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Musings from the Granny kit-tahj!

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Feeling better-and 'Dear Natalie the Natcat-a letter- answered from me to a human

December 30th 2011 7:49 am
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Hello Kit-tahs!
I am feeling better! I believe that the other day I had some something to eat that disagreed with me.

I will now be answering a letter I recieved from another Elderwise Kit-tah who has a very disgruntling issue!

Dear Natalie the Natcat,

I have read here that you are an Elderwise kitty, and hoped you could help us.
We are several kitties who have been so happy with our Human. She's been kind to us, and fed us good things, given us lovely scritches under the chin and by our ears. She has always evidenced to love us.
However, recently, she has another male human she calls her 'boyfriend'. He actually told her that he doesn't want all of us! He has commented on our litter box habits, and complained about our fur!
We were here first! We love our human, and need her to take care of us! What should we do?

Concerned in Catsterland!

Dear Concerned,

Sigh. Once again the Elderwise are called upon to Educate hapless 2 legged humans.
I shall address this to your human. Please show it to her. I have gone to some trouble having my human mommy put this into 'english', the language they speak. It's a bit more primitive than feline, so do forgive me, dear Concerned. And rest assured, my Magick surrounds you, as does your own, even now! For you are Magickal-all Felines are!
With love,
Natalie the Natcat, Elderwise

Dear Concerneds Human Companion,

It has come to my attention that you have aquired a 'boyfriend'. From what I am to understand, the 'boyfriend' does not properly worship your cats as you do.
I want to remind you that we have been worshipped before the Pyramids of Egypt Stood. It is our right and our Due.
I would also, in a kindly fashion, like to point out that obviously, dear person, your Cats are your 'family'. They are your 'friends'. Unlike some cruel humans, we don't comment on when you have indulged over the holidays. We don't criticise your clothing, lack of it, or make fun of your Hello Kitty fuzzy slippers. We don't care if you order a pizza at three am and eat it while indulging in 'Spartacus' on Netflicks. Indeed, we keep you company, as many of us enjoy pizza, and are rooting for those lions. We offer you purrs and kittydances when you're not feeling well, give you rough licks when you're crying, and understand that sometimes a paw on the hand or shoulder....bestowing the Power of the the best thing we can do when you're feeling lonely. We frisk and leap high to cheer you from a depression, we groom you when you're wistful. We play with you, and encourage you to eat well, so we can, too! We allow you to care for us, a divine chore once regulated to priestesses and High Priests. We graciously share our most wonderous gazes, blessing you with mysterious infinity. We leap into your lap and life...and ask so little in return. Affection, responsible health care, clean water, nourishing food, and devotion.
The person typing this for me, was wise. She based the choosing of her life's mate on the decision of a small grey and white cat named Bella. When Bella curled up in my now Daddy's lap, this was a 'go'. So wise of her, don't you think, to understand that Bella KNEW!
And we do KNOW! We are blessed with instincts that sadly, many humans have buffered and put away. We SENSE good, we SENSE when there is someone we KNOW will be good. We are, you see, Sensitive, intuitive creatures. We choose our people. And we KNOW when our people choose people if they are worthy of them, and of the Felines who you have been choosen by to Attend, love and Grow with.
Dear Human, your Felines speak to you without words, but with the most poinant communication. They can, if you listen, bestow much wisdom.
And I will try to 'affect' human reason, which for me is difficult, I admit.
Why, Dear Human, would you want a person-any person- in your life who did not open their hearts to the very Guides that have trusted you to understand that you are treading paths together that will bring you wisdom, love, and growth! And oh, joy! For we love joy!
If someone is telling you unpleasant things about us, then, really, they are commenting on Important parts of you, too! Would you dishonor your own life by so even considering their human words? For as such, they are without Honor.
Dear Human, listen not to words, but to what your Feline's instincts are telling you. For if you can't trust your own, so long subdued, trust that we KNOW!
A 'boyfriend' who asks you to remove us, or limit us in your life....that is no 'friend'.
If you are asked to remove us...soon you will be asked to give up other less wonderious things you enjoy, people you love and care about, and perhaps things you treasure. And all too possibly, Dear Human, when this Destructive person has finished, you will have little left. And would you so wish someone who would do this to be a part of your life?
Dear Human, heed me. Your life is to be filled with joy and learning. A true 'Friend' will welcome us and marvel in us....the Wonder of Cat.
To accept less than is not fair to you....or to those who love you, and who's lives and Souls so cleave to you.

