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Don't Forget to Vote for Kringle!

April 3rd 2011 10:23 am
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Please remember to vote for Kringle in the Bissell Most Valuable Pet Contest! This is the last week of the contest, and you can vote for him once a day through Tuesday! It's easy!

Here's the link: id=135368

Kringle is playing for the Blind Cat Rescue, so it's helping other kitties to get the care that they need!

Good Luck, Kringle! We want you to get 1st Place!

Luv to All --


Ode to Butterscotch - My Golden Jewel

February 14th 2011 10:52 am
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By now all of you know that my special valentine is Finnegan! I am a very lucky girl indeed! I'm in BUTTERSCOTCH BLISS!!!!

Every night when I go to sleep I say my little tabby-purrayers, and ever since he asked me, I have beautiful BUTTERSCOTCH DREAMS! I dream of butterscotch sundaes, vanilla and golden striped bowls of delight, with the melty caramel flavor, smoothly and satisfyingly buttery, but with a slightly sharper edge to it, always topped beautifully with whipped cream and a cherry! Finney is a beautiful butterscotch sundae.

When I take my morning nap, I have beautiful BUTTERSCOTCH DREAMS! I dream of butterscotch disks that I chase around on the floor, exercising my kitty-skills and picking them up in my mouth and carrying them to a secret stash that no one else knows about, keeping them safe so I can treasure them later, with the sweet taste of butterscotch on my teeth. Finney's eyes are like my precious butterscotch disks, and I'm sending him a BUTTERSCOTCH KISS!

When I take my afternoon nap, I have beautiful BUTTERSCOTCH DREAMS! I see visions of the sun in late afternoon, across the rolling hills, turning them into shiny, rich, golden fields in a gentle breeze. Warm, butterscotch waves of grain, glazed in the sweet warm syrup of sunshine, the safest place I could ever imagine. Finney is my safe place, such a gorgeous guy, but there is so much more than meets the eye! He is a kind, compassionate, sensitive kitty, funny in a charming way, when only butterscotch can satisfy a sweet tooth. Finney is my BUTTERSCOTCH VALENTINE, and who needs RED or PINK??!!

My Hunka, Hunka, Burnin' BUTTERSCOTCH LOVE!

I'm off to send a Valentine's Day present! Love to All, Tink


Doin' the Wave - the Shock Wave!

February 6th 2011 4:47 pm
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I got a DDP today - it's my first one & it hit me like shock & awe! I can't BELIEVE it! I celebrated with a nap & dreamed of a standing meowvation!

Seriously, I am so honored, but it's really because I have so many friends on catster who inspire me! I read your diaries and listen to your suggestions & advice, then I really just try to follow along. Thanks for all the support, and for sharing your lives with me!!!!

I heart Catster - we have SO much fun! prrrrp, Tink


Truth or Dare

February 4th 2011 4:16 pm
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Okay, so seeing as ZACK(go, Green Bay!) and Tigger have started a game & pretty much DARED the rest of us to join in, I am joining in!

Name the Thing Your Hyoome Says THE MOST:
I would like to think it would be something else, just like anyone else, but it is:

"Yes, YOU!"

What can I say - I am a very good girl, but my "Who, Me?" look is a little TOO effective...

As Always, prrrrp, Tink


Why I Hate Punxsutawney expose by Tink the Cat

February 1st 2011 7:58 pm
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1) This is ALL obviously some kind of sinister conspiracy. A RODENT Meteorologist? Who voted for him? Most of the time, he doesn't even wait until the sun comes up. Tomorrow he will rise from his den, in the middle of the storm, at the one moment when the clouds part, see his shadow, then BAM! WE, who reside above ground, are SENTENCED to six more weeks of winter!! A CAT would be too busy napping to do this kind of widespread damage. We'd say, "I'm busy, tell 'em I didn't see a THING!"

2) Punxie is only about 2 hours due east of us, but for approximately 1,500 cat years it has been completely overcast where we are, yet he SOMEHOW manages to see his shadow. Even when we send him VERY CLOUDY THOUGHTS.

3) He sends his erroneous message to the BURDS in Florida. They heed the call for six more weeks of winter, so they don't show up for about 42 MORE days! (It exhausted me to figure that one out.) I depend on said BURDS for entertainment, so I am destined to four extra, above-and-beyond, NAPS a day. Until well into MARCH. I'm TIRED of sleeping! (need a nap to get over it - brb...)

4) WHO are his HANDLERS??? Pomp & Circumstance, Victorian-Era garb, a Town Decree? It's all so LAST CENTURY! He'd do MUCH better with a Facebook Campaign & a few well-placed tweets(LOVE that word!) Still, for the MOST fun possible, elect a CAT. It would be bright, fun and AWESOME on Catster, with presents and MUCH BETTER FOOD. Catster Mommies Rule!

5) He is obviously high-strung. THIS is what you get when you assign an important job to a VARMINT. He cracks under the pressure and runs away at the sight OF HIS OWN SHADOW. What?! "Scaredy-CAT", my everlovin' tailbase! When I see MY shadow, I POUNCE on it! They need to give that gopher a Xanax! Then let him sleep - all the way thru March! Don't ask, don't tell. Do us all a favor!

6) NOT a media darling at all. Just LOOK at that face(if you dare)!! Beady eyes, buck teeth, not exactly soft & cuddly, no graceful moves, no adorable antics - and what is UP with that tail??? Manx & Bobtails have backends that look a THOUSAND times better. These CRITTERS must have dirt diets, or they wouldn't be called ground-hogs. I mean, who would come up with a name like THAT if it wasn't true? And, of course, we all know that you are what you eat.

