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February 14th 2012 6:17 am
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It maybe cold outside, but my heart is warm! I am fully enjoying this thing they call Valentine's Day. I have my own sweet Angel girl, and it just feels like a special day. I even got a treat BEFORE BREAKFAST this morning!!! Happy Valentine's Day to all our friends and a special wish to my sweet Angel Abby!! purrs Smitty



February 12th 2012 8:45 am
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I have a sweet angel valentine!
Abby has agreed to be mine!
Her lovely sparkly angel wings
Make me want so stop & sing!
I'm so lucky someone lovely as she
Agreed to be with a kit named Smitty!

purrs my angel!


I got brave

February 7th 2012 1:55 pm
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ok I got brave & asked Miss Mango to be my Valentine! I even sent her a box of chocolate nip candies. I sure hope she says yes. Tigger & Miss Kaci Sunshine are Valentines, and I know that Maizy even got bold & asked a certain mancat, but she has not heard back from him if he would be her Valentine. I am so excited I could just squeak! & I do that alot! *starry eyes for Miss Mango* thanks forends for the pep talk!



February 6th 2012 7:37 pm
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I am a still new at this stuff - I am only 1 1/2 years old. I was going to ask somecat to be my valentine, but I am very shy & nervous. I was hoping that maybe a nice girlcat would like to be my valentine? I would even share my mousie with you & give you some tuna truffles. I am pretty strong & a little bit burly, but my mom says I am so very sweet. I talk to her all the time. I could tell you all about the birdies I see from my window. purrs, Smitty


mini me

January 13th 2012 12:51 pm
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My potty issue has finally resolved thank nosies. Mom is trying a few different canned foods, slowly to see if she can find 2 or 3 that are ok with my taster & my tummy, and I get a little dry at night for my snack. Guess who showed up one morning when she went out to feed "The Minions"? A kitten - looks about 5 months old - the almost mirror image of me, except her face is rounder. The Dad says the "Welcome all cats" sign must be up. She is very skittish - so mom has been trying to feed her too. The snow yesterday was not fun. The Dad snow blowered early so she could put out food, but so far only Foxy & Tiptoe came this morning. A little while ago, she saw the little one that I think will be called Peanut strolled in & got a whole bowlful of wet food all to herself. They have a little shelter on the side of the house, but The Dad is building a wooden structure this weekend so there is a more safe dry place for them. Hmmppf! Mom said they were gonna start working on the cat tree, but I should not be mad, cause at least I have a nice warm dry bed and noms. They got a large piece of thick plywood, and some heavy cardboard tubes so far. Mom is gonna stop at the carpet store next week and see if they have any large tubes or carpet ends they can give us for free. So I will be patient. Mom says she wishes she could invite Peanut in too - but it is just so hard - how can you choose who deserves a break among 5 now 6 cats? She says at least they have somewhere to sleep & a full belly - but it makes her sad. I will have to go give her a meh and my extra cute face to cheer her up. And I am sure she will feel better if she gives me a treat too. heeehee. Have a nice weekend my friends! And a thank you to Sarge for your pmail.


checkup & vent (warning it is a long one)

January 7th 2012 7:56 pm
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I went to "that place" yesterday. I got a shot in the butt! and she stuck a thermometer...well you know..... this was the first time we saw this particular vet, and Mom is NOT happy with her. More about that in a minute. All seems good we guess- but I am still having some butt & tummy issues - Mom is gonna talk with Alex, Lacey & Finney's Mom to see her thoughts on that.
I will let Mom vent...

Saw a new vet at the clinic I have gone to for over 30 years. So at first I was kinda impressed - very pleasant, she asked if he was on vitamins or supplements, told me she has 6 far so good.
Me - Smitty acts like he is starving all the time. Answer - well he is not thin, so he is eating enough, some cats just like to eat. -1 point (not that I want anything wrong with him, but are there not conditions that cause this?)She did ask if he is drinking more, which he is not.

Me- sometimes, not all the time, he seems to favor his left ear. Answer- looks in there declares clean - if he is sensitive to a food, it could be an allergy, but it is not red or anything. Just take note as to when it happens, and what he has eaten etc. ok no points taken here(ooookaaayyy I think)

Me - He has been eating FF cause of $ issues lately, but I ran out & had to give him a bit of the canned Friskies that I feed the outside gang, and he got diahrrea so bad- REALLY BAD, and it is getting a little better, but he seemes to have issues with some flavors of food - sometimes he barfs it up.
Answer- well he could have a sensitive tummy +1(that is my thought) but there are other issues like IBD & allergies that can cause that too. (ooookkkaaaayyy I know this, what do I do?)

Then she asks "So what are you feeding him?" I answer "FF Grain free wet food - I want to get him off the FF and back on to Nature's Variety or something like that, and he gets a nibble or two of either Merricks Before Grain or Nature's Variety Instinct dry- all grain free stuff that I use for treats."

ok - get ready - Answer- Is there a reason that you are not feeding him all dry? I prefer my patients to be on a completely dry diet because it also helps their teeth. -100 points

At this point it is a good thing I was holding Smithwick on the table, because I prob would have fallen over right there on the spot. I was so stunned, I reply "because my other cat had 2 count them 2 blockages last year- I almost lost him, and I do NOT want to repeat that with any of my cats, AND because wet food is better for them all the way around ISN'T THAT RIGHT?"

