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Zoes secret dreams made public

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Miss you guys

May 24th 2012 5:54 pm
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Not much going on around here. Zach has big plans he wants to share with you and Gris got scolded by his Mom Amber, but I'll let them tell you about that in their diaries.

Just wondering if you've noticed my page lately. It has a great pic of a horse running in the surf. I absolutely adore it. Also, my music has changed back to classical if you love classical please stop by and Enjoy!

Just want to say I have fell in love with some of my old friends all over again lately and guys thanks for your support over the past troublesome months. Our hearts go out to Blizz's much going on there. And to my dear friend Presley...I really enjoyed our bonding.

We do have new friends and don't want to lose them so Mom said we could spend some time online this weekend. Yay!!! We will be contacting Sleeper and her crew to see if they will stop in this weekend too.

Other news, just in case you are not a member of my group or just don't receive the messages....Bluestone Perennials sent out an email today announcing their Spring Clearance Sale. All plaints in the catalog are 30-50% off! Mom said she's going to have to be careful looking over the plaints due to impulse buying herself. MOL! Just thought I would let you know.


Everybody needs to read this! Cats being tortured at UVA.

May 16th 2012 5:52 pm
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I'm spitting mad about this one. Cats being used for training purposes. I'm going to copy and paste the top letter.....

Three cats, Alley, Fiddle, and Kiki, need our help. They have been used in cruel trainings for seven years. For the University of Virginia to be deliberately inflicting pain and suffering on defenseless animals in the name of medical education is inappropriate, unjustified, inhumane and archaic. As a practicing pediatrician with years of experience, I have profound concern for the health and well-being of all children, including the smallest premature infants. As a medical school faculty physician with many years experience in pediatric education and training, I have equal concern for the quality of training that aspiring pediatricians receive during their residency. One of the more challenging aspects of this training is acquiring skills and proficiency in performing procedures, especially in very small infants. The importance of perfecting tracheal intubation (passing a breathing tube into the windpipe) cannot be overly emphasized, as it is truly lifesaving.

Many years ago this procedure was taught by practicing on animals (cats, kittens, ferrets, rabbits) whose anatomy was very different from that of a human infant. This ineffective method of training has been replaced in modern times due to new technology in the form of human patient simulators. These simulators, including premature infant models are astonishingly realistic, anatomically correct, and can be used over and over again without causing harm to an animal or human baby. The infant simulators cry, breathe, and turn blue when their airway is blocked. In view of this I find it incomprehensible and disturbing to learn that the University of Virginia pediatric residency program still uses Alley, Fiddle, and Kiki to train pediatric residents.

The overwhelming majority of pediatric residency programs in the U.S. and Canada – 95% in fact – have ceased using animals for training. The path of modern training has moved from animals to more effective human-based medical simulation. Why is it that the University of Virginia refuses to make the change and continues to be in the extreme minority who are holding onto this outdated practice? During their training, residents in their program repeatedly force breathing tubes down the throats of cats, sometimes as many as 19 – 22 times in one day, This can cause bleeding, bruising, scarring, permanent injury and significant residual pain. At least two cats have had their teeth broken and another had adverse effects lasting days. Cats are used over and over again. People who have had a breathing tube inserted for anesthesia during surgery will often tell you that recovering from the tube was as bad as recovering from the surgery.
.................................................. ..................

There! Doesn't that make you mad? Diamond had to take allergy pills for days after her surgery cause of the irritation from the tube and Mom can testify to a really really sore throat after surgery too.

Again, just like the other times..go to click on animals section to your right and it's the top petition right now. You can't miss it.

Petition Girl


Help stop the killing of our bees....please sign

April 3rd 2012 6:31 pm
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As you know, we get sent petitions all the time and today one came across our email that is so vital to the survival of the human race, really! No bees, no pollinating, no food, no humans. Or at least not healthy ones anyway. Vegetarians would be pooped put of luck if this was to happen. For years millions have been poured into figuring out why our bee populations are declining so much, well, they have at least part of the answer now. They have found certain pesticides are killing our Bees! Yet, EPA has ignored this. (I'm sure there's a logical answer to why. Yeah right! I'm sure money and politics has nothing to do with this at all)

Here is a good chunk of the petition itself copied and pasted (I hope they don't mind. they can write about it better than I can. Consider it a form of flattery)....

