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Zoes secret dreams made public

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Tears for Tux

March 28th 2013 1:40 pm
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Short note from Mommie Chris here to the other Pawrents out there.

I cried today, it was a brief cry but a heart felt "I'm missing you like crazy cry." I was changing Zach's playlist when I clicked on Tux's bridge playlist. Free by Zac Browns Band came on and I remembered how I felt when I heard that song after Tux died. Tears started to surface and there was nothing I could do about them. As I listened I thought "God I miss you" For our new friends, Tux was my buddy, he was by my side for 17 years, through the roughest years of my life. He was the greatest dog I have ever had, and I have had some great ones. Living in a state where you can drive 1 hour and your in the mountains or 4 hours and your at the beach, you do a lot of traveling. He was my day trip buddy. So if you know the song it fits well and also just the point of them singing about being Free makes me thank of him being free of his old and worn out body. The same body that finally turned against him.

These are the days I remember the true reason I love Catster. The love and understanding I felt when he passed. The love and understanding and kinship we all felt when old timers like Baltster, Gump, and Tiger died.

It is always hard to lose a baby no matter what the age and for whatever reason, but old timers who have been with you for over 15 years is really rough. Their memory is seared in your brain, it will never disappear. I can't believe I can still to this day, see Tux in my minds eye running, with his tail wagging and ears a flopping. Or when he started to swell from the heart failure and I sat down on the ground, I was crying and was asking him if he was ready to go. And in the typical Tux fashion, he sat down beside me and leaned against me. I just some how knew right then he said "Mommie, I'm not done being your best friend yet" (Maybe this is why I adore how Gris leans into me while sitting beside me or on my lap.) Long story short, I took Tux to the vets, we got him heart meds and he lived for many more years happy and well beyond pampered.

I hope and pray that I have my "now" babies that long. So I can have so many memories of them seared in my brain.


OMC! Could his head get any bigger!

March 25th 2013 5:24 pm
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Geez! Zach started his diary today saying he was speechless. Speechless!!!! Can you believe that and changing his name to who's your Daddy!!!! Really! Mom always says Men are little boys in grown up bodies. I believe it.

So then he went on talking about Tink and how she is supposed to be his future geriatric girlfriend but now he mentions his new retirement plan to put Tink, Skit and Calista in a nice home next door to his. Get Florida! He says they can be "His Golden Girls" like he's Hugh Hefner. I quote him word for word...."After a long day of goofing off, watching skirts and playing 18 holes of golf on the course named after me, I will walk in to see which of my golden girls one the daily lottery to make me dinner. When I walk in, she will be standing there with a red apron on, holding a seafood casserole in one hand and a Martini in the other. I will be the remote holder and never have to watch chick flicks. They will just sit there and rub my feet and adore me. I will give them in return, the world!"

Now he's having Mom make him a video glorifying himself!!!!!

Can you believe that egotistical bleep! Good Lord you would have thought he just one a Golden Globe or something. AND he thanks he's the best looking cat here now! Are you kidding me! I have auburn hair and green eyes!

As happy as I am for him, I must plead with you not to egg this on. Girls I know, I know but please don't.


Who's the bully?

March 22nd 2013 1:44 pm
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Okay so I get this idea from Diamond bulling us away from our wet foodies this morning. Time to rat out your fam.

1) who's the food bully?
2) who's the litter box Stalker?
3) who's the peeps lap hog?
4) who claims the top of the fridge?
5) who's the angel who just goes with the flow?

1) my fam.... Di and Zach are the food bullies, Zach is the main litter box stalker, I am the lap hog,
4) Zach put his flag on the fridge years ago and Gris and I usually go with the flow.

Extra notes: Gris hates us invading his space..... He bites if doesn't want you there.


New Plants and GeenPaws

February 24th 2013 1:48 pm
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Don't know if you guys know but we are plant nuts around here. Mom moved new plants into Zach's bedroom and closed the door. It's been killing Gris, he so wants to get in there. Personally, I want to see the new blooms myself.

Mom is posting a bunch of pics on our GreenPaws group page (also pics of the way Witherspoon prunes and mound their roses) but she wanted to share a few here. She's hoping it get everybody excited about the coming up growing season.

Mom's Ginger Lily

Gris checking out the Elephant Ears

The Bird's Nest Fern and new Pot

Orangie, Canna Lily

Outside babies for now.....double white hellibore, one onxy oddessy hellibore and a new rosemary plant

And a pic of Jasper, one of three cats living at the Nursery


Word of advice when it comes to like or love

February 10th 2013 2:51 pm
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Anonymous come the Man I want. Confess your love, make me understand. I keep having a sneaky feeling it might be Teddy B but I'm not sure. Please tell me.

I found this poem and I felt it works for so many lonely guys and gals, out there who are alone but don't want to be. Maybe you like , maybe you love from afar. TELL THEM.

When words are left unspoken
Hearts are often left broken.
So if you want to confess to someone
Do it before she is forever gone.

If you've never felt this way before
Don't let her walk out of your life's door.
She may never come back
And In your heart, there will be left a crack.

Everyday you will remember and regret
You will try your hardest to forget
How you had the chance to tell her;
You wanted to be with her forever.

So now if you get that chance,
Don't take a second glance.
Tell her everything you've ever wanted to
She'll either say no, or I Like You Too…
A Rahman Jamal

This goes for my little brother Gris too!


We got our playlist back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 7th 2013 5:43 pm
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Real quick note because Mom has to some internet stuff to do, I have my playlist back!!!! Woohoo!!! You should see Zach. He is so excited and he wanted to write this dairy. So we had Mom or Zach.

