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Buddy and his buds

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Ello ta ma Frens N All da res tooz!

June 18th 2011 6:24 am
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Here da Buddy Bud!
Comin atcha big bold an handsomer den ebber!

So'ez furz!

Ah bin libbin large and happyness. Mah lives be fine and dandy lak a panzy inna sunz! Lak a beez inna sugarz! Lak a catz wit da treaters, and, lak da Buddy Bud wit Pops gittin a hed rubs!

Soz dey Brofurs caught dat mouser. Big whoop whoop! It be gittin treaters I lak inna morning and ebenin. I bez playin tooz. I play nippin Toberz. Ah tink he doan no I be playin and git all hissy-fitty. MOL.

It start when he be up nex to ma speshul bedz. Ah lean outz and "NIP". He look and ah reaches an "NIP"! MOL! He bak up and I come out da bedz and I reaches and he jumps awayz. I jump after nip nip nippin... MOL! Den I goez backs to bedz. MOL!

Soz anyhowz...

Ah doan eatin da creamers no mo. Doan no why? Jus doan bodder no mo. Ah radder had mah hed rubbin wit da Pop! He mah frens and doez it jus raght! I mean I feel a kittz-upped. Lak ah be 6 montherz gan. MOL. Verryz nize.


Da Kitz are sum quooties! Dey goan gud homz cuz da Pops makn surz. Hez a good hooman. So hiz frenz tooz.

So hab a happyz dayz with many treaterz


Yer Furenz
Buddy Bud


So dere waz dis dere ting an...

April 30th 2011 2:06 pm
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So Catz! Hopin youz allz gud-n-great I am purrin!

So diz iz what hoppen and da dealeo as it hoppen.

I knowed dat he wuz dere. I cud SMELLIM! He was callin to me: "Buddy-Bud! Here I am! Buddy-Bud! Nyah Nyah Buddy-Bud Can't get me!"
So I waitz. I bide my timez. Den! All sudden! I can reach in dere! Pop left dat drawer open a bit. I wiggled in and I was rootin and diggin. We catz good at rootin and diggin. So den Pops he like: "Buddy what the???" He open dat drawer cuz he want ta see me GETIM! So den Pops TAKES ME OUT DA DRAWER! POPS WHUT-UP???
And he lookin in dat drawer and he lookin at me.
And he lookin in dat drawer and he lookin at me.
He lookin!
Ya know dat lookin!
Dat lookin dey give a cat. Hoomans.


He take some papers out and I HADIM! I jump back up! DERE HE WAZ! HIDIN! I dig an dig and move dem last papers and den Pops sees him too! I CAUGHT EM POPS! I GOTIM! And den I ET-IM! NOM NOM NOM

Me Buddy-Bud got dat dang-durn TREATER DAT WAZ HIDIN!

No gud fur nuttin cept NOM NOM treater hide frum Buddy Bud! Nosir! Yessir!
Have a NOM Weekends my furs!
Buddy-Bud Treater Hunter Par Eggs-lants

PS by Pops:
"Buddy has been nosing at this desk drawer for a week. Nothing in there but some software boxes and CD's and various folders. I had a bag of treats in there so I could give them out sometimes when I was stuck at the keyboard. Well ONE must have fallen out of the bag. ONE. You would think there was a pound of sirloin in there the work Buddy put in to get that ONE treat. And he was so satisfied when he got it. LOL. Sitting with that cat smile. My Boyz. Never a dull moment. Have a good weekend"
Pops AKA Pete


Well ya gotta rest before NOM...

April 22nd 2011 12:18 pm
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So da Brofurs were lak: "Buddy Bud! What hoppen? Youz and Rumpers be all layin and sleepin next an all"

So Buddy Bud Say:"A cat gotta git ready fur day NOM NOM's! Cat gotta be strong fur NOM NOM's!"


When I restin-ups fur da NOM NOM I doan care if even dat Rumpers nex to me!


An Dats Dat Cat

Buddy Bud


I figure out the secret of the Treaters!

February 28th 2011 4:41 am
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So I was all kind being Buddy Bud da other dayz.
So I see dat Timmers and Tobers. I says "Hi Doods whaz up?"

Toby he whispers like:"Tim is taking me on a secret mission under the place where pops makes a waterfall".

Hmmm.... Whaz dis bout the Buddy Bud wonders... Hmmm...

Soz I watch dat Timmers and he OPEN DA DOOR! Wowzers! He noser and noser and den pawz it and zip dey in dere! Wowzers Meowzers!

So Da Buddy Bud he thinkin... He thinkin and thinkin and thinkin... Den I knowzit! I can go get into da hiding spot for treaters! YESSIR!

Well first I will ask all responsible like. Soz I go where dem treaters are and I ask. Well I ask big time! Like "Pop! Treaters! I gonna DIE! I HONGREY! I needa Nom Nom! POP! POP!" You think he listinin? He tink Buddy sick! He keep asking "You OK Buddy?" Den he be pushin on my belly and stuff... He say: "Buddy you are an odd boy". I give dat big eye look and ask "TREATERRRRRRRRSSSSSSS... I DYINNNNNN HONGERRRRRRRR"

So do he give em? No! Buddy solve dis problem.

I got em out da hiding spot. I throw dem onda floor and rip em open. We brofurs all had some.

Den Da Pops he come in an put them away. Well I just go back again.
I ask again "POPS TREATERRRRRRSSSSSSSS". Den I get them. Dey inna hard thing and I pull it down and me and Toby eat em up!

Yessir! Now I jus gotta wait for Pops to Refill Dem Treaters.

Buddy Bud the Treaters King!

