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Life of a not so feral kitty

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update on my vet visits

March 9th 2012 9:03 pm
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Well we do not know what is up with me. I have a fever but no throw up or any runny poo, really we have not seen much poo at all. The vet is not concerned about the lack of poo cause I have been eating less. I am still eating but not like I used too. Tonight dad made me some chicken soup from the fancey feat and warm water it was pretty good earlier in the day mom fed me some rescue food the vet told her to use and of course I still like to nibble on my dry kibble but not as aggressive as I used too. Mom is always sticking food under my nose and I usually at least try it. The baby food worked well the first night but I didn't really want it today. The vet said my blood work (full picture big screen blood panel) looks good nothing alarming. I Just have a fever that makes me feel bad today it was back up to 104 it was 103 the first vet vist on Wednesday. The vet seems to think I have a virus that will need to run it's course. I got another shot today to reduce my fever and I feel a little better tonight. I am going to the litter box well except for the lack of poo, I am doing well in the box.
The fever and listlessness was the way alley was when mom took her in....but(mom understands most kitties act this way when we feel yucky, it doesn't mean we cannot get over the illness), the vet has assured mom he is real sure this is not a consideration due to the fact that FIP is rare only 10% of kittens under three get it, I am well past the age for it and he also said some research shows this disease is genetic. The genetic part does not help us much cause we do not know my history.
Please continue to purr for me I wanna feel better. Thank you so furry much my sweet mancat Blizz for pawmailing me to see how I am doing it was so good to hear from you. I hope you are still doing better each day.


Blizz and I both still need purrs Please

March 7th 2012 9:21 pm
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Wow what a day I didn't mind the car ride so bad and the office was kinda interesting but then the v-e-t lady started in poking and prodding, my tummy ears ribs, and stuck stuff up under my tail! She told mom I had a high fever and most likely I have a little infections some where so she gave me a shot of fever reducing meds and a shot of a two week antibotic and she made me get fluids cause she said I was a little low on fluid. Mom is really working hard not to worry cause this is almost the same word per word things they said to her when she took alley in for her first visit when she got sick. They took blood (so that was a fourth needle) and the results will be in tomorrow. They said mom should see results of a better feeling boo within 24 hrs. Tonight I still seem the same to mom, I interact with the others but it's like I do not seem to feel like myself, moma just sees the difference in me. Please remember to purr for my dear sweet mancat Blizz he is not doing well and the v-e-t is working hard to see if they can get some meds to help him, he has rare disease and the only meds they have available for this disease, makes him throw up, so he is still at the vets and really wants to come home. I think all my friends already know my sweet Blizz but if you do not please visit Blizz and let him know we got the potp going strong for him.


please purr for me this will be hard

March 6th 2012 9:27 pm
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I need purrs please because the word is out that I am going to the v-e-t tomorrow. I am fine really I am but mom is concerned for me. See I love mom so much I follow her to whatever room she is in and keep my eye on her. Before all these other cats where here I adored her I even liked to watch her brush her teeth, do her hair, fix my dinner ,clean the box , fold the cloths,... see anywhere she was I was there. I still like to stay close but lately I have been staying to myself a lot. I sleep in another room and I don't follow her like the other kitties do and I sleep a lot. (extremely more than I used to) this kinda stared after Ivey died so mom and dad think I got depressed, but it has been tooo long and mom is going to make me get my blood and urine checked. I still like treat time and I eat ok at meal time and I am going tt but mom cannot tell about my poopoo cause there are five of us and she has not seen me in the act.
I do not like the vet or car rides, please say a prayer and purr for me.


how old am I really?

February 21st 2012 7:21 pm
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You know the reason I wonder this is cause when I first came to live here mom and dad insisted I go see the vet and so I did. He did all kinds of stuff to me and I do not like him. My dad ask him how old is she? The vet said about two. Now that was four years ago, wow I been here for a while now. But I still wonder how does the vet make this guestament at my age? What made him think I was two? Dad said he thinks I act much older and now mom wonders if I am an old kitty? So does any one out there know how does the vet make a guess at a kitty's age when he or she has no known history on that kitty. We have heard it is from my teeth but what if I was a house kitty for a while and got real cat food until I lost my home then wouldn't my teeth look younger than a very young kitty that had to eat a lot of bad stuff....just makes me wonder the same vet told mom Ivey was 3 or 4 and she had some misssing teeth.