She said Zach is the rocker but Zoe your the one that took the initiative to ask for help. I thank Zoe needs to make the announcement.

Here it goes. I was checking out the new dreamboat studs, when I clicked on Norman Dreamboat #93 page. Guess what he had great music and it was our fave, Playlist! So I pondered the situation and pmailed him asking how does he still have his playlist. Turns out he had never erased his code when it quit working and when he seen one of his friends playlist was working again, he went back and turned his own just to see. And it worked! Now we had erased our codes so this morning when we read another pmail from him. Mom decided lets look again on Playlist and there it was an embedding code! Yay!!!!!!!! Oh yay and he is a verry good looking man! He and his family are now friends with us too.

Okay, so you know the playlist will be mainly country and classical, Zach says he's going to start doing his top songs of blank year again and Gris, lord help us all. That kid has got the most interesting taste in music. But the other kits will probably love it. Di will have her girly party music again too.

Look forward to hearing everyone's playlist again.


Reminder and Links to poison control sites

February 4th 2013 11:14 am
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Okay, so we were talking to Sleep and remembered Ledford's tragic death..kind of sort of. See Ledford was a kit of two litters we found and we kept him out of the whole lot. The others we successfully gave away. Long story short, Ledford was a FIV kitten. We did all we could for him and he had a great life, lounging around the house. One Sunday morning, Mom and Grandma stayed home from church to stay with him. He wasn't doing good at all. Now Mom was 14 at the time, so there was no emergency vets. Our vet would come in for emergencies though. Remember those days? Anyway, Ledford was laying under the dining room table, not moving and having labored breathing. Mom can still to this day, see him laying there. Eventually, Mom couldn't handle the situation anymore, so she went for a long walk.

Hours later, Ledford died, right under that table. Never even got a chance to take him to Doc Sink. Years later, Grandma confessed that she had giving Ledford Tylenol to help ease the pain. She had no idea it could kill your baby. I thank she carried the guilt around like Mom does for Blackie and Joe's death. It's so easy to blame yourself. Either way, Mom is pretty sure Ledford would have died that day. Ledford in general was a very lazy cat so we just didn't see him getting that sick, it all of a sudden like. His body I guess just couldn't fight anymore and at that time meds for animals just wasn't up to par like they are now. Now FIV babies can live for longer periods of time as you all know.

Just the other day, Mom was looking up Sago Palms. She wants to buy some but is worried because they are very very poisonous. Even if they are away from the babies she worries about the neighborhood animals and kids. She also looked up fake Sago Palms and my gosh they are way to expensive! Anyway, mom came across some people who had lost their babies to Lilies and Palms. Mom said we so need to educate more about this kind of stuff.

Oh! and while posting these links, Mom seen that Rock Salt is poisonous. She didn't know that. They are always adding to these list and it's just good ole "good to know" kind of stuff in general!

Here's some Links-

htt p:// (great poisonous and non poisonous plant section) 1+1418 (Tells you how to clean up poisons and tells you how the vet or you can combat the poisoning of your baby)

Also never forget to call the poison center if you suspect poisoning.


Finally! My Bday thanks!

January 27th 2013 2:18 pm
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Mom was hanging out watching the tube when I said "Mom can we now Thank all of my friends for the great Bday!" She said "sure" Really? It was that easy? I thought I was going to have to pull a toe nail out or something.

Anyway, Here's my list of gifties
Bday Candle from Ingen
Bday cake from Skylar
Party Hat from Blade, and one from Maedia
Butterfly from Tink and Snow
Cuppicake from Milo, Mallee and cusses
Snowman from Tabatha, a jumping around snowman from Jez and Charlie, and one from adorable angel Alfie and fam
Pink ribbon from Smiley and Gunner T and Peekaboo
Heart from my Bff Calie, and one from Luke, Natasha and fam, and one from Blizz
A rose from Midnight and her crew, one from Teebo, Callie and rose, and extra sweet rose from our old friends Lacey and Finn, a rose from Meep and Bibi, and last but never least a rose from the most purrfect gene pool ever on Catster....The gorgeous Anna, Greystone, Tony and Fam

Samahin, Sleep, Fearless and Socks made me a cake I forgot to post but it was so darling (can't remember which pic it's posted in) and also gave me a golden star! Still Zach has more than me, dang it!

Just happened to notice that I am most definitely single again. Teddy is gone for good. :( I can catch them, I just can't hang on to them. Oh well.

Love you all and thanks for the gifties and making my bday the greatest!


Common sense

January 24th 2013 3:54 pm
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Unfortunately, it looks like Mom will be going to the funeral home next week. A friend at work raced home yesterday after getting that dreaded "you need to come home, your Mom is not doing good" call. We all hope for the best but we have seen this play out many times. So, Mom said she was going to get that black dress coat she's been meaning to get all year. No luck. Why? There was no coats left and in there place...swim suits! Mom says the stores are starting to look ignorant with their pushing of the seasons. Just ridiculous! We still have three good sweater wearing, coat warming months ahead of us and yet they are all on clearance! For Gosh Sakes it's snowing tomorrow. They should be busy selling snow sleds!

My common sense answer...go coat shopping in July and while your at it grab some Christmas Decorations.


DDP wish

December 17th 2012 5:36 am
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DDP again on a DDP diary. Interesting. Anyway two wishes.... That everyone that has heartbreak right now .....sandy victims, ct victims, our friends who have lost their babies to be able to find peace in their hearts.

Other wish..... That you guys check out Gris's diary. I promise if you watch the bird video we have on there you won't regret it.

Love you all! Thanks diary girl.

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