A note from Pop:"Imagine my surprise. Tim looks up and runs out. I look around and not a cat in sight. Hmmm. I look into the kitchen and they are all around the ripped bag like a little cat camp out. I push most of whats left into a coffee cup and put it away. About a half hour later BANG. I get up and there are Buddy and Toby. Toby is cleaning up those that flew out when the cup landed. Buddy has his head in the cup Nom Noming away! Never a dull moment! What a wild bunch. I am very surprised about Buddy learning the door trick. I guess the love of treats conquers all! LOL.
I am glad I finally found out about the mournful wails Buddy has been doing. Now I know he is just... HONGRY FOR NOM NOM! LOL!"


Be-in on da other side of the big One-Oh!

February 6th 2011 9:30 am
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Yeah Cat Budz an Furz Buddy Bud iz official-lak hooman quiver-lant...
Uh... Fiftyz? Dat mean da Buddy Bud yonger den-da Pops! MOL!

So'z anyhoo! Da Olderz man, MOL, sayin we havin a cel bration along wit dat Superz-bowlz. Since he habin hiz frenz ober we gotta cat-par-taa too!
I gotta sneakin superstition dat I tink it so'z we doan crash da hooman foodz.Yessir.

Well it doan feelz no diff-rant! No it doan! I runnin and jumpin and flyin and bouncin more dan I ebber didz. I gotta new leaz on lifers wit dat slim and trim Buddy-Bud.

I am playin wit dem springers cauz I gotz srping in mah stepz!

I heer telz dat da our Angels be flyin ober wit speshul Cat-Angel-Dust fer dem Pitts-burgerz afterz dey stop by to par-taa wit uz an check on da Rumpers. Whom iz back to hiz old she-nanner-ganz I may addz!

Buddy Bud


Yeah I still be herez! Yessir!

January 30th 2011 3:12 pm
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Ah jus wants to tellem dat da Buddy Bud Still here!
It be Rumpers dis!
Rumpers dat!
Rumpers dis and dat!
Geez-O-Cat! All fer bein clumsey lak!
When I get clumsey and fall offen da booker shelvez dat Pops go "Buddy Bud Stop dat"!
So ah was Grumpin! Grumpin Big Time!
So Ah got dat Timmers! Dere Timmers! You be Top Cat but youz getta Nipper lak ah want ta nipper youz!
Den he floppers and I got da feets to ma face.
But Ah nippers him!
Buddy Bud Still IN DA HOUZ!
Buddy Bud


So Doods!

January 22nd 2011 10:45 am
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Well doods lemme tell-ya sumptin!
Bin tuffs roun here cause da kid!
Da nipper go an got hurtz an ya know! Ya gotta purr-im-up.
I been grumpin bout dat kid but never want no cat hurt like dat!
Poor dood.
So las weeks da Pops gettin dat vacuum Monster out! Why o cat he do dat ah doan no but! Dat ting is makin big noise. Me N Timz just jet to da badroom. I gettin a goood spot. I bin unda da softers.
I tell Timz"Lemme no if safe!"
Den I sayz: "Yell if da Monster eatcha so I can run!"
Smart Buddy Bud!
No hearo when Monster volved!
Well we try updatin da pagers fer da winters but! Ah cat! Dinnit workz.
Thanks to Karma Katty fer dat Cool Pictures!
I handsum fur shur!
Give a purr fur our Rump. He be noying but he my brofur!

Buddy Bud!

PS Mah Birfdays soons!
Ah lak treaters!


Mah Got-Cha Daze

January 1st 2011 2:11 pm
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Wowzers Meowzers! Ah waz in sucha daze inda hed cause I waz fulla lovin and huggin for mah home, brofurs, and Pops!

I have it so's gud I cannat beleive. I lub all mah Catster pal dood and doodette's tooz!

I am luvvin life. Ah gotz it so's gud I member to say speshul stuffs fer day Fosters and Ferals! May dey allz have gud year tooz!

Oh Yez!

Ah haz an Album wit Timmerz! Ah been teachin! Ah been medi-taa-tin(dats lak hooman medi-taa-tin but widout da hooman. Yessir) 0000567238181&l=5ee44a6f07

Tanks to Mah very speshul pals at KCK who do mah Pictur!

Luv ya all! Movin back to da ponderin of da Uni-vert.

(Buddy Bud moves back to deep meditation on the printer mountain)


Yo Jingles frum Buddy Bud

December 26th 2010 8:28 am
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All 'O' mah Catster furs...

Ah hadda wunnerful time yessir-day!

Now dat may seem lak a not big ta sum. Butts... Dat be a big and speshul ting fer da Buddy Bud cause I been Grumpin fer, fer, long as ah can member. Tanks to Cali Cat for open da Buddy Eyez wit dat carol of pussible foo-tures! Dis Buddy Bud gonna be dat new cat and be frens! Even wit Rumpers and Tobers.
Gonna be hardz but ah gonna do't!

Fur mah new leafs I did dis

A Jingle to all 'O' Youz! Fur hopin youz hadda good-un!

Jingle cat!
Jingle cat!
Youz be all 'O' Dat!
Eat dat foodz!
Play wit Doodz!
Way big fun we had!

So youz all havin a big New Yearz of Healt and Joyus fur all youz.

Buddy Bud


Good Great Day!

December 19th 2010 11:23 am
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Yez it be a gooders day furenz!

I snuck da toyz offen da desk and Pops thinkin Rumpy done it!

I also told Timmers dat Buddy Bud no helpin teach Rumpers. Cause I done it already! He just run in an grab so I whack him! Thats teachin him!


Truth is we all gettin along big-better. Pops laugh when he see us runnin and playin. Me and Toby too! Who would have thought?

I do look Handsome in my photo! Yes Yes Yessir!

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