Hey look at me and also Tiny's story

February 18th 2012 9:15 pm
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Hey check it out I got a video on my page! Mom is not good at catching us on video and it is a shame to cause we do some cute stuff. Last night I was in the mood to play and she caught it on film and even uploaded it so check it out ok?

Also Tiny wants you all to know he has written the 2nd installment of the story of smokey so if you have not read it please check it out here in his diary he is proud of it and he didn't do too bad.


locked out and it isCOLD!!!

February 11th 2012 11:08 pm
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I wanted out on the balcony early this morning so dad let me out there. It was cold and I got a little chilli so I ask him to open the door but he was no longer there. I kept waiting and looking for the door to open but no one was there. TWO hours later I hear mom and dad talking in the room and mom ask little boy if he wanted on the balcony and when she opened the door I ran in real fast. My ears were cold and so were my paw pads. Mom said Boo?! you were out all this time? Mom was still sleeping when dad let me out and he left to go to some silly gun show and he forgot I was outside! yea! Mom said he was hating boo. MOL I love my dad but that was a long time to be outside mom said for dad not to let me out anymore she said she will do it cause she never forgets me.


calling all dogs

February 8th 2012 11:31 pm
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Yea I said calling all dogs, not sure why I gotta write this diary I dont even know if I like dogs, but mom does so I got chosen. We have a dog and dog angel in our family. It is grandmas dogs, they are furblings to Freckles. Mom has a page for them on dogster. SO if you have dogs and can befriend
over on dogster, we eerr umm I mean they (the dogs and mom) would love it if you would befriend shorty
and you will see Little bit is also there you can befriend the whole dog gone family. We would love it if our catster friends can friends with our dogster family.
oh our link is not working here is the address:


not without invitation please

February 5th 2012 10:31 pm
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It is a known fact that if I feel the need for luvin from mom and dad I will let them know, what kind and how much. Maybe just a scratch on the chin or a kiss on the forehead or maybe I will even want them to pick me up and cuddle me. But please pay attention if I invite you to kiss my head, do not take my feet off the floor just because you are bigger than me and you can. IT's not right.
Mom thinks I might have been missing Ivey all this time and she never realized it. I kinda stay to myself except for playtime, treat time and meal time. I am peeing and Pooing ok. I just like to stay in the room where Ivey used to stay when she first came here and I like to sleep in the little bed she used back when she had to be locked up at night time. sigh really who knows maybe I just wanted my room back, that was my favorite room back before Ivey came to stay with us. Ivey and I were alike in that we both know what it was like to be a homeless mom on the street with kits to feed. Mom got to thinking she doesn't remeber seeing me the night Ivey died, maybe I was more upset than she realized. I don't know I seem to be feeling better now. Mom is just watching me closer..


the water faucet

January 6th 2012 10:04 pm
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I have discovered or maybe I re-discovered that I just love the water faucet! Mom said skids would only drink water from the faucet and now pretty much every morning I jump up on the counter so mom can turn the water on for me and she does it too isn't that sweet of her?
DO any other kitties like to drink from the faucet too?


our new pages!

December 31st 2011 12:42 am
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Oh we are all so excited tonight (this morning) mom is putting up the new winter pages Dante's mom is making for us! Check it out Alley, Callie, Freckles and I already got new updated pages. It is a brand new year, and wow this is already going to be my third year with my furvever family, they do not really know how old I was when the took me from death row but the vet said i was about two, well so then that means I must be between 5 and 6 still just lovin this life I live like a kitten. Currently I am sittin with mom as she types for me, and if she is good I might give her some little kitty eye blinks.
This is going to be a great year mom says there are no more new kitty surprises in store for us no matter how bad she wants to help another kitty, we got a full house here.
Gotta run before some cat comes to bop me on the head again...why is that so fun for those fool cats?

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