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Mr Arthur Ritus Is Making Us Absent

September 22nd 2012 8:18 pm
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Mr Arthur Ritus...He is causing us to have to be in absentia fur a while, starting a few days hence:(
That nasty dude pinched our pawppy so hard that he can hardly walk. The human medicine man said he has to have a total hip replacement, as the only sure way to help.
Well that also means that meowmy cannot let us be here in 'full mode' for a while. She has to be his taxi, rehab coach and general helper.
She will try to be here to give you updates and progress notes, but we will NOT have time to make pic/mementos fur our furends. Some of those take an hour or more to make. Meowmy loves to do them, but there just will not be any time...we want pawppy to get better, we know you will understand, because you are all such furtastic furends.

We will have a new name/title to let you know when we are going into 'mini-mode'. Something like WBS-On Temp.Leave, or WBS-No Pics Fur Now...

Our den is getting to be looking intriguing fur curious kitties right now...and we can't wait until pawppy will be sleeping downstairs fur a while...but we sure hope he doesn't poke us with that cane thing we saw, MOL!

Please purray fur Pawppy, that things will go well fur him.

Well, we had a lot of rainy times today, it was nice so snuggle...on the laps of pawppy and meowmy.

We are not sure if we let our furends know that we got our new kitty bed from River's Contest. The one where we had to guess all the names. Well it came a while back,and we told River how much we loved it, etc, but we can't post any of the pics we have...yet. We are still on this old borrowed confuser...it does work, but can't hold many things in its memory, because it is too small there, It must be like amnesia, MOL! Eventually we will be able to do all these things when meowmy gets a newer confuser...um...then we may have to lie low until she gets that all figured out, MOL! Technology is not one of her strong points. Hah!




August 28th 2012 8:38 pm
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WeBeesSeened by the whole world, well, as many as come to the Catster on FB...MOL! Tully and his furmily told us to go over there and look, too...and even though we normally do not 'do' FB, we could see ourselves. At this time there were over 500 likes...'THUD'!
Here is the picture that is displayed on FB:
WeBees's Picture On FB, 8-28-2012

Here are the comments as they were when meowmy went to look...

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Jules Savant pretty twins
2 hours ago ·

Rebecca Hartman Gorgeous
2 hours ago

Bonnie Cunningham It's Minko and Pipo! They definitely Bees Siamese!
2 hours ago

Carolyn Huffman ‎"... If you please...."
2 hours ago

Jamilla Camel ‎Pip Grantham and Peter Grantham - a basket of kittehs for you!
2 hours ago

Sandra Lee It's Sandra Lee and Terry Bouchard, with different hair colors today! Hahaha!
2 hours ago

Kathy Ann Parker PIPO 'n MINKO~! YEAH BRO'S~! U r too kewl~! We R siamese if'n U don't purrlease~ MOL~! YAY Fur Siamese~! LUFF U DOODZ~! Purrs on, MILO Blue Eyes
2 hours ago

Nicole Gough Gorgeous fur babies
2 hours ago ·

Robert Morton Gorgeous Meezers!
2 hours ago

Pippa the Kitten These look like Pippa and Harry, but Pippa and Harry are Tonkinese.
2 hours ago

Luke Hautala It's Pipo and Minko! Hi Guys!
about an hour ago

Karen Parsons My furriends Pipo and Minko!
about an hour ago

Michelle Walls Cute
about an hour ago ·

Evelyn Lubic So cute. I wish we could have a kitty--but they can't go wild out here with all the nature animals running around.
about an hour ago

Laura Mc keep an indoor cat then. Just choose the right breed
6 minutes ago

Joey Yazzie Love them Pussiies
29 minutes ago

This is fun, we mean, its fun to hear abut ourselves being featured somewhere, and don't even know! MOL! Thanks Tully fur the heads up!


The Big Cats WON!!

August 23rd 2012 12:18 am
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Today (the 22nd), we were rudely awakened by a noisy, frenzied dog-guy!
It was still early,and the peeps were still all in their nests, and the doors were locked, which means that dog-guy couldn't go through his doggy doors...so he barked and barked and growled and made way too much noise...he needs to be taught not to disturb the peace of us kitties.
Since he would not stop with the noise, he also woke the peeps up, and they finally let him go outside, where he continued to bark his head off, but somehow when he returned indoors his head was back on, MOL!

The reason he was such a nuisance was hot air balloons!
A huge one was hovering right above the ground in the field across from or den, and it was getting ready to land. It made its own noise.And we didn't care fur that either, maybe dog-guy was trying to rid us of that thing...

There was another one flying over our den, it was from the U of M. it had a huge blue 'M' on it..'GO BLUE'!

