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tiny mighty moe

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come back!

November 27th 2011 9:52 pm
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That is what I told mom everytime she tried to walk away from me today. I ran to her and before she could grab me I jumped to the top shelf of my kitty tree so we would be eye level cause this is what I do when we need to seriously talk. As she began to love on me I told her I been missing her and she needs to spend more time with us. She said love ya moe, and was about to walk away, I said "MEEERRROOWW" and grabbed her hand to pull her back, so she came back and we did this several times then she walked away anyway, so I jumped down and stepped in front of her and slapped at her shins, so she lifted me up and hugged me and set me on the bed with dad. We had some family time and then I was fine with her walking away. If they want moemoe luving they grab me and love me no matter if I have time for it or not, so when I want momma luvin I grabbed her kinda like she does me. MOL it was cute moma wishes she had a video of me doing this, gonna try to get it next time I get serious like that, cause I do not always get so demanding.



November 26th 2011 10:38 pm
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Life is getting back to what we like to think of as normal here at my house. Ivey and I have called a truce we are not friends as of yet but I do not flee the room everytime I see her and I can follow mom around again now even when Ivey is in the room with her.
Sigh, mom is glad to see things settle down. we heard some kitties take years to get where we are, and she is not sure she could really do years of this. Her stomach gets tight and worried for me or anycat getting stessed over the "newcat" Right now all of us get along in tolerance mode with Ivey cept little boy he is still running from her but tonight he slapped her hard and left a little mark on her nose. WE understand this takes time, but let me tell you all doing time here has not been fun for us. Wonder do other pawrents feel that stress when a new kitty is introduced to the home? Everytime there was a spat mom got that yucky feeling that made her wonder "did I make a mistake?" well we could have told not to do it if she would just listen, five cats in one house is more than enough. Moma and daddy love their moemoe kitty and did not like to see my sassy catsonality turn to fear, it hurt moma's heart to see that fear in my eyes and then I would look to moma like "what now?"


hey where did that feature go?

November 23rd 2011 11:21 pm
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We used to able to choose a feature that would let us "see your friends that are online" but we have not seen that in a very long time. SO did it go away? or we just missing it somehow? Maybe we have some of our settings set up wrong? DOes anyone know?


dinner is served

November 22nd 2011 8:15 pm
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My dinner is served in the dinning room while the lower class servant cats eat in the kitchen, cept for Tiny that silly cat wants to eat with MoeMoe. So most nights mom feeds the kitchen cats and feeds tiny in the dinning room then she serves me Tiny Might Moe. She brings in dinner and calls MoeMoe, Moe? where's mommoe? Sometimes I walk up to her and ask to see what is for dinner other times I wait and she actually starts to leave the room with my food in her hand! so I sidestep her and she comes back to serve me. If she thinks I am not going to eat what she has served she will fork feed me and oh how I love that attention I wait till she fork it up for me before I take another bite (MOL she is so well trained)and dad says I am spoiled.
So the other night as she feed the kitchen cats I smelled TUNA yea it was real TUNA not FF. She gave them all a little taste and then she brought in mine and tiny's oh I could not wait to get it, I demanded politely that she sat it down at her feet so it would be at my face level and I sat down to eat it no fork required! We love Tuna better than Turkey for thanksgiving.


my confidence seems to be almost all back!

November 7th 2011 10:20 pm
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Mom lets ivey out most every day now while she is out work, and I am no longer acting all scared and nervous when mom gets home, she of course gives me lots of extra love and attention, I come to greet her just like I did in pre ivey days and the Ivey cat is loose in my house! I am not so scared!
To night one time she tried to run me down and I took off to run and then I STOPPED in mid stride and looked back to stare her down, you know she turned her head and stepped back. cause I told her she better back off I am pretty full up of your nonsense. I am not all the way back to my old confident self but I am so much closer.
whew this one has been a rough transition for us.


Oh what a tease!

