest of it can't fit under the door, or it would be in serious trouble. That said, it's annoying. I doesn't seem to matter. An invader-put up to it by the RB, I'm sure. I've heard Ruffy say it's our 'little brother'. Well, it sure looks annoying to me. It better stay out of here if it knows whats good for it!

Do, kit-tahs let me know how you all do! How is my Big Harry? He looks so handsome in photos lately! And Roo? He's such a Catly cat! And how are you Sweets? How is the Menace?

love to all,
Natalie the Natcat


What are you doing and why is this pink thing around my- person?

September 8th 2011 10:50 am
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Hello Kit-tahs,
What if I were to start off a diary that began:

'Dear Natalie the Nat Cat,

Today my human did an odd thing. She took a pink cloth like thing that went around my lovely neck and wrapped it around my body snugly and buckled it around my stomach. What is this? Whats going on here?'

And I would have answered :'Obviously, your human has taken leave of their senses. They are pretending you are a human infant, who carries their litter box nastily around them. Escape to under the bed until they hopefully come to themselves again.'

But you see, dear Furs, this is what happened to me.

My human mother trundled me into this contraption that came down over my head and neck and buckled around my middle. I wasn't fond it it. We kept looking at each other, she considering whether or not I would bite her, I contemplating doing just that, but liking the little pets and crooning talk except then this thing was on me!!!

Mommy called it a 'harness'. I have heard this term in relation to horses. I am not a horse.

Daddy came and saw me in it and told me what a pretty little NatCat I was. And then, thankfully, he removed it. He said that we'd 'get her used to it a ltitle at a time'. I was not very thankful to hear that...but apparently, the 'plan' is to harness me to a long rope like thing and 'take me out'. I hope they don't mean that the way the Catfather would. Hmmm.

But one thinks that they wouldn't mean it in that way. I mean, they do love me...but then they discussed taking me for a ride in the car and then 'getting me used to the harness so I could get some air and get out for awhile'

I don't know, Kit-tahs. This has not yet come to pass. I am not sure of it. They would place me in 'my carrier' first,and then we would go somewhere in the car and they would park and let me walk around in the car only, 'getting used to things'. Mommy isn't sure she wants me out on a harness even, til I'm 'chipped'. Chipped? Now what awaits me?

Mommy told me 'Don't worry, Natalie, Bella is Chipped."

Well, now thats a reassurance, mom. So will I turn into a crochety little cat with lots of fur and attitude?'

(I heard you through the door, Ruffy, and you saying I already am, so I will remember this when we next meet!)

But it appears they have 'adventures' in store. Sigh.

Humans are worrisome, aren't they?

Awaiting my fate here...

Natalie the Natcat Tiny Face Tiny Paws


My job is to make them pay attention to me!

September 1st 2011 9:53 am
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Hello Kit-tahs!
Mom is exhausted. Dad is tired. I'm vocal and very very needy lately.
The new kitten seems to have thrown the dynamic here off, even though he's not here with me in the bedroom.
Mom and Dad share my bed at night and mom spends as much time with me as possible before she goes to work. This is difficult for her, I guess, because I'm in the bedroom and she has 5 others now in the living room area.
Mom's noticed since CK's arrival, despite that he's not in this room with me-that I have become very very needy and demanding.
My pawrents can't seem to understand that I WANT ALL THE ATTENTION!
Mom has told dad that we need to get me a harness and leash ASAP as she feels I need some safe time out of this room.
Mom starts school tonight, so it's just going to be dad. They both have tomorrow off.
The BRAT may be caged in here again.
Apparently he's at Ruffy. And of course Ruffy, being 4 times his size appears to be letting himself be beat on with his collar.
So one must endure my dears.
But not without demanding alot of attenion.


My x ray is good, they took blood...

August 22nd 2011 6:06 pm
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And aside from a small infected cyst on my chin, I am fine. I have to have that washed with hexadrine daily.
I was suitably grumpy and alternately sweet when getting petted and told how lovely I was.
I was cranky because as I tried to exlain to them, THAT THING IS IN A CAGE IN MY ROOM!!!!
However, I bore it with dignity. Whats a girl to do?
I am back, resting on my white pillow, being, as always, a NatCat.
I have to make them feel sorry they left me, after all.


Going to the vet tonight...

