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Life of a not so feral kitty

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Help Stop the Cruelty

April 5th 2012 9:23 pm
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Please help the ferals that may never know any other way of life. You can
stop the cruelty here. Mom loves alley cats for all they do and they need help from kitty luvin humans to help stop the cruelty
Please go by and sign the petition today maybe together we can make a difference.
Oh and once you sign it takes you to a donate to the cause page, we are not in any way asking you to support them even though we think this is a good cause, it is just important to get the petition signed to maybe help
stop the cruelty


Angel Dreamgirl # 28

March 27th 2012 9:50 pm
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My Boo kitty was honored today as an angel dreamgirl by the kitties in the group dreamgirls. It was so nice to get the pawmail and see her name on the list of angel dreamettes. Thanks for choosing my BooBoo, and Moma Ivey was honored today also as an angel dreamgirl. Our Moe MOe got a DDP today too! WE miss booboo each day but our household is making the adjustments and dealing with the loss of our dear friend. Calie and Moe work hard to keep little boy busy playing and chasing and today my husband said even Tiny was playing with little boy, He still seems a little lost when he sits out on the balcony by himself. Calie spends time with him in the enclosure like he and boo used to do. I am glad they are taking care of him and of course his daddy and I are giving all of them lots of extra love.
Thank you too my catster friends for the emails, pawmails and comments it is good to chat with and hear from so many other kitty moms and dads.


tell me your thoughts please I want to know.

March 26th 2012 10:09 pm
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If you get a chance please check out Alley's diary and then tell us your experience if you have any or what you think of the article. I know (mom) I am reading all this stuff and some of it is nonsense and like Alex mom said to me today the doctors just kinda "dump" stuff they cannot figure out into this FIP area, but if anyone has experience with FIP we want to know. IT just is making me wonder sense we might have experienced this "rare disease" twice in less than two years, if there is some way we can lessen the chances of it visiting us again.
Please check Alley's diary and read the article and tell me your thoughts I know sense there are so many kitty lovers here some of our friends might have some thoughts, mostly we are wondering if we are unique to have been dealt this disease more than once sense it is supposed to be so rare.... I know there is a chance my Booboo kitty had cancer but the vet did tell me that the fluid looked more like FIP to her and she would need to test more fluid and send it off to be sure.....


Love you my boo kitty boo

March 25th 2012 11:13 pm
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I love you so much and I miss your sweet little face and the way you looked into my eyes. (tears) I hear a kitty scratching on the kitty scratch pad and I think of you, my sweet boo kitty boo you loved the scratch pads. I hear Tiny in the box and he is an excessive coverer like you were and of course I think of you and miss you so much. Your kitty bed sits empty and no kittys sleeps in the box you loved either.... our kitty household is making adjustments but we miss you so much sweeet boo kitty, all the kitties are much more quite and not as rowdy at play time, They were all very glad to see us tonight when we got home from the week end away. We laid your pretty kitty body to rest on the farm with the rest of our kitty family that already waits at the bridge.
Daddy believes your sickness was a cancer he does not want to think FIP has touched our kitty house hold again so soon after Alley cat, no matter if it was cancer or FIP you were too sick to stay with us and I would not put you through the stress of more test. Thank you for the years we shared and forgive me for anytime I ever let you down. I know you didn't want to be part of a large kitty house hold but Little BOy and all the kitten (alley, calie, tiny, moe) they all needed us so bad so you made the adjustment and learned to love and tolerate them all.
Thanks for loving us boo kitty boo. We will always love you and miss you.


The card/book from my sister

March 21st 2012 10:39 pm
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From mom:

This past week end my sister ask me to baby sit her twin boys and I told her my boo was still sick and I would not leave her. Later this past week end is when I found out it was FIP and I brought my little girl home home to spend a few more days with her. I sent a text to my family to let them know about my Booboo's FIP. My sister sent several text to check on me and let me know she was thinking of me daily. Today in the US mail I received a book/card from her it is titled "my little one" I posted a few of the pics from the book. They are so precious and of course they made us cry. I just put them up here for a few days because they so touched my heart right now right were it hurts. These little ones we love are so precious.
Miss you so much my sweet little boo kitty girl. You are one of my little ones and I will ways love you.


My boo kitty boo

March 21st 2012 12:00 am
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My booboo I miss you so much I tired so hard not to cry while we spent time together (you were so sensitive to my moods) and today at work I held it together really good. But my heart so hurts that my chest feels like I have a sore muscle. I know it is just the pain of losing you and it will get better but I sure do miss you booboo girl. I know we talked about the bridge and how good it will be and I know you are out of pain now but I sure wanted more time with you. I keep thinking of the day I brought you home from the shelter you were so at home right here with me and daddy, it's like you always belonged here. I rescued you and cheated death one time but when it came to FIP there was no way to cheat it again... I love you so much. I know little boy misses you, daddy had the day off and he said he saw little boy looked for you most of the day. Tonight I saw him as he looked for you and he tried to start a game of chase it was like he thought you would come out of hiding if he was playing chase. Tonight as I made play time for the siblings (Calie, Tiny and Moe)little boy just laid on the bottom step of the stairs and watched us play he keeps going out to the enclosure and coming back in....I know we will feel better with time but I try not to think of our last days right now because it hurts so much. You page looks so pretty thanks to Anna and her mom. I will always love you my sweet little boo kitty booboo.


