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Life of a not so feral kitty

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Many thanks although they re late in coming I am very- thankful

June 12th 2011 8:33 pm
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Wow I had a great birthday mom had a busy week, then cali and skids both got DDP, moe wrote a story in her diary then Blizz and I had a pawsome week and we went to Lacey's party that turns out should have been Finney's party MOL (their mom got in the cat nip and then made a real boo boo ) So mom is just taking dictation tonight for my thank you diary. Catster friends made this the best birthday I have ever had! I got cards and photos, and many comments and so many prezzies! Many thanks to:
My sweet Blizz I got a diamond and a rose.
Smokey Joe and Family
Midnight and Popeye
For my cupcakes
Patrick and Michael
Missy and Pumpkin
For my party Hats
Skylar and Family for my heart
Bibi and family
Finney, Alex, and Lacey
Da tabbies of troute towne
Walley and family
Tony and Anna and Family
For my roses
Pinkie and family
Big Harry and Family
For my watermelons!
Nadia and Gump for my fowers
Harley for my shrimp
Ashley Callie and Family
Tony Anna and Family
Cali Ann Bush
For my Bluebirds
Stein and Family for my ribbon
Misha and Family for my Lady Bug
Sleeper and Samhain
For my share the love hearts
A very specail thanks to my friends:
Zoe, Zackery, Diamond and family, share the love loaded with mackerel it was so yummy!

It was such a wonderful day sorry I am late with the thanks, If I have missed any kitty, please forgive me, I love you all.


My Birthday! and my blizzaard sweet heart

June 8th 2011 11:08 pm
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Wow my birthday was just incredible! It must be the best birthday I ever had but today dad told mom he thinks I am older than five what is up with that? See mom made my birthday to be the same day Skids went to the bridge, like in her honor. Then the Doctor told dad I was about two years old give or take a few months so that would be June 8th 2006. We do not know how to tell if the Dr was right about my age, so we are calling it five today.
I got so furry many presents, cards, comments and photos, I never realized I had so many caring friends. Mom has captured the names of all the caring kitties and she has started on my thank you diary and it will go out tomorrow. It is really great to be a catster cat. Check it out this little ole feral kitty is sweetheart to Catster's catfather, my sweet Blizzard, ooh did you see his new pictures? He is so yummy! Really in that photo where his daddy woke him up, it makes mom wanna bring him home with her. MOL Thanks for my Diamond and rose, Bizz honey, (hugs and kisses)
boo kitty out


A night on the town with my Blizz

June 5th 2011 10:17 pm
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Dear Diary, several weeks ago catster's catfather (Blizzard) ask me to be his furgirl (oh be still my beating heart) and last night he took me out on the town in grand catfather style!
First he pawmailed me and ask me if I would like to get away just the two of us and I said yes (of course) time away with my furguy is just what I need!
He came to pick me up in a shiny red corvette convertible and oh my girlfriends he looked so fine all 48 lbs of his pure white mancat self behind the wheel of the powerful little car. As he opened my car door, he stroked my back and helped me into the passenger seat. Then he looked into my eyes and his blue and green eyes showed all the love that is in his heart and I lost my heart to him all over again. As we sped along the freeway with our fur blowing in the wind we acted liked two teenage cats rather than to middle aged cats in mid life crises.(just kidding you know the convertible) He took me to Booboo's by the sea, it is a beautiful seafood place The tabbies of trout towne had named after me, they told me all about it in my earlier diary that's my mancat Of course the sign on the front of the building is of a furry white kitty, looking beautiful. The tabbies of trout towne actually had the trout that we had that night delivered to Booboo's for us. Then after we had some fine wine and the finest trout that trout towne has to offer, we strolled paw in paw down by the sea in the moon light and Blizz told me he thinks I am the most beautiful and loving creature he has ever known. We strolled and talked until the sun came up and we watched the sunrise together. Then as he drove me back home I rested my head on his big furry white shoulder and catnapped. Oh yea you might have heard that he is a deaf kitty but let me tell you he heard the sweet nutins I whispered in his ear. Then when we got to my house, he gently kissed me good night err umm oh or good morning and I floated inside to get some rest.


