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Zoes secret dreams made public

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December 2nd 2011 7:38 pm
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Mom is testing out a friends Bose set for the laptop cause she's thanking she wants to upgrade. Dad said he would get her set for Christmas if that's what she wants. Now you know how we are big music heads. We listen to music every night while on here.

So, anyway, she plugs in this set of speakers that is like the bomb in the speaker world and she goes to playlist. But it was still quite. She was at a loss, she had no idea what to listen to. I asked her, Mom whats wrong. Mom said she wanted to hear the perfect song on the first try. Guess what she picked? Fireflys by Owl City. I love that song, it made me thank about the jar of fireflys I gave Milo. Mom says the song just makes you want to walk barefoot through some cool baby grass.

Then she hit Mandolin Rain by Bruce Hornsby and she danced with me! Me! Can you believe it! Two years ago I wouldn't even let her pick me up. Now we are dancing, like her and Zach does and Dad and Diamond does. Yes dad picks that 50 pd dog up and dances with her. About somewhere through the second verse I was ready to get down but I hope she dances with me again.

She decided the speakers was most definitely worth the money but still not sure if she doesn't want some shiny trinket from their jewelry store or an Etsy store. She wants a pendant with Diamonds or fake Diamonds in the shape of a paw. If anybody knows where to find this pendant let us know please. She seen a cheapy version of this last Christmas and bought it. She loved it but it lost it's shine.

Oh and Zach is showing his true colors. Mom thanks the green monster has jumped on his back. See Diamond is Mom's Velcro dog.
She is always beside Mom. Well, Zach went to lay on Mom's lap but of course she had the sudden urge to pee. So she got up, here comes Diamond right behind her. Zach gives Diamond that cross eyed look Mom told him to go to his room. He went. Then he stuck his head out and she told him to get back in there. Could it be there's just not enough loving for him after Diamond, Gris and Me. He's not going to have attitude with me cause I want allow it and Gris is the spoiled baby that can't do wrong in Zach's eyes. So that leaves Diamond and she is in all fairness an outsider to our little kitty world.


cat behaviorist help for Zach...seriously no joke

November 30th 2011 5:19 pm
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Any advice will be appreciated. Mom just doesn't know what to do.

Mom has been noticing a tension around the house. Everybody seems to be skiddish, especially Gris and Diamond. Last night, Gris popped me in the butt playing when I was squatting down doing something, don't remember what. Well, I yelled "Ouch that hurt" Zach got it wrong and attacked Diamond, smacky pawed her a couple times. Guess what it just happened again. Gris and Diamond both were laying on the bed with me. Gris stretched with his claws in my knee. Again being surprised by searing kitten claws going through my flesh I said "Ouch Gris!" Here comes Zach, pops Diamond a couple more times. Hate to admit it but I lost my temper with Zach this time. I love how he is protective but he can't get it through his thick skull that it's not Diamond hurting Mommie.

This needs to change because Diamond already is an easily stressed doggie.

I could see it now, somebody breaks in my house, Diamond is biting them, I am screaming, and Zach attacking Diamond! This is not a new problem but I thank it has gotten worse with Gris here. What can you do with an overly protective cat?


My thanks for Thanksgiving

November 25th 2011 5:48 pm
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First and for most Thanks M for picking my diary today. Thanks everyone for my preezies! I love them all!

Second, Sleep and crew, I used to tell my dreams in my diary. Maybe I should start doing it again.

Now onto my Thanksgiving rant. As you know Thanksgiving is for giving Thanks.

I'm thankful for....
2) for the thankless job of of taking care of these rowdy guys around here.
3)that I'm the one that has to tell Mom that we are out of water or food.
4)that I'm the one that has to let her know that she's getting slack on her cleaning the litter box duties
5)I'm the one to growl out a warning when someone is at the door
6)for having to be the one to love on all strangers and dogs that come in the house. A southern belle knows how to be truly welcoming, it's our duty.
7)And most importantly, I'm the one that has to keep Zach grounded when he gets to big for his britches.

You know what, I wouldn't want it any other way! I love my family and their messed up personalities. I especially thankful that Diamond is here or I would be outnumbered. MOL!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and found a lot to be Thankful for!


To busy to do anything

November 17th 2011 5:16 pm
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Wow! What a day yesterday turned out to be. Where do I start? First the storm...a F2 touched down about 20 min drive from here if you take the highway. It made an 8 mile path of destruction. Look at it this way Mom had two friends at work who was out today to clean up and meet with insurance adjusters. Have we seen bigger yeah. An F4 hit our city just two years ago. Sadly to report there has been two deaths..a grandma and grandson. We are purring for the victims of all tornadoes set off by these storms.

