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Buddy and his buds

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Happy Easter to all!

April 7th 2012 3:55 pm
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Ah thinks ah wished it too earlyz but here it tiz again.

Ah gotta say me and Pop been living large. He be a tad on the creaky side like me. We oldsters gotta stick.


So lak I say. We be hangin. I be purrin and bumpin. I back to goin over and layin with Timmerz and Popz and Toberz on da coucher. We sit fur a bit. Den Pops sit onda floor and playz a bit. Then TREATERS!


So then we go and since we working out we all sleep better. Whut I mean is dat Rumpers sleep better so we all sleep better. MOL

You all be good now and maybe you getta slice or hamz or a bitta fishz. Yup gud catz get gud goodies.

Your Buddy
Buddy Bud


Busted! Again!

April 1st 2012 10:02 am
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Well Hello to all youz catz!
Big Buddy Bud here with an updater!


Ah had Pops worried a bitz last week cuz I no was eatin the treaters! Ah had also upchuked in dat room with the little white pond. I didn't eating dinner either. I was just laying on my shelves so Pops he kept a good eye on me. He gave me some good food stuff all my own. Yes I eated that. I was feeling betters and I thoughts I had fooled him.


No I did not! This week Pop was checking in the antique like fridgerator dat he keep stuffs in and he found dat empty treaters bag. Oh My! I thinking I had hid it good and better. It was under neat but he found it. Then he know right off why I had that there tummy-achers last week. He not mad but he took it out and showed me dat bag so dat I know he knows ya know.

OK Pop I hears you. I work at being good about sneakin treaters.
It real very hard


Buddy-Gotta find a better hiding spot-Bud


Yup itz Gud!

March 4th 2012 11:27 am
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Wahl it iz pretty gud roun here. Ree-laxed.

Why? Well da Rumperz iz all saying:"I am so relaxed cause I play with little B"

Hah. Not Really! Here the Truth.

We all laxed causer Rumpberz iz no longer buggin.


He getz da Whackin-Whack inna head frum Fitzer! She one tough cat hooo-eeee. He goes to give her the head-jump-on and *WHACK* dat paw like lightnin and she saying: "RRRRRRRRR You better back off there cat! RRRRRR". Den she jus walk away like nuttin happen.

MOL Ah be laughin a big Buddy-Bud laugh at dat Rumperz.



So yeah it all big lax roun here cuz dat Popz make a gud move bringin in da B.


Ah been givin Pops desserts. Da big purr timez. Now you know Buddy is kinda bit reserved so ah do it when he sleepin. I been layin on his chests and purrrrrrrrr. He woke las night though. I think he know bout it cuz he rub mah hed. Do hoomans move when dey sleeper? Hmmm. Doan want him to know I really a big softee.

Buddy-Bud Living Gud


Getting Cat-Crowded

February 19th 2012 12:14 pm
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Ah cantz go to eatz or nuttin widdout bumpin inta a cat!
Ah mean whut happen? We haddit nice wit dat B cat who gave Rumperz da running rounds. So dat waz-e-nuff. Dere waz not no need fur no more catz round here. No dere were not no need. So why dat Pops bringing annudder onez?

She iz name Fitz. Now she pretty nice cat. She doan bother Buddy Bud so dat gud but... jus too too many catz.

So what shud a cat do?
Revolt! Dats whut!
A cat shud let hiz Popz know.
So ah went under da couch.
Ah thinking that ah be make Pops Thinking!

So ah doan come out!
Ah hiding!
Ah doan come out fur TREATERS! Oh my-my-my ah wanted dem treaters bad. BAD ah wanted to come out but ah staid hid! Ah didn't come out!

Pop worry and he look and never think I under couch cuz I doan come out fur treaters. Hah. He even go outside and call mah name!
"Buddy" "Buddy Bud"
Den he look and finderz me.
He say: "Buddy you feel ok?"
I bump da head. I bump again. I purrz a bit. Cant be mad at Pops.
Dats dat! Rev-Lu-Tion overz. Snack timez!
So ah eated up treaters. Yum.
Hey Fitz try dis one!
Gud gud gud.

Buddy Snacking-better-than-Rev-lu-tion Bud


Fun with Buddy Bud

February 12th 2012 10:49 am
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I have to purr it out!
I been having fun around dis ol'houz.

Dere a new Nip sockers. Dere dat new kitten Buttons who ah callz B.
Pops been takin more timerz wit us now dat he aint doin az mucher of dat foster work.

Yez life iz gud!

Even dat Rumperz gotta cat pal now wit dat B so he doan bother me not az muchers.

Yez an ah lak dat little guy B. He iz funz. Ah let him have da nip an it iz funny watchin.

Well gotta go to do some playin. Ah think a gettin younger fur shur!

Yer Pal Buddy Bud


Whoa Cat Whadda-Day!

