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I was almost a drug addict!

June 19th 2011 10:29 pm
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Yea I almost got hooked on scrpt drugs. Ok maybe not almost but it was a thought. See I developed this very bad (for mom) habit of marking the drapes. The stray cats, really stress me out! So mom replaced "custom made drapes" with machine washable curtains. She had to find a home for a very loving stray kitty that she wanted to keep (he has a good home with people that love him) Moma then bought some boundary stuff to keep the strays a few feet from my house (not harmful just repulsive to cats) Then she talked to the vet about my problem, and anti anxious drugs were recommended. Mom talked to dad and dad said oh no I don't wanna see him get on drugs. Yaaaa way to go dad.

My mom is a super clean freak dad thinks she has a compulsive disorder about cleaning so you can see we were stressing each other out! Some people have cats and others have fur children, well we are the latter to mom and I was always her favorite, mom would never consider re-homing me or turning me out or over to a shelter. For my mom it's like having a child that wets the bed and then saying "I cannot deal with this so you my child are off to the orphanage" or re-homing them with an aunt or someone. Maybe that sounds extreme but that is how much she loves me. While mom understands some people have to do this, it's just she could never do it.

But we had to do something so now I am on rescue remedy, and it makes me mellow and VERY loving, kinda like I was when moma and her sister first rescued me from the streets. The vet and rescue groups say there is no harm in the "natural remedy" mom and I hope they are right. I am now once again her little lover kitty, and Tiny is kinda Jealous, but I can handle him, he is is like my brofur.


Happy Father's day to all the catster cats dads.

June 19th 2011 12:07 am
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Hope you cat dads all have a great day, if for any reason it is not a good day for you then please do not "kick the cat" use the dog. OK mom said no don't kick the dog either.
I love my dad he is the best dad I could ever have, he is the reason there are 5 of us in my home and he gets a real sad look when mom talks about Alley, he still wishes it could have been different we just give him lots of kitty love.
I know all you kitties feel like your dad is the best kitty dad too! Kitty dads are the best.
kingdom kitty out.


please be still!

June 5th 2011 12:28 am
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Hey I need my zz's. Today when daddy came home he was really tired so moma brought him dinner (or supper to her) in bed and he ate then he got really drowsy, well you know us kitties know how to sleep, so I got on the bed with them and proceeded to get really comfey right up next to dad's leg. After a few minutes he turned of the TV and turned over so I re positioned myself into a comfey place real close to him. After a few minutes mom said to dad, you really wanna move don't you? MOL dad said well I kinda want to get an asprin cause I have a headache...but I don't want to deserve little boy again. MOL I got them so trained, cause they so love me. Then daddy gently rubbed me and I told him mewow mewoweeeeow (kinda groggy and couchy) I gotta get my zzzz's we kitties need a lot of zzzz' to stay healthy please don't disturb us for silly stuff like asprin or for cat's sake a picture!
kingdom kitty out.


crazy cat person, cat rescuer, horder, or just loves- kitties.

May 12th 2011 4:21 pm
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What makes a person that really loves cats and has a lot of us different from a horder of cats? Aside from the care given to the cats is there a diffence. Mom knows some a layd that rescues kitties and she has over 100 cats in a a no kill shelter, she has three big "cat houses" sittin on over 100 acres of land the houses are real houses humans used to live in and now about 30 kitties per hosue live there and some live with their human other people come here when they are ready to adopt a kitty. All kitties are vetted and fed well, they are cared for and the houses have "cat proofed" closed in porches.
Another person has 15 kitties also all vetted (shots neutered/spayed) well fed (well science diet) and they are all named and loved, they live together in one house with their mom.
Another person has 9-11 indoor/outdoor kitties (kitty doors to do as they please) vetted and well fed and loved (sleeps with mom or dad whoever is still)
Another has 5 indoor only kittes in one house all well vetted and fed very well loved and cared far with a safe outdoor enclousure. How do you know if your humane has gone over the edge of kitty loving human to horder or crazy cat person. ummmm just makes us wonder.


well how much is too much

May 9th 2011 11:31 pm
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Cats should take L-Lysine right? Ok so mom takes it sometimes and sometimes she gives us some of the gel kind. Last night mom spilled her pill form of L-Lysine out on the bed where I was laying and watching her, so I jumped up and went over to see what she had, it must have looked and smelled like treats cause I took one. Mom freaked out! She put her finger in my mouth and down my throat and took the pill from me yea it was all slimy and stuff and I still wanted it.These are 500 mg pills! Mom said that is way too much for me, I only get one pump of the gel. She was wondering what made me think I wanted that pill? Well really I must have thought it was a treat and they must smell or taste good to me. Maybe I just know when my immune system needs a big boost!
kingdom kitty out have a good night. I am going to do River's happy dance cause we are so happy getting around catster now!


