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Tuesday Rumpdate AM

January 25th 2011 3:46 am
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Well furs
I am feeling better. I do not mean I am healing much just I was pretty much back to my old Rumpy-Bump self.
I dont know what that man thinks? He went and put me in the WATER again.

I did not make it easy. That collar came off. I flipped, flopped, jiggled, jumped, spun. I even spanned. Span! MOL! Thats when a cat gets their feets real wide and you cannot get them into anything! MOL! My word! MOL! So the bowl was too wide to SPAN. Ah well.

I mean if he would take this thing off me! I could clean myself.
And he has to stop mentioning when I get a dirty bump!

That bath made me MAD. I mean water is one thing but my back hurts now! And that back? What is this? It felt fine for a week now I have an Ouchie! I have an Itchy too! I did not feel good so after that bath I spent the night before last on the tree. That was not a good idea cause I overslept and almost missed treats. Well I was up but it was a rush.

I forgave the Pops yesterday when he came home. I was all down the stairs and sniffing the doggie door where his sisfur lives. I had a treat and even went in Tim's couch spot for a bit.

Then I came in to sleep with the Pops. I mean I have to make sure he gets up for treats and breakfast. Me and Toby made sure. I think we were early but only an hour or two. MOL. Not really! We just talk when he gets up to move around to get comfy. I try and tell him that if he went in a circle... Ah well maybe hoomans do not do that!

I have to go to the Vet today. I know it. So... I hope it is good news.

My cats I took some time to read ALL of my comments! I am blown away! It... It makes me warm inside.
Thank you all!
I think Pops needed the support more than me!
I told him to keep upbeat. Look at me. Not pretty but I am RUMPY-BUMP and I will persevere. MEOW!

Love you ALL!


Monday Morning Rump-Date

January 24th 2011 4:16 am
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Pops Entry:
I had to give Rump a bath
I am afraid that even with the collar he can get to little parts of his burn and may lick here and then there and get an infection.
He HATES baths.
More so now
I had to wrap him in a bath towel
Very traumatic for both of us
Then I had to put his collar back on.
Oh my
I tried to dry him as best I could but he was having none of it
He did not come in to sleep with me either.
I was upset but he came in this morning.

I tried to clean his wound very softly with water.
He actually does the best job so I left his collar off for an hour also
Today he seems like it is bothering him.
Some more of the top part has sloughed off but the bottom is stuck tight.
This is not good
It looks more like a big scab.
It may need surgery to clean up his wound and pull his skin together
This will depend on how it looks when they clean it up at the vets.
He will have to be sedated and have this under anesthesia.
I Know how to do dressings once he is debrided but I do not think a cat
will allow it. He already is getting skittish. Wary at getting a treat.
He did not want to even let me put his ointment on today
I am sick
I think I knew this deep down so I am ready.

Please send lots of purrs!
We really love you for those already sent!
It has really really helped me and the lad!

Pete AKA Pops"


Update on, well, ME of course!

January 22nd 2011 8:27 am
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Hi fur friends!

Wowee! I really feel good because of the great support I am getting from all youz pals here on Catster! It makes a Man-cat proud to know his furs are True-Blue even in the tough times!

So let me tell ya what is up!

Thursday I had a day with no big thing on my head! Whee! But! Now I have a new thing. It is not very big and it is funny looking. Pops put it on last night, Friday. I got it off once, and then there was a Rumpy-Pops show down! Argh! On again! Oh My! I was upset! Mad! How could he!

That Pops. He threw some toys at me! Oh Pops I don't want to... Oh look! The springy thing and... Oh the big mousie with nip! Whee! And this collar does not really get in the way! Oh well lets play! I play for a bit and then settle in with Pops on the couch while he reads. He let me in Tims spot and Tim came over and said it was OK. For awhile at least. MOL.

So then I spent the night with the Pops. Laying on him! MOL! He wiggles and squirms a lot but he sure is warm.

This morning I made my cat-mind up to let the collar go and see what gives. The other "cone-thing" was awful. This is an inflatable one. Pretty comfy really. When I lay down it is like a built in pillow. MOL.

So my ouchie is, well, ouchie. Pops says that is good! It means the skin is alive and well underneath. He is putting goopy goop on it and I want to lick it off, but, I try try try and cannot get it.

