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Buddy and his buds

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August 12th 2010 4:51 am
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**Buddy comes into the living room. Lashing his tail in his usual surly Cattitude**
"Hey... Be quiet Tim. You too Toby. So I spilt the box. SO WHAT!
I mean I was just trying to go out the side. I cant help it if they design them-there boxes to tip easy."

**He jumps onto the table**
"No Toby it is a bad design! No cat would design a box that tips if a cat leaves by the side. No it HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY WEIGHT! Meee-ooww"

**He jumps down. Looks around and goes to his spot by the stairs muttering. As usual.**
"Darn boxes made for kittens... Toby and Tim they just know everything... Well let me..."


Hey! Who picked Him?

July 30th 2010 5:42 am
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How did Toby get to be DDP? Who is in charge over there at Catster? I demand to talk to the management! I demand satisfaction!

What Tim?

Well, yeah, I was DDP too. So wha... Yeah Yeah

OK Toby! Good job dude!

**Buddy mumbles as he wanders away. As usual**
OK Tim is that what you want? Let me tell you...


Happy Days are Here!

July 28th 2010 5:49 am
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Boy I am havin a great summer! Dat Pops is just da Man! I dunno what he's a doin but I feel Great! Maybe it is all the good wet food I have been getting? He was worried that I would not eat enough and loose weight too fast but I showed him!

The truth is: I actually like that wet food! I do not know what I wuz thinkin wit dat dry stuff? There are good kinds with beef and chicken and FISH! I still want him to put out food all day but... Cant have it all I guess... Dat Pops!

I still cannot get that Tim outta da box when I wantz. I give him a big ATTACK and try and giv-em a BIG BITE'N. He jus push me back. Gim-me dat Tim Look! I HATE dat Tim Look! He just look like he bored! I giv-em da big charge an... nuttin... He does the same onna couch too. Back to da drawin board wit attacks.

Now dat Toby he gets all worked up and we get a real cat fight going with crashin and bangin! Wit my new energy I bin takin the mountain! I chase him off and take my position above my kingdom! Yea! Dats Me!

King Buddy!


My Day is coming! I can Feelz itz!

July 13th 2010 6:11 am
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I got da secretz book on sectretz. Da secretz will make me to be king of da wurld once dey allz no ma secretz and dey no morez secretz... Uhhh... I think? Maybez? Hmmm.... Get back-atcha bout diz!

I cawt Tobys trying to make me up as da worse catz dat live. Jus caws I chase im! Heiz one big Bay-Be. Can not do da heet of da cookin! Me-ow!

I give Toby book a bite-n so he... Oh... What Tim? Dat Pops book?

Look! Pops! I am One Cute Kits! Lookit me I am so cutes!!



My New Picture

July 9th 2010 9:01 am
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Wowzers! I gotta new picture from da American Fathairs Society! Dey all got hearts as big as da bellies! Thanks to Big Harry and his family for this wunnerful wunnerful gift!

I am being a good guys for a whilz. No-mo stealin foodz or treatz. Well, dat may be cause Pops be puttin em away real good. I got all da time inna worl.

Sing: "Some Day My Treats will Come!"

Anyhowz Da Pops plan fer my trainin goez onz!

I am eatin all of my wet foods. I am gettin lean and mean! I am playin mo alla time. I didda jumpz offa da couch an make dat Toby run! Me-ow! I go to da Tims anhe jus licken me ups. Den he does da floppers and push me aroun wit da feets. Den he jumps onna tree or onna couch and push ma hed from followin. Hmmm. Gonna getim! Dono Howz?

We so gudz maybe Pops givvuz more treatz. Yessir


King of all I survey from my throne

July 8th 2010 4:49 am
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Hey Youz! My loyal Subjects!

Lemme read dis to ya!

"Gather around my throne my loathsome subject! Let me regale such pitiable wretches with wondrous tales of my of derring-do!
**(crickets in the background)**

You will bow before me with... fear in your... hearts... and...


Wherz evevybody?

Youz had better watch youz guys! Der be a new winds a blowin!

Humph! Pops he loves me! Tanks fer keepn my spots all clears dere Pops

Wunder ifn I cans gits ma monies back fo da speech... Hmmm!


Happy 4th! and What did I do now?

July 3rd 2010 5:00 am
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HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY to all ma Catster Frens!


That Pops! He figgur out dat I took da treats agin? Howzee doit? Did Tim Tell? Did Toby Tell? I dunno? I tink I better be listenin as I having tough time fittin in my houze? My Belli rubbin the ramps!

Well dats dat!