In the past several months, three separate studies have added substantial weight to the growing body of evidence showing that widespread use of nicotine-based insecticides called neonicotinoids is linked to Colony Collapse Disorder. One study found that colonies exposed to neonicotinoids produced 85 percent fewer queens, meaning the creation of 85 percent fewer hives. United States Department of Agriculture bee expert Jeffery Pettis rightly calls the findings “alarming.”

Bayer markets its neonicotinoids widely to growers of corn, soy, wheat, cotton, sorghum, peanuts, and other crops. Research by the Pesticide Action Network of North America showed that a minimum of 142 million acres were planted in neonic-treated seeds in the year 2010. 142 million acres is equivalent to the size of California and Oregon combined! And that number is likely to be even higher this year. On top of that, neonics are widely used in home garden and landscaping products.

EPA registration of Bayer's neonicotinoids was primarily based on a study funded by the Bayer Corporation itself, and that study has been discredited by the EPA's own scientists.

The EPA must act now to ban the sale of Bayer's neoniconitoid products. When the bees suffer, we all suffer. We must do everything possible to protect this essential pollinator. Our bees, and the plants that depend on them, can't wait.

--------------------------------------------------- -------------------

Another write up about the petition...One-third of the U.S. food supply relies on honey bees. Without bees to pollinate crops, many essential (and favorite) foods are at risk, including apples, squash, tomatoes, strawberries, almonds, and even chocolate.

Several countries, including Germany and France, have already banned clothianidin. And after the bans, bee populations began to rise again.

But in the U.S., clothianidin is used on millions of acres of crops and American beekeepers report losses of up to 90% of their bees. Many worry that their hives won't survive another season. Sign Susan's petition urging the EPA to save the bees and immediately end

-------------------------------------------------------- -------------
It's me again. The petition is to be giving to the Head of EPA to request the stop of said pesticides from being used. Thus maybe saving our Honey bees from extinction.

They are less than 7000 signatures from hitting their mark..please help us.
Go to press on the animal button and on the front page you will see EPA save our bees! Click on that and your there.
PS- there is also some other good petitions that need signing on that page...hint hint.MOL.

Thanks again to listening to petition girl!


A kittens-r-us tag game!!!!

March 18th 2012 7:04 pm
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Thank You for picking me to play Miranda!

Now Dad saved me when I was right at 6 months my kitten memoirs are slightly scarce.

1st) My most fond memory was when that man was chasing me saying he's going to throw me out in traffic AKA: Kill me. How is this fond...because Dad said "the hell you are" Dad walked over and coned me into letting him get a hold of me and then he put me in his car. He took me home. That night I meet Mom. So my fondest memory is being saved from death. And my 2nd), is getting a forever home. Both happened in the same night.

3rd) I got myself stuck in a tree one time and Mom called and called for me to come down. It wasn't happening. So then she left me!!!!What why are you leaving me here! Then I hear this God awful racket, here comes Mom dragging this big ole 30 foot ladder out of the garage. She placed it up against the tree and she was just within arms length of me. She got me out of that big ole tree. Now I would love to tell you that the moral of the story was I learned not to climb so high but that's not it. I just got better at coming down. A matter of fact when I lived outside for a year or two I stayed in the trees all the time. I slept in trees, hunted in trees and rested in trees. I was a tree cat.


Getting upset now!!!!

March 17th 2012 4:45 pm
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We've got about four diaries we would LOVE to post pics in but the dang error 4 keeps showing up. Here's the thing, if you look at ollie's bday diary everybody is posting pics! I swear I'm about to cuss over this crap!

Why us and not everybody? What gives!

Is there a new linking code for pics. We even went to pawsome pages and the Hq group page. Nothing!

EEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRERRR!!!!!!! I've got to calm down, I'm getting my fur fluffed up.


I see you baby...... on tha front page!

March 4th 2012 5:59 am
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My girl Fae is Cat of the Day!! Woohoo!

She's not around as much as she used to be but wouldn't you soon as I turned on the puter I seen she sent me and the rainbow kits a shrimpy! She said thanks for being such a great friend. Then I seen she was the Cat of the Day!! She's so cool! She has a great blog all to her self.

