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The Mythology of Purr-C-Us

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PurrC loves his hair cut & car rides...

April 24th 2013 1:56 pm
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I overheard the humans giggling and saying that I look like Animal from the Muppets. I think that's a compliment? But I'm loving my new hair cut! I spent yesterday RACING around the house. Did you know I can run from the ground floor to the attic in like 5 seconds?! Mom's impressed! She couldn't even keep up with me! Ha ha!

In other news, I got to ride in the car with Dad dad dad to go visit my friend's moused cabin again! This time I just checked things out while Mom, Jane & Dad dad dad hung out eating human food. I did my usual patrol, checked out the windows, kept a close eye on Dad dad dad, and then napped by the fireplace on a rug. Then I got to ride in the car home! Mom said she thinks I'm a dog. Now, is that one a compliment?! I'm not sure. But I'm loving my hair cut. And the car rides. And visiting my friend in the cabin!

Next Mom says I should try burying dog bones in the yard and chasing the mailman... Huh?


PurrC off getting his hair done!

April 22nd 2013 7:08 am
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I'm on another outting! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I LOVE outtings! This time I'm at one of my favoritest places in the whole world; THE VET'S OFFICE!!! No worries, I feel fine. I'm just here "Getting my hair done" as Mom said. I'm kinda hoping for another lion cut, cause they're just awesome.

This morning they put me in the carrier, and I was not excited about that. They carried me outside, that was awesome. Then they put me in the car IN my carrier, that was not so exciting. I howled a little to let Mom know I wanted out to roam around the car. But she said no, so I just rolled around in my carrier making cute faces at Mom and Dad dad dad.

Then we went into the vet building and I got all excited. I have sooooo many friends there! I saw my buddy Brenda at the front desk and immediately started purring. There were lots of dogs there this time and they were all hopping around making scary noises. I just laid my ears back and watched Dad dad dad. Awwwww, Dad dad dad!

Then came and took me to the back room to greet all my favorite vet humans! I was purring and hyper to get out of my carrier and give them alllll kisses! It's only now I'm realizing that Dad dad dad and Mom went home... Shucks. Can't Mom just go home and leave Dad dad dad with me?!


PurrC is off at a Slumber Party!

April 17th 2013 11:58 am
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I'm off on an adventure! The humans all assured me last night that this is a temporary thing called a "Slumber Party." I'm at my humans' friends' house on an overnight mouse patrol! Wow, I can see why they needed a mouser here. I sniffed around and found the places the mice hang out in their house... But didn't catch any mice yet for them.

It's not bad here at all! I mean, I miss my brothers and my house. My normal daily routine is totally not being followed. There's just me and one human in this house with big windows. Out there I think there's a thousand birds! The human I'm with keeps doing something called knitting with something called yarn... I think I need to convince my humans to take this hobby up! It's way better than anything my humans do. And the window TV here is just awesome! Did I mention even the snow melting drips off the roof are fun to watch? I haven't stopped purring since I came over. It's hard to sleep or do my mousing cause I'm just glued to the kitty TV and yarn happenings.

I did have one brief meow crying for my brothers in the middle of the night... But no one came when I called, other than the knitting human. I miss my buddies. But am having a great day! I overheard the humans say that I need to be home before my pill tonight and before Dad-dad-dad gets home. Because they recognize that the biggest part of my day is greeting Dad-dad-dad at the door with face rubs and kisses and purrs. Oh, good. They at least understand THAT about me!

It's funny, I don't think most cats would be all cool with going somewhere else for a slumber party, but I'm okay with it! I think Sparkman would go nuts crying for Mom, Captain Morgan would jump ship, and Moose would probably hide under the bed... But I'm just checking out stuff and admiring the scenery. Heck, I'm okay with canoeing and riding in cars. I can hang out for a day in a plush, warm cabin with pleasant company! This is awesome!

I should be up hunting for those mice, but it's nap time! I wonder if that human will let me nap on her lap? Hrmm...


Good Boy Day!

April 14th 2013 6:54 pm
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I'm being a good boy today. So I'm purring, making cute poses, using my litterbox, and playing nice with the humans. I gave Dad's head a bath today. I sat on the back of the couch and licked his head for almost a half hour. I even had to grab the side of his head with my claws a few times to tilt his head and get a new spot to lick. His head was quite soggy afterward. And my tongue still tastes like human! Bleck!

Then I let Mom do something she seems to love doing; cut off my dreadlocks! This time she started by giving me neck scratches and cuddles. That was awesome. Then she reached onto my furry tummy rubbed it. That was nice! Then she was scratching that dreadlocked chest area that's always itchy... That was so awesome that I did that compulsive sticking my tongue in and out while purring.

Then while I was all relaxed, I realized that thing in her hand was a tiny scissors and that she'd already cut off three dreads! I felt her going for the BIG one... It was as big as my fluffy foot. I let her have it. Then I heard her talking to Dad. She said she wasn't going to throw the dreads out, that she keeps them forever and ever in a red velvet box encrusted with real jewels and hidden in a magical fairyland.... Wow! I am sooooo special!


