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Zoes secret dreams made public

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DDP and reluctant happiness

December 11th 2012 1:43 pm
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I hate that I got a DDP talking about our friends that crossed over the bridge this last weekend. And I was too emotional when I wrote my diary last night. And I realized it this morning. But I still hate it when we loose friends in batches. I wish I had gotten DDP from talking about something fun. But I know there's a time and a place for all emotions. And where better to talk about these sad feelings than here where everybody has the same passion.

Anyway, so life goes on here...
The squirrels are still stealing the bird food of the back deck

Mom still crying over not being able to get that last 10 pds off
(and here we are in the eating season)

Gris is still as vain as ever, constantly bathing and fluffing up his tail (Mom says she's heard that is a long hair personality trait)

Zach still follows Mom around like she's the best thing since slice bread (got a new pic to prove it)

Diamond has tore up two new petsmart tennis balls in three days and chasing squirrels.

And me, loving my fill in boyfriend for the holidays. Skylar is a true gentleman, so attentive.

Oh and good news bad itchy scratchies are gone! Yay! Bad news...I'm back in the bathroom. I peed in my spot on the floor again. Mom really needs advice. She believes cause the guys decided to use MY bathroom and only my bathroom, not the other two, that it is getting way to dirty for me during the day. And with Mom being busier than normal, sometimes not getting home till late she wonders if that's why I have peed in my old spot. I mean, do you know how much poop and pee three cats put out in a days time. A lot and in only one litterbox!

MOM- Anybody have suggestions on how to scare the boys out of her litterbox without scaring her? I don't need her getting litterbox fear on top of her bad habit. PS- where she pees has been fully deammoniaized (is that a word..if not I just made it one LOL) so she went back there out of habit not smell (like they always say they do). Maybe like with puppies, I should put stuff on the floor in that spot like books. I need a cat whisperer for this problem, I really do. But it has gotten better, really it has.


To old friends and the newly departed

December 10th 2012 8:06 pm
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We've kind of been busy the last few days. When we started looking over all the diaries tonight, we didn't know how to feel. We were so happy to see old friends up dating their pages....Hey Sweetie, hey Percy! And yet to find out we have lost four friends this weekend, it made us so sad.

Ethan, we adore you and your family. It's never easy having a sick baby with special needs for long periods of time. Now it's time to reflect on the good times.

Burt, the same goes for you. Please visit your dad and let him know it's okay he wasn't there. That you had the rest of your family with you. And tell him we are sorry for us.

Tao, my heart goes out to you cause as a foreign third world kitty, we knew the chips were stacked up against you. So sorry. We worried so much about you falling off the balcony again. Hope that's not how you went. So so sad,

And to our deepest regrets. The death that touches us to the core. Flicka. I meet them through Teddy Bearz, he said in joking she would be a great future girlfriend for Gris cause they were twins. Even though Gris shocked us all by becoming a long hair. Again, the chips were stacked, way high. It almost hurts knowing this family, they lose so many. But I also know they live in the rural areas and with the caregiver being so young(not being able to drive herself) there's only so much she can do. Sad to see a young kit the same age as Gris, looking like Gris dying of worms. I regret not being here to tell her to deworm her whether she seen worms or not.

Goodbye friends and I know you guys will be great angels.


Sit down before reading this

December 2nd 2012 2:29 pm
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Big Holidays news. Ready?

Skylar is going to fill in for Teddy Bearz as my escort to all the Christmas parties and Festivities. See, I asked him if he would be Teddy's stand in and he said he would be honored. And with me being his best buds sis he is really, really honored. We then started talking about how it would be nice for TB and his brothers to stop in for the holidays and maybe they will. But just encase I need an escort...he is it.

Mom has had a pretty lazy day but she has been pulling out all the Christmas stuff in the last hour. She said our tree will go up tonight in Zach's room. I hope she hurries up. I want to get back to watching Dallas. Sue Ellen just found out Dusty is still alive. We are currently watching season 4. Which brings me to my next game. We also have pics of us around the lighted up reindeer. Mom put it out in the neighbors yard last night, after all it is the little old ladies reindeer. When we first moved in she asked if we could keep it and put it up for her, we said yes of course. Mom will try to upload the pics tonight. When she does there's a pic with the tv in the back ground of one of my pics, I'll be asking you to tell me who it is. Okay.

PS- there is something about the holidays. Your inner child is awakened and I love it. I love it so much, I got in a box today and chased my tail for a good while. Even Zach was playing with the Turbo Scratcher this morning and has been chewing on Moms Christmas Bows (like every year) Ahhhhhhh kittenhood guys have fun this season!


Pick a name game A-F

November 24th 2012 10:06 am
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I was talking to Gretchen, Mariettes Burman. She said she got her name cause it was a G year. Huh a G year? Turns out Burman breeders name there babies like Hurricanes.

So let the games begin....
Pick yourself out your favorite name A-F

For example I pick

Which one do I like best? Faith

Oh you guys can play too.

Zach here...heres my list


Which one do I like best? Edward

You don't have to write down the names A-F (unless you want to) Just make sure you pick out a favorite and leave it in this diary.

