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Buddy and his buds

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Good an Better Newz

November 4th 2012 2:44 pm
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Well it waz annudder supa-dupa weekender round da Tomcatz home!
Furst Good Newz

Congrats to Mister Big Shot Timmerz who da Cat O Da Monf at KCK.
OK done wit dat.

Den Better Newz
Good old Pops, my bes fren, my gud buddy, my pal, my favoriter of...

**Tim Yells: BUDDY GIVE IT A BREAK. HE WILL GIVE YOU THE JERKY TREATS! Like dealing with kids. Tim walks off mumbling: razum frazum dannabum disdatother**

Yessir Timmerz. K.
So anyhoo. Dem treatz sucha hit Pops makin a BIG Pile.
They more cruncher and taster then before. If dat possibliter. Well IS!
Just taka look see:
Fine Chicken Jerky for Cat Eatin!

So you wanna get dat hooman ‘O’ yers ta makem!
Go see Pops Blog for structions.

Hey you readee fur TURK!
**Buddy runs off: Yo POP YO POP Turkee Jerky Turkee**


A Trick and we get New Treats!

October 28th 2012 10:47 am
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I be appointered by Da-Boyz, and Fitzer, ta talk on dem new Treaterz dat Pops been maker.
See he want us to be healthy, healthy, good-n-healthy so he want to cut out dem dry treaterz. Perish dat thinkin ah sayed! Den Pops sayed “You just wait”. So I did.

Lo and beholdin Pops made treaterz an dey were GOOOOOOD! MMMM-MMMM!

First he made Yummy Shrimpies!
Then Here is the chicken in the Dryer

Here they are piled up ready to eat!

Here are Pops Beef Jerky Treats he made for himself!

I started eatin them Shrimpies and dats dat cat! No more dry food treaterz dat fine cause we still got good stuff ta eatz!
So ah gotta getz goin cause ah wanna Treat! A good Trick Pops!
Your Buddy


Questions: Who is in Command? What day is Coming?

October 14th 2012 12:12 pm
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Well ah gotta sayz that it been a good munt.
Yessir dat ol’Octoberz be a fun time fur me an you too cuz... Ya knowz why! Do ya? Huh? Do ya?

Cuz we gonna be TREATIN! Yez! We go TREATIN Day Soon! Yeah Cat!

So anyhoo
Ah been all fit-az-a-fiddler.
Ah been workin and runnin and jumpin like a kitten.

So I went and was gonna show Timmerz mah movez

He get all riled up and he get all wild lookin

He move like dat Coberz. Fazt strikin! Scary Fazt

Ah mean cat ah gotta go when he do dat. Gotta git goin!

So Why-come I cannot beatz dat Timmerz?
Agin and agin and agin and agin he get me.
Ah well. Guess dat why he da top cat.
Guess ah will stand up here an be second cat in command

You better not let Timmerz catch ya Fitzer

Your Buddy
Buddy Bud (Second in Cat Command)


Welcome Fall fur Fun! And something *Important*

September 23rd 2012 12:43 pm
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Hey Yoo Catz!
Yer Big Buddy Bud here saying Hello Fall Goodbye Hot-n-Humid Summer!

I have been playing fun with Toby and dat Rumpers. Me and Buttons boy get them going good. He gets them to start running and I hide behind the couch and Wham! Give them a whacka-whacka when they go by.

If I am sleepin Fitz kitty gives the whacks. Yeah-Cat! We have them doods headz spinnin! MOL!

Me and Timmerz still doin them wrasslin moves. I can't figure dat out. He smaller and just kinda lazin and he gives me the Whacka. Whuts up with that? Ah well guess I better try again!

Yo Timmerz! Here I come!
Purrs to all fur Fall Fun!

Please take a minute and go to the site we have set up to support Gumps Mom. It would be great if you could say a few words. Thanks _and_his_momma-19111

Your Buddy
Buddy Bud


Bacon and Nip - A Purrfect Day!

September 3rd 2012 11:49 am
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Well mah furends it waz purrfecto day-o!

Ah was sittin makin happy wit Popz cuz, wellz, ah like sittin wit Pops bein happy.

So dere it waz. A big BACON BIT! So ah come quiet and SNAG! Ah got it in mah mouth. An Popz he like laughin. "Buddy you are a hoot. Keep the bacon!"

So ah et it up! YUM NOM YUM!
Buddy Bacon

So den we got NIP! Yeah Cat NIP! Buddy Likes Nip Nip and More NIP!
Me and Da Timmerz got to gettin goin!
Tim and Me Niping
Dere waz a bit of a Whacka Whacka but ah dontz whanta be dressin wit da digressin! Whoa-cat dat is telligent!
Yessir! Anyhoo

Buddy Yeah-Cat
Time fur a napperz

Have a safe fun holiday!
Your Buddy
Buddy Bud


Aa-lee-Ins R 2 Funnyz!