It does not taste good so maybe... We will see

I am a lucky cat to have my Pops care for me!
I am a lucky cat to have my Brofurs care for me!
I am a lucky cat to have all my Furiends on Catster care for me!
Yes I am a lucky cat!

I love you all! In a man-cat way of course!

Rumpy Bump

**Note from Pops:**
"I am digesting this all by writing about it. Of course life goes on and there are other hassles I am dealing with. The long version of Rumps and my notes are on Tims Facebook page -saturday-rumpy-and-pops-comment-on-the-whole-cat-astrophe/1 74833999225661

The short version is this:
The burn looks about the same. Second degree. Not real painful but it is and this is good. Shows the skin is alive. It still looks nasty but it is flexible and soft. He is a real good guy about all this. I am noticing he has a bit less energy than before. He sleeps a bit more.
The stress has been tough on us both.

I have been through real trials personally. It is very different when it is a loved one. It is such a helpless feeling.

The support all of our Catster pals have shown really have made this bearable.

Good friends and a spiritual contact are the real foundations getting through our trials living in this world!

If only I could purr!

Thank you all from deep in my heart!"

Pete AKA Pops


R-Ump-Date Thurs Morning

January 20th 2011 4:01 am
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Hi everyone:
Thanks so much for the well wishes and WOWZERS DDP!
I Cannot think of a more deserving kitteh and... Just kidding!
Purrs and Hed Bumps to ALL MY FURIENDS! Thank you so much!
I am feeling better now cause I am with my brofurs and my special friend Pops.
PS Pops wants to add some stuff! Gotta go play! Bye Fur Now!

"Well the little guy seems to know more than me...
Last night I was down giving him dinner and keeping him company after work
The fellow painting the foyer was still here so it was an hour wait for him to get done and then I could park my car. So anyhow
He did not want to eat much. He was more interested in just laying in my lap as long as I kept my hand against him. The second I moved my hand he found it. Climbing on the table in the Foster room that has the old computer on it. Walking on the keyboard(as his regular behavior)
nudge nudge nudge Rumpy. Well I figure he is lonely
I bring him upstairs and it is like old times
Rump chases Buddy Rump chases Toby Rump runs for treats. Only thing new is his collar which he bumps into things. In about an hour he figured it all out and is getting around well.
I had been talking to a friend and we had decided that maybe he needed a good bath on Thurs. He was getting a bit funky from the ointment and being white... Well...
So I go to bed and he is right there. Nudge nudge"give me your hand". Purrrrrrr. Prrtt. Prrtt.
So I do not sleep well. I roll about every 2 hours or less and have to reposition the old body. So 11am Prrtt. 1am Prrtt. 3am Prrtt. 4am Where is Bump? Oh here he is and... NO COLLAR... How?? Well I am not getting up now so sleep tight Bump...
So he had been really busy... He was pretty clean by 6am when Buddy called me to get up. He had also cleaned up his burn. The front part, the part I was worried about, had the dried skin off of it and nice clean pink skin shining through! YAY! No full thickness burn!
So leave it to nature. I am leaving his collar off today and he can stay with his buddies because he is not picking at his back. I figure he will work at it when it is ready. Of course I will keep an eye on him and put the collar back on. I have to fix the tab and I have no idea where the very strong nylon I used to tie it on is so...
Happy days are here again, but, this is not over yet!
It will be another week or so till we know if there is any lasting damage.
He may have a few bald patches.
So much for being a TICA show cat in the alter class...
I could care less! As long as he is better!
Thanks for all you caring. It has really kept my going! This is such an emotional thing.
I was really surprised at how little information on burns and cats is available I searched and searched but once you get past some very basic first aid there is nothing. So I will figure out a place to post what me and Rumps have learned. The photos are a big rough so we have decided not to post most of them here but as it get better we will."
Love you all (In a Manly sort of way) LOL
Pete AKA Pops (Keeper of Treaters)


Tuesday Night Purrs

January 19th 2011 4:01 am
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Thanks fur the supports my furiends!
It makes it easier knowing you have good furs with you when it is tough.

So last night the Pops was upsets cause I did not eat much.
Well he could not eat either if he had the hairballs I did!
I had pulled that itchy blister off and of course most of it went down the hatch. I had to clear the old belly. I laid three big huge immense hairballs next to my dish so he would know what was up.
He laughed when he saw them!

