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tiny mighty moe

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August 8th 2011 8:21 pm
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Yaaa I think you can hear me now! I am cat hear me roar like a lion! I am the tiny might MOE MOE! So happy hope this is working.


I met her! I think I like her!

July 15th 2011 10:53 pm
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Ok wow I met moma Ivey tonight and I like her! Alright mom is concerned that she might have rushed things, cause moma Ivey still has a little bit if runny nose, it is just that we have all been in her room (while she was out) mom has slowly starting lovin on us after she has been with Moma Ivey and non of us are "snotty" no one is sneezing, told dad "hope Ivey's deal is sinus or allergies" After having her in our house three weeks, we wanna know what is up? I keep trying to get in there to see her, when I go in I can smell her but she is not there. Well tonight mom opened the door to come out and there I was waiting and looking cute. SO mom said "ok Moe" she let me look in and mom Ivey looked at me we walked to one another real slow and we stuck our necks out and touched noses! (only boo has touched noses with her and it was through the outdoor enclousre fence)We did not hiss, growl, or yell! Mom memebers I was the first one to walk up to little boy and touch noses when we were little and the other kitties were scared of him. Mom said I have to wait and see how I feel after twenty four hours. Please purr I am still totally healthy! I am ready to mingle with the moma Ivey cat! We all got l-lysine again to night but it is ok cause I like it!
hey did you all see the "houseboat kitty" in my previous diary? it is really cute you should check it out.
tiny might moe out.


houseboat kitty

July 12th 2011 9:28 am
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Hey my friends wow it is a great week, and I enjoying visits from friends,and meeting new friends. KCK is the greatest!

have you see this
house boat kitty and dolphins?
I hope the link worked this is so way cool to watch.
I wanna go now too why can's I be a houseboat kitty? This really looks like FUN!


KCK's Cat of the Week!!!!!

July 9th 2011 10:58 pm
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Oh dear diary this is a moment in my life I will celebrate all week long and it will live on in the history of my life. I am Kewlest Catster Kitties's cat of the Week! I know I know my family is purring like mad too (catster does that to when we get an honor and I like it) really I think the others might be a little jealous, but that is ok cause I am gonna strut my stuff anyway, I am the cutest kitty in my house even if I do say so myself. MOL
Thank you KCK this is a most pawsome honor and I love you kitties! The administrators over there are the greatest and I know those kitties do a lot of work to make that a great group and we so apppurreciate all you do to make it so much fun. Thank you BIg Harry for my ribbon and notifying me of my Honor, thanks to Pigeon who has already been by to say congrats and sent out a group email, and......(drumroll) look at my pic! Thank you Milo for making it for me.
Tiny Mighty Moe out.


kinda scared, am I insecure

July 8th 2011 11:58 pm
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I love play time but lately I am scared to come downstairs and play, when I do come down, I RUN past that bathroom door even though it is closed. I think "something" is in there and it scares me. I try to play but I keep my eye on that door and then I finally give up and RUN back upstairs when mom comes up after me I am right at the top of the stairs, watching and waiting. The word around here is that
moma ivey is here and that she will live with us. Well I don't think I member her but I do think there is an un known cat in my house....ummm if she is my fur mom wonder why I am scared? I cannot visit her yet cause she is getting well, but my dad really wants to see how I like having her here, so tonight he picked me up and showed me what is in that room, I saw her, and I scrambled down and outta there! Wonder if I am scared of being replaced? (sad sigh)Cats don't like change, I hope this is good for all of us...
tiny mighty moe out.


balcony time !

July 6th 2011 9:35 pm
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I love love love to lay out on the balcony in the evenings, so today mom let me out there and we all went out cept for moma ivey cause she is still confined. Then after every other kitty went back inside I was still out there, it was late really late so mom came out and I whined to stay out(kinda grumbled that I was not ready to go in) and she insisted so I got up and walked her to the door then when she started in I turned the other way. hehe, she let me say a little longer,she thinks I am just too cute and when she says I love you moemoe, I tell her merrrerowow, really along mouthy meow,dad says I am saying love you too. MOL he speaks cat.
tiny mighty moe out


wow what a week

June 13th 2011 10:05 pm
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This has been a fabulous week here on catster for my fur family. Boo's birthday was last week and we membered Skids it was her bridge aniversary (we also made that Boo's birthday cause we do not really know it)
Then on Saturday Calie was a DDP and Skids got DDP on Sunday! Then yep you guessed it I was a DDP today! Yaaay go me! Thank you for making us feel so loved here on catster! WE have some really great friends.

Mom is going to get thanks out for all of us starting tomorrow.
On top of all that I been tellin a story my dad wrote. If you want to you can check out the ending in my previous diary. Remember if you are just "tuning in" you gotta go back to Part I


Trucker Kitty the story (Part III)Read at your own risk-da- tabbies not in trout towne!