Second our grandma and grandpa called Mom yesterday while she was at Home Depot buying potting soil and some new rose pruners, sorry just had to throw that in there- (Mom got a new gorgeous rose bush last weekend. It's the flag ship rose of Mom's favorite Rose store about 40 min. away.pic of the rose) Anyway, they wanted to stop by the house. Guess what they surprised us with? Yep, a doggie. He was still doped up from his grape removal surgery but boy was he cute! Buddy the Beagle
Buddy and Diamond
Mom is kinda worried about one thing, it looked like he tried snapping at Gris but with him not feeling good it's possible that was the reason for his reaction. When he comes over this weekend Mom will keep an eye on him.

Did I tell you Diamond spent most of the day stuck under the bed? The really really hard rain scared her. The news said we got like 2.6 in of rain yesterday.

And one more thing. It was Dad's 44th bday. So, Brent came over with a nice watch for his Dad And Grandma D came by and started brow beating Dad into saying wither he was going to go to his uncles house for Thanksgiving or not. It was really funny. Ps the uncle lives 2 hrs away. But Mom said we need to go cause we haven't been there in awhile.


Public service announcement.....for kitty safety

November 10th 2011 3:13 pm
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Not that we thank any of our friends need to know this, we all have such good kitty Mom's and Dad's but Mom says a refresher course is always a good thing. Mom also says she finds herself telling friends what she read in the Dogster and Catster newsletters all the time. She's even forwarded one or two. So something in here might be helpful to a friend.

So just to remind you
Thanksgiving safety for kitty cats

There's also a Turkey Goblet recipe just for kitties in there, but it has some bad ingredients for us kitties so don't pay attention to that. But Mom said the carrots and Turkey giblets are just fine for us.

Finn and Lacey, thank you so much for keeping us straight on the recipe. That really is the reason we love you, cause you truly care about our health.

14 days away! And oh, don't even get me started on Black Friday!


Dogs are con artist!

November 9th 2011 6:45 pm
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Mom went to see her Doc today and got great news. She got a clean bill of health. She's not borderline diabetic for right now, so that's good. Mom knows one day she won't be able to bet it but today they checked her blood sugar and it was 91! Good going Mom! As long as she can maintain her blood sugar she shouldn't have any problems. Her cholesterol was great too. Doc gave her Cipro to take to get rid of the infection that has settled in her glands, chest and ears. Mom said she's so ready to feel better.

Now, Lucius. Our guest for the week. We were told he can't jump but the docs don't know why. Well, there's something fishy about that dog. He can't jump up but we have seen him do it several times sense his Daddy dropped him off. Mom is convinced that he is doing it for attention. That some time he figured out that his Dad will pick him up and love on him if he just stands there and whines. Mom says dogs are great con artist. She has been telling Brent he needs to spend more time with his dog for awhile now. She also says you can tell he does have a slight back problem but mostly it's an emotional thing. Remember when he wasn't eating back in the early spring, Mom thought it was emotional stress then.

If dogs are con artist what are we?


My ex is Cat of the Day and and Tux's new pics.

October 15th 2011 11:47 am
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I've got to say, our Cat of the Day is especially handsome to me. His name is Toby.
He was my Valentine this year. He's so cute. But very very busy. We just grew apart. But I will always think fondly of him.

Congrats Toby. He always has a great looking page. His Mom is like mine, just loves decorating!

The famous animated wing maker, Willow is the one who made Tux's animated wings pics. She didn't just make one....she made three! How awesome is that. We were so lucky our friends contacted her about doing the pics.

Mom says she could ever Thank our friends enough!

Tux's page

Mom thought long and hard about whether to give Tux a Halloween page or skip this year. She decided to give him a nice Halloween page simply because he used to love watching kids come to the door (at my house).

Mom did Gris's page today too. Tonight, she'll do Diamonds.


Tux sent us a picture today..He has wings!

October 14th 2011 8:44 am
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First let me send out special Thanks to Presley and sister and Anna and family for helping us get wings for Tux. Thank You Thank You Thank You!

Turns out Tux got his wings from a dog called TedEbear. Imagine, the same name as our best (good looking) buddy Teddybear. Cool!
Now we thanked TedEbear and he said anytime we want another one to let them know. He has a sis here named Jada that Diamond has talked to before.

The picture of Tux with his wings

Mom added the dates but TedEbear did an excellent job.


