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Mr B's Fun N Frolic with Fur Report

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Fun with Fosters

June 17th 2012 11:40 am
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Hi Friends!
I have been playing a lot with my bestest furend Fitz. We grew up together and used to live in Pop's foster room. He decided to adopt me since my FIV status was a problem. Mss Fitz is still has problems with being out in public.

She went to an event yesterday and said it was just awful. She was real glad there were kittens so people were asking to hold them and not her. She said Pops tried a couple times to get her to come out but she just did her Cat-in-a-Coma impersonation. She said she had to really play the part a few times as she heard her name.

Fitz what can I say to change your mind? It is good to be adopted to a forever home. Really.

Oh well. Want to play? Lets play In-The-Box! Me First!

Mr B with FIV-WNLT (We Need Love Too)


Hi Cats

June 9th 2012 1:58 pm
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Well I am upset about the Tabbies leaving.
Very sad.
I have not been here long enough to know about this but the boyz tell me that every now and then Catster kind of gets funny and cats leave.

I hope we stay. Tim says we are not leaving. Whew.
I love you cats. I want to go to Africa with KCK!

So on a lighter note.
Pops got us a CataPole. They are in the little adds in the back of Cat Fancy. You know where all those highfalutin cats are.
It was a bit expensive. Pops said he would try it out as he has spent plenty on toys that are no fun. Tell me about it. Nothing worse than some toy that a hooman made for a cat. BOORING.
So it came and WHEEEE
It really does what they say!
It is fun
*Tim Yells: Enough with the PR.*

Ah OK Tim
Buttons(FIV cats need love too)


My Birthday Party!

May 19th 2012 8:27 am
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Wow my brofurs are sooooooo cool!
They had a party all set fur me this morning and I had no idea.
Pops even hid my cool toys so well I had no idea.

So all of a sudden Pops sat on the floor and pulled out some treats!
Hey we don't have treats like this and...
Then every cat gathered around and Pops sang my birthday song!
Wow I am a year old!
Then the toys came out! Whee! My favorite was a nice small one with such a nice smell I just loved it. Rumpy was kind of surprised I did not take the big one. I said he could play with it. I have mine.

Thanks Pops! Thanks Brofurs! Thanks Fitz! Thanks Koolest Catster Kitties!
Thanks to all my furends!

My First Birthday!
Mr B (FIV Cats need love too)


My first Catster Fleas

May 13th 2012 2:13 pm
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Well my brofurs have told me but...
This is my furst!

Go to post a neat photo of MY FURST BOX and blah. "trouble with your file" or some such. Yuckers. I hear lots of cats have this lately. What is going on anyhow. Some are rather hot. Cannot blame them.

I also had a really nice photo of Fitz. She got hold of Pops Paper Towels. What a hoot. We all know that they are off limits but no one had a chance to tell her as she is so fast. It was like:

Zoom+Zip+Claw+Leap+Claw+Jump+Grab = (Pile of Shredded Paper Towels)

Uh-Uh! Pops is coming. We all hid.
So Pops is looking at the pile of shredded paper and don't you know Fitz runs up and starts playing again. His eyes go wide. We all were waiting being real quiet. OH here it comes!!

Nothing! Huh? Pops smiles and laughs. He says "Fitz you look like you are having so much fun how can I be mad."

I thought Rumpy's jaw was permanently disjointed! MOL!
If Only MOL

Maybe I can show you later.

Mr B with FIV (We need love too)


Whee I am having so much FUN!

April 1st 2012 9:02 am
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I really must say living here is fun, Fun, FUN!

I do get along with all my brofurs but really really like to play with Fitz. When we were in the foster room we did not really get along. Maybe we were young. Who knows. But let me meow you about now. We LOVE to play. I get her. She gets me. Me on top then her on top! And the Racing! Wow! We make laps around the couch and behind the cat tree! Whee!

I am also eating really well. Pops said he may change my name to Hoover because I suck every thing up. Wonder what that means? I hope not I like Buttons.

The other cats are really happy too. I have purrsuaded Pops to give us meaty treats once a day.(or whenever of course) He has been getting chicken and cutting it up into bits. We love it. He also gives us that flat meat. Some we like and some we do not. He bought some specially fur us but we are not crazy about it. He said he will eat it for lunch. What a guy!

Mr Buttons (FIV Spokes-Cat)


An Honor fur me!

March 25th 2012 11:20 am
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Hi Cats. Hello. How are you all?

Uh is this the way you do this?

I hope so. Well looks like Catster has fleas. Tim cannot post a diary so I
am doing the family report. Let see now... Hmmmm... OK

Furst! We all had a Wonderfur time in Dublin with the KCK! Check out our photos! Thanks to a great bunch of cats!

Now not so good stuff:

Buddy had a bad day on Wednesday. Pops noticed he did not come for treats and found him on his shelf. He had a bit of food he threw up on the floor too. It ended up just him eating a bit much dry and then drinking water on top. I do that too. You feel like it has to come up and, Yuck. But then you feel better. Buddy was back getting treats in no time.

