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All youz Outside-Insiders be GOOD

June 17th 2012 2:15 pm
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Well furends I almost's got a cat-chastizement.

Pops put my really neat Kitty Holster on me and I was ready. He knew I wanted to go out cause I was hollaring on the steps for all morning.

So we go out and I am chilling and OMC! (Oh My Cat for hoomans) There were HOOMANS out there! Right where I walk! I ran! Zoom! Back behind Pops. Now here is the odd thing. Pops was just like no big deal. Whut is it with hoomans. Don't they have territory?


Since Pops was talking to them I came over. VERY slowly. CAREFULLY I came close enough to give a sniff. They were showing teeth. (That is not hissing if you do not know. Its a hooman thing) Pops said they were "the new neighbors". Then he told them it looked like I wanted to go in. YES I DO.

So that was not the problem. When we went in I was still all worked up. Pops went to clean my, uhm my Bump, and... well... I was a bit excited. I think I clawed Pop. I DID NOT MEAN IT. He said "STAY STILL BUMP". He was upset. He told me "If you do not act nice NO MORE OUT"!

Uh-Oh. I was good then. He said it was ok maybe he should have waited till I was more relaxed and that after all he was the hooman. Whats he mean by that? Well, then he played with me. Good old Pop.

Since we made up I am going to go on the stair and ask to go OUT.

All Night Long!

Bye fur Now fur pals

Rumpy Bump Tomcat



I Go Out Side

June 9th 2012 2:07 pm
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Well I know some of you are in out cats
You have all that down and are oh-so outsidey
(is that a word)
I just got my new Kitty Holster! Whoa don't I look the Cat or what?
I tried the harness but figured out that if I backed up I could slip it off. Old Pops was upset that day. He kept reaching back to pull the other way and I would plop down. Then I would get up and try and back up and out. Pops was a bit upset as he says it is hard to carry us cause he is handycapped and all. He finally scruffed me and said "Well, you just won't listen!"
Oh Boy. He was mad. For about 2 minutes. MOL. Got him Wrapped.

Now we have the Kitty Holster.
What a Great look too! I am one handsome cat!
I cannot back out of it so...

But Wowzer Meowzer its BIG OUTSIDE!
I was goofing too much to notice before!
Will keep you Insiders like me up to speed with this new adventure

Rumpy Bump


Eventful week fur shur!

April 22nd 2012 9:45 am
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Yes eventful!


Because I was good all week! MOL! Un-eventful!

How about that! I have been really good and being nice even at bed time. That one night does not count.

Wishing my furend Toby a great Got-Cha day on Friday!

Rumpy Bump(The Frolicking Feline)


My Birfdayz, Speshul Birfdayz, Best Birfdayz, Yessir!

April 7th 2012 3:34 pm
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Here it comes... Ah there it goes... MOL

Well cats I am a big cat now and no longer a kit. 2 years. Wow it goes fast.
I feel kind of different too! That is the odd part. I was sure I would not be any different but, yes, I am a big more mature. I still have fun mind you but I am more, well, restrained. I wait my turn much better. I do not jump on the guys heads; most of the time MOL!

Me and the Buddy are getting along better who would have thought.

On the big day, Thursday, I thought they all forgot as the brofurs and Pops just kind of acted like any other day. I could tell Pops was tired as he had a 3 rooty-canals, whatever they are, in the past week. So we are all playing like always and then Pops stops and goes to the closet and... WHEE... I got a NEW FEATHER WAND! I really like them. I went nuts! Jumping! Leaping! Grabbing! Wow what fun. The guys all played too and Fitz is a wild lady let me tell you. Then there were TREATS FUR ALL! A new bag! Whoa! Thanks Pop! Thanks Brofurs! You too Fitzer gal! You are my kind of lady.

So now I want to wish Happy Easter to all my friends!

May your hearts be filled with joy and peace surround you and yours!

Rumpy Bump - The Adult Cat!


Going to be a good Spring!

April 1st 2012 9:44 am
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I am one happy cat.