I did not really know what to do cause he let me out of my crate and cause of the collar I could not play real well. I gave my little tree a got scratching about 10 times but kept feeling funny. I jumped up on the puter table and did my "cute kitty" by laying on the keys. Pop laughed and pushed the big cat carrier out so I could lay on that. I just really wanted to be close to my big buddy so I purred even louder.
Then I got in his lap! I never did that! Truth is I never could sit still long enough. But let me tell you. I just relaxed and ahhhhhh...

I laid there for a good half our or more and Pops just rubbed my ears and neck. Ohh it was soooo relaxing. I purred the whole time! A big big purr like only I can do! Loud and reverberating! MOL!

So then he opened a can of fancy feast and I was not sure if I should dig in cause there might be another up chuck so I just licked the juice. Then he put treats down too! I did them in YEAH! Then I really started on that FF. Then I got more treats! Wow!!

So then it was time for lights out. He told me I need my beauty sleep!
I am so beutiful the world could not take any more! Uh, I mean Handsome
yeah Handsome...

Those purrs make me and Pops feel better so keep em coming!

Love ya all
Rumpy Bump


Update Tues Evening

January 18th 2011 2:32 pm
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Thanks all my furiends fur your support
That Pops
He is all worked up and he just let me run around the foster room and I am sneaking on the puter while he goes and gets some of my favorite cans of food.

So I went to the vet. Last night
They shaved me but really did not have to bother as I had taken all the fur off myself.
This evening when Pops came in he was staring into my crate and I finally had to say "Its a fur ball" and then he laughed. It looked like, well, a really big one from the other end; but white. MOL.

I really want to give my ouchie a good lick but now I have this stupid thing on my neck! I keep bumping into stuff and cannot lick like I want. Pops says I should not lick cause I have ointment on there but I dont know? I want to lick real good.
It is what we cats do. Silly Hooman.

He is so worried I am giving him the big purr motor the whole time we are together. Well, maybe to be honest, I have been a little upset too. It was really scarey when this happened. I am not really sure what all happened as it is a blur but I know Pops really jumped up and tried all he could to make me better.

I overheard him telling his sister, she is nice and came in all day to check on me, that it looks better and moist from the ointment. He told her he is going to document the photos and stuff so others can see how to help their kitties. Wow I will be a star. I do not suggest this to anyone though!

So I thank you all and I know Pops does too!
Oh here he comes
I will update you all every-day!
Rumpy Bump


Update Tuesday

January 18th 2011 4:04 am
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Pops says
Oh My
The blisters broke last night. He was there feeling fine the acting funny so I go over and the long
burn on his back was as bit longer but no fur. About 4 x 1 inch.
He was upset and pulling at the blisters and left little bits of white hair around
I took him to the vet instantly
Since I did do emergency work I am about 90% sure that he has a second degree.
to which the vet agrees
These are very painful but
He will recover
I am beside myself
He spent the night in the foster crate so he does not run around and he has a collar
Of course no one woke me up so I am late getting going
Ah Well I am more upset than he is
Purr for my little Rumpy Bump
I love him so much and am broken hearted to see him in pain
Pete AKA Pops


Well here we are

January 17th 2011 5:25 am
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That Pops!
He has been taking special care of me over the past 2 days. He lets me sleep next to him in Tim's spot. He has been giving me/us good wet treats. I have been getting great head rubs.

Wow even the brofurs are being nice. Toby gave me a nice head lick last night and I just relaxed to...zzzzzzz. MOL. I really do love my bro's!

So I really do not want to go over this, I want to play, but, Tim says all my catster pals are worried so here goes...

I feel much better this morning. I was still worn out yesterday from the stress. It really hurt a lot too! I sat for most of the day in the bedroom and only came out when Pops asked me too late at night. When I did come out I was not very active and had some pangs. I would feel the ouchie and jump down and try and lick it better. I got my medicine and felt better after an hour or so. I then went in with Pops to sleep.

My night was restless. I kept moving around to different spots. I would settle in, OUCHIE, I would move and relax, OUCHIE. But this got better about 4. I slept till maybe 545 which is my normal "wake the Pops" time.

I ran and got my treats just like always. Love my treats. I ate breakfast too. Not as much as normal but some.

