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Mr B's Fun N Frolic with Fur Report

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What a Wonderfur Christmas

December 26th 2011 10:52 am
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Wowzers Meowzers! Our furst Christmas!

Pops brought us some good snacks and fun toys!

We all chowed down and had a grand day!

We are still looking for forever homes so keep the purrs coming!

Love you all and thanks fur your support!

Inky, Lil-Buddy, Fitz and Mr Buttons


Love you all!

December 25th 2011 6:19 am
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We love you all very much!

Thanks fur being such good friends during the past year and supporting those in need. We are very very lucky that Pops is our foster Dad and wish many more could be with us here in our nice warm foster room!

Looking forward to many more fun days to come with you all and maybe we will have our very own forever home soon!

Purrs from all of us!
Lil-Buddy, Inky, Buttons, Fitz


Thanks Furs and Catster!

November 3rd 2011 6:00 am
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Are we ever surprised at being DDP!
Such an honor!
Thanks to all of our furends fur-shur!

So we are feeling full of energy and are raring to get to our forever homes! It has been a tough year for all of the fosters all over the country. The economy has impacted every human and cat. Persons who want to adopt a furson are putting it off. We hope things get better soon for our humans friends so we can find a home.

We had a nice Hallween. Old Mr Pops gave us all extra treats and he brought some new toys to chase. When those treats come you had better watch out! We will chew your fingers in our zeal to get them. MOL. We are learning, slowly, to wait our turn but it is so hard.

Hey! Here he comes now! See you later!
Purrs and Bonks
Inky, Lil-Buddy, Rikki, Fitz, Buttons


A Kitten Recovers

October 30th 2011 2:33 pm
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Let me, Mss Inky, tell you about this past week. It has been a very stressful around the foster room and we have been purring up a storm for our little sister Rikki.

Since we little ones came Rikki has been fighting off a bit of something. She would be fine and full of energy and then just a bit quiet. Monday she ate very little and then nothing on Tuesday. Pops got her on Claivimox but she still did not eat so he was worried and took her to the vet. We thought she would stay in the catspial but no.

We were worried.She looked sad and her fur was funky but she did not want to be with any other cat so we let her be.

Pops put her in the big crate so she could rest. He started feeding her kitty-milk that he made to keep her strength up. He Would feed her at 6am and then a bit before he leaves for work at 8am. Then at 530 and 830 too. He told us not to worry but we did.(He was worried too but wanted us to feel better)

He made a special bed for her so she would be warm. She did not eat on Friday.

On Saturday morning I went on the cat tree to say good morning and she told me she ate the treats he had given her. Wow. I heard Pops coming and ran to the top of the tree to watch. He was real happy that at least the treats were half gone and he made a new dish up for her and gave her the kitty milk.

We got a nice breakfast and a bit of play. I asked her when Pops left how that stuff was and she said it was kind of good. The holding and making you eat was no fun. Just not what a cat allows. The other fosters heard her say this very loudly and a bit cranky. We all purred and meowed agreement as we knew then that she was getting better. Whew. Scary when a kitten is sick.

So at 10am Pops came down again and he was surprised that she ate all the treats and the dry kitten kibble too. He was all happy and gave us all a few extra treats.

Well good times never last as his friend came over with the hose-monster. Why he lets her come in here with that just mystifies we fosters. I mean she is nice and plays along with Pops and us but then always with the WHOOOSSHH.. Pops runs away too so maybe he cannot control this. Hmmmm.

So then Pops brought Rikki out and we all played. She ate right along with all of us. She did tire out a bit quickly but that is understandable. We are just glad she is better.

Oh yeah I almost furgot...

Fitz and Buttons went out to the vet too. Fitz showed us her belly where she has an ouchis. She said to leave her alone so no problem. She can be a bit scary. Buttons said he felt funny too but we cannot see any ouchie. His tail does lay flatter though. Hmmmm.

Have a good week all..

If you know someone who wants a kitty and they live in PA we are here..

Mss Inky


An eventful weekend!

October 2nd 2011 1:56 pm
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First lets hear from Fred
Whee! A good story too!
My Pops was a bit late getting to the event on Saturday so he had just gotten me, Buttons and Fitz settled in when a very nice young lady came by looking for a furiend. She looked at two very cute medium hair kits but did not want to separate the two. Don't you know my ears perked up when I heard "Where is Fred? Flying Fred? I saw him on the web and he looked like a fun kitty". I was all ready when Pops came over and let her pick me up. Well, you know, I was not going to go with just any person, but, something special happened. I felt like I knew her my whole life. She was so nice. She held me just right. She knew right where to give me a nice pet. Truth be told I really started flirting! I got my purr motor humming! I butted my head on her hands! I even rolled over and put my feet in the air and laid my head back as I felt so safe. She liked me! I liked her. Pops liked her too! Wow.
When we got home Buttons gave me a butt and told me how lucky I was. Fitz told my to be careful and maybe I better not go. That Fitz. He really needs to lighten up.
Fabulous Flying Fred

