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OMC'S I am honored again!!!!

July 11th 2013 2:40 pm
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OMC'S I am honored again today for my diary entry from was about me and my, Mom loves me no matter what I am or how I look....and me thanking everyone for my DDP honor, now look here I am being honored once again!

My Oh My what is this Princess kitty to do to top all of this, well I am going to have to think about this...I will have to get my royal court on top of this.....

As I put my crown on my head, my beautiful royal pink cape, then sit in my royal place in the window so I can look out and ponder today, oh now I see what I need to do

I write in my royal princess diary about me being DDP on Catster again 2 days in a can I thank the diary lady "this royal princess bows to you and gives you a little kitty kiss on your hand "I honor you and thank you for choosing me today' I bestow upon you a beautiful royal butterfly all glittery and glowing brought to you from heaven, my gift to you. cherish this gift and it will always be there for you."

As I sit here in my royal place still pondering what else I can do to say thank all my friends for reading my diary, your comments and gifts I blow princess kisses to you all and send you all special kitty nip last pondering came to me and this is what I thought about!

"You don't need to be new, just be you! that is what I am me, Princess Tu Two



Thank you from me and other things

July 10th 2013 2:33 pm
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First I can't believe the diary lady chose me again so soon...I am honored, thank you. Thank you to my friends for stopping by leaving comments and gifts for me. I am a lucky girl and feel so blessed.

Now for other things, first Mom decided to change my breed to unknown...why you ask, well even though I have a nub of a tail some people say oh you are a Manx, no you are a Japanese Bobtail...then other say no you are this or Mom isn't really sure what I am, guess I am a mix of many; all she knows is I have a nub for a tail, I have blue eyes that are crossed, I have short hair...but guess what it doesn't matter because my Mom loves me just the way I am...does knowing I am a certain breed make me special I don't think so, I am special because I am me, I was chosen for my Mom by my angel sisfur that makes me special to my Mom I came into her life when she needed me to help heal from loosing Tallulah and she knows it was meant to be...

So no matter what I am or am not Mom and I love each other, that is all that matters to us...I am special to Mom...

One other thing Mom is finally going to be off with no clients kitties to take care starting on Friday until the 18th, she has a friend here in town they will be hanging out, she has kitties too, takes care of ferals and loves the zoo like Mom, that is where they met...Mom can't wait to not have to drive all over the place and take care of kitties or walks dogs for a week...we will be happy too because she will be home with us as well getting some special Mom time...

Thanks again
Tu Two


Thank you

July 7th 2013 1:56 pm
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Thank you my friends, HQ and diary lady for choosing my diary to be honored today! I am blessed to have been chosen and honored of course.

Mom said I can only be here a short time, she is very tired from a very busy week and weekend because of the 4th of July....she was been taking care of 9 kitties besides all of us. 2 of them needed their medications so she had to go two times....drove a lot and got up early...

She went to bed last night a 9 thinking she would get a good nights sleep, but I had other plans, I wanted to sleep on her all night, even when she needed to get up I growled because I didn't want to move, so Mom didn't get a good nights sleep thanks to me....she is tired today and still has to go out again one more time, then she is done this time.

So Mom will be resting for now...thanks again my friends to honoring me today this beautiful Sunday and end of a busy long weekend!



Thank you for our fireworks!

July 5th 2013 2:45 pm
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Hope you all had a fun and safe 4th of July…we all had a quite day, Mom was resting because she is busy with her clients kitties, she has to go visit them and make sure they have food, water, clean litter boxes and they get lots of love. Mom says she has the best job ever!!!!

We all want to thank all of our friends who stopped by and gave us the free fireworks and left comments for us to have a HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! You are all the best, we love you all…just sad that we were not on the computer yesterday to have fun with you all…but humans sometimes have other things they have to do and ideas…if only we could get on the computer!!!!

Our pages look so pretty with all the fireworks on them...WOW our own firework show, just think we didn’t even have to leave the house or get scared.

Thank you all once again for all of us to all of you for thinking of us and making the 4th extra special

Hugs from all of us to you
Tu Two and family


Proud to be an American

July 3rd 2013 1:37 pm
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And I'm proud to be an American,
where at least I know I'm free.
And I won't forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.

My fellow kitty friends I am proud to be an American where I can be free to be me.. today we honor the men who died for all of us, because of them they gave us that right to not only me, but us all...

I am free to be me, to live with my Mom instead of in a cage, to have plenty of food and not have to look for food and wonder where my next meal will be, to have my safe home and be loved, not living out on the street...I am lucky to be free because of men for died for me to be free and live in America...we fly our flag proudly and celebrate this day of freedom!



Mommy now knows why Tallulah chose me for her!

June 7th 2013 5:16 pm
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My guardian angel Tallulah chose me that one day in September 2010 soon after she made her journey after her long battle with breast cancer. Mom always wonder why she chose me, she always felt there was a reason but it just never clicked until now...

Do you wanna know why?

Well here goes, as you know I am white, but not completely and I have beautiful blue eyes. For some time now both Mom and Dad have realized I do not see well, I can see just not as well as my furblings do...I use my paw touching things that are in front of me, like when I want water from the faucet when I want a drink of water, I have to put my paw in the water to know that it is running. I also have a nose like none other,I can smell better than my furblings as well..