Consider carefully.
With Wisdom incarnate,
Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face, Tiny Paws


Dear Santa Paws....for one night can you make me the size of- a saber tooth tiger?

December 22nd 2011 12:33 pm
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Dear Santa,
I know this is an unusual request, but I would like to be a Saber Tooth Tiger for one night.
I have seen pictures of them on mommy's computer. I know they are now 'extinct'.
Daddy likens my small, sharp teeth to those of one. I suppose this will make it much easier for you to do!
You may be asking yourself why?
Well, you see, I get no respect here. I should like to go out to the front room and put that RB in his place once and for all.
Then I would return to the shelter where I was for so long, and show them what I'm made of. Again, teach them a little lesson of respect.
I suppose this is not a very 'Christmas' like request, but as an Elderwise Kitty I think I have a right to my 'bucket list', yes?
My mommy lifted me into her arms this mroning and petted me, then played with me with 'Stinky Sock'. I really liked it.
Maybe on Second thought, Santa, I'll stay me and just ask for some extra time with my parwrents.

Natalie the Natcat


Merry Christmas, Happy Catmas and hello

December 19th 2011 8:42 am
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Ah, kit-tahs!
They have been putting on the steam heat every morning and my room is so cozy.
The daddy loves it too! He likes the warm.
The mommy doesn't. She woke up this morning and said the bedroom resembled a hot house for exotic blooms.
Well, hello Mommy. I am a Cat Flower. I demand warm that surrounds me like a blanket.
And sweet bliss, it's all around me so that I can relax and enjoy it.
You see, last week they did not ahve it on, and my little ears were freezing. I don't like it when it's chilly. But now, it's been lovely.
Mommy said she notices that we all love it, but especially Bella as well. We loll in the nice warm steam heat of the cozy apartment.
When it's like this, I sleep in with Daddy. Breakfast will come and I don't have to threaten him-it's too pleasant to relax in the warm comfort of steaming air and enjoy. Breakfast is more well regarded when I have been warm and had my beauty rest.
And today is cold out...Mommy opened the window so that just a little of the cold air comes in...she said she needs to breathe. I say 'what is wrong with you....don't you know drafts are bad for you? AND FOR ME!!' But I like to smell the air...there are interesting smells out there.

But for now...ah, back to napping...til supper time.

Natalie the Natcat Tiny Face Tiny Paws Hothouse Delicate Flower.


the Natcat Pontificates: Some words on this time of year and- 'advice on your purebreed kitten'

December 13th 2011 12:00 pm
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Oh Kit-tahs,

My my my!
The other day, I was laying in my little bed, bemoaning the cold, screaming at mommy because I was soooo bored!!! and the cold floor bothered my tiny paws!

I was reading catster diaries over mommys shoulder and imagine my startled orange face when I came upon a diary about

'choosing and caring for your persian kitten'.

I do not remember who's it was. It had a very sweet little kitten on it. But the 'advice', ah, kit-tahs....


And so....I will, being the Natcat....provide you with a

'Guide to caring for your Elderwise Kitty:

'While it may be tempting to give in to your emotions, and choose the sad but withdraw little kitty on the floor.....

well, if you have any gumption, you will adopt that kitty and take her home and she will thrive and florish, and show you that she is a Very Special Cat! She will become a fiesty elderwise kitty with lots of spunk....becuase she is a survivor!

'Remember, you may be able to take your cat back to the breeder if there is a problem'

Just try, sweetie. Just you try.


Dear Human who reads this:

As I sit and eye you through topaz eyes, eyes taht are both wondering and mysterious, and defiant and playful and dancing with mischief, I am amused and hopeful.

At this time of year, Catmus to us, Solistice as well, the world swings back into balance. As I read things such as the above, and wonder at who could 'buy' a kitten and then 'return' it if it were ill, as though it were an inanimate object that had no feelings, I am reminded that something warm and wonderful looks out for us, we felines, and a low purr fills the air.