February 5th 2012 10:38 am
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Wowzer Meowzer!
When I bin seenin dem cool pick-turs ah gotz it wuZ jus marvloose!
It makin a big ol cat all lucky to be here on Catster wit such goodz frens.

Fur da Day mah Pops gimmee a buncha treaterz too! Den he gone an made a new spot inda closet jus fur Buddy Bud.
He said iffin ah pull downers da towlz he may az well lemmee hav-it.
So dats dat.
He lemmee hav-it an be all cozy in mah speshul bed.
Ahz gotta gud Pops.

Ah gotta gud brofurs.
Even Rumpers cuz he now got B to bug.

Seem gettin Betterz wit gettinz olderz.
Ahz gottem sum gooder Catster frenz fur-shur!

Tanks big frum Big Buddy Bud.


My Birfdayz, Speshul Birfdayz, Best Birfdayz, Yessir!

January 28th 2012 6:05 am
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Did ah tell ya dat it mah Birfdayz!

Cuz it iz! It be onda Tirty-furzt! Ah be bout Tenz er Leben!
Ah not sure cuz Pops he gots me frum a bone hed boy. Ah waz hiz pet fur years an den he nebber even come say bye-d-bye! What dat bout?

Mah stories a gooder one fur takin mature cats into yer home! We are settled downz and moar calmerz. We doan be nutz n craazee lak some youngins R! Yez ah mean Rumperz.

I tink mah Birfdayz Prezzie was Pops getting dat youngin B!
Yessir it iz!
Now dat B is inna houz dat Rumperz got a cat to hed jump on!

What a Grand Birfdayz! Frens! Ah gotz lotta Frens! An I gotz a home here wit odder Frens and da Popz taking good care O all!
Dis da bes bes Birfdayz an ah Love ya all!

Your Pal
Buddy Bud


So Let Me Tell Ya Sumptin!

January 22nd 2012 1:41 pm
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Yo yer Buddy Buddy-Bud hear to tell ya a big good one!

We gotta new boy! Why dat gud ya sayz? It gud cuz Rumpers buggin him not me! Dem youngins needs youngins to do youngin tings wit. Ya no dat true. Jus is.

So we got dat new catz name iz B. B-man. Ah even lak his namerz! Gotta B innit so gotta B Good! MOL!


An jus lookit dat cooler den cool Russian Blues Loungers Photo! You cannot be dere loungin wit me if you notta Blue so doan bodder ta askerz! I maen you Rumperz. HAH!


Good timez and Gooder Timez comin!

Yer Really Happy Blue Buddy Bud


Here we R!

January 7th 2012 5:35 am
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Well mah furs we gotted overs da Happy New Yearz and mah Gotcher Dayz!

We Tomcats R livin largey. We havit gud! Hope youz all R tooz!

Now ah no youz allz member bout my hittin Pops inna Eyez when ah jumpin from Dat Rumpers. Da movin fur-niture fixed dat an, no whut? Ah lak it. Ah lak it big timez. Ah making mah daily nappin in da bed. Ah goes indere at nitez tooz. Pops say I make dem blankers nice and warmy fur his feet(He doan gots feets he gotta one feet).

Den ah now taking da nitey nappers wit Pops tooz. Ah gotta figgur how ta fitz. Timmers be onda left O Pops. Tobers be onda Right. Bump be inda middle. Den Tober and Rumper swappin sum time. Hmmmmm. I tryin onda left lak about a tail er two tail down frum Timmers. Ah jus doan wanna get furder dan Pops can reach to gimme a head scritch.

Pops still tellen me ah gotta go when I nip. Whut dat bout? Dat may natures!

Will wonder nebber ceasing. Ah come hear on Furst of Janurary Aught Niner! Whoa! Ahz an Aught Niner!

Whudda Life! Whudda Life fur a cat who waz given up! Tanks Bro-furs Timmers Tobers and youz twos Rumpers!

Purrs N Bonks
Buddy Bud



December 31st 2011 10:03 am
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Days come and go.
Dis day iz Mah Day! Mah Got-Cha Day! Whee!
I almost furgoted! Wow!
I bin hear 3 yearz an it is Great! Ah eat gud. I get lotta head rubbin! Ah Eat Gud! I get Treaterz! Did ah sayz ah Eat Gud!
Yessir! Dat Pops he luv da Buddy Bud.

Yez dis Day iz Newz Yearz Evez Day and Mah Got-Cha Day!

Yeah ahz no. Why dey call da eve da day? Why ask Buddy Bud?
Ah gotta rezloot!

Ah makin a rezlootion!
Ah rezloot fur-shur to naght jump on Pops hed when he sleepin! Nowz he moved all da furn-a-tour cuz he mad cuz ah jumpin on hiz hed da udder-nite. So Popz Buddy Bud Sorree!
Big Sorree Popz!
Yezzir Yezzir

May all mah frends get a happy n speshul Newz Yarz!
Your Buddy

Happy New Year from Da-Boyz N Pops!

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