August 22nd 2011 1:20 pm
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Ah, my dears!
There is a THING in my room. It's small, it squeeks, and I am most displeased.
The parents had the gall to leave me for a week. They left to care for me a lovely lady named Rachel, who has seen to my care at the vet.
She's a wonderful person.
However, they left. And I was very unhappy.
So last night, when they dragged themselves back home after being goodness knows where with that THING! and I greeted them with a loud demand of where they were, daddy lifted me up and said 'Gosh, look at NATALIE!'
Well of course, look at me! I was right there screaming at them!
But they picked up up and looked at me with worried looks.
They beleive I have put on weight that is not natural in the space of a week!
So tonight, I get hauled back to the vet...I had hoped to avoid this for the moment. But it's not to be.
I'm getting dragged back at the same time that character Ruffy is.
Only they are concerned.
I am not. I have been making demands of Mommy, who has been home today, all day. I am laying on my white pillow with a breeze coming in. I have been hissing up a storm.
But they are determined, and so they will bring me back to the 'tortury' as Sweets would say.
Ah, what one must endure, being a cat.
It gets no easier.

I shall, as alwys, keep you all posted.

However tonight I will be busy making mommy feel very very guilty for having abandoned me here for the week in the care of another.

It is so hard to get good staff nowadays.


Lolling, feline acne at my age, and still waiting for a- chance to get out for a constitutional.

August 11th 2011 11:00 am
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Hello Kit-tahs,
I know you have all missed me. Ah the drama! Catster goes catotonic and then all the drama here about CeeCee and that orange creamsicle I live with out in the living room.

Now, back to me. I am fairly well. I do have a sore on my chin. Mommy thinks it's some form of feline acne or I got it from resting my chin on my valarian root sock. Mommy has been putting an anti bacterial wash on it. I hate having the wash more than anything else.

I have been lolling on these hot days. Mommy knows I dislike the air conditioner, so she puts the little fan on in the bedroom for me when it's hot. She doesn't put the air on in here til she comes home if it's too warm. I enjoy the heat, so I don't mind too much, I like to loll in the sun.

I have heard mommy and daddy talking about measuring me for a harness. Daddy says he will, but hasn't gotten too it yet. Mommy gets exasperated and says she's going to pick me up and brng me to get measured...except she wants me to get my check up first, and then some advantage on me. Also, it has been hot outside, but i don't miuch mind the heat in here-I like to laze and be comfortable.

That Cat was here in my room, but just overnight. It was no trouble, I didn't even notice her. Mommy is not sure that I relly minded so much. Hwever, she didn't want to take any chances with me, and kept an eagle eye out, but I lay on the bed and snoozed and talked and then got my nose out of joint and pretended to be offended and ignored her. But I felt badly for the little cat...nocat should be treated badly by a vet. Hisss!!!

Well, Kit-tahs, it's a lovely breezy day. Time for my beauty rest here! Speak with you all soon, I do hope!


Bring Back Baby and Mr. Spot!

July 26th 2011 5:20 am
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To the Human who believes they 'own' Mr. Spot and Baby:

This is Natalie the Natcat speaking! What? You don't know who I am? Ask anyone here! I am a formidable Elderwise kitty. I have large ears, a tiny face, and tiny paws. I have sharp little teeth.

I am not happy that you have left, taking Baby and Mr. Spot with you! This is not something that is good for Ingen! Ingen is my little friend!

I don't like that this has happened. We enjoyed reading about Baby and Mr. Spot. We don't know what happened, and we are really exasperated with humans. If only they would just hiss at one another, maybe a little swat, and each of you go to the other side of the room and groom the base of your tail or your paw. Then have a bite to eat and forget it. Thats the way to work things out.

I wonder if you have thought about how it will effect Baby and Mr. Spot. They have grown used to Ingen. They'll adjust. Maybe. Mommy and Daddy have a 'Cat House' cat in the hospital who's very ill becuase she starved herself-we think because someone seperated her from a cat she had grown up with. Cats have deep feelings for their people, but also for the other cats they come to know.

I am not sure what happened, but there is a reason I am a Nat Cat. You really need to return those kitties to Ingen. She misses them.

I am hoping that this matter will be resolved. I am purring for all involved.

Ingen, make sure Jen gives you plenty of extra attention and treats.

Natalie the Nat Cat

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