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The Mythology of Purr-C-Us

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February 2nd 2011 7:04 pm
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Mom held me down and cut my fur off! Again! She keeps trying to cut off these things she calls "burrs" or "dreadlocs." They're my fur! I need that. Especially in this time of year called "winter." She and Dad even tried to shave/buzz cut my knotty fur a few days ago. I had the last laugh, their little robotic de-furred lost battery power in the middle of it's attempt to torture me.

Dad found me my own stick from the fireplace to gnaw on in retaliation for the torture. Mom says I can mail the knots to my brother/cousin in Wisconsin! (Biologically he's my big brother; but adopted human family wise, he's my cousin.) Oh, boy!

I gotta get back to pouncing on Sparkman. Purrs and love everykitty!

ps from Mom-- Any ideas on how to control knots in long haired kittens?! Brushing is my usual method, but this guy's just too into gnawing on the brush and bunny kicking... argh.


Purrseus increases fiber in his diet.

January 27th 2011 6:13 am
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I am working on increasing the fiber in my diet: chewing on sticks, firewood, and bark. Yum! I sure love roughage. Almost as fun to chew on as cardboard boxes and my brother Moose. But Moose and Sparkman are taking a break from rumble time right now. So I'm helping Dad start a fire in the fire place. Oh! He's picking up the log carrier?! I'm gunna go jump in and get a log ride! Purrs and love every kitty!


Boxing Day!

December 26th 2010 6:35 am
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Mom says it's Boxing Day today. But she couldn't explain why which has me confused. So I asked Sparkman, and he just bopped me on the nose and started trying to well... Box! I asked Moose, and he said it's when you go hide in a box. Captain said it's when you steal small boxes from the humans and hide them. He's headed for that tree thing.

But me? I think I have it figured out: it's the day to SHRED boxes! Bwa ha ha!!! Cardboard fears my mighty-ness.


I Am a Helpful Kitten.

December 14th 2010 7:47 am
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I was a Daily Diary Pic yesterday!?! That's so cool!!! I'm going to write more today, just because I'm famous. Was that my first ever?! I think so!!! Thank you friends for all the presents and well wishes! This is just so so so exciting!!!

Mom and Dad have been wrapping up stuffs in pretty tastey colored paper and getting boxes in the mail that area also fun to gnaw on. My rescuer Mommy said that I used to chew up and shred cardboard. I haven't done this since I moved to this house, but I sure love gnawing on corners of boxes! And oh boy is that paper ever fun to claw and chew on. I know Mom says "NO!" but I just can't help my kitten self.

Sparkman specializes in helping Mom wrap stuff by bunny kicking to death the cardboard tubes after the paper's gone. Captain Morgan sits there trying to steal the tape to chew on. And Moose usually pounces on the scissors while Mom tries to cut the paper. So if you ever get a present or mail from us: rest assured it was through great effort on our parts to restrain ourselves long enough for that.

My other fun this week has been hiding in closets and cabinets. Mom opens something, I climb in when she's not looking, and then she has to come find me later when I'm done napping and start crying! It's a great fun game. You should try it!


My Visit to Grandma's and Grandpa's house!

December 10th 2010 3:42 pm
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Mom's finally home long enough to help me put up photos from my trip to Grandma's & Grandpa's house! Grandpa made me Cat Spurs. Mom said they'd help me right cat sized horses or dogs. I tried wearing them around a while, but didn't find anything to ride.

There was a HUGE squirrel that came to eat out of the window feeder every day. I kept running over there to watch it and drool. The birds out there were fun to watch too, but that squirrel was as big as me without my fluff, Mom said!

And lastly, Mom and Dad brought me something called a "Cattail" that they found outside. It was fluffy and fun to bat at, but don't lick one of those things. Yuck! That fluff just sticks to every prong on your tongue! So here's a great pic Mom took of me making my Yuck Face.


Happy Turkey Day!

November 24th 2010 3:34 pm
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I am visiting my Grandma & her cats! That Rainbow cat is sure purr-y. He even licked my head the first day I was here! Tutu the cat seems to hate me. She has a very loud hiss/spit/growl. Rainbow's little sister Niinii growls, but mostly just tries to ignore me. The humans talk a lot about missing Spot. Apparently they miss him every day here. I'm trying hard to purr and sit on laps and give loves like he did, but geez that's exhausting!

