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Buddy and his buds

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Buddy is Good N Sneaky

October 18th 2013 9:21 am
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Hey furends

Timmer is having a big party over at his diaree.
I wanted to git some goodies fur my Blue Pals.
You can enjoy even if you not blue!

Dig into the Lobster with Butter

Yer Buddy
Buddy Budd


Wish I could find whut I lookin fur

September 6th 2013 2:42 pm
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Buddy was sittin on da Cat Lounger where ah be next to Dad.

I waz chillin. Whut am ah gonna do? Buddy Bored!

Then I waz thinkin and said to mah self, Self, whut be up where Dad puts his goodies.

So this iz interesting fur sure! Hmmm whut diz!

Hey Dad yoo did leave no nothin up here fur da Buddy Budd. Hmph

That sneaky Dad did not leave nothin! Gonna go check the dinner plate.

As soon as Buddy leaves the room a cat is heard with a mad laugh!

Mwa-Ha-Ha-Ha. I got there Furst!

So dat whut iz up here.
Whuts up wit mah furends anuhoo

Yer Buddy
Buddy Budd


Buddy Budd iz missin his Catste

August 25th 2013 1:00 pm
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Yo Doods and Doodettes
Dis Buddy Budd here.
Ah been bizzy bizzy doin lotta sfurrs wit da fambly. We been supportin and helpin an gotta admit it feelz gooder.
Ah gonna visit some furends so see ya sooner!
Yer Buddy
Buddy Budd


Gettin Ready for a Big Weekend!

July 8th 2013 2:28 pm
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Hey My Cat furends

Buddy Budd is getting ready fur the Rafting Trip over at the Russian Blues Lounge. You better join if you are a blue as we have BIG FUN.

Buddy Budd iz Restin up for the Rafting Trip Fur Sure

See ya dere or be square
Yer Buddy
Buddy Budd


Buddy Budd is a Winnah!

June 26th 2013 2:37 pm
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Furends, Roamin Kittahs, Country Cats!
Gimee yer Earz!

Well, Comon, listen up aready!

So yer pal and wunnerfur Cat Extrordinary, Buddy Budd izza Winnah uf da Russian Blue Lounge Summer Photo Contester!

I sure iz one heckuva Photo Picature Taker
Yep Yep

Buddy Budd's Summer Photo

Jus wanna say iffn you been mah fren befo you been mah fren afta!
No Big Head here! Nossir!

So make sure ya put a noticer in yer fren meiler to come by see mah pictature.

We at da Tomcat Home been missin in Actor cuz Dad gottit inna hed ta painter and rugger da houz. Whut fo ah doan no. But we give-em whut fur. Yep Yep. We keep him uppat night. MEOW. See he sleepin wit uz inna his officer. See his officer iz inna sisfur sida da duplexer. We cramped but havin fun. So we been incomunocato.
Hope ya unner Stan. Hiya Stan

Yer Buddy
Buddy Budd


Hoo Cat it be bizi bizi bizi

June 9th 2013 10:25 am
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First Bizi Bizi is Buddy Bizi

RBL Trip to Buenos Aires

Den every day we want there iz RBL Beach Fun

Whadda Fun Buncha Cats!

Psst! Secret! Buddy Summer for the RBL
Buddy Budd's Summer Photo

Thanks Dad! Youz gud gud gud to Buddy Budd!!!

Second Bizi Bizi iz da HOme Bizi-fied!

Da Dad he gettin ready to do dat remolderin dat he threaten fur so long

*Timmy Meows: "Re-Model Buddy! Re-Model"*

Yeh yeh Timmerz ah saidz re-molderin! Cheez!

So Dad got dem peeple comin and measure, measure, measure agin!

He got funnee little carpeter bits
He got funnee little painter bits
He say we gotta no more sharpen onna sit spot (Buddy doan do dat no how)

So ah will be visitin and lettin ya see when done
We gonna havva cat walk way upper high Dad sayin!
Cannot wait!

Yer Buddy
Buddy Budd


Buddy Budd Comin Atcha!

June 3rd 2013 12:44 pm
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Yo Furenz!
Buddy Budd here comin atcha frum da Tomcat Home.
We been chillin and grillin,
Well Dad been doin da grillin but dat K cause we git ta eatz it.

He makin us dat Homemade Treaterz. Gud Gud
He makin da Chickenz and da Beefz too. Ah lak bof.