Fitz is now also getting some medicine. I did not know how to tell her about her breath. What do you say to a lady anyhow? By the way; your breath smells like week old wet food left in the sun? Nope. And we play a lot so it was bugging me. Luckily she gave Pop a whisker kiss and he found out. The hard way. She has inflamed gums and hopefully the medicine will fix her up.

And I am getting medicine too. I have that eye thing. Not goopy but crusty in the corners some days. Pop says it may be due to the FIV. I do not mind the medicine so we shall see.

Now the plain old news:

Toby is all worried about getting a few white hairs here and there. Thinks he will not be as handsome. What a prissy kitty.

Tim is doing great as always. I hope I have it all together like him some day. Pops right paw. Keeps the house moving along. What a cat.

So who is left? Oh yea. Rumpy. I have to admit he is a lot of fun and can play like the dickens. He can jump as high as Fitz and Toby! Some feat! But he gets a bit rough. None of us understand as he just gets this look and BOOM he ATTACKS. Even if Pop is right there he will go nuts. Weird. He is getting a bit better as he gets older. *Whispers* Birthday for Rumpy April 5th. *Shhhhhh*

OK Tim I guess thats it. Hope I did well.
Have a good week all!

Mr Buttons


Another Party so soon? Wheee

March 4th 2012 10:37 am
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Wow my furends I cannot believe all that goes on here at Catster and with my brofurs. Action cats fur-shur! We just have a great time at the KCK party and now another holiday is coming.

This is my very furst St Patricks day! Cat-Oh-Cat! Timmy took me by the fur and got me a photo all decked out so I can be styling on this great day that honors a great Hoo-man.

He was a missionary and it is said he banished all snakes from the Emrald Isle. Now that is a good thing as we cats and snakes do not get along. Just let me at a low down snake and I will show you! I am gonna BITE-em! And FLIP-em! AND THEN! AND THEN...

Oh sorry.

I am a young cat and get a bit worked up. Especially when I get done playing with Fitz! She is a real wild child and we work up a lather when we play. She tires me out and even Rumpy. Then she goes over and asks Pops to play. What a girl.

I am going to be posting her comments and pictures while she is fostering with us. We all have paws crossed that she gets a good forever home.

So have a good week all!



The Furst Time!

February 25th 2012 4:54 pm
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What a Party!

I went to my furst trip with KCK. Whoo those cats really know how to have fun. And we did. I just want to let everycat know that if you are new to Catster go over there and say Hi!

I need some sleep.



DDP Whee! And important Foster News

February 19th 2012 8:24 am
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Hey Cats I can hardly beleive that I am DDP!
Thanks Catster Diary Girl!

And cats I must say that I was humbled when the Boyz and Pops gave me this page as my very own. We all sat down and meowed it over. As I was given this gift my new duty is to be the report-cat regarding our families Foster and Rescue work. I promise to work hard to do what is right for those in need. Thanks guys. Thanks Pops.

So here goes! My furst report.

Fitz has been out at a PetCo for almost 2 weeks. The exciting thing is that Pops got a call from a prospective adopter last week. Her wonderful disposition was discussed and a meeting was arranged.

On Saturday a nice young lady met Mss Fitz. Fitz said she well behaved and had a good smell so a belly rub was allowed. Very good Mss Fitz. So the young girl is going to discuss with her husband. Pops said he felt good about it as thoughtful hoomans are the best kind. They know that an adoption is not a spur-of-the-moment thing and a big responsibility. We shall have our paws crossed.

And then something else exciting happened. Fitz moved in with us! It is not forever but since she is the only foster Pops has he did not want her alone in the Foster room(it is in a different part of the house from where we live). He wanted to see how she fit in. She fit right in! Meow! Now I must admit I was not real happy. Me and her have, uh, well, history. Tim told me to suck it up. Buddy agrees with me and has moved under the couch in protest. MOL

So there we are. My first foster report.

Purrs from Mr Buttons(AKA The B-Man)


Mr Buttons here! You can call me B!

February 12th 2012 12:03 pm
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Hi all!
I really hope you will be my furiends! My new brofurs have been telling me how nice every-cat is here on Catster!

I am sure lucky to be here and have a forever home now. Thanks to Pops for taking me in. It is hard for cats with FIV. There is so much ignorance in the world I really feel blessed.

I want to give a big Meow of thanks to the other fosters who decided I can have this page for my own. That is so nice of them. I promised to post for them if they would like.

Mss Fitz is out being shown for adoption and I hope she finds a home. Go Fitz girl Go!

I do not think Inky is coming back. When she was going with Fitz to the event she bit Pops very badly. He was not mad but after talking with others in the group he works with they decided that she cannot be out where she can bite people. After 2-3 months she is still not very social and she really needs a farm or some other place for feral cats. Do not worry as this is a good group and I will let you know what is what.

So thanks to Pops and The Boyz. MOL I like that! I am One of the Boys now! Meow! I think I am going to sit and purr for a bit.

Your New Kitty Pal
Mr Buttons

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