Her " well I can understand why you would make that choice then - I have 6 cats, (yes I know that already) and my husband is a vet, and I feed mine all Science Diet Hairball. They don't need any variety they don't care." -infinity points

Her - I see he is due for both rabies & distemper. Me-yes, but due to the fact that all 3 need their checkups, and Tig is due for his $300 ultrasound, I only want the distemper because I feel that is important especially cause of the strays that are around even tho he is an inside cat. Plus I don't like the idea of giving them more than 1 shot at a time. I want to get back to my schedule of bringing them in every 6 months anyway, so if I decide to do rabies, I will do that one in July.
Her- well, there is never a problem to give them more than one shot at a time, and they now have 3 year distemper along with the 3 year rabies. I have 6 cats and I give them all them both 3 year shots at the same time and they are fine. That would prob be a good idea for you.(- lost count of points now)
Me- Just the 1 year distemper please (smiling now)
Her- well once you decide on a food, if you call me I can help you figure out how much he should be eating by the calories.
Me - ok thank you- let me go pay waaayyy too much money with no discount even though I bring 3 cats in here.

ok I am not even remotely close to being a vet, but I have read enough stuff to know that I am kind of right in my thinking. This was pretty much exact word for word (I repeated this conversation to The Dad who was equally stunned with how blaise this doc seemed) I am NOT going back to this one - at least the other vet there consulted with Tig's cardiologist and everything when he was sick. She was not a 100% but a heck of alot better than this one.

Am I over reacting here? thoughts? (many thanks if you have read this far into my drama...) Smitty's concerned & irritated mom

g'night! luv Smithwick


Santa still came!

December 25th 2011 9:22 am
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I was so worried, you see I got in trouble the other day. I tore all the bows of the presents, and even ate a piece and thankfully barfed it up right where Mom almost stepped in it. She says she was glad though. So I got a talking to, and I was worried that Sandy Claws would not come, but he still did!

I can surely see a new scratch pad by our stocking, and Tigger says there is other stuff in there. And mom & The Dad started making the list of items needed to finish building us a cat tree!

So this happy kitty would like to send much love & wishes for everyone to have a safe, warm & happy celebration. And for us all to have a great 2012.

Meowy Catmus!!


I broke the tree

December 11th 2011 5:28 pm
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The Dad & mom brought in this wonderful sniffy good tree. Ah I could not help it, they came in the room, and I was laying on a lower branch fast asleep! Except that when I tried to get out, I accidentally broke the branch. But they were not mad or anything, The Dad just cut it off, and evened it up. So far all I have been doing is sitting underneath it now. Me & Tigger keep thinking of all the good stuff that might be in our stocking. And maybe this year FINALLY we will get that CAT TREE MOM? well, I don;t have too much to meow about right now, so I will sign off! purrs, a very good, and not really naughty Smitty.


gotta vent

November 15th 2011 3:23 pm
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Momma came home spitting mad from getting me some noms, so she said she had to holler somewhere - the floor is yours Momma!!

Mom here - I gotta just growl for a bit.
I went to Petco today and in the strip mall there were workers at the empty store next to Petco. All I did was step into the vestibule and the smell of paint fumes almost knocked me flat! I said to the guy inside Petco "holy cow how are you guys dealing with this?" he replied "yeah it is awful, they (next door) are supposed to bring industrial fans to help, but they said it should be better by Friday." I quick went & got the canned food I needed, and I will tell ya by the time I got back there, I was coughing already - I could feel the asthma flaring, so I could not even shop. I went to the checkout, and talked to him again, "how can they be painting like that next door? I mean it is bad for you workers, really bad for the animals & cats that are RIGHT BY THE DOOR, and how many customers are gonna stay in here & shop?" "Where can I complain?" he did not know, but was clearly miserable, and it was not his fault. Although I think Petco should have been all over it - So I saw a sign on the empty spot outside that said for rent, so I called & demanded the property manager, and yes, nicely ripped him a new one, he had no idea how bad it was, and promised me he was calling the construction crew as soon as we hung up. He seemed truthful, but AAARRRGHHH!! I am sure all those poor kitties were so sick to their tummies & could hardly breathe. It just MADE ME SO DARNED MADDD!!!!! ok, done. need to go pet a kitty - or two - or three!!


all growed up!

September 8th 2011 4:33 pm
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Well Mom says not only did the garden grow this summer, but me too! I am almost taller than Tigger, but I am not a lanky built cat. I am kind of like a football player mom says. But I am sleek & not fat at all. I have enjoyed the fresh air all summer. I don't like to go out like Tigger does. I love to sit on the screened porch all day. I love to play - kitty fish is my favorite. I even tell Mom when it is night night time. I will go jump on the bed and curl up. Tigger says there may be some shrimp available next week.....maybe I will get a bite. We found the source of the water in the basement - the stupid neighbors did it on purpose. How terrrible is that? We can only imagine what that house must smell like. Even though the water was drained out - 6 feet of it, it has to cause alot of issues & mold. blech. I still have to get to the vet for my 1 year check up. Where does the time go? Well, it is time for the humans to eat their dinner, and I hear it is spaghetti, which I have no desire for, but that also means it is almost my dinner time too. Hopefully Mom will give me some fish flavor since I have not had any fish flavors for a while. Good night my friends! mehs - Smithwick

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