They also see the way I move my head at times to see things, when I hear things and I can't see i get very very scared and hide. I don't like to go out unless I am off leash to eat grass and roll on the ground, but I never go out to explore. I don't jump much and I really don't jump over anything, I use pieces of furniture to get up on things.

Now I do see but not just as well and my parents have noticed. Mom has to take me in for my yearly check up so when I go Mom is going to ask the vet about it, she wants to know for sure and maybe she can refer us to a eye vet which Moms knows there is not far from where we live.

Will I become blind, that is what Mom wants to know, it doesn't scare her because she knows I will be Ok but it would help in making sure I am safe and now where things are.

Because I don't see well Tallulah sent me to Mom because she knew Mom would take good care of me, know that I would always be loved and never be given up because of my disability I may have.

My guardian angel Tallulah was watching out for me and gave me the best Mom, family and home this kitty could ever ask for.
Thank you Tallulah me and Moms special loving angel

Always grateful
Tu Two and Mom



April 22nd 2013 4:59 pm
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Yeah I know I haven't been writing in my diary, it isn't my fault you can blame Mom and my sisfur, brofurs they are always taking over.

As you all know for some reason I have been bothering Xena, Mom gets very mad a me, she isn't sure what to do to stop me from stalking Xena. Well no da I want to be the alpha kitty in my house, Xena is getting older and she is sick, so of course I am making my move. Mom says there are no alpha kitties in this house we are all equal but I am still trying.

I love to hang out with Kody, we sleep in the same area while Mom is gone in the bunk bed, of course I love the top because of the heating pad. Kody and I go to Mom so she will play with us, she hides our da bird and other favorite toys in the closet so we don't destroy them. I just love to get on the counter and get both Mom & Dad to give me water out of the drinking faucet, first I have to paw it to make sure it is on then I drink and drink, stop look around cause I hear something, then drink more and more, stop again, then Mom & Dad walk away saying Tu Two either drink the water or get down. You need to learn to drink out of the many bowls of water in this house. But listen I am the princess so what I want I get...oh yes I do!!!

We are enjoying the sun when it is out and get all warm, sleeping and resting...Mom needs to take lessons from us, she needs to sleep more and rest. I sleep during the day cause I am watching for the crickets again and waiting to see if Xena will walk around. Mom says if I don't stop I will be the one getting locked up...

I am due for my check up too, the vet reminded Mom, she wasn't pushing Mom to bring me in because she knows Kandi and Zeke will go back in before I have to go in. So I am trying to be good and I really am, just being a cat that wants to be on the top and like Mom said no top cat here but her....she is the alpha cat in this house and you know what she is right.

Well it is dinner time for us and I gotta go get my can food now talk to ya later.


Spring Tag

April 2nd 2013 4:25 pm
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My good friend Mac tagged me so now I have to tag others, but first I must answer the questions.
Copy my diary, change the answers to yours and tag five of your furiends!

Five Things I Like About Spring:

1. Eating the long grass
2. Watching the birdies in the bushes
3. Having Mommy open the windows so we can smell the fresh air
4. Laying in our beds soaking up the warm sun
5. Going outside and roll around on the patio

I am tagging:
1. Friday - 493080
2. Mietzi Katze - 937054
3. Nermal - 766540
4. Abby - 1162678
5. Simba - 1032059

Hope you are all enjoying playing spring tag, I did!!!!

Tu Two


OMC Princess!

February 20th 2013 8:50 am
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Oh My Cat Princess! here I go again another DDP, this is so special and this princess loves getting the honors....cause I am a princess

It has brightened our day, it is cold, windy and rainy out today...all gray so finding out I am DDP today brought sunshine into our and Kody are doing the kitty paw dance around the house. Zeke is just looking and then he goes back to sleep in his warm bed, Xena is in the closet already, I know she is asleep, so she will find out later. Mom was dancing around with us too...she is happy and loves having the sunshine in our house today cause it is so dark and she is dreading having to go out and walk dogs...burrrrrrr I say....poor Mom, think I will give her a warm fuzzy hug to send her off.

Well I will spend the time in my warm bed sleeping waiting for Mom to return so we can have a special treat, she told me that this Princess is DDP and I get my tuna flakes...yummy...

Thank you diary lady and friends for making my day special like always, friends are what make it so wonderpurr...

Sending sunshine to all, love and hugs

Princess Tu Two


Oh Me Valentine DDP

February 14th 2013 12:30 pm
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Oh Me Oh My this Princess can't believe I am one of the DDP'S today the day of love and fun! WOW I am honored and this is a first for me to be chosen on a special day! This Princess is thrilled to have been chosen...Now I think I need to get on Mom have her give me scretches and love so I can drool and purr while she works on me and I get all lovie and fuzzy...

Thank you HQ and friends for making this day of love even more special for me...

A Friend Is Like A Valentine

A friend is like a Valentine,
Heartwarming, bringing pleasure,
Connected to good feelings,
With memories to treasure.
Seeing a special Valentine
Brings happiness to stay,
And that’s what you do, friends,
You brighten every day!

Love and Hugs on this special day!

Princess Tu Two

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