Hurricane Ike and the fight with a pit bull named salley

June 2nd 2011 11:21 pm
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Oh dear diary as you may know I got my forever home off the street in June of 08. Then in Sept 08 Hurricane Ike "ripped thru the Texas Gulf Coast leaving devastation in it's wake" ok well that is the way the TV said it and I like to watch TV. I just know it left a lot of people without homes and stuff, weel my mom's sister (now I know is my aunt) was one of the families that lost her home in that storm. See it was like this:
The night before the storm my aunt and her furfamily (2 dogs and a elderly kitty came to stay at my house) me and the old man kitty got along ok he was kinda tired and distraught at being away from home. The dogs were mostly outside and if they came it I was locked in mom and dad's room cause the dog don't like strange cats or small dogs she tries to eat them. (yea!) So mom cracked the door to her room and went on to do her nightly routine of teeth brushing and face washing (hers not mine!) I was still kinda new in the house so I mosey down the hall to the bathroom where she was and I eye blinked at her, she said hey Booboo then mom heard a kinda quite commotion, she ran down the hall with tooth paste steaming down her chin to find me engaged in battle with her sister's pit bull! ( she is only part pit but FURRY big) I was puffed up like a tiny polar bear and I was beating her brains out as she tried to bite open my tummy, mom screamed NO and gabbed her by the collar (salley is really old and mom really loves her otherwise yea whatever_) and yanked her off me and as she did blood splattered on the wall, mom cried as she took her back down stairs and outside then ran on shaking legs back upstairs to find me so worried that she would not know what to do if I was bleeding. I waited at the top of the stairs and ran in the extra bed room as she got to the top. Mom captured me so scared of what she would find. Oh thank you Jesus there was no red blood on my white body. See I was a street cat and I am still kinda rough around the edges,(Zach that so fits my persona) so I know how to handle some crazy cat eatin dog, but trust me I aint in no hurry to do it again. Mom bought my litter and cat food into the room with us and she sleep with her one eye open on me all night and I kept my eyes on the door watch for that fool dog. BTW Salley's pic is here I think it is on Skid's photo book, mom still loves her (WHATEVER!) but we do not want her to say here again. Doggie lovers pray for her she is old and sick now she has a tumor in her breast it is NOT cancer but the Dr said she is to old to remove it one day it will rupture and COULD be painful but she is to old for surgery my aunt will have to choose to have her PTS or take a chance the rupture will not be painful. Thanks for reading this furry long story, wow mom said I never talk MOL.
Booboo kitty out.


Oh that's my man cat!

May 30th 2011 11:02 pm
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Dear Diary
My Blizz won over $200.00 in a game he played in
Zach's wild west story and he left all the mancats that wanted to take him down, standing. Yea he never sat on anycat or even used his weapon. I just know he prolly wants to take me somewhere with all that money.....oh yea I have it ummmmmmmmm should I take him somewhere? I might be a little rough around the edges becasue it's true I was once a street cat (now a refined ladycat) but I will defend my mancat's honor to the end. I love you my sweet sweet Blizz.
Oh so where should I take him ? Paw to chin thinking....dreamily.


The Catfather and Booboo!

May 23rd 2011 6:55 pm
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Wow I am still just floating on clouds since Catster's Catfather has ask me to be his furgirl! Some kitties might still now him as Blizzard but a awhile back, my brother Tiny suggested he be catster's Godfather and since he is not Italian he is now known as Catfather of Catster. Yea that's him and now we are an item! Tonight in his diary he ask me to be his furgirl! IT is so exciting and he has sent me a heart and sweet lips. His dad and my mom are on different schedules so we don't seem to get on catster at the same time, we will have to work on that. In his diary I have read about many broken hearts he left behind when he choose me as his furgirl. Let me just say I am sorry to all the girl kitties that are left with hurting hearts tonight. Blizz be safe and take care of you and your family in that bad awful weather so many of our furiends are dealing with.


does any one else like it

May 10th 2011 7:37 pm
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It's the smell of clorex cleaner. When mom cleans with it I want to get all over the freshly cleaned area and roll in it. It is always dry but the scent of the cleaner is still there and I love it, little boy, and callie like it too moe just a little and tiny not really at all. I just wonder why that is. See mom feels really strong about a clean house and clorex works to clean everything for her but now she is concerned about this obession we have for it. Wondering if there are any other cats that like that or if we are just weird or maybe you moms never clean with it?


Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

April 9th 2011 11:59 pm
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The week-end of my mom's walk is fast approching some of us kitties mentioned that she is walkking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness walk and she 's been traing. The date is April 16th and 17. The walkers will walk 39 miles that week-end 26 on the first day and 13 on the next day. If anyone human or cat in your family has been touched by this disease and you want her to walk for a cure for them or walk in memory of them, then pawmail me and I will make sure she knows. If you wanna visit her page you can go to and then click on "donate to a walker" and you will see her page. Mom and my aunt ( her sister) are walking in it together. WE are not asking for donations she has met her minimum required donation of $1800.00 to participate in the walk but you don't have to donate to visit her page that's just the way to get to it. However if this is something you just want to donate too then that's the place to do it.
The Boo Kitty


Fat Cat

April 3rd 2011 7:14 pm
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Sometimes people look at me and they say that is a fat cat. It kinda hurts my feelings. I mean I like to eat, what cat doens't... unless its Moe and I think she is too skinny. Anyway back to me, ok so I am not a young girl with a girlish figure I am a full figure girl but I am still beautiful. I had many days where there was no food available to me so it took a while to get used to the ideal that mom was not gonna let me starve. Well tell me if you take a look at that profile picture of mine is that a candidate for a nine lifes commerical? No cause we don't eat that stuff. Really I wonder would those fools that say that think The Catfather is a fat cat and if they do would they be so brave to tell him so? I think not. Please be nice to the fluffy cats. I mean do you think tate wanted to be on a diet no it was just cause people called his fluff, fat, and that's just wrong. Be nice to the full figure and fluffy kitties. No if you see the tinister (tiny) it's ok to call it like you see it.


DDP again

March 29th 2011 10:42 pm
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Hey Diary I was a DDP again today, thank you catster and everyfurry one that helped me celebrate I have so furry many pawsome friends here. Mom is walking in avon Breast Cancer walk the 2nd week of April and so she gets home to us so very late she is going to help me send my pawmail and thanks tomorrow. The kittens that were kittens two years ago also had a birthday this week, and little boy was a DDP and I was DOTD all with in this week! Wow we love it here.

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