Well I am really happy for Fred. He is a good fun dood and deserves a nice home. Now here is some other big news. Pops told me this morning that someone called for Fred when he was out at the event, but, Pops told this person about me. This person was in rescue so understands FIV. She wants to look me over and maybe I will have a home next weekend! Wow! When it rains...
Mr Buttons

I don't know what all the excitement is about. I want to stay here. I do not care about all that. I like my room. I like Pops and trust him. I do not trust any other hoomans. They are scary.
Fitz the Cat

Well a good weekend. I really hope Buttons gets a nice home as he is a wonderful little guy. Fitz is slowly coming around and is a hundred times better than when he came. All the foster people think he is a real cutey. If I have a problem over time I will try and mix him in with the boys. They may be a bit aggressive for him but there is still a chance a nice retired person is looking for a fur for a quiet home. Thanks to all who help needy kitties and cats! What was that Tim? Ok I'll tell everycat: Purrs from Da-Boyz too!


Hello from the Foster Kittens

August 24th 2011 6:40 am
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I am Fred. I am also known as Fearless Flying Fred because I love to fly through the air when I am playing with the feather wand!
I really purr like a champ and am looking fur a furever home of my own.

Fitz here! Wow I have really changed! I have gone from a scardy-cat who hissed when anyone came in the foster room to, well, today I climbed on Pops lap and purred away! He makes the best breakfast! Meow! I can play now too! Full speed ahead! I can hardly remember being sick and in isolation! I am a lucky kitty! I just need a furever home!

Mr Buttons saying Hello! Now don't feel sorry for me because I had to come back to Pops foster room! So what I have FIV! I am going to show some lucky hooman just how loving I can be. I was always the strongest and healthiest so it was a shock to Pops about that diagnosis. Lucky for me he knows about cats. He says I can stay here as long as I need to!

*The kits line up*
"Do you know who will adopt us to a furever home? We will be the BEST kittens EVER!"

Fred, Buttons and Fitz


Best of Mews! We all have homes!

June 26th 2011 7:14 am
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Well Tiny Dancer was adopted.
Actually, I was surprised she did not go first. But alls well that ends well.
Since I was all alone I am now staying with a nice lady who also fosters and has some longer hair kits. They are a bit older than I am so a bit bigger.
No matter!
I will show them Tomcat Action MEOW! MOL!
So good bye!
Thanks fur being our furiends for a little bit. Maybe we will meet again some day.


Bye Foxy Bye Tank-Girl

June 18th 2011 6:34 am
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Well they got a new home!
We were so happy cause they got adopted together. That is so great.
Pops went and checked out the couple and he told us they are very nice. They are getting married soon and will move into a house they already have. The kits are going to stay a bit in her apartment which is good as it is small like our room. When they move they will be bigger and be settled in.

Pops tells people: "A cat makes a house a home!"
Wise words.

So we have to run. Me and Tiny Dancer have an event today at Valley Forge PA. Wish us luck!

PS Yes I did grow into my ears. A bit. MOL! Thank goodness I have not heard one "Yoda" joke. MOL



Gremmie is Dopted and Hello to the Kits!

June 2nd 2011 4:42 pm
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We are so happy to report that Mss Gremmie got a furever home. She had been in foster for 6 months and she was such a loving
little kitty it was a mystery why no one had taken a shine to her. Well she is now in her new home happy as can be.

So say Hello to the new Kits.

Pinky is our new little guy who has a pink collar.

Foxy is a young lady with a polka dot collar.

Tank Girl has a camo collar.

Tiny Dancer has a green collar.

These great little kits are fostering with us and are quite a handful. Pops gets up early so he can spend time with them in the morning before work and then he also does an after work play time. Lots of socialization for these guys so they are ready for the big world.
Hi to all our Catster Pals

Timmy T and all the furs. Pops too!


Hi Everycat!

April 30th 2011 2:42 pm
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Well here I am, Gremmie!

I am a lady cat who that hooman, Pops, was kind enough to foster. I have been out at adoption events and local pet stores for a long time. That is like being "on the road" if you know what I mean. Tough. No place to settle in.

This place is a bit, umm, odd, as I live with 4 male cats: Da-Boyz! Hoo-Cat what a bunch.

Tim is OK. I guess he is top cat. Toby is his side-kick. They are thick as thieves. MOL. Then there is Grumpy, I mean Buddy. He is such a grouch but we get along. Then there is Rumpy! That weird one with NO TAIL! What is that about? He is a pain-in-the-tail let me tell you.

I have learned to give him a big yowl. Then Pops calls his name with that stern sound. MOL. He better watch out. I may just replace him around here. This place needs a womans touch.

So Hello Catster!


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