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Buddy and his buds

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KCK Cat 'O' Da Weekz

September 24th 2010 1:43 pm
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I have to thank all da wonnerfulz purrfolk at dat KCK for makin me Da Cat O Da Weeks!
I just lov-em! Yessir I Do!

I shudda been talkin bout diz on Mondayz but my Cats I am so behind!

Buzy Buzy With da laz minutes teachins fer da kits who R goin to nudder doption day dis week!


Da puter been offen cause Pops werkin gain part dayz.
He alzo bein on da Puter fer da SpaySavers gonna HoTMetaL??


Gettin da treats locked away...

*Buddy gets a look from Tim and Toby*

Oh, OK, I will share with Rumpy... He iz done hiz seclusion(what dat fur??) an will be wit us dis week endz. *Buddy Whispers* Man I hope he don eat treats den I take his share!

So Good eve-en-in to youz all and I-C-U-Soon!
(dat mean iz needz Intenze Ceeing U'ez)

Big Head Bumps from Big Buddy Bud!


Why Not Me?

September 17th 2010 12:58 pm
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*Buddy comes in cranky!*
Dat Toby!
He goez an getz dat purdy pages!
Buddy Bud getz NUTTIN!
Buddy Bud gonna see bout dis!
Buddy Bud gonna set tings raght roony wit dat Tobies and Timmerz too!
Whatz dat Tim?
Youz wants play?
OK! Les beat ups on Tobies!
OK! Les Play!
Buddy Bud hold no grudgies!
Bye from Buddy Bud


Hey! Youz Pure-Paper Kitties! Mah Newz Codin!

September 16th 2010 7:23 am
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So Firstus and mostus!
We be stayin on Catster fer da due-ration!(dat mean I due my ration firs an I wait no mattah howz Longz)

Secon da codin!

We know it be's an honor to be's a paper kittah! Lotz N Lotz of work to be showin! Lots of combin, washin, pettin, eatin gud fuud(My favrite), sleepin goodz, N muches more!

Spechul Momz catz N Popz cats tooz! Speshul Moms Peeple N Pops Peeple who luvem!

So we want funz too! Cause We have lots of fun being Rescue an Ferals and Shelter kittahs.

Soz we made up our own Codes!

Amber was FFV: Forever Foster from Vet
Stinker was PXwCBR: Pops Ex-wifes Cat who was the Best. Regardless!(MOL)
The Kits are FG: Found inna Garage!
Pee was RS: Rescue from Shelter!
Coco was SFBB: Saved from Bad Breeder!
Toby is a MNS: Mom not Spayed
Inky was a BSNL: Before Spay/Neuter Litter
Timmy is a FUTB: Found under Trash Bag
Me, Buddy TMTLO, MPB: Too Much Trouble for last Owner, May Be Purebred, But!
We are all LL: Lucky to be Loved!

And EM: Eat too Much! Hey! Whoz put dat dere? Tim? Toby?

*Buddy grumbles and the Boyz MOL rolling on the floor*
Always pickin on Buddy Bud...

Buddy Bud


Hey What-cha-gonna-do when ya gotta do whacha gotta do! Part- Deux! Duble Huh!

September 10th 2010 9:04 am
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So's here I is bein ready fer eatin da mousers!
Jus gotta be patent bout gettin down dere inda little roomz when dey dere!

So dat I gotta dooz, butz, dere other cat dooties dat I gotta dooz tooz!

Onna dem be a big, sun blockin, over da others, huge like tree youz get stuck up in, dooty of major preportions.

Itz dat we ALWAYS gotta make dem peeple knowz dat durin da most portant timz da dayz, Meal Time, We are da deciders of deciden whatz onda menu!

We make da menu what we wantz on da menu to be durin dat most portant timz an datz datz!

So da other weeks weez all sudden like getta meal da havva funny ting innit. DO NOT WANT! We all gettin cat huddle an makka cat contrac bout: NO EAT DIZ STUFS! Peerod!

So I do dat what I beez gud atz smellin and checkin, checkin and smellin. Yessir. So's I find dat Pops he is up to dem she-nanny-ganz agin. He's a makin dem RAW meals! Yessir!

So's I showed em!

I bite up dat nasty of nasty and Drag dat nasty of nasty to da dirt box!

Then Buddy Bud, and, beleive or not, Toby Tom diggem like crazy. We go and bury it so's Pops not know howz ta do-it no morez. We dig N dig N dig N dig.

Dunno what happen but dat Pops he find dat nasty of nasty!
He wuz kinda like: Huh? Whazzat onna floor? An den he got da noisy monster out N we ran.

We sneak back out da sleepin roomz N... Like nevver happen!
Nex time we get Tim in on da Dooty. He better plannin!
Glad Pops Do not know I did dis ting.

Buddy Bud on Cat-Dooty!


Hey What-cha-gonna-do when ya gotta do whacha gotta do! Huh?

September 10th 2010 8:25 am
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Las night I was all readys fer...

Well lemmee back up a bits...

Pops did his night time checkin of dem little ones cause dey be in diffrent part da houz. I dont can figgure it all outz but dere isza stair, anna door, anna door, anna door.

Mah head spinnin!

So anyhoo. I follow Pops down da stairs cause I checkin up! Makin sure. Doin it twicet. Cat Dooties. So I was smellin sumtin. So, when da Pops open da doorz, dere it waz. Dere waza smella mousers all over dat little spot tween da doors. I checkin behin da ting! Den da other ting! Den da door! MOL! Dat door be's da outsider and dey sneakin under cause itz cold! Dey lef but dey wuz here! I knowed itz!