Dear little Cats, no matter your Breed, for what is 'Breed' but a way for humans to define what is undefinable?.... We are all mysterious, sacred, and beloved. Be you small and fuzzy, or large and grizzled, with tatted ears and years of battle behind you.....I whisper 'Have faith, have hope...believe in love!'

For those of you who love the small and large felines who journey into your lives and love so well and truly, I salute you and honor you. I ask you, who are such humans, to consider us, the Elderwise who sit upon the chair in the corner-who sun ourselves on the window ledge, who walk stiffly into the kitchen for a snack, and then leap and run like a kitten. I ask you to honor and assist as best you can the Friendless one, who walks alone across winter streets, sheltering inside cars for warmth, or shivering in winter sleet in a cold alley. Reach out and help, however you can, to love this feral but no less Divine Spirit of Feline.

Do not forget....the spirit of light returns, and it was a 'stray' who found it's way to be born in a manger, and became, truly, a miracle in a cold world.

And to remember the little kitten that is a 'persian', bought as a soft plaything....the light in the little heart, the individual loving little creature that is not a 'thing' but has a little beating heart and warm and fuzzy soul, and deserves to be loved and cherished forever, not because it's a 'purebreed' but because it is a LIFE!

and to do your best, always, to revere, nurture, and love the Spirit of all that is Feline, in whatever form it comes to you.

with love and trying to stay warm...
The Elderwise...
Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face, Tiny Paws


Purrs to you at the Bridge, Natasha my friend.

December 3rd 2011 3:18 pm
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Oh Kit-tahs,

Some passings hit us hard.
Natasha's is one of them.
Natasha and I, and Sweets,
We all had our surgeries nearby the same time.
I felt kinship with them-perhaps my bond with Natasha too because she, like me, is Tangerine, a warm and kind survivor.
And now...
Well, I look at Mommy and I saw 'rrrow' and put my head down on my bed and gaze inward.
Natasha, thank you for being my friend.
I will miss you in your old cat form.
I'm sure your Spirit will come to touch noses with me sometimes.
And I know, as you fly free and enjoy your meal, and perhaps you are frisk and puff up and play with Ben,
And groom with all those furs you know and love who have gone before...
That you aren't so far away.

I miss you, though. And my has a place in it that aches for your passing.

But then, you are, and always will be, a very Special Cat.



Purring for Natasha! And for Kaci Sunshine!

December 2nd 2011 6:51 am
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Hello Kit-tahs!

Please, please purr strongly for two of my best friends! My friend Natasha is in the vets having a sonogram, and her Mistress Mommy is very worried about her. Natasha and I went through surgery nearly at the same time-she to have an eye removed due to the big C, I for my breast cancer.

Natasha is in the hospital due to what might be liver issues as her 'values' are elevated. They are concerned it could be the 'big c' (I refuse to capitalize it and give it that sort of importance.)

Natasha is amazing, and now is estimated to be 17-a Truly Elderwise Cat!

Please, please purr for her! Let us all purr in Unison for this wonderful Elderwise Elder to have many happy and healthy years ahead!


Kaci Sunshine is my 'kitty twin' and I am very attached to her. She is having health issues also, and needs a dentistry. She's an Elderwise Elder as well, and may Cats Preserve us, my 'fur brother' Ruffy is Obsessed with this extremely attractive and very pretty little ray of Sunshine.

Both these lovely ladies deserve so many more years with their wonderful families.

As we 'get up there', many of us have so many of the same issues.

I've seen the magick of Catster and the Power of the Paw.

Lets Purr and RAISE OUR PAWS!!!!

Let Natash and Kaci be well and thrive!

Natalie the Natcat
Tiny Face Tiny Paws


Harnesses and reluctant adventure into the- hallway!

