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arrrgh I be thankin ye

September 19th 2013 4:32 pm
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Argh a biy YoHoHo to the diary gal fer picking me tewday! Ar I be gaaarrateful to ye all fer the backslappies & flags a flyin!


purrs of sadness

September 18th 2013 12:34 pm
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Our friend Avail 1034890 has gone to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.



September 17th 2013 7:17 pm
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Aye tis been a while since I be tellin me tails, so a bit o updates on meself. I been sunnin meself real regular like, and beggin for any chow I can get me paws on. The Captain Mom, she be a mite stingy with the vittles, claiming I be on a special mission of keeping me fightin muscles. Aye but me tummy she be a growlin. I done kilt the evil snake oncet again, and saved me family. But fer sum reason that scurvy snake he comes round allus when The Dad be here. I be thinkin that snake be trying ta bite me Dad, so I kilt em ever times. Other wize, I be headin fer me hammick ta take a snooze arrg. Salutes from the Pirate Katswell Smit


gotcha my boy!

August 23rd 2013 3:41 pm
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Thank you o so much my friends for the gotcha day gifties:
Tiger, Tiny & Beauty, Smiley Cassanova, Marmelade & family & Benson and to Ruffy & family. I can hardly believe I have had a swanky pad for a few years now. Fresh water in several places, scratching pads & trees, yep got a few, my choice of snuggly beds, and my own snake - oh I mean bootstring. And the scritches...ahhh love them scritches. I don't know how momma does it, but she knows just that right spot yep ooo right there on my cheek oooo yeaahh that's the spot! I usually flop right over when she starts. Seems like just yesterday I was stuck in a tree & eating bugs. Sadly I still really like to eat, and that is my biggest hurdle - trying to keep my muscley figure & not get all fatty fat fat. I got some tuna wet food today to celebrate. And mom is breaking out the catnip later PARTY!!!

Momma: I was remembering when Smitty was a kitten, it was on my birthday actually, he had gotten a URI from the place where he was neutered, and the stupid mailman held the door open, and he ran onto the front porch. THen he went to grab him, so of course being scared, Smitty ran. I was so upset & crying, and The Dad got in his truck to drive around to find him. I saw him in the yard next door, and he tried to run to the fence but got his head caught & ran under their deck. I tried to use stinky food to get him out, but he was so snuffy & could not smell it. It was a very damp & rainy day, so I was even more upset that he would get even sicker. He was so scared. Between me & The Dad, we had to toss tiny pebbles behind him under the deck while laying on the ground, to get him to run out again, and when he did, I had a big fishing net & got him! I held onto my little boy & never wanted to let go. That was the moment that I really knew how much I loved that tiny boy. Now he is not so tiny, but he is still my boy. Now he really has no interest in being outside. He is not fond of the harness, and he will just lay in the grass & graze in a circle til I pick him up. I would rather he eat cat grass from the grocery, so he doesn't really go out. He loves the screened porch though. I thank the heavens every day for letting your rumbly tummy lead you to me my Smitters. Happy gotcha day my sweet.


carousel cat

August 22nd 2013 4:08 pm
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I am doing great, playing with my string snake, and generally being an adorable big guy. I have taken to sleeping in a new position momma calls carousel cat. The table we have by the kitchen window has a nice soft rug on it just for us, and we all take turns laying on it. The other day, the sun was hitting right on it, and instead of curling up, I laid on my side, but my front & back feet were tucked up just like the ponies on a merry go round. I was so sound asleep, my tail was hanging without a twitch. I probably would have strted snoring too. Momma was laughing & told me I looked like I belong on a carousel ride, and then I got a good scritching! Other than that, I have been chilling on the screened porch, wrastlin with Felix here & there, not so much with Tig, cause he has been crabby, and taunting Maizy until she smackety paws me in the head. All in all, I've been having a good summer!


A new toy!

August 8th 2013 7:31 pm
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HEY! so The Dad helped me discover this wonderful new toy! It is called....wait for it.... a boot lace! He was lacing up his work boots, and the lace broke, so he was kinda grumbly about it while pulling it out to replace it, when I grabbed the end & pulled it out for him! He grabbed the one end & I was strutting around with the other end in my mouth & pounced on it when he swishled it on the floor. Felix got into the action by grabbing the other end - but no we did not have kitty tug o war. Momma laughed & said "ya pay for all these toys at the store & they want the broken lace..." Well, Momma we are just repurposing like you try to do! Big sis would be happy that we are recycling! Meowzawowzas! And the best part is that The Dad saved it & plays with me with my lace at night! Don't worry it is very long and very thick so I won't choke or swallow it, and it is not left out. After play it gets put away. Today I was pretending it was a giant snake that I had to kill before it could bite momma! And I GOT IT! purrs!


my bro

May 25th 2013 5:02 pm
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My poor little brother looks just awful. He came home & went to sleep right away. I wanted to say hi to him, but Momma said I could only sniff through the carrier. Maybe I can see him tomorrow - I promise to be good!


meds they are a workin!

May 23rd 2013 7:40 am
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I went for the vet to check my arthritis in my hip & back, and it seems that the gabapentin is working. I still am showing a bit of pain, but vet says it is much better. All I know is that between that & my bad toothie out, I feel great! I have been playing a bunch - even carrying a mousie up & down the stairs. I lost an ounce too! So now I just have to concentrate my thoughts on my little brother Felix. I sure hope he will get better, because I miss wrastlin with him. Me n Tigger have been doing some tag team moves, but I like to play with Felix too, and he has not felt good to play with me. Momma says he will get fixed up & be much better. Off to get that orange mousie!


feelin groovy & a wrestlin mat!

May 15th 2013 4:10 pm
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Just an update...There is a big difference in me! Mom thinks that since my tooth does not hurt, and the medicine for my hips must be working, because I am so much more perky now. I am awake & trotting around more instead of sleeping all the time. Momma moved a large area rug in the basement from the rec room in an empty spot near her desk towards the laundry room so that she could clean & scrub it - I have decided that I like this rug right here. I ran on it & jumped. Momma tossed me a mousie & I went bonkers scrabbling around on it. Me & Tig & Feefer (Felix) have been using it as our own M.E.O.W. tag team wrestling mat, I have been getting some good scratches on it too! Momma said that since we are all having so much fun with it, she is leaving it there just for us! and will get another one for the rec room! We never got to jump around on it before as it had a coffee table on it, but now it is all open and ALL OURS! yahooo!!



May 2nd 2013 3:41 pm
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Can you believe it? I was abandoned - on my birthday...yes it is true... First Momma takes me to the vet where I get this shot that makes me sleep, and I wake up with my mouth hurting, and so drugged up that I was embarrassingly out of sorts. And Momma said "oh poor Smitty & LAUGHED at my large pupils & weaving" THEN I get all this disgusting medicine shoved down me! I did spit it back in her face at least once though hehheh. To top it off - she left me... was not here on my birthday..the one she picked for me... *insert a shuddering sigh here*

Well, I guess it was not so bad, I mean Momma & The Dad work really hard, and our human sister & brother got them a 2 night stay for their anniversary. So they went & had a nice time. Momma says that she will make it up to me. Oh and then I had to go BACK to the dr today so she could poke around in my mouth! What to see if the tooth grew back?! Well it DID NOT. harumph.

Momma - oh my Smitters - I am sorry that we were not here, but it was something we both needed, just like you need your naps & catnip. I love you very much my big boy!

Smitty - well, it's ok...but do I get some of that canned fish flavor that Tigger got too?

Momma-of course you do my sweet sweet boy...

Smitty- all is well, *licks choppers*

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