November 1st 2011 8:00 pm
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We have a bird in our house (sorry tabbies but it's all mom) and bird watching is so fun for us. I sit for hours on my tree and look out the window at the birds. Mom puts food out for them and we get all kinds of birds there but we cannot touch them or smell them or taste them..ooh ok so as I saying.....
Mom has this bird in it's ow little house inside our house and it gets his own room. We can go in his room if mom is home but when she is not we are all locked out of there. SO tonight Ivey and I (yea the two of us not buddies just a common interest) were watching the bird and Ivey got to close so mom said NO IVEY! and she backed away, well that crazy bird
s-t-e-r-e-t-c-e-d his wing waaaay out and moved to the bottom of cage just so teasing me to grab him. So I got on two legs and touched it his cage (no I did not slap it) lightly with my paw. Mom said my name like this "mooooeee!!" and I looked at her and back at the bird he just looked down his beak at me and chirped! oooh it is a good thing mom is there. Mom doesn't think I want to hurt him, she left me in the room with him the other night hehehaha she thought I had left the room and she closed his door with me in the room!!! MOL he was fine the next morning and I was well rested.
Tiny Mighty Moe out.


NO do not pick her up.

October 28th 2011 10:36 pm
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Tonight when mom came home I ran over to greet her and she said "hey moemoe" then dad told mom "pick her up and hug her" (that is what dad does when he sees me) so mom reached for me but I said "don't pick up the momemoe, don't pick her up, no don't pick her up" as I moved away I continue mumurrmering to both of them. Then she did grab me anyway so I very loudly told her "no means no!" dad laughed at me! He and mom say my voice is waaaay to loud for my tiny mighty moemoe body, but I made my point and when she put me down I walked away making more little murmmeriing sounds. Really I think they need to learn more kitty talk, I am doing my best to learn their lingo, "come here, you want dinner, playtime" Can't we meet in the middle? I learn a word or two and then you learn some kitty lingo. Start with mmeeeeeooroow! is equal to Please stop what you are doing it displeasing me greatly.
I don't mind a little kitty luvin but I will be sure to let them know when I want it and that comes across as a very gentle meeow.
tiny mighty moe out.


did you see it

October 24th 2011 11:19 pm
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Little Boy wrote about it, it's or newest present from mom and dad, a kitty scratch house! If you like boxes I know you will love it, there is a scratcher in the box!


let me get my own

October 6th 2011 9:41 pm
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That is what we told mom tonight at play time. She always makes time for group play time with us (2 sessions 1 with ivey in it and 1 non-ivey cause she is still too mean to me) and she picks the toys we can play with so tonight after playtime she laid the toys on the table and got us some treats and dinner. Later she came back to the table (after Ivey was put away for the night) and sat at the computer which happened to be on the dinning room table where she had left the toys, so first callie then tiny and then me, tiny mighty moe we all jumped up there and gave her a questioning look to see if she would scold us cause she does not like it when we get on the table and we know it but the toys were there so one by one we each took our favorite toy in our mouth and took off with our "kill". Mom thought we were cute so she let us play with them for a while and then she took them away cause they are all supervised play toys only :( sad sigh. Well I guess its time to nite nite any way.
tiny mighty moe out.


chicken soup for the kitty lovers soul!

September 25th 2011 10:58 pm
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Dad got mom a book titled like this diary, several years ago and mom loved it.(daddy is almost as good to mom as he is too us kitties MOL) She said it is so good and it is all about kitties and their kitty luvin humans, of course it is by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Jennifer Quasha cause they write the chicken soup for the soul stories! Now this week dad got mom another one of their books "chicken soup for the soul" and it is "my cat's life" all new kitty stories as told by their moms and dads.
If any of your pawrents like to read, you gotta have them get these books, and the first one is now at half price book stores.
One more thing is that there is a place in the book where pawrents can send their kitties's story and have it published in their next book! Mom just might be sending one of our stories now she wishes she would have done it years ago when she got the first book, and the story of Skids long life would have been in this one.
Just thought there might be some readers out there reading my diary (haha no pun intended) that might enjoy these books.

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