Buddy Bud wil Getim soon!


Buddy Bud


Sumptin interestin!

September 8th 2010 5:58 am
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I bin goin down da stair and ME-owin!
I bin goin up at da top da stair, where I sitz, ME-owin!
Now I start ME-owin at da door onna stair!
Da Pops lemme outz a cuple-tree, maybe four time!
It just a little roomz wit doorz!
But I have ta smell it! Check it! Smell it again! Check it again!
Youz knowz! Cat Dooties!
Den I ree-port to da boyz Timmy N Toby N Kits N Angels N all!
Yessir! Keep up the investigatin Doods!
Buddy Bud


Again I am in the Bad Cat House!

August 25th 2010 6:34 am
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*Buddy sits with lashing Catitude tail. Cranky as always!"

Ya Know! Geez! Its always da Pop wit dat "BUDDY STOP DAT!"
Youz shud pick on golden boy Tim! But, Oh No'es! Da Tim does not do baddies or cat trouble! He is a goodie goodie kitty cat.

Dem dere stuffs wasn't putted onna shelf raght! It wudda fall anyhoo! I jus walk roun and do a cat check onna whedder it's good-enuf place to sit N I gedda Blames!

Yu-no! I hadda keep on catin when it start fallin so'es I don go wid-it an fall to da bottom! I cudda got ouchies! I cudda hitted mah heds! Wern't nobody worry-en bout da Buddy Bud! An dat Pops tooka pictur too! I seez it dere! MEOW!

So dats done an...

Still youz pickin on Buddy Bud!

I jumpin and runnin ta save mah-self so'es ahm workin up a hunger. Pops jus leavin da treats dere while he's puttin da peeple foods away.

So-es bein hongry I help MAHSELF! What Wrong Wid-dat? Pops doin it agin "BUDDY STOP DAT". I be halpin by open dat treat bag nice-n-good so-es I can et-it. I use da sharpy claw an: Zip da bag open! Butz! Oh No-es! Pops tak da treat N put-em way so-es I no can et no mo! Dat no goodz. Hongry!

I decide I nebber be frens wit non o dem! I don lak em no mo. I be all by self an run away soon! Yessir neber lak em no mo...

OOOOOHHHHH.... POPS Keep scritchin mah hed! AAAHHHHHH! I lak dat! OOOOHHHHH youz gimmee treat! Yeah! I lub youz allz! Youz all so-es good to Buddy Bud... Purrrrrr Purrrrrr OK we frens!
Your Pal Buddy Bud


Dem Kits N Me Too!

August 23rd 2010 4:17 pm
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OK we all agree to put some mention, short mention I may add, bout dem Kits habin a Cam. Ya Know... Dis is OK as den dey will be dopted an not havta commere witme! Yeppers!
OK dis be da linker

Link to Kitten Cam

Dere Da good Deed Be Done!
I see Pops gave em dat stoopid ball wit da mousies dat pop out tooz. Pops is takin notice dat lotsa stuff fer us'es cat peeple are reelly made for peeple peeple ya know whaddi mean. Like it looks good to peeple and we go lak, yea, raght, later, BOORING!

He gonna tink bout dis in depth... Lak I always do!
Have a treat on me tonite doodz N doodetes..
Yer Pal Buddy Bud


Buddys Exercise Trials

August 21st 2010 5:05 pm
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Hey Doodz N Doodetz!
Dis is da Budster comin atcha from beyootifull Conshohocken Gateway to Plymouth Meetin... Or is it da odder way roun? Owell.
So... Pops he got me onna dem der exerciser balls fer to get me runnin and stuff fer my treats!
NO WAY! I'm not nosin that ball about fer a few treats. No-sir.
Now that Toby is too wound up anyhoo so he jus went and did it till that ting was MT. Now I gotta remember to get up real early and bug Pops inna mornin and mid-mornin and afternoon and and...
I am gonna get this ship back on course. Yessir...
Dat Pops.
Buddy Boy


Whats Up?

August 15th 2010 8:47 am
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Gee-zo man! What to do?

I am an old cuss. Pops got new blood in the house. What to do?

Will I go out with the old furniture? Will I be forgotten?

I wanted to make sure everyone knows I am here so this is what I did today!

*Buddy jumps up on the bed. Buddy jumps off the bed. Repeat. Repeat.*
Pops: "BUDDY! OK its 6:10AM as long as its after 6..."
*Pops gives a wet can and a few treats for all*

Then we watched and when he went there! To them, those others, we waited, with great trepidation I may add, for the return of the one who would send the old to the junk heap.

I was in my spot at the top of the stairs.
*da brofurs were at the door*

Pops was CAUGHT! Coming in! Smellin of kittens! Busted! Oh woe is me. I will now be sent away like before! Like how I was at that last place. Maybe go back to that bad place. My Great cat goddess what have you planned for your poor minion?

Then he said:"OK Boys. You got me. No worries you are my boys. Always will be. Just some foster kids who need help"

*Pops comes up the stairs giving a good head scrich to Toby and Tim*

Then Pops gave me a Really Good head scritch! I mean Spechul like. He looks me in the eye and tells me I am a great big lump, but, I am one of the guys, and, he needs someone to make sure he gets up!
Meow-Wow! I am needed here after all! Big Buddy! Alarm Cat! And I guess...
TOBY-STOP THAT! I'm gonna get you good! *Buddy runs off after Toby*
Another day with the Boyz

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