I thank this will be fun...Personally I love the name Gretchen but she wishes she was born in the P year. She wishes for Princess to be her name.
(Don't we all,MOL)


Ever ask God why you love animals so much it hurts?

November 13th 2012 10:44 am
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Mom was just wondering if she was the only one. She sometimes hates feeling helpless when it comes to animals. Wishes she couldn't feel their fear, their pain. Mom just asked a friend why God had to make her this way. Why? Are we appointed guardians? Why do I care so much? Why can't I stop worrying about that baby sitting outside in the cold, terrorified. The poor baby tried climbing the wall literally when she seen Mom. Mom is so worried but she knows all she can do is purr.

Please everyone purr for the little tabby with amber eyes that she finds her way home or a home safely.

Do you ever wonder why we feel their pain?


DDP thanks and remember your purrs for our northern friends

November 4th 2012 7:01 pm
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Just want to say Thank You!!!!! For the gifties and pmails. I love you all and I'm so excited about Amber being back home safe.

Mainly though I wanted to remind you not to forget about our friends struggling everyday up north. They are cold, hungry and car less.

Lets all purr so hard we vibrate the earth!!!!


Purrs needed for Gris's cat Mom

October 31st 2012 7:56 pm
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Mom didn't tell Gris but his Mom has been missing for two days now. She needs many purrs so she will come back home. His sister Ellie is still around and that's the good news.

Here's the thing....Mariette, Mom's girlfriend, has just acquired a new horse and secretly Mom is terrified that Amber might have gotten to close to the horse. The horse has only been there one week. See Amber always liked their horses and their horses never payed her any mind when she would walk around them but the new horse might not like cats. Gosh I hope that isn't the case. Maybe she is just somewhere warm and hunting her on food. Cross your fingers!

Mom would secretly ask Mariette hubby to look but she's afraid he will not be honest with Mariette if he found Amber. Mom offered to walk the land but Mariette said some of the bulls are mean.

We will keep in touch.


Afte r being missing for three days and nights..... She showed up like absolutely nothing was wrong. So yay!!!!!!!! The horsey didn't get her . She just found a warm spot, I guess. See my comment below. Please celebrate with us cause we all thought something awful happened.


Successful litter box retraining

October 23rd 2012 9:42 am
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So we are calling my retraining a success even though over the last two weeks I've had two mistakes. It was all Moms fault and she knows it. She even apologized for the first boo boo. See, after the first couple of nights in the bathroom I started sleeping in my box 24/7 even if the door was open. Mom started to worry about my security issues. Then one afternoon when Mom came in from outside I was laying beside some fresh poop! Mom Without having a germaphobic moment ( believe it or not) no matter how much she thought about it and tried to bribe me out of the box. I said nope this is Where I want to be. I guess Mom thought she could scoop the poop out without desturbing me.... Nope that didn't work either. I high tailed it out of there. Well, you guess it later that night I peed on the floor in the guest bedroom. Mom said crap I messed you up Zoe. So back behind locked doors again for a day or two. She was so sorry.

Second mistake was when she moved the litterbox Into the tub. It's the guest bathroom nobody ever uses that shower, ever. Well, Mom showed me she moved but I still couldn't find it so once more I resorted to using the floor. I was locked up for one night more. Now I know where it is and love the privacy I get. I've been free for two days now and no mistakes.

Oh and the boys ... Well let's just say Mom left my food bowl and water bowl in there as a distraction for them. No matter how determined they are to stink up my new bathroom they can't resist the crunches. By the time they get full they've already forgotten about the urge to pee.


Bathroom retraining .....going good so far

October 14th 2012 7:04 pm
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Busy busy busy...Mom said she has been feeling like she's been chasing her tail all week. And now the market has started! 75,000 extra people has invade our city, which makes traffic and restaurants impossible to enjoy. Mom says the highlights is the great free concerts, and high fashion ladies running around town. Plus it brings so much money into our city. Thank Gosh people are old fashion and choose to keep us the Furniture Capitol of the world!

Now, we are also adventuring on a new tatic for my bathroom issues. Being feral, a female and hating to go after the boys has caused some problems. Mom has tried several things and nothing has worked. So I'm locked in the bathroom for retraining. Don't worry I kind of like it. Mom opened up the door to let me out and after a quick run through the house, I went back to lay down on the towel Mom put on the toilet lid for me. Zach sneaked in and used my bathroom, brat! Mom cleaned it up for me, isn't she great. I have a new big litter box, and Cat attract in my litter. Yesterday I peed in the litter and pooped in the tub. Mom put a towel down in the bottom of the tub and wet it...then she sprayed the dry edges with anti cat citrus spray. It worked....I had no choice but to poop in the box.

This is only my third day in there. Mom said she going to give me a week. Then when back out if I have another mistake it's back in the bathroom. Also Mom knows it's behavioral so to the vets I'll be going but for right now...feliway will do.

Seeking advice, if you've got it.


help! Giving mass quantities of gifts question

October 1st 2012 6:25 pm
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Okay when I first got here I knew a trick to highlighting feline friends so that you don't have to click on ever friend. Here's the thing Mom can't remember how to do it. Or has the program changed to where you can't do it now. mom even remembers telling a friend the trick.

This was bothering Mom back when we got the free cakes.

Please if you

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