I was having Ouchies and Pops snuck the medicine into my mouth. I should have known when he had treats in the bedroom. I really put up a fuss. I got a treat afterward though so maybe...

So Pops is worried cause a few more blisters popped. He will see what type of ointment to put on them.

So I am not my old fun self but I am doing well!

Love you all!

Rumpy Bump


Rumpy Bumps Big Trouble

January 16th 2011 10:06 am
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Entry by the Pops
First of all PURR FOR RUMPY!!
Thanks So below is the whole story to now!
Well we are all getting over the excitement of last night. What a night. They let me sleep till 7:30AM and the NEVER HAPPENS. I think they were tired too.
Well the story is that I was in the kitchen. I had finished making a little pizza for dinner and decided to make brownies because the oven was already hot.
I put the water for my nightly camomile tea into my hot pot. I drink maybe, oh, three cups so I fill it half way or more. I got the big bowl down and put all the ingredients in. I like my brownies like cake so use less oil. I whipped it all up and then put foil in the pan. Why clean a pan? Then I put the cooking spray real good on the bottom and started put the batter in the pan. Stuck it in the oven and set the timer. Now is the best part. I get to lick the pan. Hmm. Not much there as I use a rubber spatula to get it all out. So I getting the last bit! Mmmm...
THEN Rumpy jumps up. Between me and the counter. I was right there next to the sink and there is only 12 inches or so?? His big clawed feet grabbed the towel that I put wet dishes on! The towel had the Hot Pot on it. All go sliding towards me! I step back! The hot water splashes out! It maybe got a few drops on my leg as I felt a bit through my flannels. BUT IT HIT RUMPY! He took off. Zoom over by the desk. Yaawwrrr!!! Zoom to the Couch!!! Yaawwrrr! Zoom!! Zoom!! I get a glass of cold water and start calling him real loud! RUMP! RUMPY! Come here! Come-on!! RUMPY!! He goes down the stair and I gimp down. Darn! Times like this being slow is such a pain!!
I get down the stair. He is all big eyed and scared! I sit down and pull him to me. I can feel the hot. I pour the cold water on him and rub it in. No more heat. He is so scared he runs back up. I go back up. He runs back and forth making noises I have never heard. I am so scared. My heart is beating and my stomach is in a knot. He slows down and sits by the desk and then runs into the bedroom. I go around the couch and realize I am not using my cane but doing my painful walk. Did not even feel it. I follow him in and put him on the bed. I pet his head and he gives a tiny fast purr and then runs out to the desk...
The water did not hit his face. It hit his back and it only went into his fur behind and between his shoulder about a square inch. That was what was hot before I soaked him with cold water and was rubbing it in. I watch him. I call him and he comes over. He purrs for 5 seconds when I rub his head. The anxious purr-meow cats have when the are very scared or hurt. He runs back to the desk. I do not want him to hide so I keep calling him and then call the vet. Of course they are not there 7pm on Saturday night! They give me the Vet hospital that covers emergencies. I go online and check the address. It is about 10 miles away. I am worried if he goes to a vet that he is not used too! Me either! They all love the Rump up at my Vet. Call him "What a Big Handsome Kitten"(He is only 7 months or so). He is so upset. I am so upset. I check "Cat burns" on Google. God Bless Google. Oh there is a scary picture!
Oh My!
"If stage one the cat will be fine. If stage two and under 30% of skin area there is a good chance of recovery. Over 30% and full thickness they do not recover" OK..
I think about a square inch or maybe two? No more than 3%.Being an ER Nurse I realize I was assessing him in my mind from the first touch on the stair. The heat was only deep in a small spot when I Rubbed in the cold water. I go down and commiserate with Sister! I go through it all. She thinks maybe wait a minute and watch him before I go to the Hospital. I think she is right. I am just so upset that my little buddy is hurt, badly! He is such a bad boy. Always into everything. He does things and gets into stuff that I have never seen any cat even look at! He has his nose everywhere! He is such a nudge! When I go upstairs he in not reaching to grab me from under the railing like he always does. Oh Rumpy-Bump!
I get him and sit on the couch. He runs to the other side and hunkers down. He comes when I call him and gives little purrs. Runs back. Back and forth...
I try and keep him on the couch. He does finally settle down in his spot...