Her Mom is a Queensland transplant originally from Vegas and gets homesick when big news comes out of America. I meet her during the great Aussie floods last year. She has sense gained a little brother too, a black marked Rex, named Iggy. They are a lovely family, truly.

If she reads this..Baby doll, you make the front page look good! Love ya! And kiss a Dingo for me, just make sure he's muzzled first. MOL!


Kitty pile up

February 29th 2012 8:37 pm
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Note from Mom:

This is a first. As you might know Gris has some issues with Zoe. He's just a lot hateful with her but nothing to worry about.

I'm laying here with Diamond right up next to me, uploading our group members' pics with their plants. Zach and Gris was laying at my feet when I heard a yelp. I looked up and my kits are laying side by side, with no space in between. See Zoe decided to squeeze in between Zach and Gris. Gris was chewing a little on her ear which is why she yelped but then he cleaned her forehead and laid his head down.

I would so love to get a shot of this but my camera is in the kitchen and if I get up one of them will probably move. You should see this, tuxie tabby tuxie. Whats even more precious, Zoe has her head laying on Gris's arm. Just precious.

BTW have I told you Gris is bigger than Zach now. He is going to be so huge!! I'm guessing at least 17 pds.


Would you be interested in a gardening group?

February 26th 2012 6:48 am
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I just love watching Mom's flowers wave in the wind outside. And Mom has Desert plants on the back deck for us to enjoy too.

Mom was wondering....there seems to be a lot of Catster Mom's that love gardening and she was wondering....a gardening diary every once in a while or a group? After all it is time for Mom's to get there gardening gloves and shovels and miracle grow out.

Mom realizes gardening has little to do with cats so she's not sure how this will be received but then again, it's a passion so many of us share. She noticed Tully's Mom noted her catnip plant had made it through the winter and Tristin's Mom bought a gold fish plant. We all have seen Eddy's gorgeous picture with her Mom's Lilac plant. And Finn and Lacey's Mom has a flower garden to die for! The perfect cottage garden. See Mom has two hobbies other than being on and her garden.

Actually, we could include Vegetable gardens in the group too.

We could share what our favorite plants are, what new ones we are trying out, and tips for growing certain plants. Also, we could have a list of all poisonous plants to your animals. Another words....which ones can I chew on? Mom would say none of them. MOL.

Mom just bought us a new plant Kitty Crack plant After she brought it home she realized Gris and Zach both got very sour faces on them after biting on the plant. She looked up the plant and found out it has a very bitter and fiery like taste. She also found out to wash her hands after playing with the plant the hard way. See not knowing that the plant oils where still on her hands, she gave Diamond a dog biscuit. Diamond drank like 50 gallons of water after eating the biscuit. Poor Diamond.

Turns out..the plant is good for rubbing not eating. These are the kind of tips we could share with each other.

Mom also bought a Crinum named Mrs. James Hendry. She has a great idea for making easy work of dividing them. With friends in Texas, and California, she would love to run this idea by them. Does anybody have a Crinums?


We're back!!!!Again, MOL.

February 20th 2012 6:40 pm
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We technical difficulties this last weekend. Gris was going through internet DT's. And I watched one of Teddy's movies this weekend. Cat's eye with teddy and a young Drew Berrymore. Mom wanted to show you a clip but they all had some questionable footage.

Either way it's a great movie, very Stephen King and I enjoyed watching Teddy's earlier works.

Have I told you it finally snowed. Diamond was stoked about it and so was Zach. Turns out to be Gris could have cared less. Go figure. It was 48 degrees today and it all melted away before lunch.

Dang!! Zach write your own diary!!! Lord knows you've got one to write. Okay, Okay! Zach is pestering me.

Zach- "Did you miss me????? MOL."


Find your Valentine here!!!!! Just call me Yenta!

February 13th 2012 3:18 pm
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Matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof.

My dear lonely and alone friends. No cat should be by itself ever. You can either go partying with your friends and swear that Valentines is just a stupid holiday, drink yourself into a catnip stooper OR speak up here!

I want all my friends to be happy.

There's so many kits without Valentines. Please throw your name in the hat. Make a comment and somebody might say Hey I like him or gee she looks swell.

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