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Mr B's Fun N Frolic with Fur Report

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My Special Sisfur has Big News!

February 10th 2013 11:06 am
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Oh my oh my!
My little Sisfur now has her very own page here on Catster!
Go visit Mss Fitz

I thank Angel Amber for giving up her page and now sharing with Angel Coco! You cats are the BEST!

Mr B


My Excellent Gotcha Day Prezzie!

January 27th 2013 10:23 am
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Mr Buttons here!

The man with the plan doing what he can for the FIV clan!

Catchy isn’t it. My little sisfur Fitz thinks so and what could be better than that.

I promised to show the nice prezzie Pops got me so check it out!

Wow is that Mine!

Wow look at that cool sparkle tether!

What a well made birdie!

Lip Smacking Happiness!

Grrrr! A Big Man Cat has you now Birdie!

So what do you think, really nice right. My Pops loves me to bits. I am such a lucky kitty to have a forever home. Please pass the word that FIV cats can fit in a family and if we are not biters, which I am not, there is no risk.

Thank you for being here to help me celebrate
Mr B with FIV.


My Gotcha Day 2013

January 22nd 2013 8:19 am
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Wow what a fun time I had.
Pops got me a new toy that is really nice. We all had treats, nip, and had a good play session. We have the party photos out being developed so I will post them later.

I was really so amazed at the love that poured out to me on this second anniversary of having a forever home.
**Mr Buttons takes in a huge breath, bigger, bigger, and starts:**

Thanks to We Be Siamese for my cool photo
Daniel and the FIV kitties and family Angels
Manytoes for the cool Adopt Rosette
Platelicker and Family for the Heart
Leelee for my Blue Badge
Bear and Family for Football Fun
Big Harry and Family for a Blue Badge
Teebo and Family for Football Fun
Rex and Family for a Snowman (It is l5 today. Brrrr)
Smoky and Family for an Adopt Rosette
Alfie and Family for a Blue Badge
Bella and Family for Football Fun
Kiki and Family for a Snowman
Tigger and Family for a Snowman
Mac and Family for a Heart
Pinkie and Family for a Heart
Charlie for a Adopt Rosette
Smiley Casanova for an Adopt Rosette
Wanda and Family for Football Fun

**Mr Buttons runs out of breath and looks a bit loopy**
Whew I am out of breath... Hope I got everyone for now. I know there are plenty more and I want to say I love each and every one of you cats! Oh yes kittens and persons too! Love you all!

Please remember to put in a good word about those of us with FIV. It is much like the human HIV. In times past there was a lot of misunderstanding. Now, with education, people treat those with this disease as equals in this big world. Hopefully us with FIV will have the same, in time. Thanks

Mr B with FIV


Welcome Wonderfur 2013

January 6th 2013 11:29 am
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Me and Fitz have been mewing over the past year! What a wonderfur one it was. We both got forever homes here and it is so nice not having to worry.

Fitz was talking about those adoption events and how she hated them. I thought they were fun but being adopted and then given back was really depressing. I mean really. Whats a little FIV. Pops says he loves me no matter what!

Yes, Fitz and I have it made.
Mr B with FIV


Christmas with Buttons and Fitz

December 25th 2012 7:24 am
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Wow what a Christmas! Lots of fun.
Timmy told me that since I am no longer a kit I get to do a special Christmas Diary Entry fur me and Lady Fitz! So with no further delay! Lets Go!

Thanks for all the Cards!

Pops secretly made special Fishie-Treats fur us on Caturday!
Fishie-Treats in the Making!

I am the Kitchen Helper so I checked to make sure they were fresh!
Are they Fresh? Yes! YUMMY!

Me and Fitz really got into the toys!
I liked the new dangle toy and grabbed it right off!
Got it!

I do not know about you but when I make a Great Capture of my Prey I am soooo Proud! I carry it off to keep it safe!
I am a Proud Hunter!

**Toby Runs up and Pokes Buttons: “Hey Dood! Let me talk about my lady!”

Well, uh, it is a bit out of...

Toby: “DOOD! Who taught you all those cool cat moves when you were a kit!”