September 1st 2012 12:06 pm
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Ah canz stopper da laugher!

Cat-O-Cat dat Rumperz be EZ to buggin! He all seeriouz an stuff most of da timez so he iz reallee ez to pull da Funnee on!

So he was runnin too and fro askin fur treaterz lak always "Me me me me me" he sayin. Sure dood sure.

Thenz ah notice cuz I am da obzervant. Ah seein he gotta Cling-On his Floof! Yucky-Stinkee! You never see da Buddy Bud wit a Cling-on!

So ah startz yelling "Yo Rumper! You Bring da Aa-lee-Ins! You Bring Da KLINGONS! Runz! Runz! De Aa-lee-In KLINGONS! You mus be Captin Jerk!" MOL

See ah hearin Pops talkin bout dem Klingons an Captin Jerk! MOL!

Ah one funnee cat ah tell ya!

Den it fallen offz and Popz cleaner and Rumperz run under da Deskz.

Could notta planner better ah tell ya! Could notta planner better!

Ah tol him befor watch what comz round goez roun

So den me and Timmerz took dat youngin out fur da day. Waz nize. Took mah boxer and come home neater n cleaner.

When we getter back Rumperz was back outz. Oh-wellz. MOL.

Hava Gooden!

Klingonz. MOL

Your good Buddy


Good Times were had by All!

August 26th 2012 11:02 am
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Hoo-Cat I am justz gettin back from Budapestz.
We waz all da guest'es of that fabulous monarch:
Queen Missy of Missylandia
She so pretty. Datz her next too me in da Fall Festivalz pickature

She set us up great an we hadda bestest of best times. We hadda bestest of bester foodz. An our bedz were big softee and was perfecto-besto.
Thanks Missy! You a speshul Queen!

So since ah bin a bit tiredz ah glad dat da weeks waz quiet roun here wit dat Rumpers havin dat eye-of-pink or whatever he'z callin itz. Since he ain't no longer illin ah can say Good he waz outta my furz. If he waz still illin I wud not say dat. But since he izzint den ah can sincer iffin he'z waz ah woodn'tz.
Got it, or, doez ya need ta Git it?

So me an da Pops been doin gud. We look gud too'z MOL. He makin me my chicken food and ah been playin lak a kitten. Ah alzo protecter him at night. Doan tell-em tho. He lak bein da big man and ah doan wanna upsetz da melon kart.

Have a gud week!

You good Buddy


Buddy Bud is a Cell-Eb-Rity

August 16th 2012 1:13 pm
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Yo Yo Yo
Dat whut cha sayz when you a celebrityz

Yo Yo YO
So ah bein on boat Timmerz Blogger
Da Title be:
Buddy-Bud say keep yer Diztanze
Now you shud readit cuz it portant
Ah waz gonna put it here an still mayight.

And Popz Blogger
Da Title be: Gettin Catz off da Kibble

Ah iz a star cuz I helpin otherz get healthy tooz
Da Buddy Bud is one star iffin ah sayz so myselfz

Your Buddy


Yez ah been doin my dooty round here

August 5th 2012 10:23 am
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So I helping out and trainin that B Dood.
He waz a bit under da wether cuz of Timmerz trainin but ah tellem that jus da way it iz.
I tellem that iffn ah gotz all workid up every timez sumting happen ah wood be tired to da max.
We chill in stead
You have a chill week furends
Buddy Bud


Hoo Cat Whadda Place iz here

July 29th 2012 3:27 pm
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Well we havin a week a wonderific and such!

Timmerz went an put Buttonz Boy in hiz place by grabbin hiz neck and doin dat Dom-In-Ant move on-nim. Now ah have not seen him do dat much and he nebberz do-it ta me but, when Timmerz letgo and look round to make sure we all lookin, Pops too, an den grab him agin! Well we all hadda cat snickerin. We knowed Timmerz really sendin messagers rather than being tough. He a good cat Timmerz. We Palz.

Then Fitzer bein crazy-cat playin lak mad. Lotta Fun. Fur a Gurl.

An dat bout it fur da weekz cept wood not beez a week wit out RUMPERz!

He come up and smellin MAH FEETZ! Whut Dat Bout? Huh? Ask Ya? Huh?

Watchz outz cuz ah be fit aza fiddlez!

Whadda Placz iz here.

Luv ya

Big Healthy and Fightin Weight Buddy Bud (Hear dat Rumperz)

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