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Buddy and his buds

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Yo Mah Furs!

December 16th 2010 4:06 am
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Big Buddy-Bud here!

Yo Doods! Luv ya all fer dese big and bigger Merry Christmas timers!

Happy Newz Years tooz!

By da way! I be runnin an runnin and playin like never be-fo...
Cause I lean and mean! I bin onna diets fer year and jus lak dat stoopid hooman in da window by da couch "I FEEL GREAT!"

Special fer being 10 er more!

Merry Merries and Happy Happies from Buddy Bud and his BroFurs!


Man I am all that Cat

December 5th 2010 4:26 pm
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Hey mah frens!
Da Buddy Bud is like da Cat 'O' Cat-Doods, doods!

Man I have da energies of energies I throwin dem mousers down an given dem da bunnee-kicks to end bunnee-kicks. I lak a new kit-cat since bein thin and powers-fulls. Jus lookit mah new photers! Dey tell-ya!

I trowed dat mouser over wit mah fancy head-toss an den charged over and whacked it be-foe it stop flyin. Yessir!

I then really did da deed on it...

Now where dat Rumpy at??
Where dat Tobers at??

Hey Tobers dere you be: *Buddy Whacks Toby*
Toby:"Yo Dood *Toby Whacks back*"

Oh yeah. Forgets dat da brofurs whack back!
Gotta work on dis problem??

Happiest Holidays to all mah Frens!


Lotta Thankfuls this Thanksgiving!

November 28th 2010 9:55 am
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Well Doodz N Dood-ettes!

Nudder yearz be runnin by lak it on skaters. Time fly when there is fun and good stuffs aroun.

Here I listin my thankers:

I really thankin all my cat ancestors as wid-outs dem I wood not be a Blue! Dat is a ting to be proud-uff! I hav a lotta Blue in mah veiners. My old old old cat-ancestors was called dat Archangel Cat. Kinda cool and wish we still call dat. Ah Wells. We now Russian Blue! We gots special Russia-winter-furs with deep heavy guardin hairs and wonnerful silver coloration. I gottem!

I Thankin dat Mans who gimmee to da Pops! I wit his son first. Son was a... Aw, I ain't gonna mention and mess up dis fine day, but, he waz mean! Pops he iz not mean! So thanks Mans who gimmee to Pops N poopie on yer sons...

I thankin Pops! He spent dat new-jeeer-eeeves(thay say dat cause dey screamin 'eee' when da treater drop) waitin fer da Mans at dat closed up Dunkin D Parkin lots. He traded his hot-steamin-smokin daters fer takin da Buddy-Bud to his new home. Double dooty Yessir Yessir!

I thankin my brofurs fur being good brofurs. Timz espeshul! Toby lessers. Rumpy... Wahl... Im thikin... JUS Kiddin boyz! Yer Mah Katz!

Did I say Pops! He is taking good care of Buddy Bud and put up wit me when I was cranky in da beginning!(You tink I cranky now? Hoy-Vey! MOL)

I thankin Me! Buddy Bud! Cause of deeze tings: I workin hard learn'd to get along with da brofurs... I learn'd to trusters Pops... I been pretty good not stealin treaters, well, not ALL the time...(Pops still has to learn to put em away quick like. Not right to tempt da Buddy Bud!)... I workin out and loss the weights and be fit an firm by eating wets... So there ya go!

Oh Yeahz ** MOS-PORTANT!!! **

I thanks you for being a furiend with Buddy Bud!
That is da most speshul of all!

Buddy Bud


What Too Doo!

November 4th 2010 3:48 am
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Tanks frum mah frens bout dat DDP. Real greats all mah frens

Well... Youz all knowz by nowz dat da Buddy Bud is likin Grumpin!
Ah Grump in da morn!
Ah Grump in da eve!
Ah bin Grumpin allllll day!


Whut can a cat do when he gotta get dat Pops ta notice?
Nah... Dat daily biz...
And why get Pops notice?
Caus I not feelin goodz.
My treaters eben not tasty...
Whut ta do?
Whut ta do?
Den I figgure it up!

I be nice!
I go in wit Pops and lay nex to-im and Purr all night!
He look at me at bout 3am and say: "Buddy Bud something is going on!"

An-yeh... Dere was dat vets!
An-yeh... Dere is dat med-scene!
an-yeh... I try an bite da Pops when he give med-scene!

Back to mah old self a-ready, Grumpin...
So doan no body worry none.
I be treatin, grumpin, buggin, bitin an all dat good-ol Buddy Bud stuffs.
Cause I Buddy-Bud! Dats why!


