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The Mythology of Purr-C-Us

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Purrseus and his Re-Decorated Litter Box Room!

February 9th 2012 6:42 am
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I've been showing Mom & Dad all the great advice you cats have been giving me & Sparkman. THANK YOU! Mom was chatting over how I'm doing with a friend last night and she suggested that my dislike of the litter box might totally be what the Tabbies suggested; something bad I'm associating with the litter box. But that's where Mom and I were stumped. I mean, nothing horrible really ever happens to me! My brothers pounce on me to wrestle, and I purr. Even when I first moved in and Moose was wrestling me out of anger; Mom says I still purred at him and thought it was a game. (Wait, Mom... You're saying it WASN'T happy play?!) Anyhow, Friend pointed out what the horrible thing was; the bladder infection! Oh, duh! It hurt like heck to go in there and to be a good kitty I pretty much was living in there. So now Mom and Dad are trying to make my litter box new and fun. They laid down a new shiny vinyl flooring for me to try and make it to the litter box. (Smells so different!) And they've started giving me treats and hugs for going in the right place. (That's just weird.) And and and you know that great kitty air freshener the vet prescribed?! It's in the main litter box room! Oh I just want to go in there and sniff the lovely air, makes me so happy! Purrrrrs!

We are working on it!

And in other news; today's the last day of my pills! Whoo hooo!


Purrseus Still Naughty.

February 7th 2012 7:50 am
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I can't help it. When I feel the urge to pee lately; I just find something to sit on, or hide behind and go! Mom and Dad are not too excited about this. But you know; they have had to unpack more pee-ed on boxes and wash more floors than since I don't remember when! They should really be thanking me for getting them rolling on the unpacking and cleaning realm. Why aren't they happy?! They keep putting me in the basement when they get mad at me... That's great! I LOVE the basement! Except around 2 a.m.. They locked me up all night last night and in the early morning hours; I was quite vocal about not wanting to be down there any more. 2 a.m. is play time with Sparkman! This sucks. The humans just need to accept that I'm not wanting to use the litter box no matter how clean it is... I'm still on pills and shots! I'm still sick. Right?!


Purrseus Still Doing Great!

February 4th 2012 8:53 am
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I had a good night! I got to sleep in bed with Mom, Dad and all my brothers! They're still grumping at me now and then... Even Sparkman! Mom said he missed me; but you wouldn't know it from the mean things he's been saying.

The humans keep finding places I pee-ed when I was sick. They think some might be new, but I'm insisting that they're all from before. (Don't rat me out, Sparkman!)

I don't like these pills they give me. I spit them out at Mom. She keeps shoving them back in till I swallow. But I guess if they feed me more greenies afterward, maybe it's worth it.

Tabbies of Trout Towne told me to get in a car and drive a bazillion miles an hour on the road to Re Cover Eee... And I'm sure trying! My feet can't reach the pedals, so I'm trying to get Sparkman to work the gas pedal for me. Puuuuurrrrs & ZOOM!


Purrseus Comes Home!

February 3rd 2012 4:43 pm
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I'm home!!!! Mom came and sprung me from Vet Kitty Jail! She's always the one who bails me out of jail. What a Mom! She gave me a little bath when I got home and then fed me TWICE as much wet food for dinner as I normally get! Either she mistook me for two cats; or she missed me; or the Vet told her I needed more. Probably the last one since the Vet says over all I've lost some weight.

Everybody was sure excited to see me and smell me. I got sniffs and sniffs and sniffs! Sparkman gave me the wide eyed "Is that really YOU?!" look, which felt nice. I'm not patrolling the house looking for Dad. Mom says he's at that "work" place; but I don't believe her.

Wow it's good to be home!

*************************************************** ********************
Note from Mom:

He's doing GREAT! Looks a little skinnier than before this whole thing, and has a shaved forearm (Which annoys him). But overall he's looking good, active & purring little guy! They sent him home with a couple meds. And decided in the end it was a bladder infection coupled with a blockage... Something that can be fatal! We are so grateful for your purrs & loves. And so happy to have PurrC home! Purrrrrs!!!


Purrseus Gets to Come Home!!!

February 3rd 2012 7:44 am
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I get to go home! I get to go home! I overheard the Vet tell one of my parents (I sure hope it was one of my parents) that I passed all my tests this morning! Wow. I thought the tests would be hard but all I had to do was lay there and try not to bite the Vet Humans while they did stuff too impolite to talk about... They said I had a writer's block and an infestation of blad-purr or your-e-trek [Side Note From Mom: Blockage and Infection]. I have no idea what the infestation thing is about. I mean, I get sooo many baths, those can't be kinds of fleas! But writer's block I hear is a bad thing. It keeps amazing talented people from writing anything... So I must be an amazing talented writer! I better get composing now that I'm un-blocked:

Oh, let me compare you to a greenie;
So nutty and salty and tiny;
Sometimes when I wrestle my brother;
I bounce around ankles of my mother;
And then I fall on my hind-ie.

It worked! Now for some weird reason, the Vet said I have to wait here until 5 pm for Mom to come get me. Something about fluids? I think we have water at home. So they can't be trying to water me like a plant... I think either the house is flooded; or the Vet Humans are lying so they can get in more cuddle time. If it's the house being flooded back home; I blame that Pirate Guy! Captain Morgan's always rambling about the sea and the ocean and the bounding maine. (Huh?!) I bet he filled the bath tub and it over flowed and now the whole house is filled with water... In that case, I'll stay right here! Thanks for watching my back, Vet Humans!


