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I Crashed My New Red Shoe!

September 23rd 2012 1:40 pm
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Be careful cats and learn a lesson from your pal Rumpy Bump.

I meant no harm. I was just out for a bit of fun with the Boyz. I did all the right things. I ate a good meal of Pops Chicken and some Mariners Catch. I did not suck up the Nip. I was pacing myself.

Then that Buddy! He goads me with "What-chu waitin fur der Rumperz? Da next Icer Ager? Come'on and lets do sum NIP DOOD!"

So I started doing more and more Nip. It was all in fun. We were all cats of age, right? I mean whats a little Nip?

The last thing I remembered was being on top of the couch singing with Toby about lost Tomcat love. Then there I was. Shoe upside down. Me in a daze. The laces were all out.

Pops came and got me. I did not have much to say. He came home and took the laces out of the shoe. He asked me if I was happy with how things ended up.

Please furgive me. Sorry Pops. Sorry all my fellow cats. From now on I am going to... what?

Buddy: "Yo Rumpers! Yoo wanna get some Nip?"

Be Right there Buddy! Hold on let me get the Shoe!

Rumpy Bump Stumpnots


My Gotcha Day

September 20th 2012 9:45 am
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Oh My this just snuck up on me!
It was my Gotcha Day yesterday.
The old guy, Pops not Buddy, had been a bit under the weather. He told us in the AM that he had some days off and we let him chill, after breakfast of course. So I just took a snooze and paid no mind to anycat or Pops.

Then all of a sudden Pops shook the treat container and I ran in. OMC! My Brofurs and Fitz were sitting on the floor around my goodies! Oh Boy! I got a new feather wand and some treats too! Yum! Pops got himself some hot-dogs for the party. Since we do not eat those he gave us Tuna.

We all played awhile and then ate till full!
Then we all took a nap AND DID IT AGAIN!

Thanks cats! Thanks Pops! I have the bestest home of all!
Rumpy Bump the Lucky Cat


A Boring Day,,, Until the NIP!

September 3rd 2012 12:07 pm
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Furst let me thank everycat who was sending condolences fur my, uh, problem. Thanks much!

So anyhoo!

It was a quiet day. Not much happening.

Then as I was ready to get comfy and get a good nap. Pops breaks out the good stuff. Wowzer a new bag of NIP! and he put it in a cool new thing! Wow! Fun!
Wow Nip

So it ended up being a good day after all!
Hope you all had fun too!

Purrs from your favorite Bump


Better... Butt

September 1st 2012 11:07 am
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Mortified I tell ya

Let me explain. Since we had such a tough week previously all of us have been on the rebound. Running and playing. All excited and frisky. Chasing Pops and having fun.

So I was asking for treats, like always, and got excited, like always, and ran to the litter, like always, and did my duty, like always. Just like always. Almost.

Seems I had a cling-on on my Floof! Not a big deal. Lots of cats have stoof on their Floor. Right?

Mine feel off. Right on the shiny floor. How can you cover shiny floor stuff? I was trying really hard when Pops say me. OMG. I ran under the desk. Embarrassed. M-o-r-t-i-f-i-e-d!

Now Pops thought it was because I thought my Bump needed a wash. I do not like that one bit. But I was so very upset. My feet were sweating. My ears were hot. Buddy-Bud did not help with his endless jokes. Ha ha Buddy. Ha ha.

I came out later on but what can a cat do? I guess I will get over it
Some day. In a few years. Maybe. Maybe. OMG.



A tough week fur me

August 26th 2012 1:00 pm
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My furs do not worry.
Your Rumpy-Bump is back to his old self. Yes it was touch and go but I pulled through. Not being able to eat treats for, golly, almost 4 hours, was very difficult but my tummy is all back to normal. I can snack away. Snack snack treat treat. Lovely words if I say so myself.

My squint-eye thing is almost gone too. It was nasty having itchy eyes for a couple day, but, really Pops, taking me to vet! MEOW! Uncalled fur!

Now he is trying to get me to sit still for that drippy eye stuff. Nope. I am not going to do that. I don't care if Mr B says I will get chicken bits. I do not like chicken like he does.