He seems better. I am feeling better. Man what a night. We sit and I watch him till he goes on the cat tree and falls asleep. If he is sleeping? I have problems from my leg. Now that the fear has worn off I feel the body. Beat. I let him on the tree. I finally fall asleep.
They do not wake me at 530-600am as they do every single other day. Rump comes in at 7:30AM. RUMPY! He acts like nothing happened. Treats. Breakfast. Prrrttt... Prrrtt... I pet him very slowly down his whole back. He is a little tender in a little spot. Hmmm... Here he is...
PRRRRTTTTT... Prrt... Prrrrrr. Mee-owt! He jumps on the partition wall next to the desk... I then can see he has a little spot between the shoulders. Blister popped. Vet time.
I go down to my foster room to get the top load carrier. Of course Sisters untrained, never listen dog, Sunny, trips me. He gets under foot whenever my Sister is around. Has not a bit of training. My cats are way way more trained. All I need is a look and to call a name and they stop behavior that may not be acceptable. I go down. Hard.
My prosthetic leg is all akimbo. I am #$*&#$@ MAD! SOB! I tell her in plain words. "IF you want to trip and break a hip fine! Not me! Just watch on episode of the Dog-Whisperer. Train them to come and heel! SOB!" Ya Know! My mother used to trip over the darn dog-beds that sit where you walk into her kitchen area. I never even go past there. Have to do a pirouette and stuff to get by. Not my home! Not my pets! But... Argh!
So I get my leg working and have to get all back together. I go up and get Rumpers in the carrier. He is not happy. He is giving little Mee-owts.
Bob up at the vets go us right in when I had called. Dr. K, was there and he is top honcho. Sometimes a bit short but real good. Rumpers is 10.5 pounds. He got a two week antibiotic shot. He got pain meds for a week. Buprenorphine.
He got a dose at the vets and we are now home. He is hurting. This is very tough. I want to fix him. I want him better. He is hurting more today.
Rump is in the bedroom. I guess this is a stay home watch Rumpy day. Thank goodness I took off tomorrow. I could have worked and gotten extra pay or some PTO but! I needed a day. Good thing! So I will let all know what is up as things move forward.
I think the pain will peak today. I have had a few bad burns in my day. Several huge areas of road rash from various motorcycle crashes in my youth. I am going to really pay attention as the support means a lot. Pain comes in waves. This is what Rumpy looks like. He comes over and purrs and rubs his head on my hand. He gives a little meow and reaches to lick his back. Then he runs a few steps. Poor little guy. I have to monitor him and will take him back up as needed.
The other guys know something is up. They are all very quiet. They still did the treat tricks and I know the Rumpers will be alright as he too comes out for a bit of treats. I really miss the little guy! He is always around and playing and getting into it with the others. Now he goes back and is sitting in the bedroom. When I go in he is very loving and comes over right away with a big happy purr. I am going to let him set the pace. I think a full day of this and am hoping he is better tonight.
I will keep all up to speed! I am beat. When I look in Rump is sitting looking out. I will let him be and check every, LOL, minute, no maybe 5, or 15...
Ah life with cats! Thank goodness he was not hit in the face and not more than he was. I am so thankful. But! Me and this young cat will have some conversations when this is all over!!

Well so much for my plan to help the Tom Cat Boyz update their pages
(I crop their photos and help pick the best ones)
Please purr for my little pal!
He is so special and I love him so much!
I am worn out with worry!
I will keep you all posted!


A Merry Day was had by ALL!

December 26th 2010 8:02 am
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Wow! What a day! We are still resting up from the all day workout. Play! Eat! Play! Eat! Sleep! Play! Eat! MOL! All day long!

This was the BEST day ever! Best of my short LIFE!

This year was a big one for me! I was down in Virginia in a foster crate. Pops went and brought me home and it has been wonderful. I have been working at fitting in really well with my brofurs. Me and Buddy even shared a plate of goodies yesterday! Who would have thought?

I really have to thank all of my wonderful Catster Pals for letting me come and play here! I love you all and wish I could run up and give a head bump to each and every one of you...

If you want you can see the pictures on Tim's Facebook page! That Tim! 0567238181&l=15640ac1eb

Bonks and Purrs!
Have a Safe and Healthy New Year!

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