June 13th 2011 9:17 pm
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Here were go the end of my story as it has been told by my dad (wonder if maybe he knew the trucker dude that found the kitty?)
Well most kitties wanna know what happens next so as you will recall we left Frannie and Little Fellar watching from the window as the ole trucker dude Bill drove away, and then:

It was several weeks later while I was on my old John Deere drillin’ post holes at my farm in New Summerfield and my cell phone went off and as I flipped it open, I saw it was Michelle. "Bill, you need to come on out to mom’s house as soon as you can, and hurry Bill.”
I feared the worst. I knew Francis hadn’t been feelin’ too good and I had a bad feelin’. I climbed down off that tractor and jumped in my pick- up and took off. I pulled into Francis’ drive and it was full of cars. I just sat in my old Ford and prayed. I don’t mind tellin’ you I prayed ‘bout as hard as I ever did. This was the sadness I had felt yesterday.
I made my way through all the cars’n trucks and stood in the foyer all bundled up in my “insulateds” with my old dusty farm hat in my hand. Lotta people here. Some I knew, some I didn’t.
“Bill, come here quickly.” said Alicia from across the room. As I walked toward the bedroom I heard Michelle and doctor Evans arguin’:
“She doesn’t want to go to the hospital , Doc!” Says Michelle.
“She’s dyin’ Michelle.”Said Doc.
“Then she’ll die in her own bed, in the house that daddy built for us, in the house where she raised her two little and Alicia!”Sobbed Michelle.
I eased into Frannie’s bedroom and there she was all tubed up with machines, IV’s and oxygen. I’d seen all this before with my Cathy. There lying beside her was Little Feller. He stared up at me with his big ole eyes and they held the same kind of sadness I had seen over eighteen years ago, and I knew that he knew. I sat down beside Francis and gently took her hand in my left hand. I layed my right hand on Little Feller just as I had eighteen years before in that old boot box and even with all these people around us, there was just the three of us in our own little world. Just like the old days.
Frannie opened her eyes and whispered: “Bill, I think I got Little Feller about ready for you to take home. I think he’s about healed up now.”
“I’ll hang on to him till you get to feelin’ better Frannie.” Says I.
“I think I’ll be feeling a lot better real soon Bill.”
“Well, we’re right here with you Frannie and we love you.” I said.
I lay my head on her bed and wept.
When I raised my head, there was Little Feller starin’ into her face. She had died and he had felt it. I kissed her on the cheek, picked Little Feller up and slowly started towards Michelle and Alicia. I reckon they knew as soon as they saw me comin’. Alicia ran to her mamma, wrapped her arms around her and sobbed bitterly. Michelle slowly sat down on the couch and just stared out at nothin’. She was plumb wore out and awful tired of bein’ the strong one. I lay Little Feller on the couch and sat down beside Michelle, took her hand in mine and we just sat there real quiet like for a long time. Sometimes that’s enough.

After all of the commotion I gathered up Little Feller’s gear and much to my surprise there was that ol’ boot box. He’d been usin’ it for a bed all these years. It was all taped up and it looked like it had been repaired about twenty times. Maybe once a year for eighteen years. My sweater was still in it. I put everything in the front seat of my pick-up and fired it up with the heater on. I took the sweater out of that old box and went in the house. I wrapped Little Feller up against the cold and we went to the truck. He felt so light and sad. I knew his little heart was broke. I layed him on the seat beside me and he climbed into his box.
I wrapped him up in the sweater again and we went home. It ain’t but about five miles to my house but that was the longest five miles in my life. I watched Frannie’s house in my rear view mirror ‘til I couldn’t see it no more. I layed my hand on Little Feller so’s he’d know he wasn’t alone. Cause I knew that was real important to him now.

Francis had a big funeral. A lot of people there. Everybody asked me about Little Feller. He had been a part of Francis for so long everbody that luved her also luved that little fellar. “Doin’ fine.” I lied. Little Feller wasn’t doin’ fine at all.

I guess it wasn’t no surprise to anyone but Little Feller didn’t last but a little while after we buried Francis. I’d lay that ol’ sweater beside me on the bed at night and he’d curl up and sleep there. I reached over to pick him up one mornin’and his little broken heart had give up durin’ the night. I reckon he just went to sleep and didn’t wake up. I held him in my arms and cried like a little baby all over again. Gittin’ real tired of that. Little sister said he died of some kinda heart problem. “He died of a broken heart”. Michelle said.
I reckon they were both right.

I built Little Feller a casket. It didn’t take much wood, he was so tiny. Folded his boot box up real flat and put it in there with him. Wrapped him up in that ol’ sweater. It may not be exactly legal, but me and the girls snuck out to the cemetary one night and buried Little Feller between Francis and Ernie. I peeled the sod back real careful like, buried Little Feller, and put everything back so’s you couldn’t tell we were ever there. I don’t reckon God ‘ll mind one bit. While we were standin’ there in that cold dark, holdin’ onto each other real quiet like, each of us in our own thoughts I told them this:

“A long time ago I lived in a little town on the gulf coast, a little north of Galveston Bay called Mont Belvieu. I met Jesus in a church there called “Maranatha.” Best church I ever been to. Had a pastor there by the name of Bobbie
Dice. Best preacher I ever knew. A little girl whose old dog had died, ask Pastor Dice if he’d gone to Heaven. Seems that that old dog was about seventeen years old. That little girl was seven. He was like a big brother to her and a big part of her life. Broke her little heart when he died, and she just didn’t understand. Sometimes I don’t reckon I do either. This is what the pastor told her and our congregation:

“I believe that the righteous things that we hold dear on this earth, our God holds dear to his heart in heaven. Yes, I do believe that our beloved pets await us in heaven. They are as important to Him as they are to us. All livin things are created by our Father God. That is the kind of God that we serve. Simply put, He loves us, and He loves our pets because we love them.”