A party at zach's

May 4th 2011 10:39 pm
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Hi everfurryone we been away for while, mom is still messing aroud with her old computer, MOL she really wants to chunk it out the window sometimes, mayvbe then we will finally get a new one and can get hooked back up with all our friends. We been missing yall. Hey tommorrow night there will be party at zach's and we hope to see you there maybe you can stop by and meet new friends if you don't know all my friends already. Mom will still be at work when it starts but we are gonna try and make it later.
Hope to see you there. Hey i think we got the link thing but if it didnt work and ya wanna know abut it just pawmail me.
kingdom kitty out
oh yea the tabbiees sent trout and it sounds fabulous


not impresssed at all

April 26th 2011 11:30 pm
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I think it was a bunch ado about nutin. Yea the girls like it I guess and tiny (well he is a momas baby) thinks in great. Wonder why I didn't get a man cat prize on my DDP ooh yea it wasnt DOTD. Well I am glad the others like it. It keeps them busy and outta my hair. I think I am gonna make that heart Moe won from River and Simone, my very own. I really like it.


A bad Little Boy

April 2nd 2011 10:06 pm
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Oh Dear Diary can you remember back when our friend
lacey wrote a diary called Stop Theif? This diary was about stolen nails. Well.........yea so mom wanted to take mine the other night, first she took Calie's then Moe's and they let her, they are so in love with mom she can do almost anythng and it is OK. THen she came to get my nails, after she took one I moved higher on the cat castle and she came to take another, so I moved back down, and I took my paw from her when she picked it up several times I did this and I moved away agin. SHe just kept on getting my paw and saying "what's wrong little boy? moma loves little boy" well I love my nails so I quickly wihtout warning grabbed her hand and bunny kicked it hard and attempted to knock those disgusting clippers out of it. She said "oh Little Boy that really hurt" she was bleeding too and she didn't want any head buts she went for the perioxide for her hand and came back to try it again! Oh my cats so I left the room to keep from hurting her again. Later I didn't get any hand fed treats as I always do and ever time she picked me up she looked at my nails and said "you really hurt me Little Boy" Even the next day she said "little boy you hurt me last night" Ok I got it but did she? No she said she is gonna get help to come and finish the job on my nails....I really need them what if that ole red tom comes back on the patio mom? Her hand looks better but it was a really deep scratch. Why oh why do they feel the need to clip cats nails?


Thank you for my DDP

March 24th 2011 9:17 pm
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oh Diary what is a kitty to do moma is so busy with boo's social life she hasn't had time for me. I was a DDP also and I want to say thanks to all the kitties that stopped by to read my diary and congratulate me.
Thank you also to:
Tony-Anna and family for my ribbon
Mia-Milo and family also for my ribbon.
It was a great day and moma loves the little boy kitty, it is just that booboo's arrival story is grand....well just let me say a lost kitten on the parkng lot is a pretty grand story too! ok I probably get along better on the streets than boo did after all I was not in a feral cat cage, I was a lover street kitty. So boo had a great DOTD!


special outside time and the trespasser

March 22nd 2011 9:54 pm
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Yea! Diary mom let me walk outside on the pation in her arms tonight. She used to do that for me when I tranistioned from "outdoor rescued kitty to indoor kitty" when I first moved here I was an outdoor only foster kitty some of the family says mom is cruel to make me stay indoors only, sometimes I tell her that too. But tonight she held me close and we walked all around on the patio and I looked up at the sky and smelled the free air oh it was a pawsome few moments for us.
A few minutes later mom was inside I was in the pad lock, via the cat door and she heard some LOUD yoweling and tiny who was by her feet jumped up and growled moe ran for cover callie cowered, then boo and tiny went to the cat door and looked out togeter from the inside, mom came runing out to see what was up. A BIG red Tom kitty was in my patio yelling at me thru my fence, but it's ok, I ran him off just as mom came outside he took off over the fence. Then mom spayed some "boundary stuff" all around and I haven't seen hide nor hair of him since, oh yea he better run. Moma is furry glad he did not show up when she had me in her arms on the patio woooooo cause that oould have been a worse fight than Zoe and Zachery had tonight.
The id's for these kitties are: cats/1169986

Kingdom kitty out.

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