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Life with the Boyz

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Next is New Year

December 26th 2011 11:26 am
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Thanks to all our good furends who sent cards by E and Mail!
Check them out on Toby's page
We love you all!

Pops gave us each a special meal and some new toys which we all really enjoyed. Buddy saw how big Lil-Buddy is getting! Wow they could be brofurs and the Old Galoot put a great photo on his page.
Of course Rumpy took over Pops gift bag! What a goofy cat!

What a day we had! We are all played out and are finally winding down..


Your Pal Timmy


Merry Christmas Happy New Year!

December 25th 2011 6:13 am
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What more can be said than!

Merry Christmas Cats and Hoomans too!

Timmy Toby Buddy Rumpy Pops
Inky Buttons Fitz Lil-Buddy


Merry Christmas Furs!

December 17th 2011 5:52 am
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Hi my good furiends. Well another week is gone in this year and me and Da-Boyz are all wondering what goodies Santa Claws is bringing? Pops is going to be Santas Helper today! Meow I bet that means we move to the top of the "Good Kitties" list.

We helped Pops make out our cards and just LOVE the ones we have gotten! We all crowd around when Pops gets home during the week (after treats of course) and purr away while he opens them. We read every word and always are full of wonder about how creative cats can be.

Thanks so much to our good furiends.

Pops was late last night. He said there was a Party with all the volunteers from Spay and Save. Today he is tired as he does not stay up late often.

Tough being old Pops! MOL!

So one more adoption day before Christmas. Remember to tell your hoomans to remind their friends about all the wonderfur fosters who need a home. Giving a needy fur a home is a wonderfur way to enjoy this special day.

Meow at ya soon
Timmy Tomcat


Exciting news and important medical information

December 7th 2011 6:12 am
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Hey Furs. Well its almost Catmus again. We Boyz are being extra good so we get some nice goodies from Santa-Claws! MEOW!

Now the exciting news:
Our very own Pops has the honor of being one of Santa-Claws's helpers! He is going to be all set up and then hoomans will bring their pets and have pictures taken. The best part is that it is for a good cause and the money is donated. Pops says it is hot in that suit. He also does not like the little dogs that will not sit still and keep wiggling. He asked Rumpy if he wants to go and wear his harness and maybe some antlers. We think he should. MOL

On to the important medical information:
When Pops fosters cat kits many times when they arrive they have goopy eyes and/or upper respiratory infections. This is just part of the package when you have cats living with poor nutrition, stress, and close quarters.

This year it seems even worse than usual and the last kits he took in had the eye issues. He treated them and when they were better they went to a local PetCo. Well in one week they were back and their eyes were as bad as ever. It was like they were never treated. So he started their eye meds again and figured the stress of being in public caused a relapse.

Imagine his surprise when he was finishing "Think like a Cat" by Pam Johnson-Bennett and read about Feline Pneumonitis(Feline Chylamydiosis). Seems that this presents with eye discharge (conjunctivitis) along with upper respiratory problems like cough and sneezing. He started Clindamycin and both kits eyes have cleared and their cough is much improved.

Now this is not to say that a kit or cat does not need a veterinary visit when sick! Never try and diagnose your cats illness or use something you find on the WWW in place of a visit to you vet. It is just something to think of if you foster or care for cats in a multi-cat environments with a history of disease. It is something to think about if your human has treated an eye issue and it comes back.

We are so looking furward to Catmus. We are getting ready to send goodies to our furiends! Whee so much fun! We love this time of year. We love giving things to our friends.

Purrs to all!
Timmy T and Family


Not enough time in a Caturday!

December 3rd 2011 7:29 am
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Here we are doing the Caturday chores. Trying to give the fosters some fast tips, again, on looking good for a prospective adopter. A very tough year. We are purring for Buttons Fitz Inky and Lil-Buddy.

We had a very nice holiday last week. Pops gave us plenty of good food. He played with us on the extra days off. We wish he would not have to leave on those days when he has to go to the "Third circle of hell" as he says. He said in a few weeks he will have a brand new position and will then have more energy to play. We hope so.

*Tim whispers* Rumpy had a messy bump last week. P-U! At least he now lets Pops give him a good wet wipe to clean him up. I hear he is getting another "sanitary trim". Don't tell him.

Pops made us a new Nip-Sock! He puts a big bunch of nip in an old sock and let-me-meow-you! These are grrrreat fun. We all take turns bunny kicking and licking away. I get it more because I am top-cat around here! Meow!

Purring a fun and safe day with many more to all my furs

Timmy Tomcat



December 1st 2011 5:36 am
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I am DDP! My brofurs are sooooo jealous!
Thanks Catster Cat!
Hi to all my fur pals here!
Wow glad I stopped by!
Hey Pops can I have a treat!
Timmy T


Thanksgiving Day!

November 24th 2011 8:48 am
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Purrs and Bonks to all our furs and family on this Thanksgiving day!

Eat well! Have fun! Tell everyone who is important just how much you love them!

Purrs from all the Boyz!