Well eventually all was quiet, and dog-guy came inside to sleep, he was tired from all that early AM activity, MOL!

Then after a while meowmy baked a cake, and decorated it...to give to unfurbro, who had his birthday, on the 22nd. Two decades already!

Well, they indulged themselves, and then all was furry quiet...we had the sunpuddles to ourselves, and dog-guy was in the bsack porch, with his open doggy door, so he could come and go at will, and open windows to enjoy the fresh air, and he was also on guard duty...for almost 12 hours. Woiw!

The unfurmilt went to Ann Arbor, and met up with the other unfurbro. They soon left there and went to have a late lunch, and from there they went to the Motor City...aka Detroit.
There was a contest there between some big orange cats with black stripes, and some large noisy blue and white burds.
This contest was being watched by some 37,000 spectators who meowmy said made a lot more noise than those two teams of contestants combined. We think we are glad we stayed home...though it might have been a lot of fun to see some big cats stalking burds...
Meowmy told us that the big cats won this contest against the burds...yeah!

Tigers 3 - Blue Jays 2

Meowmy felt a bit strange rooting for cats, over helpless burds...MOL...since those burds came from Toronto, and she is a Canadian...sigh...but she felt it was necessary to support her furmily who consider themselves true fans of those big orange Tigers!

Well, they came home at 130 AM!! So furry late!

Sorry is we didn't get to snag her to do our catretarial duties fur Catsterland kitty-furends, but we hope that if you need one in the future, she will be there fur us to mew at to do her slave duties!!

Now we need to go and catch up on our beauty snoozes..or are they handsome naps??


Olympicatrobatics! Sticking The Landing!

August 8th 2012 11:12 pm
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Today we were chasing each other all over the den, and we were furry much into some heavy duty super-sonic zoomies!

Dog-guy was nearby, but in the spectator section.

In our den we have two couches back to back, sort of like a room divider.If you look in our pics you can see them, where we are ladder climbing...
Anyfurs, we decided to take our zooming path around that fur-niture...suddenly Pipo jumped over Minko, followed by Minko careening over Pipo! It was like synchronized back flips!
Now dog-guy was becoming a cheer-leader...he was getting evfur so interested in what we were doing.
Then we disappeared into the tunnel those two couches make...and out we popped at the other end, but we were now on the coffee table where our lamp stands. Pipo was in such a hurry, he didn't pay any attention of where his path was going, and he did a long-jump right on top of dog-guy! OOPS!!
Is that how you stick your landing?? Well he hissed and swatted and took off, all in a fluffy huff, and poor dog-guy didn't even have time to react, let alone do more than look at meowmy with bewilderment, as if to say what did I do to deserve that!?
Minko was able to come to a screeching halt, he stuck his own landing on the table beside the lamp...with his whole self looking rather larger than normal, he had become a bottle-brush with fright at all this catrobatic hoopla!
Meowmy now knows how it is that sometimes things are made to crash to the floor...and how spectators can get caught in the fracas of The Kitty Games!


WeBeesSwamped!! Freezers Fur Da Meezers!

August 1st 2012 3:56 pm
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Yup, the Meezers are swamped...overloaded and overjoyed at all those huge cakes on our page. We shall have to send meowmy out to get a freezer; maybe more than one...
Mol: Freezers Fur Da Meezers! MOL!

Thanks to all of our loving and purry-furry pals who are spreading the love around, as well as the cake. We are having our cake and eating it too, MOL!

No one should be on a diet tonight, it is too tempting!

In Dogsterland it is The Furst Of Dog-ust, so they are sharing their fun with us, isn't that sweet! We think so, and we are now off to start gobbling our way through all the yumminess on our page.
Nom-nom-nom...(Burp)...nom-nom-nom...does anyfur have any nipitinis or catweiser to wash these down?? MOL!

Thanks HQ for opening the pantry wide! We need to have a pawrty!


A Tisket - A Tasket - Two Cats In The Basket!!

July 25th 2012 10:52 pm
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Happy Anniversary!!

That's right furs and peeps! Meowmy and Pawppy just celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary! This one is Silver. Bright, Shimmery Silver!
Hmmm...do they need one of those medals that peeps get fur winning at the olympics?? Um...we guess not...

Well, we got to be together in furbidden territory today...that basket you see in the pics, its from their wedding, it was used to pass out the treats to all of the guests.
So we were happy to try it out, and we had lots of room in there, even with 2 of us, MOL!
Meowmy so wanted to get all 3 of us furs, fur a furmily furtrait, but Pipo was not cooperating with that idea...Minko didn't mind one bit!
Oh well, two out of three isn't bad, MOL!