November 29th 2011 10:07 am
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They have been talking about it for months now.
They put the harness thing on me. It was ok. I allowed Daddy to put it on and wore it, no problem. Then the leash got attatched.
And then, Daddy picked me up, and carted me through the living room. I saw the other cats. I hissed, I growled. I told them I'M BAD!
And then...
We were out in a place with strange smells and that looked different. It did not look like our small apartment, with good food smells.
It had many smells.
Daddy put me down. But he and mommy were standing, and I was way, way down on the cold floor!
My paws were freezing!
I screamed! I screamed again!
I screamed my distress scream and looked up at Daddy with big scared eyes and yelled!
Daddy picked me up. "It's ok, Natalie!' he told me. "It's ok. It's just the hallway! We wanted you to get used to the leash and get a little exercise!'
And thank goodness, he carried me back inside. He let me sit in his arms in the living room, but the other cats were making me growl and hiss. So then he bought be back into the bedroom, took off the harness thing. He bought me a plate of food and I ate, t hen mommy petted me some.
Ah, but that was scary!
I wonder if it will happen again?
Scary place!



Thankful for my Family, my friends, and a year ago this week- I came here!

November 24th 2011 10:31 am
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Hello Kit-tahs!

Happy Thanksgiving!
I would like to thank everyone who ever so kindly sent me pmail and presents for my 'gotcha' day this week.
It's hard to believe a whole 'year' has gone by, but then we cats measure time so differently. We, as timeless ambassadors of silly seconds and mystic moments live in the 'now' as perhaps no other creature can.
Yet, time stands still for no cat. It creeps on with small padded paws, and peeks around the corner to gaze back upon you.
This week, last year I came here. I was welcomed by my human family, my person, my wonderful daddy who put me on his lap first and who I purred for, and my mommy who's spot I lay on whenever she's not here...but wait, it's really my spot!
Catster family, you, too, have become family. My special friend, Queen T, who battled breast cancer and who so kindly comforted me when I too faced it! Even at that time the other cats here-in the beginning even the RB wasn't unkind.
And here again, Tiny Moe, my little Ingen, my friend Sweets and the Striped Menace, Natasha, Daisy from Troutown, Lacey, Momma Ivey, Kaci Sunshine,...well, so many lovely furs of every hue and size...thank you.
And to the gentlemen cats amoung you...Roo, who humbles me with his depth and bravery, the Catfather because he's The Catfather, Big Harry because he's a kangaroo kitty and I'm a smaller version-a wallaby with my long back legs...and well, all of you...all of you...
You are my second family.

I believe in miracles.
I was taken out of a cage, taken into warm arms, hugged and fussed over, brushed and loved, and spoken too, kissed and told how wanted I was. I was given good food, fresh water, a warm bed and a clean box. I had surgery that saved my life, and chemo that kept me going. My mom and dad rescued me, and kept me assured that I was forever home.

I had purrs from the best...and I thank you all for them. For you are all the best friends an Elderwise kitty could have.

So, kit-tahs, I have much to be thankful for.

I have you.

With humble thanks and purrs....
Natalie the Natcat, Tiny face, Tiny paws.


Cyber bullies and Standing One's Ground-ps-it's probably the- RB

November 21st 2011 2:10 pm
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Hello Kit-tahs,
I was sitting here, minding my own business, when the Catster Community Times flashed me and I opened it to Ingens page. And imagine my surprise when I opened it to read what the dear little Ingen and said and saw her mom's angry (completely justified my dear) post.

Now, I'm bewildered by this whole thing. But I do say this-a few weeks before someone had said something mean on Blizzards page, apparently.

Only someone very stupid or foolish would do that. Blizzard, after all, is the Cat Father. Mice Heads will appear in your bed or worse.

Which leads me to believe there is only one who could do this:

The RB.

Consider: He's a likely looking sort, all grey and sneaky eyed. He waits til mommy leaves in the morning, or when he believes she's gone and then hot foots it to the loveseat beside Bella and takes the cushion next to hers.

He'd usurp me here if he was allowed. But so far, thankfully, he isn't.

Now, I don't know what the RB's motivation would be, but maybe he hasn't one. Maybe it's simply because he can. He's an odd, sneaky fellow, that RB. One must watch him. Of course, I'm safe in here, but maybe he has access to a computer, and is spreading mayhem throughout Catster, becuase he is a frustrated, angry grey cat.

Of course, that's my take. Think as you like.

