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The Mythology of Purr-C-Us

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Explorations In Sparkman's Veggie Land!

August 18th 2010 12:31 pm
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As I've said before, I'm totally thrilled and delighted to have a big brother Sparkman. I pretty much follow him around all day and try to get him to play or cuddle with me. Lately I've noticed that at treat time, he gets special treats. Capt. Morgan says not to bother with his taste in foods, but everything about Sparkman fascinates me.

First he was hanging out by Mom, chattering at her, while she cut up something called "Po-tah-toes." Sparkman was lapping them up one right after the other. I sat down beside him to beg for one too. Mom leaned over and offered me a piece... I can't say it even smelled like something I wanted in my mouth. I took a sniff, and then realized it smelled like Sparkman! I sniffed him, sniffed the potato, sniffed him again... I decided to lick his head instead of the potato. And he ate the potato.

But this afternoon Mom's making something called "pickles." So she keeps throwing Sparkman things called q-come-burrs and green beans. I licked a cucumber and made a yuck-yuck head twitch at Mom. But those green beans are another story... I don't want to eat them like Sparkman, I just want to play with them! I stole one from him and hid it under the carpet. Now him and me are chasing each other around the house. He keeps pausing at the carpet and reaching under for the bean, and I pounce him. How long will this go on? I hope for HOURS!!!


Canoe Cat!

August 11th 2010 10:21 am
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I still have no idea what I am, breed wise... But hobby wise I am officially a Canoe Cat! So far I've been on two canoe day trips: Rice Lake (Minnesota) and the St. Louis River (Minnesota, Wisconsin border river!). Mom and Dad bought me a life preserver. I wear it for them now and then, but I have a hard time getting in my covered litter box with it on, so I squirm out of it a lot. Mom slaps it back on me though, whenever I start looking out at the vegetation or wild life with that lusty drooly playful expression.

So far I've only jumped out of the canoe once. We were near some cattails (CATtails?!) and I was dangling over the side batting at stuff. Then I started climbing the edge. At first Mom thought I was being clumsy and helped me back in before I touched the water. Then she realized that I was jumping over the side intensionally, and let me.

The water was muddy muddy muddy. And it smelled like a swampy mess. Mom caught my leash as I swam away from the canoe. She pulled me back in by the handle on my harness. I was all glowing eyed and happy! She seemed surprised by that. (They have a cat that eats socks and veggies, and they're surprised that the Canoe Cat likes swimming?! Goof balls!)

When we got home, I ran up to Sparkman to show off my muddy dreads. He took one sniff, laid his ears back, and ran away... I guess I was really stinky cause Mom dragged me in the bathroom and dunked me in the bath tub. Noooooo! I like swimming, but I HATE bathes. Afterward I went all wet and still kinda smelly and bathed on the bed, on the hoomins' blankets. Ha! Take THAT Mom!

But the St. Louis River went even better! I thought about hopping out when I saw the lilly pads, but decided to stay inside the boat this time. It's sure fun dangling over the edge, feeling the breeze in my fur, sniffing the air, and watching for wildlife. Those duck things are fun to watch! But watch out for those cranes & herons... They're HUGE! I went in my litter box when I saw them.

Yup. I'm now all about canoeing. And chewing on my friend Sparkman... Gotta go find him and bite him. Purrs!


What Am I?!

August 5th 2010 7:22 pm
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Tethys Fluffkins mentioned that I might just be a Norwegian Forest Cat rather than a Maine Coon! I told my parents, and they've been reading and reading and looking at me all funny... I thought about it too, and decided that it's best to ask actual experts on the subject of cats: CATS! So what do you think?! What AM I?!

ps-- to help decide, I'm posting a picture of another kitty found in the same parking lot as me... We're pretty obviously biological brothers. But according to the humans, he's now my cousin!


I Kinda Liked the Bath!

August 3rd 2010 7:25 pm
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I don't know why everyone's complaining... I thought that bath was exciting! And kinda fun! I sat in there and didn't complain too much. For a little while at least... And now they're accusing ME of giving them ringworm possibly?! Oh, sure! Blame the New Guy! How rude. I don't know why anyone would think a guy as fluffy as ME has ringworm?! Honestly!

Now if my Sparkman buddy would only stop pouting and come play with me, everything would be fine again. He's just been moping all day since that bath... It wasn't THAT bad, Sparkman! It was kinda fun!


Sparkman and Purrseus

July 29th 2010 9:09 am
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I have a buddy! I have a buddy!!!! Me and Sparkman are like mouse-keteers. We're like titans. We're like Apollo & Artemis... okay maybe not Artemis. But it's so cool! I have a buddy to romp around the house with and bite on and play with and everything!!! Periodically he gets annoyed with me and tells me to go take a break. But mostly, he just lets me follow him around.

And we're teaching each other what Mom calls "Bad habits." Apparently he's being bitey with Mom when they play (like me when I'm excited). And I've started growling and protecting my prey when I catch it outside... But one thing we're up to that Mom LOVES is that when Sparkman finds something and tries to eat it, I steal it from him and take it over to show her! She's just so happy. Apparently he EATS this stuff?! That's one habit of his I'll skip!

