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Mr B's Fun N Frolic with Fur Report

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Wow! What a year!

December 14th 2010 4:06 am
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OK this diary is really behind! But all good news!

Phantom and Mars were adopted the week of Thanksgiving! Both of their forever families saw them at the Local PetCo so if there is one in your area do a bit of shopping there. They help the cause!

Honey and Annie both are going home this weekend! Well it is 99% sure!

Annie has a quiet home where she will be the queen!
Wow! how purfect is that!

Honey will go and meet her new furmily! She has 2 kitties to get to know and will be loved!
Honey wanted to say Hi to Jack! "Thanks for playing with me when I needed a new family to take care of me! It really boosted my spirits. Love you! Merry Christmas"

So life goes on!

Pops is giving the foster work a break for a month. He is going to concentrate on helping ferals this winter as it is really cold around here in the Phila Suburbs.

We thank all our friends for coming by and love you all

The Fosters who are now loved!
Mars, Tiger, Phantom, Orange Paw, Shadow, Honey, and Annie!!
Hey a thanks to the TomCats for all their help too!


Big News

November 21st 2010 3:25 pm
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Oh we have been so remiss in our postings!

Firstest and Bestest! Phantom has a Forever Home!!

Yay! Whee! Whoop-Whoop! Yippee!

She went home on Saturday to a wonderful forever home! We are so glad!

Mars is waiting for his home and we think it will be soon. Kitten season is over and lots of kitties get new homes over this time of year. We hope to be at adoption events every Saturday over the next month!

Annie is doing very well. She has become a real part of our foster family and comes out to eat with everyone else instead of staying in her crate all the time. She still has not said anything about what happened to her and says "What is done is done. I have a new life to live with loving persons and fursons!" Good going Annie!

Honey is our little meow girl! She want into her first cycle and luckily Mars is still a big young. Mars says"Gee whats all the fuss? Let me at dinner!" MOL

So Honey is going to the V... E... T... next week.

Thats it from the foster front for now

Have a wonderful holiday and pray for those who have less!


Timmy Tomcat (Till we find a new foster spokes cat. Mars is on show)


Hello! We are in need of Pets and Forever Homes! keep us in- mind

November 6th 2010 7:06 am
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Well... Mars and Phantom are out at Petco... I am here with Honey.

*Annie steps up inside her crate*
We have been getting along pretty well. I mean I stay in my crate and only come out to climb up the cat tree. She just sits on the windowsill. She sleeps in the book case so that is that... MOL...

I am over 2 years so I still have a bit of energy and would love a FOREVER home and someone who would play a bit and then I would purr and purr and purr. I have been showing Pops my purr since he rearranged my crate. I always hid in the little house but Pops got rid of it as he is worried about fleas. Now I have a great shoe box. I saw that and when he put it down I jumped right in. It is purrfect for me and I got my motor going and really rubbed his hand as he finished putting some more lining in...
Adopt me and I will bring my box and my purr just for you!

*Honey talks from on top of the desk*
Well yeah... Annie is OK... I guess... I mean she just stays in her crate of comes to the tree once in a while. Whats to not like?
I am really ready to meet new people. Being here has taught me that hoomans are really good. I have no children here but a home with them would be OK... I know the 6yo child cat-carry and can deal with it!! MOL!!
I am eating well and need a booster for my vax... Next time Pops needs something he is taking me to the vet. Ah well... Not my favorite but... Its OK...
As you see I am pretty laid back. One issues is that I have a VMM: very-mean-meow...
But! I do not mean anything by it...
Pops was all like careful when we met and I could not figure it out as I really like a pet and head rub. I even take pills when I have too.
I would call out and he would be real slow and careful...
Now he knows he can just pick me up and put me on his lap for a pet.
Pops thinks I needed it when I was outside and feral cause I am so small. Who knows?
I think my VMM is changing. I use it a lot cause I love a pet.
So I am letting you know that I would LOVE A FOREVER family and would meow-meow-MEOW Just for you!
I Love attention!
I would Love you if you give me a chance!

Pops:"Please give one of these wonderful girls a thought if you are considering adoption! They are so good they almost take care of themselves"


Welcome to Annie and Honey

October 23rd 2010 10:55 am
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Annie is our new foster girl. She is staying here for awhile because she is very shy. She needs to relax so her wonderful purrsonality can shine through. She is about 2 years old has all her shots. She gets along with other kitties but she would really like to be an only kitty so she can sit in your lap all day long.

Honey is another little lady who came to our crew last week. She was lost and alone and a nice woman brought her in and kept her safe. She is a little shy and it is not clear if she was lost or abandoned. She had her Rabies shot and first Vax. She has a nice golden tone to her fur that is not done justice by this photo. She gets along well and gives a little head bump when you go to give her a pet.

Mars is "Action Cat" Enough said! MOL He is our boy who zooms all day until he is tired and then... He gives a little cry because he wants to be picked up so he can sleep in your lap purring away.