Timmy Toby Buddy Rumpy Fitz Buttons Inky Lil-Buddy


Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends!

November 20th 2011 6:58 am
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Hi furs and family!

I want to make sure you all know that we really care about each of you very much even though we have not been able to come by as much as desired.

We Tomcats always thy to remember that it is much tougher out in the world than around here. We have nice toys and plenty to eat. We have places to lay and places to play. Our Pops takes time every day to pay attention to each of us. We are very very thankful. Many have a much harder time.

This year was tough for hoomans due to the economy. Many are really struggling. This means that the homeless cats and kittens have it tougher too. Pops says this year has been very slow and fewer adoptions means we can help fewer cats. Very sad. Please remind your hoomans to always spay and neuter. There are many ways to get very significant discounts to help with this important work. So it has been a hard year, but, we have had real good things happen also.

Mr Buttons has an application for adoption! He is such a nice boy. Purrs and loves to play. These nice young hoomans did not mind that he is FIV positive! Purr that the home check goes well and he has a home for the holidays. Rikki Raccoon went home last week! Whee. Little Buddy is getting big and handsome so we hope he will be adopted soon along with Inky and Fitz.

So with all the dark clouds there are bright rays of Sun! Good things happen all around us all the time. We have to remember to not just look but to see. The wonder is all around us. For this we are Thankful!

Thanks for being friends with the Tomcats, Fosters and Pops too!

Bonks and Purrs from all of us to all of you!
Timmy, Toby, Buddy, Rumpy, Pops, Inky, Fitz, Lil-Buddy, Buttons


11-11-11 a Special Day Fur Furs

November 11th 2011 4:56 pm
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A special day they say!
Comes around every hundred years!
One to stand out.

A lot like some cats we have known.
Special in one way or another.

Pops told this story to us for Linus so he comes home.

A Special cat fur shur. One of his best all time kitties was Ming(The Malevolent). She was a feisty Siamese who always was boss. She was Pops only kitty for years. She had one eye knocked out by a car, or a fight, he never knew. She would chase his friends and they would yell "Get the cat! Get the cat!" She would bite you know. Not a nip. She went to the bone. She would poopie in his lady friends shoes.

Hmmmm maybe that is why he ended up with hippy girls with sandals... Oh excuse me... Where was I..

So that was back in the 80's. No inside cats back then. So One day she did not come home. Pop looked on the street. He went to the local SPCA. He put flyers up. Ming was gone. He grieved.
Well about a year and a half later he was working in back of the construction garage and he saw something run by! Just out of the corner of his eye. What? A Cat? Maybe. So he started watching. Sure enough it was a cat. And... That cat looked like Ming! No way he thought. But over a few weeks he would sit out after work and watch. It WAS MING! Hmmm.. What to do?? He kept watch.
One day she was just sitting in the sun. He snuck up behind her and, GRAB. He had her. She swung. She tried to bite. He got scratched. She yowled. Well he ran inside and closed the door. He put her down and... Nothing? She looked around. Made her Siamese MEEEEOOOOWWWW! Walked into the kitchen and sat by the Fridge like nothing had ever happened. Like she had just come in from a morning walk.
Pop kept her inside after that and they lived some years together. Now he had a lot of equipment and he had noted that is where she was coming and going from. When he moved it after she was inside he found her nest. Lots of small bones and feathers and the like with a warm nice spot all pressed down for good old Ming. She was living for all that time 200 feet from the house. Going out into the woods to hunt at night. What a cat.

By the way. The next week she poopied in his new girls shoe.

Pops says we are all special. I was born in under a bag in an alley to a feral mom. Buddy was saved as an old Galoot. Rumpy was from a bad breeder in VA. Toby is, well, handsome. Angel Coco was another lost and found kitty. Angel Stinker was the patrolling protecting Man-Cat. Angel Amber was so sweet she made your teeth hurt.

All Cats.
All Special.
All one in a hundred years.
Purrs from Da Boyz and Family to all our special furs
Timmy T


Big Day and a Big Day

October 31st 2011 3:49 pm
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Whee I am DDP today. I feel pretty special as it seems a "Genius Trey" is DDP today too! MOL. We asked him to be furends. Meow.

Little Rikki is feeling back to normal. She did not want to keep taking her medication so Pops explained about finishing antibiotics. Her skin condition is better too! The big bare patch is growing in. She will be back to events this weekend. Good stuff.

So we are all jumping and full of energy with this grrreat news and it being Halloween which is a fun day. Pops gave us all some special kitty treats and we have some left for the rest of the week. Buddy was all wild about that. So was Rumpers. You know me. Quiet. Reserved. That's cause I get mine in the cat tree house and can eat in peace. MOL.

Oh by the way before I run over to KCK for Halloween. Pops told me everyone at work LOVED all of the TomCats special pictures. Seems he has been sneaking them to work and putting them up as screen savers. A big hit.
Thanks To KCK and Blues Lounge and all who make this such a wonderfur place!

We really appreciate all the support we get here on Catster. It is very nice to have good furends who care.

Purrs and Bonks
Timmy T

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