It is because I am really getting along with my brofurs. Pops says it is because he is doing playtime to tire me out before dinner, but, we know better don't we. I am growing up and acting more mature because I am an adult cat.

I know this because it is my Birfdayz next week on Thursday. I will be 2 years old! Wow! Already. Whee. Wonder what my brofurs are going to do fur our party? Hmm! No matter I will stay on my best behavior because I am a new grown up cat!

Rumpy-All Grown Up-Bump


The thinking cat.

March 4th 2012 10:55 am
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It has been a great week.

I have been thinking on how things have changed, fur the better I add, since B has moved in.

I had thought it was because I have a cat to play with instead of poking at the Oldsters. I was not trying to be mean or anything but Buddy was crabby. He never wanted to play. Tim and Toby love to play but not as much as I want. I am young and full of zip-zoom-zappo!

Now a funny thing about all this is that now that there is someone to play with all the time I do not feel as up to it; all the time. Funny huh? What in the cat-world is going on?

Tim laughs and says it is because I am 24(that is indoor cat to hooman years). He says I should now start to be more exact in my wrestling and I should work hard to Purrfect my chase-capture moves. Wading in with all-paws-waving is for kittens.


I think there is something to all this. I now will think before charging in with paws waving. That way Fitz won't whack me either.

Rumpy-Bump The Thinking Cat


Lets have fun

February 19th 2012 11:50 am
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Now there is another new kitty. Miss Fitz came in yesterday after Pops picked her up where she was out for adoption. He said there is no one else left in the foster room now that B is up here so... She is visiting.

Wow I hope so. She is tough. I cannot get anything by her. WHACK I get it in the head. I am not used to that. I am the Top Cat. Right?

And B. What is up with him. He lays there when we are wrestling and all of a sudden he gives a big "MEEEEEOOOOOEEEEWWWWW" like I am KILLING him. I am not even biting or anything. Then he does it again "MEEEEEOOOOOEEEEWWWWW" and Pops gives me the "RUMPY STOP". Then B gives me the cat laugh. Where did he learn that? I think Pops is catching on. He was laughing at me last night when it happened. Geez-O-Cat.

Maybe I better give Buddy a break. Build up some good Cat-Karma or something.

Rumpy Bump


I Promise to be good

February 12th 2012 10:41 am
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Ok Cats!
Admit it!
Come On and admit you act a bit kittenish now and then!
That stuff Tim does not want me to have any fun.

Well maybe I was a little bit out of line. You would be too if you had a new cat to play with. Buttons is fun but he has all the others wrapped around his paw. When we play he will make a real loud cry like I am hurting him. I am not even biting when he does it. Pops and my brofurs all stop and look and get upset. Cant a cat have fun?

Meowing of fun!
I caught a squeeker! He was in the couch. What a dope. I mean really coming into a house with 5 cats.

Me and Buttons were playing and we meow, hold on, stop everything, what is that smell?
So we track him down to the couch. Well the couch has this little hole in it(I did not do that) and I put my head in. Don't ya know that just as I put my head in Pops comes around to see whats-what. He says "Rumpy what the heck?"
So I pull my head out with that nasty little vermin. I gave a good grrrr so every cat knew it was mine and I took it right into the bedroom. I gave it another bite to make sure it would not cause any trouble. That was that. I gave it a few flips for fun and then Pops took it. I did not mind cause he gave me a treat. I wonder? Does he eat Squeekers? Hmmmmm?

I think I will try real hard to be good from now on.
No I Promise I will be good!
No paws crossed I mean it!

Rumpy Bump the Top Squeeker Catcher!


New Year New Stuff!

January 22nd 2012 1:04 pm
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Well furs we are solid into the 12.

Every year January is a big on in the Pops-Tomcat home as there are lots of Birfdays. The 20th is Stinker and Pee, the 21st is Amber with Inky on the 30th and then Coco on the last day the 31st. Pops shares one of those too but Tim wont tell. It gets like that when the decades roll by MOL.

