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It's all about the stache

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A good christmas for Mr. Trouble

December 27th 2010 3:57 pm
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Oh yeah! Iam one happy little fur ball, Christmas was paaaaawsome! I guess pals were right, and Santa paws doesn't always keep up with the whole naughty list thing. Clemy and I hit it big, here is what we got: A fluffy mouse thing on a string (I love love it!), a itty bitty catnip mouse for each of us & the work cat, a can of wellness cat food, a fun cat tunnel, and a squeaking mouse! My favorite is the fluffy thing on a string! Oh my it is amazing, yesterday morning I even brought it all the way up stairs so one of the peeps could play with me!. The tunnel, & itty bitty mouses are so much fun, but Clemy won't let me play with her chirpy mouse! That party pooper. I have been a good boy too, well up to this morning. You see A was sitting on the couch watching Modern Family & messing with her new camera when I decided to jump on the side table & hace a paw lick of her OJ. Of course after 30seconds I got bored & A looked over just in time to see me knock over the glass. OJ went everywhere! A was not a happy camper, especially when she was on the floor cleaning it up & I wanted to "help" by batting around the ice. Hmmmm I hope santa doesn't take presents back.....


Uh oh a naughty list? Oh dear....

December 24th 2010 4:09 pm
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Well hi everybody!
I thought it's about time I start a diary! I have pretty wonderful thoughts, that must be shared with world. I would hate to deprive anybody. Well let me start off with syaing Iam PUMPED for Christmas! My very first one ever! I like my first thanksgiving a lot, I was suprised that peeps actually had a holiday dedicated to turkey but they did! One of my peeps says it's really about being thankful and all that but I know the truth. I almost thought this christmas thing was to good to be true! First the peeps put up a tree in the house (yes in the house! Can you believe that??) and then to my suprise they decorate it with fun cat toys! I like it. We even have a little one with twinkly white lights in the dinning room, I enjoy long naps under it and many hours chewing on the branches. The peeps don't aprove. The peeps & Clemy were also telling me about this santa dude, I wasn't sure about a strange man coming into my casa & eating some tasty treats but then they told me the dude leaves presents! How cool is that! But then they I learned about the naughty list. Oh dear. That could hurt me. I may be a sweet little boy but uhhh they call me trouble for a reason. So Iam very worried about the naughty list. I hope the big man understands! Oh my, oh my.....

Headbonks & loud Charlie purrrs

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