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Buddy and his buds

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Buddy Budd sittin Pretty

April 20th 2013 3:03 pm
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So ah waz juz chillin. Yeah chillin.
Dem da Bozz Cat, Timmerz, he comez ova an sayz dat he gonna git Buddy Bud readyfied fur da Summer Timez Blooz. Ya knowz. Da Blooz Lounger Tripz.
So ah say K!

We start in da primary type cat layin nexta cat poezition!

We Whacka Whacka Whacka Whacka Whacka Whacka

We chill in nexta cat poezition!

We Whacka Whacka Whacka Whacka Whacka Whacka

Timmerz say: “Hold it Buddy. What’s that you say Buttons?”

Den here Buddy Bud sittin pretty.

So whut so portant? Huh? Well ah dunno. An ya know whut?
I tell ya whut! Dat Timmerz talk funnee!
Yup Yup

Your Buddy
Buddy Bud


See Buddy Budd Being Spring Tagged!

April 11th 2013 11:24 am
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Hey Katz
Mah gudd pal Queen Missy of dat Missylandia ask Buddy Budd whut he likez bout Springer Timez. Ah Bin Tegger!

Below mah answerz.

Da Tingz Ah Likerz bout Springer Timez iz!

1. Sunny Shiner! Yepperz dis da bestest when ya sittin inda winda!
2. Flowerz dat Smellz-Oh-So-Gud! Ah da whiffer of da Springerz!
3. Sheddin all dat hairz! HeeHee Da Dad gotta sneezer!
4. Critterz. Like watchee dem Critterz out da Winder!
5. Dad Happee! Alwayz likez ta see da Dad Hapee!

Ah sendin big Buddy Budd Thankerz ta Queen Missy!

And My Furends you can alzo be Taggered! Tell me Whut youz lak bout dat Springerz Timez!

Your Buddy
Buddy Budd


Let me tell ya how it iz!

March 10th 2013 12:09 pm
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Hmmmm. Buddy MacBud not shur aboutz dat new GOOD Dood Rumperz.

Ah jus doan know bout dat dere Rumperz! He say dis! He say dat! Ah wanna see da puddin proof afur ah beleeve it.


Now bout dat big ruckus wit dat new play toyz. Why botherz? Gud toyz here!

Buddy MacBud know howta play wit Jus Da Raght Energy!

Now dis is PLAYIN! YESSIR!

Then Ya Jus RELAX! Mmmmmm.... Restfur!

So play da Buddy MacBud way an you be alright today!


Have a tilt-O-Nip fur St Patricks on Ol'Buddy!
Your Pal
Buddy MacBud


Happy Birfdayz to Buddy Bud

February 1st 2013 11:26 am
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Hey Catz!

Yez itz dat timer of year. Big Buddy Buds Birfdayz. The Big 12!
Hoo-Cat let me tell-yer dat ah feelin kittenish! Young and fulla energetics! Runnin and Funnin thats what ya gotta stay wit.

Pops is really happyz cuz-o-dis. He workin to keep me fit az fiddle. Yepper.

Now let me tell-ya bout mah furends who been sendin super good birfdayz wishez ta Buddy Bud!
Thankyz to
Bondi, Felix and Family
Milo and Family
Meep and Bibi
Morris, Coda and Family
Pipo and Minko them Siamezers
Rex and Family
Patches and Family
Lady, Baby and Family
Timo Katz
Mac and Family
Bella Bush and Family

And Specials thanky thanks ta that Blue Dood Tate, Dexter, Big Harry and Family, Kiki and Family. Dey gimmee fun yummy goodies a mouzer an a hat ta party in! Wowzer! Mr Buddy Bud izza lucky cat.

Now dey sayz dat gettin old can be troublin. Well gettin old fur me is GOOD! I gotta lovin home and lovin furends!

Gosh-Rooty ah even feelin lak Rumpy izza furen! But jus fur a short timer K.

Love ya all!
Post dem photoe when Catzter git dem fleas gone
Your Birthday Buddy
Buddy Bud


Wow What an Honor!

January 3rd 2013 8:50 am
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I have been picked for diary of the day!
How much of a cool cat am I.
I cannot wait to tell the other guys and fitz to.
I am one lucky kitty.

Buddy Bud


My Gotcha Day!