That said, my feeling about being a 'cyber' bully is just wrong. If you have a bone to pick with someone, then face them. If you're being bullied here, then say something.

Now, that said, if you're being bullied, if people are saying something hurtful, then please let them know they've said sometihng hurtful. They may not know....why, because sometimes they don't know. Not everyone knows when they hurt people's feelings. Unless they are the RB. He KNOWS!

I always thought his name should have been Rasputin.

However, I digress again.

Not everyone know's when they have hurt another's tender feelings. Cats rarely do this. However, sometimes people may. If a person has, then address them. Let them know.

That said, I will leave it here. I do not like that another person has been hurt, or accused of harming their beloved hurtful that must be. I know mommy and daddy are hurting over the Mean Rescue Lady (MRL). So we know that this isn't pleasant.

I blame it all on the RB. But then, I simply can't prove that. But someday he will be found out.

Natalie the Natcat


So glad I was rescued....and when is a rescuer wrong?

November 9th 2011 1:20 pm
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Dear Kit-tahs,

Have you noticed that I am, shall we say, strong willed and strong willed spoken? Some would say that I'm plain spoken. Perhaps I am.

I was lucky in that I was taken in from the streets and I am even luckier that my pawrents saved me and got me out of the rescue when they did.

This week, when mommy and daddy went to get our cat litter, the woman who owns the store, who also owns a wholesale business that daddy used to get supplies for the cat house for told daddy that the rescue lady refused to pay the last bill, claiming that daddy did not deliver the supplies she ordered. This lady told Daddy that the rescue lady said that Daddy was a scam artist, a thief and hiding out somewhere.

Mommy stood there, her mouth open. She started to cry. I GET MADE WHEN MOMMY CRIES!!!!

Now, Kit-tahs, I don't say much about my humans. Lets face it, humans, as much as we love them, well, they aren't as smart as us. But my humans got me out of a bottom cage at that rescue. They took me to Big Vet, got me checked, had surgery done on my ears and got my cancer and then took me for Chemo.
The vet who did my ears said tht they had never been touched, the dirt in them was from years and years of neglect.

I am not going to say ill things about this rescue, but I am going to say something here. My daddy may not be perfect, and he's made serious mistakes. But he's a good man, loves all cats. He and mommy spent their own money on the cat house, on the little Cee Cee cat.

It grieves me that this Rescue lady has said these mean things. While there are problems in my human family, I will be the first to say that my daddy is my warm blanket-my heater at night. He's a kindly man. He might have made bad mistakes, but he wouldn't ever have done anything that would deprive the Cats...any cats, especially cats he loves........of anything they needed. That he loves the Cat house cats is not questioned. I know, for it was my pawrents money that paid for Oscar B. Wilde's exam and treatment at Big Vet. As it was with Cee Cee and big vet.

I am lashing my tail, my ears are back. I stand here and I hiss and say 'Bast does not like Ugly!!!!' Remember, certain Rescue Lady, that I languished in my cage for months. That you did not get my ears treated. That you did not have my cancer addressed. That you called my mommy and my daddy about Princess, and asked them to take her in. That you would call my daddy and ask him to do this and that...

And they didn't mind. Mommy and Daddy love all cats. That this has hurt mommy....well, that says alot to me.

We, fey spirits in feline form....comical and endearing, restless, wild, filled with mystery and wonder.....we are all that is the Goodness of Cat. And there is another side to us too..for remember, our leap into the world of shadow has been written before writing was was told at the most ancient fireside.

And I, as the Elderwise One, call upon all the Spirits and All that is Feline to harken to the aid of my beloved pawrents. And to, in this hour, protect them and shield them from Harm. And to Bring to them that which will surround them with comfort and love.

I am the Reckoner. I am that Which is born in shadow, and thrives in light. I am that Ancient and Elderwise Cat that calls to account all that is.

And I stand before my Humans. And I say ENOUGH.

In a circle of protective light as bright and thick as my fur.

Natalie the Natcat
Elderwise Elder of the Cat Clan

We cats...when we are angry...when we are aggressive with one another, or in self defense....we do not use the mean words you do. You, who are supposed to be the 'Superior' Species, well, I shake my little head in disbelief.

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