IN CONCLUSION: Punxsutawney Phil, I am so sorry that you were handpicked to take over for the old Punxsutawney Phil. They couldn't even be bothered to give you a new name like Punxsutawney Paul or Punxsutawney Punk, because they have the local myth that your cocktail-of-choice, Punxsutawney Punch, has kept one "Phil" alive for 110 years, even though your life span is more like 10 years. You're probly even A GIRL, but who but another groundhog(or not) would be able to tell? I'm sure you were just minding your own business, digging your FOUR HUNDRED THOUSANDTH tunnel when they nabbed you. Nothing personal - but this business of seeing your own shadow, especially considering that you're PRACTICALLY BLIND, has GOT TO STOP.

whew! GLAD to get THAT off my chest! back to napping....prrrrp, Tink


...And the Tagging Continues...

January 27th 2011 6:34 pm
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So, now that I have been tagged by Lacey, I thought about it for awhile, which started to hurt. I thought it would be tough to come up with something, since I'm such an easygoing girl. I surprised myself! So here goes: 5 (only 5?) annoying things about humans, then tag 5 others to answer the same.

1) I'm stealing this one from Siggy, with a slight alteration:
I'm on a tight schedule. Now, we all know Siggy has places-to-be & people-to-see! I however, am on a very tight nap schedule. If I am late for a nap, that time MUST be made up for somewhere else! Does she NOT get that???

2) Mom, I do my OWN manicures. Dis is why you spend da money for da cat-scratcher couches, & da cat-scratcher posts, & da cat-scratcher houses, and da furnitures, and da closet doors, and da carpeting. Leave my claws alone!

3) My mom has ADD, or some other horrible psychiatric disorder. The next two are only two of the freakish things she does that are inexplicably un-right. First, she thinks that occasionally I might like some variety in the foodal area, so she throws in a can or pouch of something like "Filet Mignon" flavor or beef, turkey & cheese flavor. I like fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, or fish. Maybe a seafood-flavor once in a while. Fish, Mom, FISH. C'mon, it's been 3 years.

4) She gives me smooches in 5-quick succession. It's SUPPOSED to go "1-2-3-4-5" smooches just that quick. Sometimes, though, she MYSTERIOUSLY stops at four! DON'T LEAVE ME HANGIN'.........!
It's like a high-five unmet and your hands is in the air with nothin' to do! I don't know whether to wait, play, or eat, & I certainly can't snuggle in for a nap THAT WAY!

5)We have a friend named Pastor Mike who stops by sometimes to check on us. You'll hear more about him in the future in my diary, because there's nothing better to a cat than somebody who's not a cat person! We can smell 'em comin'! It's like they are wearing a giant target-mark! Okay, so Pastor Mike always comes in wearing a BEAUTIFUL outfit - black Dockers with a black reverend-collared shirt. He always says, "Hello, Tink" the same way Seinfeld used to say "Hello, Newman"(I hope SOME of you know what I am talking about!) So, I with my beautiful blue-tabby fur, which is made up of banded hairs that are silver, gray and white, RUB up against him & purr & jump in his lap & purr & roll over & purr & jump down and rub all over his pants legs & purr, until he begins to resemble......ME! I think he looks STUNNING this way, and what else is black for? He also leaves and anyone else who sees him will LOVE him because he looks like a cat aficionado! Also, he is a dog-person, so I try to leave a scent so THEY will have an exciting moment in their day! This is a FAVOR! So even though it annoys me the way he says "Hello, Tink", I provide him with a wonderful example of love & sweetness! Just like Jesus, methinks....

Sorry this is so long, but I was going to introduce you guys to Pastor Mike tonight anyway, so this will count as the first installment.

So now I am tagging:
Kaci Sunshine
Nikolai - Dreamboat #24
Wilson J. Scooter

Don't know if you've been tagged yet...also, I'll say that I'm willing to be tagged again if you need an extra, but I really want to hear from others. I think I'd like to hear what DA TABBIES or some other angels would say. Do they like humans better now???

As Always, prrrrp, Tink



January 26th 2011 6:02 pm
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So, yes I will now strain every once in a while to put a complete thought together(and yes, my nickname comes from Walter Payton, one of the greatest football players who ever lived & the late pal of my mom). I am a sweet kitty, but not terribly bright, so bear with me. My first entry is about why we came to Catster and why we've stayed.

My mom's last kitty had to go to stay with the sister, and though the sister was well-intentioned, she had never had cats. The situation was unavoidable though - Mom was going through some intensely tough stuff & lost her home. She ended up in Florida, in a battered women's shelter, and had not been there a week when she got the call that there had been a fire & the cat had not survived. The sister thought cats would naturally try to escape danger but instead it hid in the closet. Mom went through months of panic attacks and seemingly the grief would never end!

A few years passed and I fell into her lap, and finally cleared the clouds away. She has now found Catster, and knew it would be good to have a support system in case anything ever happens to me. I am comforted knowing this, even though I am PURRfectly healthy, happy & always indoors.

Now with the passing of Mikko, who was just a kitten, Minnie, Arnold P., Babydoll, and the horror of Molly's death yesterday, we know we are in the right place! We have seen firsthand the love, support & comfort of catsters who truly care. Not only that, they are responsible owners. The tips, stories, and gentle suggestions are given generously, with no expectation or obligation.

Thank you, everyone! We are SOLD, and we are LOVING it!

prrrrp, Tink

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