Whoo hoo! I'm gunna go bite my buddy's head now.


I Caught a Mouse!

July 28th 2010 12:28 pm
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I'm being a good kitten. This last week, the humans think I've been only doing my business in the litter boxes!!! And I've befriended the orange hissy guy & grey growl/hiss dude. My Captain friend is nice to me, but he doesn't seem to be much into wrestling. That orange guy, though! Wow! He really packs a bunny kick! We're getting along great.

And I caught another mouse in the garden. This time it was a tiny baby mouse with BIG eyes... Mom's wondering if that mouse Sparkman & I caught last week was a girl mouse with babies! This time, she got the mouse away from us before we killed it. Then I got loves and praises from my Mom. Good human, I like you too! Purrs


Naughty But Part of the Family!

July 13th 2010 9:12 am
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Sparkman let me sleep in the bed with everybody else last night!!!! Mom and Zeus woke up and found me all curled up between Captain Morgan and Sparkman. It was like a dream come true for me! My own family!!! Then I woke up and went and did naughty things in a corner of the living room where that nice ash bucket used to be... So I'm in trouble right now. But at least I'm part of the family! (Mom says she's realized why I lost my first home: I pick my OWN places to do things!)


Itaska Road Trip!!!

July 9th 2010 7:55 am
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Most cats don't like being in a car? Huh?! What's not to like! The humans have nothing better to do but sit there and pet you! I personally kinda like it... So I just went on a little road trip with my humans! We went across the state to check in on my Auntie's & Uncle's House (It's doing fine, still on the market.), then to someplace called Itaska State Park where the Mississippi River starts.

Along the way, they told me the story of Perseus. And I learned something new: My Dad is ZEUS! My Mom's a mortal Danae, which is great too. But ZEUS?! Whoa! I better start calling him by his proper name, or he might smite me.

The Itaska place I wouldn't recommend for other car cats. I got out of the car and was standing there on my leash by a sign that said "800 feet to start of Mississippi River." And I was all set to go, when I saw the biggest dog ever. It had a thousand teeth and then I noticed screaming, hyper children with a hundred hands to pull cat tails!!! I freaked out. The car's not scary; but kids are TERRIFYING! I accidentally clawed up Mom while she was getting me in the car. But she and Zeus seemed to understand that that last 800 feet was just too much for me. So I stayed in the car with my water cup and munchies. Had a great time! They came back to find a purring Purrseus. I sniffed Zeus's feet all over (he'd walked in the headwaters), so I know just what it looks like. It's great, but too many kids.

All in all it was a great bonding experience for me and the new humans. When I got back inside last night, my new brothers sniffed me all over. No one hissed at me! They could smell Mom and Zeus all over me and just knew... I'm part of the family now!!!


Oops. That's NOT a Litter Box?!

July 6th 2010 8:04 am
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Oh! So that strange, badly shaped litter box by the fireplace isn't a litter box? It's apparently something called an "Ash Bucket." All I know is that it's so small that I was missing while perching on it, and then having to paw that powdery gray stuff out of it and onto the floor (and some books; and the cat beds...). Oops, my bad!

New Mom says it's gross, but an honest mistake. Then New Dad cleaned the bucket, while Mom vacuumed the floor. Man, these are the moments that I realize I've found a good home. I hear that missing litter boxes & using the wrong places are like #1 on why cats lose their homes... My new humans just cleaned it up and forgot about it! Phew!

And as a side note; I think that Sparkman cat's a Gorgon. When he looks at me and makes that noise, I swear I turn to stone every time. He's one scary dude cat. I'm not gunna mess with him any more. Captain, however, is still very fun to jump on!


I've Made a Friend!!!

July 5th 2010 8:32 am
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HUGE news! Last night for the first time: I chased Captain Morgan, and then he turned around and chased ME!!!! I think I finally have a friend! I'm following him around and purring at him this morning. He's kinda lounging a lot on tall things and looking down at me. He doesn't want to play every minute of every day?! What gives?!

That big orange guy, Sparkman sure doesn't like me being buds with that Captain Morgan guy. He keeps coming over, hissing, and then trying to get the Captain Morgan away from me. Captain Morgan's kinda ignoring both of us. He's more interested in nose kissing Mom and asking for greenies. (Is THAT how you get more treats around here?!)

My new humans left all weekend. And apparently the proper response to them being gone (as Captain Morgan has taught me) is to howl and cry and throw yourself on the floor in a mellow dramatic fit of starvation. Then you get wet food! Whoo hoo! Great trick, Captain Morgan! But warn me next time you do it. This time I totally thought that you were dying.

And this morning the humans set up something called a Fan. It moves around and blows air and scares me. I'm hunching up like a halloween kitty and racing around, away from the invisible monster blowing air on me. And chirping like it's a game of course. And Mom says she's about to chase me around with a camera, but with how fast i'm racing; there might not be a picture of this. (Mom says: Dang it! He's too cute!!!)


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