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Buddy and his buds

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Slow down brofurs Buddy still da Big Cat Roun-Here

July 20th 2012 9:42 am
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Ah just wanna makez shore dat none uf mah brofurs been gettin bigger headz.

Dat Timmmerz may havva blogosphere an be da COTW
Dat Toberz may be DDP.
Buddy Bud be Double DDP!

Hearing me Timmer! Hearing me Toberz!

Now dat done ah saying Pops Cat-Fud pretty gud! Ah eatin and likin. Ah also not got no stoppin or blockin which da best. Ah been havin more energies ah thinkin.

So ah gotta say Thanks Popz

Your Buddy Buddy-Bud


Hey Timmy

July 15th 2012 9:04 am
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Yo Brofur Tim!

Me and Tim be gud furs so ah well wishing him

Yo Tim lemmee sit inyer Box K-Dood?

Comon... Lemmee in there and, OW!

Ya dinn hafta get Fizzical! Man Dood!

No Hardz Dood No Hardz.

In Fact. You all should check out Timz Blogg

I gotta sayz dat rawz makin me lak a kitz.
Ah gettin olderz and we eldz get a bit glued in da back end if ya know what ah meanz. Diz food got me Regularz.


Buddy Bud


Wellzer Wellzer!

July 8th 2012 11:56 am
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It been hot round here! Yup!
Ah just lay back an keepin cool! Yup!
Toberz juz bit Pops Ear! He said "OW TOBY! What in the world"
Ah gonna watchez this playin out fur funz! Hah!
Wonder if he gonna get a paddlin?
Letcha know!
Your Buddy Buddy Bud


Buddy Bud DDP Fur Shur!

June 16th 2012 7:26 am
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Well mah furenders itz a wunnerfur dayz fur-shur!
Yer Pal Buddy-Bud is DDP on Caturday!
Whoa dats a speshul one

So alsoz big congratula-bulaa-tionz ta Yogi who waz a DDP on da 15 of diz monther and alzo to BooBoo fur da elebenth and den dere waz Blizzard. Hoo Cat he hadderz 2 DDP inna rowz onda 10ther and 11benth. Den Tinkerz Beller is CoTW fur our wunnerfur group!

So See ya soon cuz ah gotta go celebratez wit mah brofurz
Yer Buddy
Buddy Bud

*Buddy runs off yelling: "Hoo Catz get dem Treaterz goin Doods itz Buddy's week to be da biggest big big! Yessir"


Ah Doan Knowz

June 9th 2012 1:17 pm
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So dere iz a lotta confabulatin bout dat Copter-Cat.
Now if youz didn't see-it den doan plain bout-it cuz itz kinda, waahl, it kinda interestin. Gotta admitz da dood dida gud work an pay big tension to detailerz. It real flying. Mayzin.
So eye dough-know, ya-know, who-knowz.
Do mizz da Tabbies. Ah tear-in upz!


Ah wont eben havta change may outfitz ta go ta Africa wit KCK dis Month. Whee Hoo! See ya dere.

Your Buddy


Hotness! Endless Steaming Hotness!

May 19th 2012 8:57 am
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Hey youz catz who like to have BIG FUNZ!
With Big Buddy Bud there nuttin but HOT Funz!
Lets go Big Fun with dat Big Hot Cat!
Big Big Super Hot Hotness!
Burnin Hot Hot Hotness!
Hotness Hotness!

Buddy Bud Hotness!


You can lookit but careful touchin cause I Burnin Hotness!
Just lookit me!
Ah gotz mah own Thong and ah wearz it with PRIDE!
Causer we wild in da Russian Blues Lounge!
Whut a bunch to party witz ah gotta admit ah can hardly standz itz!

Big Hot Thanks to Dante that Hot Blue Dood!
Hot Buncha Blues are Hot!
(Psst- Secret Hot-Hot-Hot Pin Up foto! Look an you shall findit!)

Your Big Hot Buddy Buddy-Bud!


A Special day fur a Special Cat

May 7th 2012 2:04 pm
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It is mah day!
Finallyz... Dey take the notice dey too longer in taken!
Buddy Bud is a Cat of the Month!

so Tank Yewz
Tank Yewz to them forward think catz in dat best of all Catster clubs
The Russian Blues Lounge.
Yessir they the bestest of the best.

So I tell Pops ah needer a new PhoToe of myselfs to fit mah new station in life an...

*Rumpy yells"You need a station to fit you in! Yuck Yuck"*

No Rumperz you cannot join lest you be a blue an you Jellizz!

No payin heed to them im-manure catz. Dey doan like bein left behind mah behind. MOL.

So when Pops take mah new photoe ah been thinkin that ah look very debonairey. Ah lookin lak Jamezer Bondz.

Gimme a Nip. Shaken not stirz.

Your Buddy Buddy Bud


Me an mah frends

April 22nd 2012 8:19 am
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Well hullo to mah frendz.
Ah sayin happy springz to all and every.


So we havin a big bang upper on dat furst so if you a blue and not joinin den you gotta lemmee know and I joinin ya!


So ah waz tinkin dat somecat wuz in mah bedz. Ah go ta lay downz and dere be some furz dat not frum Buddy Bud!

Den ah caught-er! It waz Fitzer da foster! She sleepin in MAH BED!


She a nice kitterz so ah sayd that it be O-key-dough-key wit Buddy Bud!

Have a gud week all mah furz!

Your Buddy,


Happy Easter to all!

April 7th 2012 3:55 pm
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Ah thinks ah wished it too earlyz but here it tiz again.

Ah gotta say me and Pop been living large. He be a tad on the creaky side like me. We oldsters gotta stick.


So lak I say. We be hangin. I be purrin and bumpin. I back to goin over and layin with Timmerz and Popz and Toberz on da coucher. We sit fur a bit. Den Pops sit onda floor and playz a bit. Then TREATERS!


So then we go and since we working out we all sleep better. Whut I mean is dat Rumpers sleep better so we all sleep better. MOL

You all be good now and maybe you getta slice or hamz or a bitta fishz. Yup gud catz get gud goodies.

Your Buddy
Buddy Bud


Busted! Again!

April 1st 2012 10:02 am
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Well Hello to all youz catz!
Big Buddy Bud here with an updater!


Ah had Pops worried a bitz last week cuz I no was eatin the treaters! Ah had also upchuked in dat room with the little white pond. I didn't eating dinner either. I was just laying on my shelves so Pops he kept a good eye on me. He gave me some good food stuff all my own. Yes I eated that. I was feeling betters and I thoughts I had fooled him.


No I did not! This week Pop was checking in the antique like fridgerator dat he keep stuffs in and he found dat empty treaters bag. Oh My! I thinking I had hid it good and better. It was under neat but he found it. Then he know right off why I had that there tummy-achers last week. He not mad but he took it out and showed me dat bag so dat I know he knows ya know.

OK Pop I hears you. I work at being good about sneakin treaters.
It real very hard


Buddy-Gotta find a better hiding spot-Bud

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