I'm having a great time hunting mice in garage, bugs in the basement, and eating TWO wet cat food meals a day! I kinda miss my brothers, who are having a vacation from my kitten-ness (According to Mom). I kitten called the hallway for Sparkman or Moose to come out and play... But these older kitties are more into napping than wrestling. Mom brings out the ball-in-track and wand toys for me.

I'm looking forward to this turkey thing that's gunna happen tomorrow! I hope you're all as lucky as me to be in the same room as a bird three times their size!!! Happy Turkey Day!!! Purrs!


Purrseus purrings...

October 24th 2010 7:59 am
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Whoa! I am officially lactose intolerant! I'd give details, but Ewwwww! Mom's not going to let me drink her cereal milk anymore. Which sucks, cause I LOVE the cereal milk! But yuck. That's gross.

That said, it's not slowing me down! I am still jumping on Moose and wrestling all over the carpet. That and I've started sitting on top of the fish tank (Like Captain Morgan) and watching those swimmy fish guys. They even have a filter that spits out water, and hypnotizes me. Okay, gotta go play again. Being a kitten sure involves a lot of bouncing and playing!


My Birthday!!!

October 10th 2010 4:45 am
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Whoa! My birthday?! You know what this means: party time!!!!
And Sparkman's grumbling cause Mom & Dad never officially threw a party for him. So tonight, our place, bring your own nip. It's tiny baby cats (as Mom keeps calling us) birthday party time!!! Gee I hope they make two cakes. I don't want potatoes on mine.



Wrestle Mania!... But Not Today.

September 24th 2010 6:11 am
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Moose and I are having a regular morning wrestle match. We like rolling and bunny kick fighting in front of an audience, so we wait until Mom and Dad are drinking their coffee stuffs. Moose starts it out by walking to the carpet, flopping over like he's doing that weird Moose-Yoga stuff.

I walk in the room, give out a little "Mmmm!" chirp sound, and Moose answers with a huff or another chirp sound. I chirp back, and then run over to pounce on his exposed belly. We roll all over the carpet, play fighting and play growling at each other. It's great! And usually we're flipping each other in the air, we're bunny kicking till our ears wanna fall off, and we're only pausing now and then to catch our breaths.

And I gotta tell you, that Moose guy packs a mean wrestle! He really good and rolling me into a ball, holding me down so I can't move, and then just biting me all over. His other signature move is to get us both in a roll, then toss me up in the air to land awkwardly on my back... Yes that's right, I'm a cat, but I land on my back! He's just THAT good.

This morning, though... We're tired! But too stubborn to give up our game. So We started out the chirp and chirp back. I slowly walked over and just put my head in his paws for biting and bunny kicking. Moose kinda slowly rolled me over and bit my head, then licked it, and then bit it again. We paused as I yawned. Then we rolled a little more, but in slow motion. After a few more kicks, we unlocked our wrestle embrace and licked our paws. Then we both wandered off in opposite directions without eye contact. I went to the food, Moose to the glassed in porch. Yawn! Too early for wrestling today!


Getting Along Just Fine!

September 16th 2010 6:39 am
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I'm fitting in just fine now with my new family! Sparkman AND Moose are my wrestling buddies. Captain Morgan lets me lick his head, but doesn't wrestle. (Isn't he a blood thirsty Pirate?!) As for the humans, I've decided that Moose is right, and that Dad is just wonderful. Mom? She's okay if Dad's at work. But Dad's so cool! He lets me ride around, draped over his shoulder and bite/licking his ear! And his beard is a great place to scratch my face and shed fur on. Purrrs!

And I finally got my own harness for going outside. It's as big as Sparkman's, but a nice grey-blue color. I look so handsome! I still don't understand though, why I'm supposed to wear it. I often wiggle out of it so I can reach that grass just out of reach, or hangout with the humans by he clothesline and such. They always look down, see me naked, and then pick me up and bring me inside. I don't get it.

Anyways, I just heard Moose make that chirpy noise that lets me know I can play chase games with him! Gotta run.

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