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tank mew!

August 25th 2012 11:32 am
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thanks for my gotcha day wishes & for the ddp wishes! Mom went on real quick & saw that! I did pretty good with Felix. We were all sitting waiting for mom to get our dinner (which by the way she never really does fast enough) and I turned to Felix & washed his face & his ears, and then he washed my face as much as he could reach cause I am waaayyy bigger than him. Mom was happy. For some reaon I still grab him by the neck, but it really seems to mom that I am playing, just a little rough. She was remembering that Tigger did that to me too. So she keeps saying "Smitty just you wait till Felix is bigger & he is gonna get you!" Right now I am about to take a snooze by the kitchen window in the sun so I must get to that, but thank you all my friends. Mom was hoping that Felix would encourage me to move more - We chased each other a bit this morning too!


a letter from momma

August 23rd 2012 2:49 pm
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from momma: Well who could guess that a scrawny little kitten stuck in a tree would end up such a big boy? My sweet gentle giant, always there to "tell me all about it". I hate that you have to be on a diet, and cannot have much of treats anymore, but it is only because I love you so very much & want you healthy & around for a long time my big boy. You always like to talk to me, and I think you have even mellowed Maizy some. Thank you for letting Tigger find you in the tree & then climbing up the screen-porch wall & screaming to be let in - I am a lucky momma to have a sweet bunny-fur, big pawed, chirpy boy and I love you.

from Smitty: my lucky day was smelling them ribs & wanting in! I guess I have always loved food! I thank you all my friends for the gotcha gifties. Mom says I get a treat tonite for gotcha day! I do try real hard on my diet, but boy it is not so easy. I have been watching to not play so rough with Felix, and I even washed his face the other day before breakfast. The Dad said I was probably tasting him....DaaaaaD - not funny.....well a little funny! thank you all my pals for the wishes!


it's all good

May 11th 2012 10:53 am
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I wanted to say a big thank you to all my pals for the gifties & well wishes for my 2nd birthday! I went back to the vet last week for a urine check & NO CRYSTALS!! and I lost a few ounces too so at least all that starvation mom has been putting me through worked. I could swear that I musta lost about 16 pounds I was so hungry. Well I guess since I don't even weigh 16 pounds...only about 14 1/2. Well, Tigger has his own news so I guess that is it for now.

Oh HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL THE MOMS YES KITTY & DOGGIE MOMS..I SAID IT.... and thank you to my mom for seeing how much a scrawny little kitty needed her. I loves my mom...even though she is starving me...


WOW I'M 2!!

April 29th 2012 6:25 pm
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Today is the day Momma picked as my BirdDay. I am 2 years old already! All growed up Momma says. I got a bunch of extra scritches - the good by the ears & cheek kind. Best of all even though I am on a diet, Momma gave me a couple of Temptations milk flavor treats for my birthday snack. Boy I haven't had any treats for almost a month, and I chewed them so sllloooowwwly to enjoy every morsel. I go back to the vet Friday for her to check if the crystals are all gone & to see if I lost weight. Momma says it looks like it to her. It is really cold & damp & rainy here, nothing like last month when we set records. But I am a happy kitty cause I am warm & I have an almost full belly....stupid diet. & soft places to sleep. We are getting excited cause The Dad finished constructing our cat tree! Now all he has to do is put the carpeting on it, and some rope on one pole. It is all recycled materials except for a cement form tube that he is making into a sleep cubby for us. Mom says it is HUGE! (The Dad tends to get carried away sometimes) but it will fit right by the front window so we can look out. He measured the platforms so that the match the windows! He has to work alot this week, so mom says we prob won't get to play with it for another week...but what fun to look forward to! All in all I had a great BirdDay, and I want to thank my friends that left me gifties. Mom says she will help me write my thank you notes tomorrow. Well, it is dinner time, and I am not missing that! Peace my friends!!
luv, Smitters


diets r no fun

April 16th 2012 7:18 pm
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This diet thing is for the birds. I have never been free fed, but I had a tendency to finish Tigger's or Maizy's food that they left. And I might have had a few more treats than I should have. Sigh..Mom has been very strictly enforcing the food measuring, and NO food gets left out anywhere! Not even a crumb! The only thing I got to have was some cat grass, but how much salad can a guy eat? Mom says she is on a diet with me, but she seems to eat alot more than I do.....Then Tig went and got into trouble by opening my food container. If he would put the lid back on, dang it! But then I bet Mom would have brought me back to the vet thinking I was sick! I have to go back at the end of the month to have my wee checked to see if the crystals have all dissolved. sighhhh I dream of catnip truffles & mousausages, and fish pudding.....sigh.... Mom says to stop whining, and that I will live, but I am hungry....sigh..... Well, gonna take a nap so I can dream about all them good noms. sigh.....