So yo azkin why ah been sneekin and creepin ta get dat bag? Cauz dere been dry foodz in dat bag fur da outsiders who visit in da nightz.

Dad he feed dem cuaz he a gud person. Me wanna eat dat dry cuz ah still gotta hankerin fer it. Ah brought up onit. Ah luv it luv it luv it. Dad make me go colder turkee and now onlee eaten dat wet foodz. Ah losted 6 pounders but me still luv it luv it luv it.

When ah smelt it ah hadda git it git it git it.
Ah almos haddit! Ah gotz some bitz. Dat bag waz open ripped yez!
Den Dad say: "Buddy! You know better than that. Come on big fellow have some chicken treats instead."

So dat K wit Buddy Budd
So den ah needer a napper an had a nicz rester.
Yep Yep!

So be gud an U get treaterz too.

Your Buddy
Buddy Budd


Buddy Budd is one Bizzy Cat

May 19th 2013 10:10 am
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Hey Furends

Yeh yeh yeh az knowz.

Yeh yeh yeh a bin bizzy so gonna tell mah frens whutz up.

Furst Big Newz. My Russian Blue Friend Queen Missy of Missylandia has a very nice Blog. Hope you go visit Soon

Queen Missy of Missylandia

Go visit. Go dere NOW!

An my friend had a PARTY! Whut a Party it waz. Bugsy is on cool cool Blue so you go visit him too!

Bugsy has the Best Parties

OK den. Second ah had to do da Blog fur Timmerz.

Feline Finezz or Eggslance of Purrfurmance

Den ah had ta do another Blog

Man-Cat Monday Special Guest Buddy Budd

So dat waz whut I be bizzy wit.

Buddy gotta whisperz now. On Monday come by da Blog cuz we havvin a big party fur Mr Buttons and Ms Fitz. See it da second fur bof uf dem. We gonna Party like big time.

Monday Party for Ms Fitz and Mr Buttons

So bizzy Buddy waz bizzy.

Your Buddy
Buddy Budd


Buddy Budds Edcu-Cat-ional Series: Problem Box Training

May 5th 2013 10:37 am
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Well hello dere all mah Catster furends. Buddy Budd here wit sum gud infurmation dat been fur any youngin. Mah little Man-Cat Buttonz, well he aint so little no mo, but anyhoo, ah tell-ya da trainer methodz.

Hi Uncle Buddy. Can you show me the correct way to attack a quarrelsome box?

Ya gotta check da innerds. Check em gud now!

Go deep inta dat boxer. Yup Yup!

Cuz dere may be da prizer. Not dis case butt sum time.

Now Ya grab dat boxer and giv-em a Shaker. Shaker shake shake.

Now ya gotta bite! Bite so yer nose crinkler. Bite bite bite.

An ya use da paw to grab-em! Grab-em and Spin-em!

Now ya user dat wrestler mover. Ya Body Slammer. Yessir!

Da fazt Smakey Paw ta da body. Fazt now don't be a kitten.

Now ya put dat gud Stomp on dat box!

Da Cat Victorious! Yoo stand over dat box an relisher da winnin.

Yoo too can be da boss uf da Box in yer home.

Now yoo youngin been listen gud to da Buddy Budd an take diz training to da heart. Ya gonna finder dat by bein top ’o’ box ya able ta take care biznit and keepin dem catz inna place dat need place keepin.

Your Buddy
Buddy Budd


Buddy Budd sayin Hello from da Bancock!

May 4th 2013 6:04 am
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So hey dere Catzterz catz!
Diz yer rovin cat Buddy Budd comin atcha frum da bootiful citiez of da Backcock.

Me an dem wild catz Teesha, Dexter, Jazmine and Bella were an did havva fun here. Diz city onna da bes inna world to get fun and a bitta wildnezz inta da blood. Luck mah pal Mac got diz phoetoe. Diz a land fulla very spezshul placez dey call Temples.

We hadda guider touring and we seen one dat hadda catz round-it.
Yez dis spezshul placer all righter!
Yup Yup

Now yoo be shur ta come by da Lounger onna Tent cuz dad our anniversry.

Rememberz dat iffin yoo Bloo yoo shud come bye and join up! We havva morz fun den any udder clubber!

Purrz to ya!
Yer Buddy
Buddy Budd

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