Missing my friends

October 12th 2011 4:38 pm
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We have some missing friends. Some are working some are just busy living life and some we have no idea where they are. I can tell you this I'm really starting to get worried about Pumpkin, Oreo, Willow and Missy. A month ago we just figured they were busy but now we are really concerned.

Have they left us? Anybody know? Mom asked their Mommy if she had a lot of friends to help through the rough patch she was going through and she said yes. I hope she's okay.


Dear Sweet Tux

October 8th 2011 3:12 pm
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What do we say? Do we do a tribute, do we do a love letter, or do we tell everyone what happened. Mom said she thought about writing something down, something sweet something eloquent but she decided to write start from the heart.

First, Tux gave up, you could see it in his eyes. Doc told us when you see a dog go outside and they just stand there, like they are lost, no sniffing of the ground, no ears perked up and no happy wag of the tail....that the quality of life has left them. That's what's been happening. He was doing fine till last week during the cold rains we had. It made him achy, it made him not even want to pick up his head to tell me "Hey" when I walked in the door. Then he stopped eating again Wed. and refused to drink water. Mom and Dad brought him over yesterday, he walked around in my backyard barely being able to hold himself up. He just kept walking in big circles, like he thought if he stopped and sat down he would never get back up. Right then seeing him like that I knew it was time (honestly, I knew last weekend but Mom and Dad needed to be ready to let him go). The quality of life had left him. Turns out that's why they brought him over. So he could have one last visit with me, David, Diamond and the cats.

My mother, Linda, is officially a cancer survivor sense her surgery back in late July or was it early Aug? Anyway, she is still weary from her battles mentally and physically. Tux's not wanting to eat and Mom knowing that's the only way he can survive, was taking a toll on her. She was always with him, night and day. She seen every bad day he had and felt his pain. I think of all the times over the last couple years that he would be sleeping and I would strain my eyes to make sure his chest is moving, sometimes even walking over to feel his chest move. Imagine how many times my Mom has done that. Sometimes watching someone die slowly is just as bad as being the one dying. Hate to sound bad but this is a release for both of them, Mom and Tux.

Mom could not bare going in while Doc was helping Tux pass. So it was Dad and me carrying him in right at closing time. You could see the hurt in the eyes of the lady that was there to pick up her gorgeous Golden Retriever (which had a grey muzzle of his own). I think she knew.

Dear Tux,
We are going to miss seeing your grey muzzle walking in the door, so full of life. You always looked like you were smiling. I was happy to see you too. Everybody loved you, you even inspired Trisha to adopt an elderly dog. She loved how your were so laid back and calm and loving. That you had an air of chill about you. What she didn't know was that it wasn't your age showing, that was just you.

The day I got you, I was surrounding by 8 little bouncing puppies. All trying to get my attention, all running in circles trying to nip each others back legs. You were all so cute. Little fuzz balls with big eyes and puppy breath. I just couldn't make up my mind which one of you I wanted to take home. I sat on the steps leading down into the pin where you all were and you came to me.

You were so cute. With your short stubby legs trying to climb those big steps but you made it. And then laid down to take a nap underneath my legs on the step. I knew right then you had picked me.

Over the years we have played in the fields of hay, in the woods, in the snow, and in the ocean. Celebrated the seasons together with long walks down the dirt road. At one point yesterday while walking up to the big Oak Tree I wanted to call out your name then I remembered why I was walking up there in the first place, to lay you to rest beside all the other pets I have had through out the years. As I turned and looked back toward the house, I could see you running down the driveway, with that little cantor of yours, ears and tongue just a flapping. Your were such a happy dog.

Thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder all those years and thanks for coming to me when you needed to feel safe, warm and loved. Years ago I made you the promise and yesterday we decided It was time. Baby, you are free now. You've have been with me for so long, it's time to give you back.

As you laid there, on that cold Stainless Steel table, you looked at me. You looked at me down to my soul. I felt your fear, but somehow I knew you were telling me you loved me and saying thank you. Then when the sedative started to relax you, and Dad was squatting in front of the table, rubbing your head. I leaned over to rest my head on his shoulder and you looked me again with such love. Dad told you that you were going to be young and full of life again within mins. I hope you seen us and heard us. Within mins, Doc came back in and helped you cross.

Till the day you see us again always remember.. we love you more than words could ever say and I can't wait to see those floppy ears a blowing in the wind as you run to catch up with me again.
A picture I've carried in my wallet for the last 14 years.

Thanks my friends for the love and support.

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