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my bro

May 25th 2013 5:02 pm
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My poor little brother looks just awful. He came home & went to sleep right away. I wanted to say hi to him, but Momma said I could only sniff through the carrier. Maybe I can see him tomorrow - I promise to be good!


meds they are a workin!

May 23rd 2013 7:40 am
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I went for the vet to check my arthritis in my hip & back, and it seems that the gabapentin is working. I still am showing a bit of pain, but vet says it is much better. All I know is that between that & my bad toothie out, I feel great! I have been playing a bunch - even carrying a mousie up & down the stairs. I lost an ounce too! So now I just have to concentrate my thoughts on my little brother Felix. I sure hope he will get better, because I miss wrastlin with him. Me n Tigger have been doing some tag team moves, but I like to play with Felix too, and he has not felt good to play with me. Momma says he will get fixed up & be much better. Off to get that orange mousie!


feelin groovy & a wrestlin mat!

May 15th 2013 4:10 pm
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Just an update...There is a big difference in me! Mom thinks that since my tooth does not hurt, and the medicine for my hips must be working, because I am so much more perky now. I am awake & trotting around more instead of sleeping all the time. Momma moved a large area rug in the basement from the rec room in an empty spot near her desk towards the laundry room so that she could clean & scrub it - I have decided that I like this rug right here. I ran on it & jumped. Momma tossed me a mousie & I went bonkers scrabbling around on it. Me & Tig & Feefer (Felix) have been using it as our own M.E.O.W. tag team wrestling mat, I have been getting some good scratches on it too! Momma said that since we are all having so much fun with it, she is leaving it there just for us! and will get another one for the rec room! We never got to jump around on it before as it had a coffee table on it, but now it is all open and ALL OURS! yahooo!!



May 2nd 2013 3:41 pm
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Can you believe it? I was abandoned - on my birthday...yes it is true... First Momma takes me to the vet where I get this shot that makes me sleep, and I wake up with my mouth hurting, and so drugged up that I was embarrassingly out of sorts. And Momma said "oh poor Smitty & LAUGHED at my large pupils & weaving" THEN I get all this disgusting medicine shoved down me! I did spit it back in her face at least once though hehheh. To top it off - she left me... was not here on my birthday..the one she picked for me... *insert a shuddering sigh here*

Well, I guess it was not so bad, I mean Momma & The Dad work really hard, and our human sister & brother got them a 2 night stay for their anniversary. So they went & had a nice time. Momma says that she will make it up to me. Oh and then I had to go BACK to the dr today so she could poke around in my mouth! What to see if the tooth grew back?! Well it DID NOT. harumph.

Momma - oh my Smitters - I am sorry that we were not here, but it was something we both needed, just like you need your naps & catnip. I love you very much my big boy!

Smitty - well, it's ok...but do I get some of that canned fish flavor that Tigger got too?

Momma-of course you do my sweet sweet boy...

Smitty- all is well, *licks choppers*


April 24th 2013 10:04 am
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Mom was really surprised at how a kitty can be all wacked out of it one second & turn into a wriggle butt when the medicine is attempted..not so fast there Momma! I ate some food late last night so Momma was happy. I did get to go downstairs this morning, and I am napping in my basket on her desk hutch. The cool thing is that she is letting me eat the wet foods I really like the bestest. I got some Halo salmon last night! We only get that once in a big while, but Momma knew I would eat that no problem, so I got some for breakfast too. Tonite is chicken. bummer. I am enjoying the extra lovie-mushie attention though!


home from the vet & how are these meds?

April 23rd 2013 5:24 pm
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The vet had to take out 2 toothies. I am still pretty out of it, and I got medicine to take. My hip xrays show that I have mild hip displasia. I do not have to have surgery, but vet lady said that even though it is mild, I was showing alot of pain. So I am taking Gabapentin for 30 days to "cool down" the pain & then the Cosequin should help me. I really want to go downstairs & climb in my basket on the shelf, but Momma says I cannot for a few days because she does not want me to fall. I am just glad to be HOME! I have been rubbing all on Momma when she comes & pets me. She says whew am I glad you have insurance!!!

Mom here - something kept telling me to get him insured, and boy am I glad I did! Vet gave him buprenex, onsior & antibiotic clindamycin. Anything on any of these meds? has anyone tried the gabapentin?



April 22nd 2013 11:53 am
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Thank you for the well wishes & gifties on my surgery tomorrow. Mom is glad it will be over - and hopefully will not continue. I guess this is the type of thing where some cats have all their teeth out. I love my white choppers! I go in early tomorrow morning, but Mom will post as soon as she knows anything. Thanks my pals for keeping me in your thoughts. Out bad toofie OUT!!



April 20th 2013 3:18 pm
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Hi everyone! Glad to be back. In between battling the water in our basement, momma took me to the vet for my checkup. She mentioned to the vet that I have vomited a few times, and that "Smitty just looks like he doesn't feel good, but can't put my finger on it" well, it turns out that I have tooth resorption. Mom feels like a bad momma that she has missed this - but it was not there when I was at the vet 6 months ago. I am not very good at letting her brush my teeth, but she does use a water additive. I also seem to have a sore hip, when the vet checked my spine & hips. Maybe from when I fell... Any ways, I must have my tooth out, maybe 2 of them. I will get an xray while I am asleep to see my hips. Boy Mom is glad now that I have insurance! The vet said that a virus can cause it - I tested negative for FELV but I did have a bad respiratory infection when I was a kitten. Mom wonders if a virus can lay dormant then cause a problem kinda like how shingles works. I go on Tuesday, and Mom is very scared & worried for me. Can you purr for me? Has anyone had this? The vet says it can spread. Anyone have any info to share would be great.
Smitty & a very very worried Momma


thinner me!

December 17th 2012 8:08 am
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I have lost some weight! it has taken about 6 months to lose a couple pounds, but MOm says that is the right way & that "I look mahvelus!" (a tribute to Billy Crystal days...yep she is old)
I haven't been on the new cat tree so much, but I got my own little bed on a trunk that is my favorite spot. Been showing the tyke about Christmas - we got in a bit of trouble jumping around under the tree, but mom assures us that there will be a couple tiny gifts in our stocking. The kitty tree was our big gift - we got it early. I am going to go & strut my svelte self around so mom can take more pics. See if you can tell in the ones she is posting!


I'm a good boy

November 8th 2012 3:58 pm
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Well, today the box came from Amazon & there was a new YOWWW Banana catnip toy in it! I love that toy, it is my favorite. I basically flattened the last one from chewing on it. So I jumped on the bed in Nana's room where Felix was, and momma was in there talking to Nana & she gave be the banana. I was so excited, and just started to bite on it, when Felix just strolled over & took it. I mean he just took it. I love that toy...but I was good and did not do anything but look at momma. She said "Smitters you are such a good big brother to let Felix play with your toy I am so proud of you" and after a minute, Felix went to have his lunch & momma gave me my banana back. It has some kitten spit on it, but that is ok. So momma says she is gonna order a couple of them next time so I can keep my very own one & not have to share. Thank you too for my ddp wishes. Mom was kinda tied up with Felix so she missed it. Maybe Santa will bring me a bunch of YOWW toys.....

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