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tiny mighty moe

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February 3rd 2012 8:44 pm
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It is incredible! Our family has been so honored on the catser home page this week! Calie was a DDP and then I was a DDP and now Calie is COTD! sssh do not tell her but I used some of her zealies today!!! heheh see we were all out and mom had a gift card so she was going to get us some more but catster would not let us use the card :( Today they gave Calie zealies!!! wow we did not know COTD gets zealies!!!
Thanks everyone for making my day so grand I got photos!! cards, letters prizzies and my friends came by to visit and chat on my chat box. It was great, thanks!
Mom will get all my thank yous out tonight.
love "yall"


Ridin low like a low rider

January 30th 2012 7:27 pm
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That is what I like to do ride low and ride fast and ride around and ride forward and backward and I like to ride till I get ready to stop.
We have this cool crinkley little tunnel with blinky lights on it and I like to jump in there and let mom slide it all across the room! Oh it is so waaay fun she goes slow and then fast and then she turns it REAL fast, if she stops before I am ready, then I start talkin to let her know I still wanna ride. Every time mom goes in that room I run in there and if she gets anywhere near the tunnel I jump in!
The other day dad was in the rooom and I was waitin in the tunnel he didn't get it...when mom came in the room she said "slide the tunnel" I went to step out (tired of waitin) and I was half in and half out when he moved it so I moved backwards with it until I was settled back in the riders seat. Daddy said I am goofey...what? No I am the tiny mighty MoeMoe.


chat box more reasons to chat!

January 27th 2012 10:50 pm
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Hey like I said in my last diary I love to chat and now I got more reason to chat! Zoey
got a chat box and then told me how to get one too, so now I can chat with all cats that have chat boxes. Do you have yours!
kaci got one too and some other kitties already got theirs, come on let's chat.


cat chat I like to chat do you?

January 24th 2012 7:03 pm
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MEEROOW URRGH! I already put this in my dairy and catster lost it before I could post it what is up with that? ok so here it is again.

I love to chat when I come into the room mom says "HEY MoeMOe!" so happy to see me and I say mrrr meeerow mmmmrrr and all kinds of other words so why does calie's diary say "chatty calie"? and mine does not? Do you chat with your mom and dad? BTW dad said I do not chat with him like I do with mom. Well I love them both and I know daddy loves us kitties but mom well she is like devoted to us, she might even worship us.... ok mom said that is not so but she is devoted to us.
Mom does nor have any two legged children so are her only kids. Do you have human brothers and sister?


almost a triple tragedy that night

January 15th 2012 11:03 pm
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Mom has not let me talk about this until now...
See the night mom came home and found Moma Ivey was gone to the bridge, she could have lost little boy and I tooo!
After mom and dad removed Ivey from our midst,we were all a little freaked out. Later mom opened the back door for some reason (she no longer remembers why)and I ran out! Mom never worries I will get out cause I do not want out there, maybe I went looking to see what they did with Moma Ivey... so mom ran out saying NO MOE and then she turned real fast to close the door she forgot about and Little Boy joined me outside (we are not EVER allowed outside) we hid from mom and she ran back in to get dad to come help her. When she came back with dad I was very ready to come inside and ran in as soon as they opened the door. They looked for Little Boy and they saw him as he scaled the fence see our back door opens into a patio with a wooden fence around it so Little Boy climbed over it real fast. Mom and dad went out the gate to the other side of the fence and saw little boy jump down and take off into the night. Dad said "go get him" cause we respond better to mom than we do to dad when we get scared. Mom took off in her sock feet running as swift and silent as a cat. Every time she almost got to Little boy he moved a little more ahead sniffing and scenting the plants and everything. She called softly "little boy" "come here boy boy" and she prayed for help. Then little boy stopped and she grabbed him and hugged him tight! Her tears wet his fur as she carried him back to us where we were all waiting for them to return.
Now there is as water bottle by the door every time someone starts it or out they gotta spray water into the air or doorway. Oh I do not like the spray bottle either.