You’re right Toby. Take it away furend.

Toby Takes Over the Diary:

Hi Furs. Toby Here!
Since I love my litte Fitz soooo much I watched her Capture the Prey!
I share her hunt and capture with great pride!

The Stalk

The Fight and Bite!

My Lady Says MINE!

OK I will Re-Capture the Prey!


Ahhh, Victory at Last!

Let me get my Prey to my Den!

Yes! Mine! All Mine!

I am the Alpha Huntress around here! Meowmy Christmas!

Who is the Alpha Cat! ME!

Well there you go! What a Hunter! What a Cat! What a Beauty!
*Toby Sighs*
She does leave us some Left overs!MOL

OK Buttons. Take it away!

*Buttons takes control from Toby*

Uh, yeah. That was quite informative. Kind of Scary too! She is one Wild-Cat! Well I am going to get back to the party! Glad you stopped by to chat. I was honored to be Holiday Spokes-Cat fur me and Fitz.

Love you ALL!
Mr Buttons
**"ME TOO!" Yells Mss Fitz**


I Furgot to tell you about...

November 18th 2012 6:32 am
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Golly-Gee Whiskers!
I really made a mistake in my reporting.

Trumpets! Taa-Daa, Taa-Daa, Taa-Dut--Taa-Taa-Taa!

Mss Fitz is Officially part of the Tomcat Home!

*The Boys all come over and start muttering*
Toby: "Whoa there son! Who made you the boss of us?"
Buddy:"But, she a SHE, so whut we do bout da Tomcat Home?"
Toby: "She plays as hard as anycat. I really like her too. So maybe... Hmmm... "
Rumpy: "She hates me!"
Buddy: "We all hatez youz Rumper!"
Buttons: "Buddy, give it a rest will ya."
Rumpy: "Why do you all hate me?"
Buddy: "Cauze..."
Buttons: "STUFF IT RUMPY, BUDDY, goodness! Where is Tim?"

*Timmy walks jumps onto the couch and looks down on the Boyz*
Timmy: "QUIET! All of you! When Fitz got home from the Spay and Save Adoption event on June 17th she was very upset. Just check with your diary B! I took her under the couch for a heart to heart. I told her she was welcome to stay. That I would do all I can to make her welcome, but, ultimately, it was up to Pops. He buys the Cat food and has the final say. So Buttons, I need to know why you said Fitz is Officially part of our home. It's not your call."
Buttons: "I just saw Pops put the application in to Spay and Save. He wrote in the note part how happy she has been here."
Timmy: "You really have to stop snooping!"
Rumpy: "YEAH, You can't...
Timmy: "SHUT UP"
Rumpy: *Mumbles* - "Razum frazum blah de blah blah..."

*Fitz comes into the room*
Fitz: "Whats up?"

*Timmy jumps down from the couch with tail held high*

Timmy: *Tim Belts it out* -"Hear-Ye, Hear-Ye! I hereby declare that beautiful lady Fitz is now officially a cat of the Tomcat Home!"

*Everycat starts rubbing and head bumping Fitz with tails up!*
Fitz: "Thanks. I really appreciate it. Even you Rump."

*Pops walks in and the cats all disperse*
Pops: "What in the world?"

*Buttons waves goodbye and gives a wink*

Report from Mr B with FIV


I am Diary Pick, Sad News and Medical Update

November 17th 2012 6:36 am
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Whee I am a Diary of the Day Pick!

Thanks to my good furend Buddie for letting me know. I was just getting up and I heard his Angel Wings fly by with the news. He is one cool Angel Kitty.

Now on to the latest with FIV:

We regret that Big Bob went over the Bridge on Monday. Bob had FIV and was 14 years old. Please stop by to support his family. We really loved Bob.

Now my FIV news. Many know that I have been battling an eye infection since I was a kit. Pops had given me medication and eye drops many times but it never cleared up.

Pops would wait a month or so between trips to the vet and this was, oh, let's see, I think it was the 6th. I sang the whole way there. Mi-Mi-Mi, oops, sorry, I get sidetracked sometimes, anyhow, we saw the new vet Dr Jack. He was the guy who did the family a few months ago. A very nice guy. Efficient and knew his stuff when Pops gave him the dope on our families peccadillo's.