And while not furry funny or anything like that, given the drought we are having, we had about 10 drips of rain this morning. Just like on the pawrents' wedding day...it was the hottest day of the year it seemed, and oh so humid, just like today...great fur remembering!
Only today the restaurant they went to, to celebrate was air conditioned...the one 25 years ago was supposed to have been, but that was the day it decided to break down...it was too hot to deal with it, UGH! Murphy's law likes to be around where meowmy is, MOL!
Well, nevfur mind that, Murphy's law did not do anything to Meowmy & Pawppy's marriage...it is going strong, through thick and thin and furevfurmore! Till the next 25 years and longer, God willing.



July 24th 2012 5:22 pm
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Awww! That's what meowmy said today...
She was at the grocery store, and a lady was buying some things...for a cat, plus a large, soft carrier.
Meowmy asked the lady what kind of fur was going to be using these items,and the lady said a kitten.
It turns out she found a lone abandoned kitten in her garage, no mother kitty nor siblings either, and said kitten was furry tiny. She rescued it and brought it to her vet, as she already had some other cats...her vet told her the kitten was too young to get any shots, deemed it healthy enough, but advised isolation from the others for the time being...you know the routine...a cat finds a purrson, gets put in the bathroom, or the laundry room and eventually the other furs get a sibling, MOL!
Anyways the vet thought that the kitten, a female, was only about 3 weeks old(!).

The lady said she had a pic of the kitten and she took out her smart phone and showed meowmy...awww! A white and tabby kitten, not unlike this one:
But way, way teenier!

Thank you kind lady fur adopting this wee one, into your furmily!


Athleticat Boxing

July 17th 2012 5:51 pm
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Yes we can be athleticat-ic...we run, usually as in 100 yard dashes, we score touchdowns with our mousie toys, we jump up and over like those pole jumpers do, we are great at going through tunnels, like those behind our couch, we race each other to be the furst in line fur noms, or to greet the peeps when they come back from wherevfur, and of course we have to race to stay out of dog-guy's reach, sometimes.
We can roll around like furballs, or stretch out like rubber bands...is that athleticat-ic??
Minko is great at doing pop-ups, he can jump furry high with no running start...best seen when he gets a spook from something real or imagined...
Pipo has the fastest smacky paw meowmy has evfur seen, most used on dog-guy's ears or snooter...so he would be good at boxing.
Today we had our own triathlon of sorts.
We were seen stalking each other...then we rushed up and down the length of the den, and back again, we raced up & down the stairs, we jumped onto the book shelves, and then Minko chased Pipo into the box tunnel where there is a food bowl, safe from the gobbling jaws of dog-guy...
Then we started a boxing/wrestling match...meowmy found tufts of fur on the carpet later, but she doesn't know from whence it came...but since it was in clumps she knew that the play/athleticat-ic session had ended in a big and fur real fight:(
So now Minko is lounging near pawppy, and Pipo is watching the baseball game...yeah, more athleticat stuff!
And it is Tigers, Roar! Go Tigers!

Meowmy hopes she will be able to see some real athletics when those Olympics start soon. Do they have those fur kitties? We think most kitties would do well!


Hooray!! Yipee!

July 14th 2012 6:14 pm
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Furstly we have had some RAIN! Yeah!
Not nearly enough, but its a start...
Thank you Lord for taking care of your creation.

And Happy Day!
We are getting notifications again, on diaries and photos.
The silent treatment is over...what a relief!

We have noticed a few other fleas, but since we are patient...mostly, MOL!...we are willing to put up and scratch our way through them...

It sure was great to hear from other kitties again, and what fun to see a full inbox!

Thanks, HQ fur all the work you have been doing to get this fixed.



Over Hill And Dale! We Saw Big Swimming Cats!!

July 11th 2012 8:50 pm
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Over the Hill, and through the woods we went, we crossed a creek, and mewed all the way, to V-E-T pawlace we go...MOL!
When we got there we had to wait a bit...and that is when we saw them!
Huge they were!
Huge swimming cats!
Undulating through the water and peering at us, like we were going to be their next meal...oh-oh!
Too scary for us, so we just went to the furry back of the carriers we were in...at least the doors were shut.
They also had these really long whiskers...and they were bigger than us! OMC!!
Scary Thing We Saw At The V-E-T...
OK now you have seen them too...and there were several of them in that huge tank...freshwater catfish, we think we will not be going swimming ourselves in any local rivers, shudder!
Maybe tonight we will have dreams of catfish ...
Here, Kitty, Kitty!

Maybe next time we have a camp-out we can tell this story to the young-uns...MOL!
Sleep well!

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