December 30th 2012 1:37 pm
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Dat timez agin

Timmerz lemmee host da Blog:

Check it out ta see Buddy Budz storee

We alzo got our Holidayz Moovee posted dere! I be in dat too!


Thanks every fur! You all been xtra nice ta Buddy Bud diz year! Special tanks to da Russian Blue Lounge furz! You catz know how ta partee! We do so much fun my brofurz jellez! Love ya special!

Reemember all dem kitties needin home diz year and comin year, Important ta help dem in need big time!


Your Buddy who tankfur fur a furever homez
Buddy Bud



December 26th 2012 10:07 am
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I just wanted to say we Tomcats are all purraying that our pals and their families are safe from these nasty storms. Be careful if you have to go out! Icy here in Pa.
Your Buddy
Buddy Bud


Happy Dayz of Holidayz!

December 8th 2012 2:28 pm
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Hoo Cat

Dat Time of da yearz.
Lotta singin and carolin. Ah alwayz wunder if der was singin and harryin too? Do-ya know? Huh. I wunder?

Well we be gettin ready fur our mewish holiday. Dat mean dat we try an be spiritualer den usual. Dats whut Pops sayin anyhow. I been good cat an not trouble making. Not like some. Some are trouble all timez!


So ah waz wonderin lak inquirin catz do. Does we gotta Ali-een livin wit us? See ah notice things. There odd thing happenin.


Ah tink we gotta Ali-een Poster livin here wit us. He be sneakin and watchin and gonna do some Ali-een ting soonz. How I know ya asker? I tellya. Buddy Bud See Tings dat not natural. Yup!

Ah doant think he iz a cat. He a poster!

Whut cha think? Lemmee know!

So since dat Holidayz maybe yoo wanna prezzie fur da family? Maybe a prezzie fur da doggie? Maybe a prezzie fur aunt Matlider who livvin in Nomerz-Lasker? Well Buddy Bud Gotcha sumptin Speshul!

Wonderfur Deal! Great Big Sale Thing! CHEEP!

So Make da offer and we do Biznit! K!

Love ya All Thanks fur being a Furend of Buddy Bud dis year!

Pops say to send a Pawmail fur gettin cardz! It fun!

Your Buddy


The Best Friends EVER!

December 2nd 2012 2:14 pm
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Well it be dat timez.
We all be tellin everycat dat we love-em!

It a time when dat big old world should be loving more!
Cause dat guy he loving us an he gave a whole lot!

Make me think.
Think hard about dem bad old days.
When I waz livin in my old houz no one love me.
Nope. Nada. Zip. Zilch.
Dat why when I come here I not beleive!
Nope. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Den I learnin. Yup. Learnin. Old Cat. New Learnin!
First a Pet. Den a nother pet. Den a Treater.
I was Gaster-flabbered!
Dey Love ME? Buddy-Bud?
Yez Dey Do!

Here I got it MADE
Dey Lovin ! Dey Pettin! I Purrin!
Yep. Yup. Dats-it. Yessir
Da Catster Lovin!
Da Blue Lounge Lovin!

Ah Do!
I Love Yoo Too!
Buddy Bud Lovin his Friends Big Time!


Giving Thanks to my Friends and Family

November 11th 2012 9:38 am
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Yo Cats!
That time again. Fast too.

Seems like yester-week an I waz back wit my old peeple/
He was all "Yoo Gotta Go!" and "Time to Go!" Makes me wantta NIP-EM!
Then that time gone. Since I been here wit Pops.

Thanky Thanky Thanky
Thanky fur mah Furends, Timmerz, Tober, Fitzer, Buttonz, and, umm, hmmm, dere some thin elez too... Oh yeah, Rumperz but jus a little bitz fur him.

Thanky fur mah Chicken Treaterz, fur mah foodz.
Thanky fur mah warm bed right next ta Pops.
Thanky fur mah nice play time Red-Stringer.
Thanky fur mah couch sittin spot. Right next to Pops cf course.
Thanky fur mah energetic energies even though ah been an elder.
Thanky fur mah good Blue Pals at da Russian Blues Lounger!

Thanky Thanks fur all that an being in a safe home with persons and furs dat love Buddy Bud just like he is!

May you all have lots of Thanky Thankfullness too!
Your Buddy
Buddy Bud

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