Phantom is the last little girl of this litter. She has wonderful markings and has the makings of a lap cat. She could go alone but Mars gets lonely and she wants to keep him company...

Remember to support your local Rescue and Adoption Groups!


Wowzers DDP

October 19th 2010 6:26 pm
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We are running back to say HI for our DDP as we are at a big adoption event!
Purr... Pant... Purr... Pant...Purr... Pant...
Gotta run back to... what's that Pops?
Wowzers Phantom has an application?
Well I am still here and until the smoke clears so is Phantom
Thanks to all our furiends! Remember to help the lonely homeless kitties!
If everyone does just a little bit it ends up being a lotta lots!
Purrs N Bonks
Mars and Phantom love you all


There are many in need!

October 10th 2010 8:12 am
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Report from Big Pappy Pop!

*Tiger is Adopted. Orange Paw is Adopted. Shadow is Adopted. *

I had put way too much here so I am going to start an adoption blog as time permits to codify my experience with my first foster litter.

To make it short it was Wonderful! I thought I knew a lot about cats, and I do, but, I really paid attention to this litter from 5 weeks till now.
I watched the stages of development. I watched little personalities emerge, I met lots of people who love cats as I do.

I have moved Phantom in with the Boys as Rumpy just has too much energy and I do not want any problems to develop. Phantom and he knew each other and run back and forth with Buddy Tim and Toby watching from the sidelines.

Little Mars had to come back from the pet store as he was not comfortable alone. I have Annie in their room. Phantom is with the Boys. Rumpy is a teen! Lots of decisions to make how this all will be managed. I have to call a friend who has a "boarder" in the basement.

Lots of responsibility. And on top of it all I am back to work. Maybe I should ask for some time off? But then who would buy the treats?

Have to go. Mars is learning... Whoops... He has learned about the magazine on the edge fall off the table trick!

Do it again! Yep! Twice! I am hooked on Rescue-Foster!

I thank ALL MY CATSTER FRIENDS! Just for being who you are!
You have taught me so much!
Love you all!
Pete AKA "Pops"


** News Flash **

October 9th 2010 1:00 pm
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**Flash from Announcer**

Good evening Mr and Mrs America and all the ships and clippers at sea!

We have it on good authority that Orange Paw and Shadow have been Adopted!

That is right Adopted into a loving forever home. Mr R is a gentle hu-man in every sense of the word and although we did not meet his lovely bride we are sure this is the right place for these two young ladies!

Shadow, Orange Paw, do you have anything to add?

Shadow: "Well, I was a little anxious on the ride up with Pops, but, when I got held for the first time; I knew it was right and let out a big purr!"

Orange Paw: "I agree. I had been at the local pet store where they support rescue. When I first saw Mr R he came right up to my cage. We looked at each other and that was that. Purr-city ever since!"

Well folks, there you have it, another happy ending! Thank you and Good-Night!

*The Kittens holler as they are driven to their new forever home*
"We will get an update to Timmy TomCat after we settle in! Thank you to all our fine Catster Furiends!"


Things are moving along!

October 9th 2010 5:02 am
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Furs and peeps!

We have Orange Paw and Shadow going to their forever home today!
(Well it is about 90% pending a home check)

Now if Mars and Phantom can find forever homes it will really open up the kitty room for new fosters. This is very important as there are lots of kitties who need help and winter is coming.

Please support Rescue Groups and Trap Neuter Return!
Lots of groups can get donations from things like grocery register receipts so even little things can help.

The Kits

http://blindcatrescue. com/


Four to go!

October 3rd 2010 2:37 pm
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Well it was another very busy weekend!

Tiger went to his forever home on Friday night!
It is really a wonderful home because it is way back at the end of a road so he will be going outside! Wow! His brofur is HUGE. He is a Marmalade Forest Cat! 22 pounds. He gave Tiger a sniff. Tiger gave him a hiss. He just said "Dood chill! I am very laid back".

Pops had us at a big outside event and maybe some other people will adopt kitties!

So we are all as tired as Pops and will keep you up to date as we think two of us are going tomorrow! Purrs!

Tell your friends!

The Kits


Big Exciting News!

September 29th 2010 5:56 am
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*Mars is loudest of course*
Hi to all our friends!

We had a wonderful adoption day in Valley Forge and some REALLY NICE and WONDERFUL humans asked if they could take us to their homes FOREVER and EVER! WOW! MEOW!

Pops is keeping it a secret which of us is going as, well, we are kittens and he does not want any of that kid stuff about who was picked.

*Phantom squeaks: "But I never went on a trip... Sniff Sniff"*

Pops: "No worries, because we like to keep siblings together, do not jump the gun. Some may be taking, well, more than one! We will have a good bye party for those who leave and maybe, just maybe, if their forever families want, they will get a Real Catster Page all their Own!!"

Yay Purr Meow Purr

We will update you soon!
The Kitten Krew soon to be few... er...

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