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kingdom kitty

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The little people have left the building

April 7th 2012 10:44 pm
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Yes and I am glad. There were two little humans here yesterday evening and last night, I know calie talked about it in her diary too, cause we do not care for little people. They make us kinda nervous and we gotta hide. I was so stressed and worried after they left I kept looking for them and I walked crounched down low to the ground, and I was so jumpy, mom finally gave me two doses of rescue rememdy it makes me feel so calm and mellow. I am resting on the foot of the bed with her now.
I have not felt the need to mark any of the drapes or curtains lately. Mom hopes I am over that again. It comes and goes when I get stressed by other kitties and changes to our kitty household. Dad washed all the drapes in our kitty room last week and they are still fresh and clean smelling today. There have been no cats outside and now that Ivey is gone I am not so afraid, I still miss boo I do not seem to be searching for her like I did but I still get a little depressed at times, mom works to bring me out of it with lots of loving , treats and play time.
Happy Easter my friends, I am hoping mom will have some ham to share with me or maybe a little bit of very real people food tuna, I really like it.


Please visit Salem

April 6th 2012 9:59 pm
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Please go visit Salem he is ot feeling well and really needs some purrs and support and his companion could probably use a little support right now too. IT sound furry scary for him.


getting better

March 29th 2012 10:50 pm
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I still look for booboo and last night I was kinda going crazy mom was a little worried about me, I kept sitting around and staring into space and when she loved on me I was just kinda like "whatever" Tonight I almost seem like myself (the me that I was when Booboo was here) I am zooming and really loving all over dad's shoes ( I do that when I feel content) and making biscuits on the blankets with mom, I even wiggled my hind quarters before I made a sneak attack on that calico cat.I am attacking the throw rugs and wining, and I am all about the nip again too. I know there might be some more sad days and I can still find traces of boo's scent and tonight calie was tracking her scent too, but each day we are getting back in to a routine. Tonight mom hand fed calie and I some treats we like the special attention.
Kingdom kitty getting back on the throne to rule the kitty household


ranch on the side please

March 6th 2012 9:18 pm
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Ranch on the side is how mom orders her salads unless she makes them herself cause she knows just how much to add to a salad before it drowns in ranch.
Well I got the ranch on the side tonight and I know how much is enough MOL. Mom had finished her salad while she was on the computer and I hopped up there next to her to check it out and wow it smelled good so I took a few bites of ranch before mom said "no little boy that cannot be good for kitties" well really I wanna know if it is not good for me how is it good for her? I mean I was a trash can kitty before she took me in, I got a cat iron tummy. MOL I didn't really want anymore of that ranch stuff anyway.


just let him do what he does

February 26th 2012 9:04 pm
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Yesterday that is what I heard my mom's friend say to her. Mom was talking to her about when I first came here as a foster I as living outside on her patio for almost two weeks, MOL she was going to find me a furever home. Her friend had ask if I stayed in the patio when I lived out there. Mom said no he would leave and come back most nights and sometimes he was gone most of the day. We were not going to make him ours so we had not introduced him to Booboo. That is when her friend made that silly statement, :"just let him do what he does" At first I was like Yea! let me do what I do. Then mom said well he is an indoor only cat now that this is his furever home and I do not want to get a call stating that he has been hit by a car or eaten by a dog or hurt by a mean hooman. Then I was like yea mom you tell her! Mom's friend does not get why mom will not let us go outside she thinks the outside world is a safe place for us and while sometimes I do want to go check it out, it is good mom makes me stay safe inside. Mom's friend has made that statement before she thinks mom should let us be in door/outdoor kitties cause that is how this friend does her kitty. Mom told her "you do what you do" I would no more let them roam outside alone than I would let a human child roam the streets alone. Some humans just don't get it and maybe their kitties will always be safe out side mom even worried over me when I was staying on the patio before she adopted me.


I am a clown moma laughed till she cried

February 11th 2012 11:20 pm
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Mom and dad were about to leave earlier today and so they wanted me to get out of abrahams's room but wait this is a room in my house and I am very comfy under that room. Abraham is mom's bird she has a bird in a cage prolly for our cateurtainment but we cannot touch him or be alone with him.So mom told dad "will you help me get little boy out?" MOL I rolled onto my back and looked at him kinda sideways and when he touched me with his finger tips I played with his fingers hehe I was just out of his reach. Mom was on the other side of the bed and she said "can you pull him out by his hips?" WHAT? I rolled over out of dad's reach and looked at her. Then I rolled back on to my back to play with the under side of the bed. It was really fun mom said she thought I looked like a little human baby playing under there. Dad said I looked and was acting like a poopoo head.


Scardy cats! Calm down please!

February 5th 2012 10:08 pm
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Oh I was sleeping on the bed with mom and dreaming about my pretty lady Lucy (loving that dream) and then Tiny joined me he got on mom's legs as I was already on her feet...we snoozed then Calie joined us she laid her head next to mine at moms feet. At one point Tiny was streetched so long he had his TOES right next to Calie's MOUTH! So mom thought it was cute and called dad to come take a photo since she had the camera beside on her on the bed. Just as dad entered the room, Calie and Tiny scrambled real FAST down and under the bed. Dad said "take a picture of what?"
MOL mom said "never mind they are too scared" Really seriously sometimes they drive me crazy they jump at the silliest things, I mean come on it was only dad coming into the room..surprised Tiny did growl at him.
Me well I dozed back into my dream of Lucy.


My Valentine! I am walking on air!

February 4th 2012 1:18 pm
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Oh Dear Diary the beautiful lucy
is my valentine! Oh I am one lucky man cat. I am little big boy MOL cause mom says I will always be her little boy but lucy
knows I am a mancat. Check out her diary she followed River's lead and oh I am so glad she did, I might never have known she was looking for a valentine.


Can we get an interview with da Tabbies of Trout towne?

January 30th 2012 11:39 pm
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I am working on a degree in investigative reporting and da tabbies of trout towne are under investigation. Yep that is right we all have a real interest in these fun luvin kitties, they are always right there to give us a good laugh, some times a deep belly laugh at the very least a smile. If you take a look at my diary titled Da Tabbies of trout towne, you know we love them and they are some furry dear friends of ours so I hope they will give us an exclusive interview....and tell us what we all want to know.... here it is the million dollar question for Da Tabbies of trout towne! Get ready if I break the one case, oh I just might be famous! Please tell us Dat tabbies of trout towne what is it with you and stoooopid buuurds? Most all of us kitties love to watch them but you don't even like to see the mentioned here. What happened? is there a deep dark secret or is it something as plain as the little nose on my face?


ummm wonder when that will end?

January 22nd 2012 9:56 pm
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I am still kinda scared that Ivey is going to come and chase me away, wonder when that will end?
I know mom is saddened by her departure but I was still kinda scared of her and she knew it so she chased me a lot. I was always ready to make a mad dash when she came around, now as I lay here with mom I am still on guard for her to show up and try to run me off. Mom never let her run me off if she saw it happen she would give her time out but she did not always see it.
Tonight I took off under the bed like I did when I used to run from her, but there was no real reason to run....not that mom could see. I guess this is just part of the adjustment we are all having to make again.
Booboo has taken back "her" room, mom had "loaned" it to Ivey so Boo did not use it much, now she loves it in there, I like to be with mom and the other three siblings kinda stay together or they sit with mom. Life just goes on.
The kingdom kitty is back. Calie needs to step down now and I think she is doing just that.

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