I gave dat Toby a good chase today when we finish mornin hallo's to Pops. He come up behind me an I Chase him roun da couchs. Dats no big deal but that Tim he went and jump in. He did dat old "Hey Buddy!" an stick his head in ma face. Well, Now I chase him roun da couch. He does da floppers an gives me da blockin moves. I come roun and he jus floppers on da other side! What I do now? I want to be Top Cat. Well... Maybe not. I jus wan Toby to be fren not bully.

Maybe he is already?


Am I in Truble agin?

June 30th 2010 6:38 am
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OK Doke! Well I bein pretty goodz. I tink zo. I relly Relly RELLY tink zo. Dat Pops he was a bit wonderin on yester as I put da cofee stuffs all overz da florz. I lak da cofee stuffs. Iz eatem-ups. Pops he gimmee a bit but not nuff. Wants. WANTS.

Pops he gotta litle noisy ting dat eats da flor stuffs. He tak da nice Cofee stuffs an hid it. I goez an ta getz mo and Dat Pops, he be puttin it way back wher I cannat fitz. He den gimmee a bit. Not NUFF!

He gimmee relly gud hed rubbin!

OK Pops. U Win! Fer Naow!


Wowzers! Whadda Day!

June 27th 2010 5:14 am
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To all my admirin fans of the furred, non-furred, and odder ver-I-E-T(Youz odder N oddest, youz no whoz youz R!!!). Friends, Bohemians, Gentle-cats, lend me your ear tufts and swivel em over here! This great Re-Ward of daily diary is not without great and broad responsibility and let me say this first before I go on about that....

OW TOBY! I'm gonna getcha!

Anyhoo! All my pals I really appreciate da wunnerful gifts! My big hearts is all soft n mushy. Tank you all a bazillion and more!

Pops gave me a coupla few treats xtra for my big day and I am all happy.
I don't pay any more attention to that big lovely, wonderful, smells so good, treat jar. Nossir. Not till da nex time dat is.

Now to the re-lee important stuff. Ya see dat Toby. How he jumped back when I tole-em! Yessir! He jumped back and he knows da score. During my big day he was makin fun like "Oh, Buddy, Big bad Buddy, Nyaa Nyaa, Think youz better..." Well I am getting very fast on my feets. I do not know why as Iz dont feel much lighter, but, I have way more energy and Sto, Sta-Minnow(eat em up). So's he was buggin and I ran up and I give him a whack Inna Hed! He jus stares. He was found-dumb. Yeah Dumb. Toby. He kinda jus sat wit his ear low. Pops looks up and gives us Da-look... Den Da-voice:"Buddy! Toby!" We listen up. Weez coupla good guys.

New times a commin. I can smell-it.

Well I figgur I can work da fast feets onna Tim. Now dat Tim he read all up on Sun-Zu-Da-Furry: "Da Arts O Cat Fightin" He don look it but no one getta paw in. Soz-anyhow... Las week I do da fas-feets onnim and he jus plops down onna sida and I cant get-im. Den ee flip onna udda side. An den da udda. I gots dizzy. He gets up and hops up wit Pops. So I gonna go furda low road. I sneeks up and stan onna Cats Toy Box(Is always raght dere) and go ta whack-im. He putta paw onna my hed! I bob N weeve N duck N feint. He jus keepa paw onma hed.

I just donno. I tinks he dat Tim da biggest little guy eva! Glad he is Buddys Bud!

Tanks again to all mys Buds.
Buddy Bud!!!


Friday Night in June Summer Time

June 25th 2010 9:36 pm
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Oh boy we had some exciting times. After breakfast and Pops leaving we searched all over for the treat shaker. We started on the ice box since this is our morning spot get treats and to watch Pops from. Nope. All over the couch. Not here. All over the table. No luck. Hmm? Where in the cat world can those treats be? Them

Toby! Stop head butting it messes the keys up!

Anyhow. We were about to give up and then...

Toby! Stop nipping!

There they were! One here. One there. All over the cat tree! Whoopee! Toby got some in his spot. Tim got some in the little house. I got some down in the big house. I like that one because I can stretch and stick my head in from the floor.

So a good cat day all around. Dinner came and went. A little play time and I am a sleepy kitty.

Then when we were racing Pops to the bed he was talking to us about "Maybe you need a little brother or sister." Well how would he find them? I never knew my family. Tim says his brofur was just like him: "hot orange". Yes Tim. You are handsome AND smart, but, can it for now, OK. Toby says his brofur was black and beautiful. Yes Toby you are the handsome one who is handsomer than Tim.

What a bunch of Tom Cats. I am the handsome one, really. I have regal Russian blood flowing through this fine sturdy frame. I mean come on, look at me, there is no doubt!

No! Not my belly Toby! Get up there on the bed Toby and quit bugging.

Purrs N Pets to all

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