He checked my eye. Looked at my gums and noted the gingivitis. Something else I have had since a kit. Well he sat down with a special book on medications. He went out and brought in some ointment. I had that before. Pops held me while Dr Jack put it in my eye and, and it was fine.

This new ointment just kind of melted into my eye and did not have that goopy action. Nice.

We got home and Pops right away put me on his lap and gave my liquid Clindamycin. Again, not bad. A bit more than usual and I finished it up last week. It was a big dose. 1ml twice a day and the bottle was empty in about 6 days. We are finishing up my ointment tonight. My eye looks very good. My gums look better. Much better.

Now do not feel bad for me as Pops gives me CHICKEN! Every dose I run up, Pops puts me on his lap, medicine in, the CHICKEN! Yes!

Now Pops will give a little to any other cat who may stop by to watch but I get the most.

So I will keep you informed of my medical progress.

Love you all
Mr B with FIV


Making Big B Progress

November 11th 2012 8:56 am
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Mr B here. Thanks Furend for wishing me well. Love you all!

So about that Big B Progress
B for Because
B for Buttons
B for Big
B for Boy
So Because Buttons is a Big Boy that I got to do Cat-Tree Training with Timmy. Wow. Really cool stuff.

Mss Fitz is all into battle moves in the morning, noon and night. Truthfully I do not know where she gets the energy. I saw her on the Tree with Tim and had to try it myself so got in line.

Check Timmy's diary for the cool pictures of her and Buddy being Schooled.
I asked Pops not to photo me since it was my first time. That Tim really has the moves. Me and Fitz then chilled on the couch. Until Buddy came over. Buddy-Bud went Blah Blah Blah...

Wow can he gab. MOL.

A fast update on my Medicine.
I am all done my Clindamycin and must say it seems to be working. Goodness I have had Kitten Goopy-Eye since, well, since I was a kitten. I think it is GONE! Yay! Pops says we have to keep the eye medicine going till it is gone but that is fine with me! It means Chicken. Yum!

Be nice to each other.
It is important for our pawrents peace of mind.
Mr B


I had to go to the V-e-t. Oh My!

November 4th 2012 3:23 pm
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Well furs you all know I have FIV.
It is not bad at this time but it does keep me from having a normal cat immune system. Pops told me cats have a very highly developed immune system so with mine being a bit compromised I was more like a human. He assured my I had more immunity than a dog. Whew.

So anyhow.
My eye has been weeping for a long time. Pops gave several courses of eue drops. He actually used 2 whole bottles up. The eye got a little better and then would goop up again. You can even see it in some of my photos. I was starting to get a bit photo shy so I guess going to the v-e-t was best. Not that I liked it.

I was singing the whole way there. I sang in the waiting room. I sang on the way home.
Meow meow meow.
O So Lo Meow
Meow MeeeOwwwooowww Meowow
Meee Owww Meee Owww Meow
Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew
The cat doctor was nice. He gave me my vaccinations last visit and the drops.

So I have an ointment and a medicine.
This ointment is really good. Not like some I had way back when I was a foster. This kind of disappears into my eye and does not goop up. My eye is better already. Only 2 days.
The medicine is a kind I took before. Clindamycin. Not bad really. My does is big though.
I get a nice little cube of white meat chicken breast when I sit in Pops lap and take my medicine in the morning and evening.
Tonight I wanted to be ornery and made Pops squirt it on his hand.
Silly man
He didnt get mad.
He says there is plenty left and laughed
I hope plenty chicken too I want to get all better for my holiday photos
My eye is looking better already
Mr B with FIV


Howling on Halloween

October 28th 2012 9:53 am
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Wow this is going to be a fun time!
Pops says we can have a real party and frolic about on the 31st since he is off work. Meeee-Owwwww!
Trouble is me and FItz bot have the same costume. I wanted to be Rocket cat. She said she was Space cat. Well I guess that will be fine.

Hoping all my furends are safe from Sandy.
Purrs to all!

Mr B with FIV.

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