It took Pops two weeks to get him to let the drips drip. Maybe if I demand treats instead? I mean my eyes already are just about better so... Hmmm. Two weeks of treats and then allow one or two drips. Maybe that young guy is smarter than we all think.

We shall see. MOL. See. I am a funny Bump!

Rumpy Bump


I am Cat of the Week at KCK Whee

August 19th 2012 10:04 am
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Thanks to my pals at KCK.
They made me Cat of the Week.
It is such and honor.

And let me tell you why I think I was chosen: Blah blah blah. Blabbidy Blab blab-blab. Blah blah. Blah blah blah

And then of course....

**Buddy Yells: "Putz a socker innit Rumpus!"**


Our New Bestest Best Fur Anakin the Two Legged Cat!

July 29th 2012 3:51 pm
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Our new pal is amazing!
I am in a hurry so I will list his Blog

AMAZING is not the word!
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots


Why Timmy?

July 20th 2012 10:56 am
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What a week. I had to listen to Tim go on and on about how wonderfur his pals are fur giving him such an honor. Cat of the Week. Yuck. Big Head Tim!
And Toby gets a DDP too! Argh!
Then he reminds us about sitting on Pops. I SIT ON POPS TOO!
Everycat furgets that.

Someday Pops will realize I am the Top Cat.
Why you ask?
Because I have the Bite!
Just look at how I can bite that new thing.
I get and give it a good BITE!

And what about my singing?
Pops comes home and I start my song.

Give us Treats Pops!
Yes its that Time.
Break em out Now!

Break out the Treats fur us Pops
Yes its that Time
Break em out Now!
Give us Treats Pops

Have a grrreat day and week
Your Pal Rumpy Bump.


My Hyperness and other stuff too!

July 8th 2012 11:39 am
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Thanks fur all the supportz fur my issue
My good pal Natalie says she haz it too and her tail causes big trouble.
Maybe I really am lucky to not have that old tail. The other cats at the shelter made fun of me but maybe... Hmm... Pops watches my back skin start waving and he swears if I had a tail it would be slamming back and forth.

He has been doing extra to work off my energy and has also pushed back everyfurs dinner till later. This seems to keep me calmer and helps us all to sleep most nights. I dont know why Pops does not want to play at 3am? It really is the best time of day. Oh Well.

Pop has the home made food thing cooking again.
We even liked it. Once you get used to it.

Have a good week all
Rumpy Bump


I may have a problem: Hyperesthesia Syndrome

July 4th 2012 11:38 am
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Whoa! You can imagine my surprise!
Pops calls me over and sits (well he sat I flopped) me down for a little Dad to Cat talk.

He came out with it and told me I may have feline hyperesthesia syndrome.

Oh My. I was really worried. I came right out and asked: 'Am I going to die?' Pops said no but I will let him tell you himself.

Pops: "Well hello fur pals of my Boys. I want to get this information out there so other pawrents will know about this serious condition.
First: It is a syndrome so it is not an actual disease.

The cat will sometimes act like they are having hallucinations. Their pupils grow large and they act as though there is another cat they are fighting with. They can chew at their backs by the base of their tail. (This is not Stud-Tail) Sometimes the skin on their backs ripples and this is where 'Rolling Skin' comes from. Rumpy looks like he has a wave under his skin. It can be relatively mild, Rumpy's case, to very severe.
The cat chews at the base of the tail, the tail is very active and they can be aggressive.(Rumpy) It is responsive to medications so if you think this may be an issue with your fur please see your veterinarian.

It is unclear what the cause it but some feel it is a stress reaction from trauma."

Well Dad, is this why I get worked up at night?

Pops: "I think so Rumpy. I know you are not mean. You just get this look in your eyes and seem to go wild."

It seems I dont remember. Am I really that wild and... I feel embarrassed, do the brofurs, uh, well, do they Hate me?

Pops: "No, but you are pretty tough to deal with. Your even snap at me you know"

Wow. Sorry.

So I feel pretty embarrassed. I will try to not act out so much. I guess I cant have treats anymore huh?

Pops: "You can still have treats. We love you even though you are a real pain in the..."


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