My BooBoo kitty

March 19th 2012 6:42 pm
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I just put the date of for my Boo Boo kitty's bridge day. This was so hard to do. We had two days and night together after they told me there was no hope and oh how I prayed for a miracle but just like with Alley God said "NO it was time for her to go to the bridge" She was soooo sweet and she adored me, the way she could look into my eyes was like no other kitty here can do.
Yesterday was my birthday and I did not want to celebrate it I just wanted to spend time with my booboo and make her feel loved and special. We spent much time on the balcony together and today we spend several hours outside in the little enclosure she always loved. When she no longer wanted food and there was no longer any reason to force feed her, she still loved her treats and she got as many as she wanted (she didn't want many) it was such a special time for her just moma time outside time and treats.
FIP is so rare but I have had to lose two kitties to it in less than two years doesn't make sense oh I pray there is a cure and a vaccine for it soon. Today my husband brought me roses and a card that was happy birthday to "mom" for the cat kids. Booboo always loved to sniff the roses when I got them and she would try to eat the greenery. Today was so sad she didn't even try to sniff them when I showed her she just looked at them and back at me.....
I miss you my boo kitty, please know I did the very best I could for you and I love you always and furver.


My update is not good for us

March 17th 2012 9:18 pm
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I am writing Boo's update tonight with a very sad and hurting heart. How can this be that I have to lose another baby so soon after Moma Ivey?
Today I took Boo back to the vet and she had gained weight rather than lost, (I knew this cause I had already check it at home) this is not right cause she is eating less every day and it is getting harder to assist/force feed her. I have ask for x-rays and ultra sound that was to be done on Monday and I ask to move it today. After 2 hours of test and needle pokes, we found fluid in her tummy (tears! and my heart so hurts) it is either a cancer or FIP. Looks more like FIP. How can it be that this very rare disease is taking two of my kitties and my boo should be past the age for the chances of ever getting this. But of course on a rare occastion older kitties get it too. We do not know for sure how old boo kitty is. This June would have been four years with us and the vet said she was 2 or older when we got her. She is resting now on her pain meds in the closet no more forced feedings except for miracle from God I will have to let her go to the bridge on Monday at 4:20 p.m. Please say prayers for me her mom this is so very hard.


assistance or forced entry???? what if this were happening- to you

March 13th 2012 11:03 pm
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Hello my friends mom is half asleep as she types please pardon any typos. I have been poked and prodded again and we still do not know anything except I have a an infection somewhere and so now I am on another antibotic. I have to get fluids for a few days to say hydrated and mom still has to "assisst" my eating. Yea she calls it that "assist" IF I could force her to eat would she call it assistantance? I think not.
They toook more blood today and tried to get urine but mom will have to do it and take it to them cause I would not give it up.They gave me a pill, a shot (b12)took blood , took my temp and stuck a needle in my tummy to get to my bladder....I was so exhausted and ready to go home, and at home mom "assisted me with food" Really we are both getting better with the syringe, I am learning to take it like a baby takes a bottle as she slowly dribbles it in so we hope this means I am ready to start eating again, and I do still eat some little bit of nibbles on my own but not enough to keep my liver healthy without the "assistance" She still has to forcefully insist at the beginning of each syringe session. Mom was up most of last night for every three hour feeding casue she works in the day time and I do not get fed if I do not eat on my own during the day. We got almost the enitre 3/4 of can down today in addition to the little I nibbled for dad today.
Thanks for praying and purring for me I know we can beat this illness and I will be better and have lots more time with mom, she loves her Booboo. Mom has read this time we are going through will make our bond stronger, I guess we shall see......I do not ever really run from her cept when I am done eating and she insist I must eat "a little more "
love yall


Thanks for praying and purring and for my DDP celebration

March 10th 2012 9:15 pm
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Hello all my dear friends it has been a rollercoaster of emotion for my mom today. When someone calls to check on me or her, she gets tears in her voice, she does not like to see me like this and it hurts her heart and of course she tries not to worry about me, we do pray that tomorrow morning I will be up and ready for some food without that nasty syringe that I do not care for. My fever came back today up to 105.2 then mom gave me some yucky meds. (thank GOd I am not throwing up) and I kept it down all I ate today was liquids off the food and the (recovery food) stuff in the syringe that she made me take. I still show an interest in food but just lick at it, hoping tomorrow is a much better day for me.
Thanks to HQ for my Diary honor and to you my dear friends for making my DDP so special thanks for your concern and your purrs and prayer. Thank you my wonderful friends that made my pretty pics. We have them proudly displayed on my page.
Thank you:
Milo and family for my star
My dearest Blizz for my POTP
Manytoes and family for my clover
Angel Buddie for my well wishes ribbon
Anna and family for my pretty pink ribbon
Angel Sonny and family for my pretty red ribbon.
Smiley for my clover
Elsa for my heart and the hug that came with it.
Thanks for coming by to visit on comment on my diary we love hearing from our friends, and again thank you all for praying and purring for both me and mom.
If any kitty was not included in my thanks please forgive me and know we love yall.

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