Update on Purrseus!

February 2nd 2012 3:05 pm
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Hello Kitties!

This is Purrseus's Mom updating all of you. He is doing better than he was this morning, but staying at the Vet's overnight. (And possibly tomorrow too!) They think he had a combination of an infection & blockage... Very scary stuff! But the Vet humans are taking very good care of him and running tests. I will continue to update you!



PurrC Back At the Vet's Office.

February 2nd 2012 9:47 am
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I'm spending the day at the Vet's office. I am really not feeling too good. I wet the bed and was acting lethargic this morning so Mom and Dad took me in first thing... They're not sure what's up but geez there's a lot of Vet Humans that want cuddles! I might be here all day. They say they have tests for me. Tests?! I didn't study!

I'll have Mom keep you posted. Right now I'm just kinda exhausted & crabby.


PurrC Is Feeling Fine And Had FUN At the Vet's Office!

January 24th 2012 7:46 am
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Mom and I just had some cuddle time. And I told her it's time to log on and tell all my friends how my day went yesterday and how well I'm doing! Seriously I'm all purrs... So here it goes:

Mom, Dad and I all went to the Vet. All my brothers hate going there, but I love it! There's so many more humans to give me cuddles! I love cuddles. Just not from Mom... Anyways, it was a new vet lady and I think she's the coolest. She even let me give her nose to nose rubs and kisses! There were soooo many more humans at the Vet office for me to love on; I had a great time. Except that Mom and Dad left me there for like a whole hour or six while they waited for me to give a sample of something... I didn't understand what they were asking for. So I just purred and chattered at them, and then took a nap in this nice glass bead lined bed they provided! But there was no litter pan in that suite they set up for me, so I just did my piddle business beside that nice bed they made me. It was red, painful and scarce like it's been lately. The Vet humans even said "Oh you poor thing!" What?

Then humans came back and the Vet people talked to them about my stress level were there any changes around the house? Well, YEAH! Mom and Dad are painting the kitchen! It's a totally different color in there! And Sparkman's been having an attitude this week and picking on me... Mom thought it was because he knew before the humans did that I had a UTI. But Vet Lady said it might be that something set off Sparkman and started him picking on me. Then I got upset and more upset and MORE upset and started having internal swelling! Vet Lady says I get these problems so often that they probably are not UTIs but instead they're psycho-sum-addict, caused by stress. (I'm a Psycho!?! I saw a movie about that once... I don't think there were any cats in it.)

So I'm getting anti-in-flame-bees and pain meds. (I have FLAMING BEES in me! Coooool!) But the fun things: I'm also getting fish oil every day and this air freshener thing that smells like HAPPINESS! I sniff at it and PURRRRRRR! Wow that thing's great! The humans said that once they're sure I'm not going to pee on everything I can come back upstairs. Oh I sure hope they bring my air freshener! This thing really smells great! When Mom came down to check on me, I was like "Let me show you the air freshener. It rocks. Behold. Sniff. ADORE!!!" She was giggling and happy for me... Can't she smell how HAPPY this thing is?!

She tried to bring me upstairs for greenie and potato treat time. Sure, I came up for a few minutes... But then back to my air freshener! This thing is PAWSOME!!!


PurrC Wins a Basement-Getaway-Vacation!

January 22nd 2012 8:28 am
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Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! Mom and Dad say i get to spend the whole day and night in the BASEMENT! I just LOVE the basement lately. It's the coolest place in the world. There's spiders and ground level windows and a worm compost thingie and all sorts of fun! Plus Mom put a litter box, food, water & even a little pillow bed for me. Awww! And they keep coming down to visit. I greet them and walk them around to the neat things I've found since their last visit. I'm like "Mom, you GOTTA see this dust bunny! It has a dead fly in it!"

Mom and Dad say I get to live down here for a while because they suspect that I have another UTI. I'm not in pain at all, but I'm peeing in weird places. Also, Mom says it's not a normal color... Who looks at the color of that stuff, now really?! I don't care. Also, the other cats keep picking on me because they know I'm being naughty... I can't help it! The litter box gets soooo boring the 100th time you visit it in a day... It's okay, I'm just going to stay in the BASEMENT!

Meanwhile Mom called my vet's office. They aren't open sundays, but I have an appointment to get cuddles from a Vet person tomorrow morning! And they gave her a list of things to watch for in my behavior to make sure it's not anything worse, and that I don't need immediate medical attention... But so far I'm just being my normal purry happy self! Especially now that they say I can live in the basement for a day! Oh boy! I LOVE this!


PurrC Tries TROUT!

January 17th 2012 7:48 am
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And life may never be the same... So THAT's what Da Tabbies O Trout Towne are always purring about! That stuff is amazing!

I walked into the living room where Mom and Dad were eating lunch. And some of it smelled really good, I mean REALLY GOOD! I sat calmly and patiently and sniffed in the air at them. Mom broke off a bit of cracker, spread some smelly goodness on it and offered it to me. One lick and my eyes lit up completely, TROUT! It was in a spread called "Smoked Trout Spread." I think from the taste it was mixed with catnip & ocean whiffy fish flavor catfood & milk & fish food. It was THAT good!

Mom let me lick out the container and everything! My buddy Captain Morgan came over to help me, took one sniff and started burying it. He just had NO IDEA what he was missing out on! OH! I could eat this stuff every day. I am in love.

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