Fun at KCK Halloween Party but animalosity after

October 30th 2010 7:20 am
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We hadda guuuud times at dat par-taa!
Dem dere Organ-eye-zers do a cat-up jobberz! Uh-Huh!
Dat Rumpies got too much dat nip N I carry-im home!
Do dey member all dat Buddy Bud do?
Do dey help Buddy Bud do Buddy Bud Dooties?
Do dey get in Buddy Bud way and do dat cat-pokin when Buddy Bud Tired?
So I was all Angered last night and was Grumpin! I like Grumpin ya know! Anyhow Timmers he runs up and we talk it ober..

**Timmy Runs Up**
Buddy:"Go Way! Grumpin! Do big job an no tanks! Grumpin!"
Tim:"Buddy... Comm'on Dood! We all share the house. You have your perch on the table. You have your own bed by the stairs. You have a spot for treaters. Comm'on Dood we love ya! You did a great thing helping Rumpy home!"
Buddy:"Yeah but-cha call me 'Galloot!'"
Tim: "Buddy it means we like you. If you were not a full fledged TomCat we would never give you a name like that!"
Buddy: "Really..."
Tim: "Really!"
Buddy: "Thanks... Gee... I like youz tooz and datz whyz I was upsetters! Dats wunnerfulz... So Buddy Bud likes youz tooz!"
**All went to bed**

So ta-day iz new day!

I like all my brofurs.
Fosters too!


See... New Buddy Bud Liking all my brofurs
Yessir Yessir Two treats are Bull (gimmee the bag MOL)



Halloween and TREATS!

October 27th 2010 3:05 pm
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Hi Furs
Buddy Bud is hongry fer dem treaters!
Dat Pops!
He be bringing sometin in some kinda cage but I can see it in dere!
I be bitin!
Crack! Crack! Crack! It go...
Pops put it away!
I see um da nex day...
I be bitin!
Crack! Crack! Crack! It go...
Pop say:"Buddy why are you trying to steal the coffee cake?"
He gimmee a bit!
I eatum up but not good like treaters!
Thanks Gidget fer da great Photo!
Buddy Bud being Buddy Bud


Dem Kits goin and Lemme Tell-ya!

October 17th 2010 2:33 pm
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Houz youz all doin. Hadda big weekenders with brofur Timmers!
He iz a good Dood! He may do da floppers and fast-feets on me but I luv da little Dood!
Ya know... He waz the only one of us'es that did'n mind dat Rumpy moving in. An also'es, he did'n mind Pops bringing the kits up cause dat Shy girl is inna foster room. He just move on and play wif everybody equal like. Dats a cats cat.
So anyhowz!
Da Kittens are up at da doption place. Ya know? I miss em! I do!
Did'n think I would. That Phantoms was a cute girlz. She was sweet to old Buddy Bud too! She never hog my treaters! Ah well.
Timmers say that Pop's he wants to make sure we Each get time.
Now that I thinks on it... Dat Pops he was a runnin. Feeding, cleaning, driving, checking, wowzers. And we still have shy girl, Annie.Timmers says she will be jus fine but will take time.
He reminded me about my slowz time.
Yeah. I waz living in the bafroomz. Why'd I do dat?
Ah well, long time gone.
I a Big and Happy Big Buddy-Bud Now!
Purrin! Treatin! Playin!(a little)
Its a good cat life
Gotta nap and getta treaters!
Buddy Bud


My Furiends

October 15th 2010 4:25 am
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Hey Youz furz!
Buddy Bud here givin da latest on Da Boyz!
Well it be Timmerz Got-Cha Dayz N He alzo DDP!
Our Bud Tate Birfzdayz too! Go Dood!
Toby was hiding cause he all upset bout his nose leather had a little red noser cause'O'cat-cold. We was buggin! "Toby you gotta RED noser"
He waz purty upsetz! His noser leather growed backs! Darn! He too pretty!
Ah Wellz
Then I wanted to tell ya all....
Gotta Go!
Buddy Bud


Now Dis is Da Planz: Youz votin fer Da Buddy Bud!

October 11th 2010 7:49 am
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Da Buddy Bud be inna bigz Cool Catsters Contesters!

You know I be winna so chill 'N' jus vote fer me nowz!

Vote for Buddy Tomcat in the World's Coolest Sittin Cat

Vote for Buddy Tomcat in the World's Coolest Naughty Cat

Vote for Buddy Tomcat in the World's Coolest Funny Cat

Gotta Rest up fo da coroba... coro... Crownin!
Buddy Bud


DDP 10-10-10

October 10th 2010 11:46 am
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The Buddy Bud wish to be tellin da furiends who made dis won-fur-all day be'es dat I Cept Da Gift wit lotz of da hum-ill-ty!

An Me bein dah Cat O Da Dayz fer a Centry Day 10-10-10!

Tank Yewz! Tank Yewz! Tank Yewz!

Widoutz youz it neber happen! We member dis fer ferebers!

Yessir! (Ha...Timz! I be toppers nowz!)

I love my Catster Frens BIG TIME!
Buddy Bud DDP 10-10-10

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