I am kind of new here so Tim says that usually the first weekend in February Pops just sits us all down and talks a little about those who have gone over the Bridge. I never met any of those cats so it should be interesting. Tim says there have been some really big personalities living with Pops. I asked if there were any pterodactyls and he whacked me on the nose. MOL. He says then we get some treats so it should be fun.

Now to the BIG BIG News.


The foster kitten Mr Buttons has moved in. Pops says that he may never get a home due to his FIV status. Pops explained it to us and we think it is fine. When he came up I was one of the first to say hello. We hit it off and play a lot.

The thing is though, he is not scared of me! I kind of push my weight around a bit but he says "Back off dood!" and gives me a whack! Hmmm! He is small but very wiry. Toby said I better watch it as black cats stick together and gave a smirk. Do they? I better find out fast.

Off to play! See you later!

Can you believe it has been a year since my burn? All your purrs pulled me through! Thanks again!

Your pal Rumpy-Bump Stumpnots


A Happy New Year! Some Great News and then some Same Old- Same Old!

January 1st 2012 8:08 am
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Goodness Catness Happy New Year to all!

Well me and Pops have fully worked out the issue of night time play time. He has his cat... uh, hooman-bed set up with a big bookcase next to it. He wanted to do some re-arrangeing so this all is grrreat.

First the New! Pops has started to build a cat-fun-run.

When we are playing we used to run in back of the couch and then either run around it in a big circle or jump up on the back behing Pops. We can then run along the railing next to the couch. Pops had added a big shelf all along it for books, his phone, coffee cup and people treats. Well it is wide but when we get excited we would just run on the books. This pushed some off sometimes. I mean we are excitable cats right? So he had been thinking of a way to let us have fun and stop the book fall.

He added a second shelf that will not be a shelf. It will be the cat-walk! MEOW!

Pops has been planning to build us some fun things for a long time. He says he needs to use his hands again as sitting at a desk is not creative. Well it can be but in a different way.

We will all keep you posted on the progress! MEOW!

Now the same old.
The Same Old is; My Messy Bump!

I really did not want to share but need too! Pops and Tim say that others have the same problem so, well, we need to discuss what it is and solutions.

I have medium long hair and not having a tail it hangs over my Bump. When I go I have a habit of going too low and it can smear if not a hard Poop. I have tried going standing up but then I am against the side of the pan and it still smears.

Well Pops was real glad he decided to work on the cat run last night cause he noticed me being shy. That is what I do. You would be shy too. I do not run out. I kind of stay back. Even with treats! That tells you how ashamed I am. I had a very big lump stuck right over my, uh, well, the exit point.

Now that had caused a highway jam and more piled on. It had happened when Pops was out yesterday so it was dry. Hard and dry.

I hate the cleaning part. Hate it. I know I need it, but, what man-cat would like this? None! So me and Pops did the Rumpys needs his Bump cleaned dance. He gets me. I allow a little wipe and then get squirmy. There was so much it was not an on the couch job.

Well he got me in the bed area and closed the door. Put a towel on his lap and went to work. Goodness it was a three rag job! (He saves old clothes and cuts them up so they are ready then he just throws them out). I was a little sore too! Oh my little bump was red. I am so glad Pops is a Nurse. He told me:"You are nothing compared to human cleaning Bumpy. Now hold still." He rounded up the little balls I had been dropping all day too!
What a guy.

So it ended up a grreat New Year! I was nice and clean so I could come to bed and lay next to Pop. We all had treats.

I wanted to share with others who may have messy bumps. I just got Newmans book on Poopology! He has long hair too! Pops says I need another "Sanitary Trim". I said "But Pops! Its winter and the cool air hits my bump!". He just said:"Are you a Man-Cat or what?" Oh My! Guess I have to buck-up!

So Something new, A Cat-Walk and something old, my Messy-Bump. The New Year Bell has done rung! Ring? Rang? Ohhh-foodle!
Rumpy (Clean)Bump

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