I just want her to feel better

January 10th 2012 10:05 pm
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I am not to sure yet how any of us kitties feel about the fact that we were "6" then we were "5" then we were "6" an now we are "5" one of us is gone again and so we make the adjustments.
I do know how I feel about Mom, we all do and we want her to feel better. yes it is true we do not act as devoted to her like "her sweet Moma Ivey Kitty" was but we all love and cherish her in our way. So tonight while mom lay looking at the computer, she was sad and teary eyed. I came into the room and got up on the bed normally I don't hang out there too much just every now and then and only for a short while. Tonight I spent some time with her and loved nipped her finger tips. vThen, when her tear filled eyes looked into mine and she said "I love you MoeMoe" I knew what she needed so I leaned in and lightly rubbed my nose on hers. See Ivey sometimes did that to mom and I did it too when I was little and kinda grew out of it, I knew what she needed and I want her to feel better. Oh I did not leave any kitty slobber on mom when Ivey loved her she did it with her scent glands, nose, cheek and all.


well this is a fine how do you do

January 5th 2012 10:47 pm
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Mom had a little 5 ft Christmas tree up and she kept saying she was going to take it down but she is always to tired to mess with it when she gets home. so then................this morning we did it for her. Yep we took it right down off the little table she had it on and knocked all the little balls off of it (we only broke a few) we were probably gonna put the shiny ornaments back in the little box they came from but mom came in and said " oh no who did that" and so we all ran in different directions and Calie (our leader) went under the dresser in mom's room and refused to come out. Is that not a fine how do you do? Really we just wanted to help mom.
Oh yea tonight after Dad got home and put the tree away Calie was so VERY loving and talkin and an all around push over.
Did mom or dad get a clue...nope they just loved her.



January 4th 2012 11:30 pm
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Yes she did really no lie. Mom had a friend over and her back was hurting and she wanted mom to use a little machine on it to make it relax. So here I was sittin on the bed minding my own cat business and this woman lunged at me (put her face right into mine real fast like)and said move moe, so yea I hissed and kinda swatted at her. Here is the deal I live here and she does not. She told mom I was crazy and spoiled. Well I just gotta wonder if a cat lunged into her face like that would she like it? no I think not! IT was scary to have her come at me like that ( mom said she was just going to lay across the bed) I didn't know what she was gonna do. She wasn't even hurt if I had wanted to I would have left some moemoe marks on her. But I was a good kitty and moved off my bed so she could use it.
Tiny Mighty MoeMoe out.


onions and I am a winner

January 3rd 2012 10:53 pm
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Mom and dad keep the onions in the pantry the same one the cat food is in. Well I know I know already that onions are not for kitties. Sometimes there are little onion peels that float down from the shelf to the floor and when they do I love to grab them like they are little bugs and eat them up. I know mom said NO Moe! The other night she grabbed me and pulled that little peel right from my powerful little kitty jaws! But two nights before that I grabbed it and ate it before she even knew i had it. Mom told dad to make sure non of the little peels float out of the bag, off of the shelf on to the floor or MoeMoe will eat them up.
Know what else I am a WINNER I played Harley's contest yep me not Calie, Ivey, Tiny, Little Boy or Boo, just me Tiny mighty moemoe! I am a winner to. Congratulations to Harley's Auntie J and to Zoe ( calie's BFF) she is the grand prize winner.
Thanks Harley!


bubbles are so funny!

December 1st 2011 6:59 pm
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Sometimes I wonder into the bathroom where mom is taking a bath and she has this funny white stuff in the tub with her, I lean my elbows on the edge of the tub and touch the stuff and it feels so weird it makes me jump back cause it kind wet feeling but I do not feel wet afterward...umm, so odd I turn my head side ways and look at mom as she laughs and tells me it is bubble bath making bubbles.... bubbles are kinda funny.

Know what else? Ivey was just down the hall and I was not afraid and this morning I HISSED at her when she ran at me, I think she was playing but I aint taking no chances with her yet, she can only bloody my nose one time!

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