saw the new doc

April 8th 2012 4:10 pm
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Well I saw the new vet, and she was really stunned that I did not get such a good exam before. Good news is she said I am a big boned boy, with HUGE PAWS, & only need to lose about 1.5lbs. And my blood work came out good. The not so good news, is that my urine test ultrasound showed some sludge & crystals, & there were crystals in the weewee. So she told mom that in order to dissolve them right away, she wants me on the SO food, then re-test in a month. I have to take Cosequin like Tigger does. She said I was on track to block up, and it was a good thing that mom followed her intuition that something was not right. Except that mom is really upset, and here is why: I eat mostly wet food, with extra water in it. The only dry I got which was Nature's Variety Instinct chicken, was 1/8 cup at night. I drink alot too - filtered water. She feels like she is doing something wrong - but she was feeding us the best wet food, and everything. So now what - if I almost blocked eating that good stuff- the prescription food does not seem so bad if it keeps that from happening. It was horrible when it happened to Tigger. A year ago today as a matter of fact. And yet the ingreds are just ewww. We don't know what to do, and mom does not want to play with my health. Well, I guess we will see in a month. Happy Holiday to all my pals. And I am glad that I did not get sick like Tig did, so besides being on a DIET, I am pretty happy. paw taps, Smitters


serves you right mom

March 11th 2012 10:30 am
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Mom was on a spring cleaning binge yesterday. The Dad had showed mom a scratch on his arm from me, & mentioned "Smitters needs his tonails cut" so by last night, Mom brought me in the bathroom, and did my front paws, which I am getting so so much better at. Well, why she decided to push it & try to do my back paws, who knows. She never does this with any of us, always trims nails in 2 sittings. Sooooo she managed one back paw, and I started to get upset, she wrastled with me a little bit, and I must have gotten mad/scared/ something, cause yep, I skunked her. Mom really felt so bad, cause she knows that she should have stopped at the front paws cause I have made such good progress - and that I was scared. So then she had to take a wet cloth & wipe my hiney cause it was pppeeeewww, and wash her arm eww & change her shirt. So of course I was kinda ticked off at her, and made her grovel. However, I got an excellent apology, some pets, and a bunch of treats due to mom's guilt. So keep this secret weapon in your arsenal my friends, use the skunk butt if needed, and it will work. It is a bit of fluid from the hiney glands. If you have never smelled it, or gotten skunked by a kitty, well then you are lucky - cause it is gross.....mmmmmmrrrrrowwwwhhhwwwww (evil kitty laugh) Score 1 for the Smitterkitter


woohoo Mardi Gras!

February 21st 2012 11:46 am
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wow I am a DDP today! thanks for the wishes! Mom says today is Mardi Gras day! She went to the store & got all kinds of things to make seafood gumbo. And if I am really good, she said I will get a small shrimp before she puts it in the soup pot! The cajun music is blaring in the house, and we have these pretty plastic beads for decoration. I think mom just likes to have a reason to celebrate. Soo yahoo everyone! get that zydeco music going!



February 14th 2012 6:17 am
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It maybe cold outside, but my heart is warm! I am fully enjoying this thing they call Valentine's Day. I have my own sweet Angel girl, and it just feels like a special day. I even got a treat BEFORE BREAKFAST this morning!!! Happy Valentine's Day to all our friends and a special wish to my sweet Angel Abby!! purrs Smitty



February 12th 2012 8:45 am
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I have a sweet angel valentine!
Abby has agreed to be mine!
Her lovely sparkly angel wings
Make me want so stop & sing!
I'm so lucky someone lovely as she
Agreed to be with a kit named Smitty!

purrs my angel!

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