Funny how a little crippled up, orphan cat can touch the hearts of so many people. That little cat was known by lonely, wore out, ol’ truck drivers all over this country and everybody in our little town. He’d be missed. When he died I was right there with him and he knew that I loved him. I think that’s important. Gonna take awhile to get over losin’ Francis and Little Feller. Maybe never will. Leaves a empty feelin’ in my heart.

I know a few things. I know I’ll hold Cathy’s hand in mine again. I know I’ll see Ernie ‘n Francis again and I know I’ll see a little orange “fur ball” flittin’ around in green meadows, chasin’ butterflies he’ll never catch, on four legs, healthy and happy ‘cause that’s the kinda God we serve.
No more fears no more tears.

I reckon I don’t want to talk about this no more.

I need to finish drillin’ them post holes. Startin’ to snow a little. Put my “insulateds” on. “Where’d I put that old hat?”
“Shore is cold today”.......


and then what happened....

June 12th 2011 11:45 pm
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So that is how story tellers do it MOL. Before I tell the rest of the story (hey that was like Paul Harvey!) I want to ask my diary readers if you wanna hear it no matter what.... it might be a sad ending and it might be a happy ending........ummm. Blizzard (booboo's staring at his photo) already said he wants to read it even though he thinks it's gonna be sad. So do other kitties still wanna read it to the end? Do enquireing minds want to know?
Tell us do you wanna know more or should we let you make your own ending they way you want it????
tiny might moe out


Trucker Kitty the story (Part II)

June 11th 2011 10:49 pm
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“What’er you gonna do with him?”she asked. I told her my plan.
“You don’t know any more about cats than you do about truck drivin’! Give him to me and I’ll take him to “Little sister” tonight”. You see, my vet Alicia was “Little sister” who was Francis’ youngest daughter and the best vet in the known universe. Just my opinion, I could be wrong. Well, that’s just what she done. Alicia fell in love with Little Feller soon’s she saw him that night. He kinda had that affect on people. She knew it would be tough to try and save him but he was a fighter and as she took him under her wing she promised to fight as long as he did, it was touch and go for awhile but he pulled through. Took ‘bout two weeks and he lost some body parts to frostbite but other than havin’ three legs, one ear and no tail, he was pretty much like any other kitten. On top of everything else, Alicia neutered him.
“Holy cow Alicia, you ‘bout through wittlin’ on that poor little kitten?”Says I.
“You just concentrate on drivin’ a truck caveman, I’ll take care of this little kitten!” She was a lot like her momma. Never did get that sweater back.

‘Bout a month later:

“When am I gettin’ my cat back Francis?” I asked.
“When he gets well” she says.
“He looks like he's a doin fine to me!”
“I’ll let you know” she says.

Well, for the next 18 years you never saw Francis without that little cat. She’d bring that cat to the office and you’d think he owned the place. Reckon maybe he did. He never lacked for attention. Even people who didn’t like cats, liked Little Feller. It was funny to see these big ol’ burly truckers rollin’ around on the floor playin’ with that little three legged, one eared, bobtail cat. He had more toys than most kids. He played hard but he’d get tucker’d out pretty quick. Alicia said it was ‘cause of freeze damage to his lungs. It wasn’t unusual to see him curled up in some trucker’s lap, both of them sawin’ logs. The trucker, wore-out from too many lonely days chasin’ that next load and Little Feller just plain wore-out. Wonder what they were dreamin’ ‘bout.
Somewhere along the line Francis retired and her oldest daughter Michelle took over. Shortly after Francis left, I did too. I’d see her now and again. I’d hang around the old office, drink coffee and lie about the old days. I bumped into Francis and Little Feller at the office awhile back. She hugged my neck and told me to stop drinkin’ their coffee. She put Little Feller on the floor and he hobbled over to his bed by the pot bellied stove and he was home again and everything in his world was good. It was the middle of January and I reminded Francis that it was eighteen years this month that I brought Little Feller home. Cold outside. We laughed about the good times and got all teary eyed about the sad times, the bad times and the hard times. Reckon things balance out. Sometime or the other we got to talkin’ about that old cat and when I was gonna get him back. Francis just laughed and said: “That ship has sailed old man. That old cat’s as much a part of my family as one of my girls.” I knew that. I leaned over and gave Frannie another hug and said “adios.” As I walked out into that gray cold to my ol’ pick-up I felt a deep sadness in my heart. I turned around and looked back to see Francis staring out the window at me with little fellar right there in "moma's" arms. I waved. She waved. Little fellar eye blinked at me, and I think in that instant in time I knew somethin’ wasn’t right with Frannie and as little fellar tucked his ole head under her chin, I think he knew it too.

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