PurrC-Poo Update!

March 28th 2013 9:45 am
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It's been almost two weeks since the new litter box and happy spray showed up! And I have to say; I'm liking them! I've had two outside the box mishaps, and Moose missed while peeing in the new box once... But we seem to be doing pretty good! Mom is very impressed.

But that spray stuff has a bigger fan than me even; Sparkman! He just can't stop napping on this piece of tissue paper right in front of the thing. He walks over and sniffs it now and then, so he knows it's there... He just must love the scent!

In other me news, I've gotten 2 baths in the past week... Bleck! The first one I asked for by almost climbing in shower with Mom and running over to the filling bathtub to admit to Mom that yes, yes I was stinky. But the second one?! I hissed and growled and almost swatted Dad for that one. I wasn't needing another one! I wasn't nearly so stinky! And I don't understand why Mom insists on brushing me afterward and cutting my dreadlocks off. Doesn't she realize those dreads are my counter culture hip happenin' funk power?! Yeesh, Mom! You're just not cool enough to hang out with.

But now I'm all silky and soft and getting more loves from Dad! So I guess it's okay... I'm gunna go bite my brother's head now. Rumble time!!!!


New Litter Box?!

March 16th 2013 8:05 am
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So lately I've been really into pooping on the floor, not in the litter boxes. I don't have any big reasons for this that Mom & Dad could find (I'm still peeing in my boxes). Mom and Dad switched litters for me, moved around existing boxes, started cleaning them more often, locking me in the basement (The only part of the house I do all my business inside my box)... Nothing seemed to be working. At least not for very long.

So my awesome babysitter suggested a new spot for an uncovered, non-clumping litter box. Mom did that, and got me a kitty happy scents defuser... And Mom was so happy to see me go in there this morning! She's hoping I keep doing that... I don't know. We'll just have to see how I feel tomorrow!


Purrseus Loves the Basement!

November 8th 2012 7:39 am
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Dad left for work early this morning and he left me in the basement! I was down there for hours... Mom found me and was all "Oh poor Purrseus!" She let me upstairs, I ate a snack, got some water. Then I sat by the basement door again. I just LOVE the basement! Why do these other cats stay upstairs so much?! The basement is where it's at! There's spiders and clean laundry and weird smelling utility sink and saw dust and and and wow. I just LOVE it down there! I'm a basement cat!


Purrseus Having a Happy Happy Birthday

October 9th 2012 9:15 am
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Oh how I love love LOVE attention! Mom and Dad are giving me lots of it today! They're both staying home and attack cuddling me while I nap. Oh, boy! I purr and give them ear kisses. Just one kiss for Mom usually, but DAD: he's getting lots and lots of fuzzy guy love! Tonight I'm excited because my human fans who live near us are all coming over to eat human cake and celebrate with me. But I found my birthday present early; a big piece of light blue tissue paper! Whoo hooo! It's krinkle time! So come on over to play! It's Purrseus party time!!!! Purrrrrrs...


Ankle Biting Tips From Purrseus...

July 17th 2012 8:19 pm
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Holy Bastet! You cats totally gotta get this fur cut I have. It's AWESOME! I have so much more energy that I can hardly keep still. I've been getting in some serious racing around and ankle biting time. Ankle biting is fun. Let me tell you my techniques. Feel free to take notes and copy them:

For humans, I like to get up on my hind legs, and start bouncing as they approach. They get all "Awww! Look at the kitten!" And they hardly walk fast enough before I dive right in and start bunny kicking and gnawing ankle meat... Bwa ha ha! Mom follows up by shrieking and running away. Dad usually bends over and starts hand wrestling me, which is of course awesome.

And then there's my brothers' ankles... That takes a bit more ninja like maneuvers. First I get down on my belly on the ground and act all casual. I'm all "Don't mind me, just lounging here in the hallway!" Then as they walk past, I wait till their head is completely past me and not looking in my direction... Then, I do a lunge on my elbows and tilt my head to grab at their hind ankles! Generally this erupts into a full on wrestle match. So be ready for a quick retreat or energy burst to give 'em what for! Hiiiii-Yay!

Ahhh it's fun being a Purr-C!


PurrC Gets a Hair Cut!

July 15th 2012 4:55 pm
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I got a new hair cut. And wow am I ever styling! It's called a lion cut, and I think I look dapper. But I keep getting surprised when humans pet me. I'm like "Whoa! I can feel your hand!!!" And it is just soooo much cooler here now. You would not believe how insulating my natural floof was. I hardly miss it! But gee I feel a little nekkid. Almost like I should be tagged for the nekkid stroll!

I guess the vet humans and my parents finally noticed that this time of year I carry around half the garden plants, mats & who knows what in my fluffy underbelly. At least, that's the reason Mom said that I was getting trimmed... It's hard grooming so much fluff! And I didn't want Mom and Dad to brush me. I'd rather just roll around and play with the brush when they get it near me! Ha!

Anyways. I think this hair cut is pretty awesome. And I sure recommend it to any of my fellow floof-sters!

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